Mohamed Beheads Mohamed

I don’t know how to assign a Mohammed Coefficient for this culture-enriching incident: In the Italian city of Turin, a Bangladeshi named Mohamed was beheaded by another Bangladeshi named Mohamed.

The news doesn’t get any weirder than this.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this brief article from La Stampa, which includes a police video that has no sound:

Beheaded at home in Torino, police arrest a man at the station: Knife also found

Mohamed Ibrahim, the 25-year-old Bangladeshi beheaded last night in Corso Francia in Turin, was killed for economic reasons. The victim reportedly spent the money — about €4,000 euros — that the killer, Mohamed Mostafa, 24, also from Bangladesh, had given him in exchange for a promise of marriage that was not kept. The perpetrator of the homicide was arrested at the Porta Nuova Station. The search of Mostafa led to the seizure of clothing and other items of evidence, including a large kitchen knife used as the murder weapon.

10 thoughts on “Mohamed Beheads Mohamed

  1. I Love These Guys! Absolutely outstanding form, and a perfect score. The only thing that would have made it funnier would’ve been a goat somewhere in the story…

    • Likely there was a goat; the bride. Mohammed was just upset she was already skewered by a different Mohammed.

      • I will ask the questions but I don’t know if I want the answers. Was either Mohammed a woman? Was either Mohammed trans? Was either Mohammed gay? They are both two young, I think, to be giving a daughter away in marriage. Maybe a sister? Seems to be a lot for a pleasure marriage. Maybe a fraud. Maybe I am misunderstanding the business deal. Sounds like Mohammed did.

        “I live down deep inside my head where long ago I made my bed.” John Prine – The Lonesome Friends of Science.

        So if you need me, knock cause my doorbell doesn’t work anymore.

  2. What coefficient might be assigned? Let us refer to Einstein’s world formula, and in this case : mo square 2(-1)=I- slam.

  3. The only negative in this story was that only one of the Mohammeds was beheaded.

    Need to try harder next time; Darwin Awards all around is the goal.

  4. Only one 3rd worlder got whacked? That is amateur hour! Gotta pump up those numbers!

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