The Rantings of a Tschandala

Our Israeli correspondent MC explores the historical roots of 21st-century Wokism.

The rantings of a Tschandala

by MC

“The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world.”

“Precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have retreated from public life either into the transcendental realm of mystic life or into the brotherliness of direct and personal human relations.”

― Max Weber

I am in my 70th year. I was born in 1951, the year the King died.

For most of my life we have been in the post-WW2 ‘hot’ peace — Korea, Suez, Aden, Cyprus, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia (I was there), Israel, Oman, Northern Ireland (I have the medal for this one), Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and probably more in India, Pakistan, Burma/Myanmar, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Grenada, Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

But only now do I get shivers down my spine as the moderating hand of Western Civilization circles the plughole prior to disappearing down the drain.

The long struggle to remove slavery from the equation, to deliver some degree of liberty to all and sundry is in the process of failing, failing because Karl Marx and his sponsors did not like mere Christianity.

It is no accident that civilization and Christianity have walked hand in hand. Here in Israel we are celebrating Pesach (Passover) in memory of the time in which Yahovah brought His people (and a lot of Egyptians — the Mixed Multitude) out of slavery and into a new land.

Tomorrow is Bikkurim, the festival of first fruits, signalling the end of Matzos (Unleavened Bread) and the beginning of the counting of the Omer leading up to Shauvot (Pentecost).

I am a biblical fundamentalist. I start at the beginning of the book, not the middle, and that is the difference. Christianity is the religion of Constantine, an amalgam of the religions of Rome in the third century; Mithras, Celebe, Dagon and Jesus amongst others, but based on the Ten Commandments of the Jews.

It is those ten commandment that led to the enlightenment and to the industrial revolution, and above all, to contract law and legal systems which made farming and commerce (and mining/drilling) — and therefore manufacturing — viable. A law applicable both to rulers and the ruled.

For the first fifty years of my life, these things seemed set in stone, but Marx had set in motion a set of forces that put man’s commandments above God’s commandments. The leaven of the Pharisees 2: intellectuals know best!

Under Marxist theory, the rules only apply to the ruled; the elite can do as they please. This used to be called Feudalism, but Marx picked it up, cleaned and polished it and rebranded it under new management — bold, sexy and utopian.

No churches, no priests, no landlords, everybody equal — just commissars and apparatchiks ‘caring’ and sharing their superiority (with the help the odd persuader or two)….

We all know how that worked out, it was later revamped as Fascism (Statism) and then as Nazism (Leader {Fuhrer} Worship). It is a little-known fact that the Nazi Party did not sign the 1945 surrender document; only the military did. Thus the government did not surrender as such, and Nazism did not die, it relocated, it morphed into something maybe even more deadly. But that’s ‘conspiracy theory’.

Whereas Communism is self-limiting and tends to self-destruct, Nazism is much more persistent and appears to be what a large proportion of the population want(ed). Just don’t call it Nazism. Call it ‘Wokism’ or progressivism or Liberalism.

There were always two levels of Nazism. Let’s call them the (practical) ‘Hitler level’ and the (emotional) ‘Rosenberg level’.

At the Hitler level was a pragmatic ‘lets make IT happen’ ideal where IT was a renewal of Germany and all things German, including German Socialism. Socialism was born in Germany. Marx was German, as was Engels. It was from Germans that Lenin learned his socialism. The German Social Democrat party was an example to the world in the last decades of the 19th century. Consider this:

“Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew — not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew. Let us not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but let us look for the secret of his religion in the real Jew. What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Jewry, would be the self-emancipation of our time… We recognize in Jewry, therefore, a general present-time-oriented anti-social element, an element which through historical development — to which in this harmful respect the Jews have zealously contributed — has been brought to its present high level, at which it must necessarily dissolve itself. In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Jewry.”

Which German wrote these words? Hitler? Goebbels? Himmler? Goering?

None of the above?

Try Karl Marx

Hitler was a revivalist. He took a Germany shattered by four years of war and semi-starvation, and a run on the currency which evaporated the middle class, and he gave them renewed hope.

Alfred Rosenberg was the party theorist. He came from different roots. Throughout the history of the Nazi red-green movement was a ‘spiritual’ thrust which gave ‘wings’ to the movement. The Wandervogel, the Thule and the Vril were mystical occult-religious forces that shaped the Third Reich. Hitler was a relative newcomer to this spiritual ‘Dark Side’, but he was a wonderful exponent of one aspect of it, that of ‘presence’. His command of the lectern was most profound and mesmerising. From this lectern he could propound the most egregious aspects of race theory, and people would believe it.

On the surface Nazism was caring and sharing, but beneath the glam was a crusher of minds, a national insanity, a social dementia.

Wokism is exactly the same, as is Islam its close neighbour.

To a Wokist, Wokism is the only way. One must be nice to everybody, but to be nice one must enforce ‘niceness’, and only when all the world is nice will ‘niceness’ work. To enforce ‘niceness’ I must fight un-niceness wherever I find it, hew its neck, cut it off. Cancel it.

The very rocks will cry out, there is an un-nicer behind me, oh wokista, come, kill him.

Sadly, in my lifetime, the society into which I was born, a society just a few years removed from a holocaust of warlord-inspired mayhem, has gone, ‘never again’ slowly became ‘maybe again’ and slowly, ‘now again’, when an even more virulent form of the old Nazism came out from under the rocks and proceeded to win the peace.

Adorno and Marcuse were German atheists of Jewish origin, similar to Marx. Between them they recast German Socialism into an acceptable form, and managed to separate the old Hitlerian socialism from the much more sinister Rosenbergian socialism. Cultural Marxism/wokery is basically Rosenberg on steroids.

Wokism is in effect a new invocation of the Nazi ‘supernatural imaginary’. In the Nazi/Rosenberg context this is the idea that what we idealize can be made ‘true’ if we just create space for the ideal to flourish. Hitler was very pragmatic, an opportunist who believed in making his own ‘luck’ as such, but many senior Nazis placed more trust in supernatural forces.

The occult is about ritual, and that if one goes about it the right way, with the right recipe, then one can invoke the supernatural to assist in achieving ones aim’s and purposes. In effect ‘spiritual cookery’.

The New Age theory sees life as dominated by spiritual energy, and each physical action has a parallel spiritual energy transaction that either increases or decreases the individual net level of spiritual energy.

Stuff that decreases my net level of spiritual energy must be cut off. In effect, it must be cancelled before it diminishes me. The more spiritual energy I have, the more likely it is that my wishes become reality.

Now, of course, this is a broad highway to insanity, and to understand the sheer inanity of Wokism we must understand its roots.

Most of Christianity has over the last hundred years compromised its roots in Jewish Scripture, preferring to adopt humanism and a social gospel. Those Christians who stand by the New Testament only are missing three-quarters of their heritage and are thus only weakened.

The problem here being the idea that the Old Testament is no longer relevant, and may thus be overlaid by big bangs and monkeys…

Thus many Wokists really believe that Jesus was also a Wokist, along with the Buddha and Mohammed and Krishna and the other wealth of cultural superheroes (including Superman, Spiderman, Gandhi and Mandela) and that the spiritual leaders of the Democrat Party will lead them to a new safe space throughout all the world.

Wokism is the re-enchantment through socialism and climate activism of a world disenchanted by the loss of Christianity and ‘white’ self-confidence. The political opposition is ‘monsterized’ by orange hair and red baseball caps and a penchant to tell the truth no matter whom it may offend.

Climate science is a ‘border science’ where scientific method has been diminished and compromised by the ‘urgent’ need for action (any action will do, it would seem). So emotionalism and political expediency take primacy over research and careful experimentation.

The Nazi ‘borderline’ science clique accepted these intuitional ‘sciences’ as having as much credibility as science governed by scientific method (Hitler’s ‘Jew science’). Subjects such as astrology and telekinesis, telepathy and radiesthesia were regarded as ‘settled’ consensus science.

It is not that I think that these subjects should not be studied, but they need to be studied by the dictates of scientific method, not political or religious convenience.

There is a danger inherent in mixing opinion and fact to achieve a desired outcome, and that danger was nowhere more vicious than Nazi racial theory and its bastard child, critical race theory. The obsession with equality of outcome means fudging the input as such, so garbage in, garbage out. The civilized world was built by white men. The scientific method mandates that we should look for the reason why, not just make assumptions about skin colour. Personally, I would start with the Ten Commandments and the stability they bring, but that is not acceptable to a clique that seeks to eradicate Christianity, so they have to demonize white male achievement whilst rewriting history (or just ignoring it).

Borderline science is skewed science, ‘science’ with a political or religious purpose, science where the ends must justify the sponsor’s needs. One can legitimately study telepathy — how do flocks of birds all turn at the same time? Exactly what is it that Australian indigenous tribes use to communicate over long distance? Or, closer to home, what is intuition? I remember the day my father died, coming back from a scout meeting around 10pm to see my uncle’s car in the drive, and realizing, on the spot, that it had happened. Telepathy and intuition happen and are worthy of research, but to the cite theory as ‘fact’ is where it gets dangerous.

There is such a thing as ‘White Supremacy’, and, as a corollary, there is white privilege because the culture of the Western world is built around Northern European ‘white’ Judeo-Christian values. If you are not Jewish or Christian, you are going to have problems adapting to Western society, in the same way that I had issues living and working in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain; I had to adapt.

German Ariosophy (wisdom concerning the Aryans) grew alongside theosophy and anthroposophy in the late 19th century, also beside the ever increasing popularity of ‘the occult’ stories of demons, vampires and zombies, encapsulated in things such as Grimm’s fairy tales and Wagner’s ring cycle.

Under Ariosophy, all things Aryan (Indo-European) were considered superior to things Judeo-Christian. The Indian idea of caste gave root to the idea of the Untermensch (Tschandala): these were the lowest form of humanity and were ‘unteachable’ and thus unable to adapt to the new National Socialist Germany. Marx also designated groups as unteachable — Highland Scots like my grandmother, for example.

Being unable to adapt, Untermenschen had to be forcibly removed from the fatherland, or exterminated.

It is understandable that many miss the historical implications of wokery. Foresight is much more difficult than hindsight, and subject to the risk of ridicule and the accusation of ‘conspiracy theory’, the new smother-everything epithet of leftist intellectual bigotry and patronage. But the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and thus wokery is an embryonic form of false-flag Nazism, which has yet to reach the Wannsee stage but is quickly getting there.

According to Nuremberg testimony, it was the Palestinian Haj Amin al-Husseini who demanded that the Jews be exterminated, and hence Wannsee, and exploring possibilities of genocide, but this testimony is uncorroborated. The Wokists support the Palestinian Authority, the political child of said Haj Amin.

It is difficult for us to understand just what is going on, just as it was difficult for the average German in 1932.

Hitler was a proponent of one of these borderline sciences, that of ‘mesmerism’ which he used to great effect. A description of this may be found in the book The Jew of Linz which documents the possible repercussions of Wittgenstein and Hitler attending the same school in Linz, Austria.

Wokism introduces two new borderline sciences into its supernatural imaginary: climate activism, as mentioned above, and ‘leucophobia’ to pick up a term discussed in GoV comments last week, as well as all the same old anti-American tropes. It also has the tacit support of the current administration.

Is this Nazism in drag?

If so we really need to grope to see what is going on underneath the coverings, if we sit back and wait, an Enabling Act Mark II may well get bipartisan support in a conflicted and enflamed US ‘Reichstag’.

Underestimating the seductive power of the Communist/Nazi/Fascist/Woke/Islamist cult(s) is dangerous. The power the ‘party’ member gets, the sheer animal power, is very addictive. “I’m big, you’re small, I’m right, you’re wrong” to quote the late Roald Dahl (Matilda).

Power is intoxication. The Royal Navy spent a lot of time and resources teaching me how to use power but not abuse it. By the time I reached the rank of Lieutenant at the age of 23, I had power over the lives of at least 20 other men.

But these cults are not the Royal Navy, and they do not teach control along with the power they imbue. They teach superiority; their society is based on a stratification into ‘members’ and ‘non-members’, each with separate legalities. What they teach is that “the ends justify the means”; that if a “member” succeeds in an assigned task, it does not matter how many “non-members” get hurt.

This creates a hydra-like effect with an infinite number of heads. However, all the time we are obsessed with the heads, we are indulging in futility. Also, we cannot separate the heads from the controlling doctrine; we have to kill the doctrine itself, thus rendering its rewards, both physical and emotional, to its members ineffective and undesirable.

Booze is not ‘poisonous’ except when it is poisonous, and the point at which it become poisonous varies from person to person, race to race, and gender to gender. Most Karens I have met are female, and the politically-orientated ones are very toxic. I have two sisters-in-law who fall into this category. One is over-emotional, barks a lot, but is very loyal. The other one is very clever, but ferociously defensive of her particular cult; she is the classic product of seventies Marcusian sociology from a London University. There is no room in her life for any worldview other than hers.

Both these ladies are intolerant and irrational, they are both hydra heads, ignorant of the fact that they are being ‘controlled’ by the very forces against which they speak so vociferously.

It is this knowledge of good and evil again, the ‘superior’ knowledge that makes us gods, and our egos cling to that godship, but do we ever question whose knowledge is it? The Creator’s, the serpent’s, Adam’s, the woman’s?

Each of the four has its own brand of good and evil but only one is appropriate and efficacious. The woman confesses: “I was deceived by the serpent”. Adam accuses the Creator and the woman of his own folly.

Adam is cast out of Eden because his new knowledge of good and evil makes him incompatible, so we must understand what the knowledge of good and evil of Mohammed/Marx/Hitler does to a Judeo-Christian type of society. These are incompatible belief systems. They cannot co-exist because their root is in an Adamic/serpent assumption of righteousness where the Creator is wrong and the Wokist is right.

Few people outside of Judaism actually study the Old Testament in order to understand what it is that Yahovah is telling us, and even within Judaism, Jewish identity and compliance with Rabbinical thought carry more weight than the actual words of Moses.

Christianity appears to take the words of Paul out of their Old Testament context, and without reference to what Yahoshua (Jesus) is saying. So when in Matthew 5 Yahoshua is telling us that Torah is still valid, Paul in Galatians 2 seems to tell us that it is no longer valid.

The problem here revolves around the meanings of two Greek words: pleroo and nomos.

Nomos means statute, law, and can apply to a “keep off the grass” sign, so its use in Galatians is ambiguous. Is Paul talking about Mosaic nomia or Talmudic nomia (We must never forget he was a Jew writing to the Jew first)? Paul was probably thinking and writing in Hebrew; he tells us that Galatians is badly translated because he is in prison and had to do it himself.

Pleroo is a strange word, it means completed or perfect, but in the sense of a foundation upon which an edifice is to be built like completion of a degree and passing final exams and using the resulting bachelor’s degree for the rest of one’s life. The KJV translates it as ‘fulfilled’, and although not wrong, this fails to address the long-term consequences of the word, allowing Christianity to terminate the idea of Torah at the crucifixion. Thus instead of ‘dogma’ being nailed to the cross, Torah is nailed to the cross instead. Yahoshua thought that the three days and three nights were much more important than the crucifixion event itself. The sign he gives to the Pharisees is not of ‘Good Friday’ but of Jonah in the belly of the big fish (Dagon a.k.a. Satan) and being spat out on a beach surrounded by Dagon worshippers, the ripple effect of which must have been quite profound.

What I am trying to get at here is how pernicious ‘Adam’-based belief systems are, rejecting the Creator’s Knowledge, substituting their own, and that if we tolerate them within our midst, as we have been taught that good Christians do, they will corrode and erode to the point that our society loses identity and becomes just another warlord culture of a small elite enslaving the mass of powerless people. Communism was/is a Feudal system with just the names changed. Islam is a ‘religious’ tyranny of which we have many examples in History, and Nazism is a personality cult tyranny. There is a slight variation in emphasis, but the effects are the same.

Wokism is thus just a reworking of Nazism, which is, in itself a reworking of Communism. If we do not nip it in the bud, then freedom, and the liberty to be free, will take a nosedive into a political acid bath which will strip our culture, our civilization and our ability to make our own decisions from us.

The media should be reporting on the facts of facemasks and lockdowns and allowing us to make our own decisions, but they are not. They report the opinions of people with vested interests instead, and as a consequence, more people are eventually going to die than will ever, ever die from Corona itself, because governments and globalists are forcing their scientifically compromised decisions on us. ‘Consensus Science’ is religion, not science.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

65 thoughts on “The Rantings of a Tschandala

  1. Yahoshua gave us two commandments; Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as (you do) yourself.
    If you review the Ten Commandments you will find that the first five pertain to our duty to the Lord Yah, and the second five pertain to how we relate to our ‘neighbor’ (Samaritans included).
    However, due to the sin nature that we inherited from Adam we are unable to keep the Law as either Moses or Yahoshua commanded us to the extent of being able to stand before Yah justified in how we lived our life. He’s perfect, we ain’t.
    That is why Yahoshua came and was, and is, the sacrificial Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and all those who accept by faith what He did for us on Calvary. His resurrection on the Feast of First Fruits is the proof of His godly perfection and the acceptance of His sacrifice, as it is written, “the soul that sins shall surely die.” He didn’t. So…what Paul was referring to was the Grace through Faith in what Yahoshua did for us that makes us acceptable in Yah’s sight and allows us entry into etarnal fellowship with Him, (with the imbuing of His Holy Spirit as proof of this). Being saved by grace through faith doesn’t let us off the hook however, as Yahoshua commanded us to be holy just as your Father in Heaven is holy. So we still walk the straight and narrow knowing that ALL scripture is given by Yah, and that Yahoshua (the Lord our Salvation) is that holy word made flesh and dwelt among us.
    The Tanach (the Law and the Prophets) is the foundation that the Christian’s Faith should be built upon with Yahoshua being the fulfillment of that Word and chronicled and explained in the Gospels and Epistles. The Book of Revelation is more for the Jew and the post-Church christian as we won’t be here when Yah’s judgment of this excuse for a planet hits the fan as never before and never again, to quote Yahoshua .
    I read the whole book, The One-Year Bible, New King James version, every morning with breakfast and have done so for the past 15 years. I’m finishing up Deuteronomy and from what Moses described I am not surprised that Marx was a Jew. The father and mother of a colleague’s wife were Jews, and the father was a card-carrying communist. As for myself, I lean upon what Yah told Isaiah, “I am God and there is no one like me, declaring the end from the beginning and that which will happen before it does.” To me that statement bespeaks both knowledge and authority of and over what had occurred and what will occur. I am content with that and the knowledge that Yah loves me and has and will keep His Word, even to His own hurt (Calvary).

    • 1 Corinthians 1:20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

      • Two amazing comments. yours and acuara’s.

        Just remember that God Himself hardened the Jews hearts. That is why they don’t think that Jesus is the Messiah. There will come a time when God will open their hearts and they will accept him wholly as the true Messiah.

    • “My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge” Hosea 4 v 1

      To give up is to submit to destruction……

    • Ideology gives a unifying rule set to a society. Without it, you get the ever dystopic “I create my own rules” ideology so prevalently seen today. By those standards Ted Bundy becomes a “moral” person in the age of self justified, self determined morality. I’ll stick to what has proven to work and actually seems moral to me in comparison.

  2. I believe it is quite simple, really, that this is the fourth “green” horse of Revelation, bringing death and grave shall follow him. As nasty as the Red “bloodthirsty” Communisms, and the Black “Banking” Naziisms were – never in history was there a movement that identified “all people” as “the enemy of progress”.

    Just like Babylon of Daniel’s time stood upon the “achievements” of its golden head – King Nabuchadnessar, the 4 horses of the apocalypse begun with “white, peaceful, capitalism”, which created value worth killing for. Yet – the last horse, the Green Horse, and its rider – they want to do away with it all, and they want to kill all people – “for the planet”, or for “allah” (Muslims are in a hurry to get to the paradise too, if I understand it correctly).


          • Yes well we are well past that stage now, after Europeans got rid of “Christianity”, they have been immediately attacked by red “Scientific Communism”, Black “Occult” Bankiism, and now we are entering the last stage – the coming of the “green” horse, which brings only death and destruction.

            Or at least that is how I see it.

  3. Agree with much that my fellow Israeli says, but not everything. However yes, I feel as so do many of us, that there is no way what passes for our civilization can possibly bumble along for much longer. A collapse seems just a question of when at this point. And how exactly. Far superior civilizations than our own have collapsed, slowly and then all of a sudden, and they were all more superior than ours, so how can we survive? By more superior, I mean that there simply cannot be a civilization in history more frivolous, stupid, inane, delusional than ours. In history. As the covid tyranny alone testifies to. Aside from wokedom. Then there is the climate change gibberish. We live in the most anti-scientific age, even as ours is paradoxically the civilization of science and technology. And the love affair with Islam, which is institutionalized in the West, words fail me. Even Rome at its most decadent, the Assyrians at their most cruel, could not compare to ours in terms of sheer pervasive stupidity, masochism and insanity. And we know their fate.

    Ours is the darkest age in history.

  4. As soon as there’s an ISM attached, people start to die in droves.

    Our Generation grew up with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation, and we weren’t really afraid.
    I experienced first Hand the Rwandan Genocide, and I wasn’t really afraid.
    I live in South Africa, constantly aware of possible Danger, but I’m not afraid.
    But what I’ve seen happening over those last few years on Speed-dial around the Western World and the World in general….. scares the [poo] out of me, not so much for myself anymore, but for the children who’s Futures are and already have, to a large extend, been stolen away.
    Frankly, I cannot see a peaceful solution and a subsequent peaceful reverse of the Tyrannies that are been installed EVERYWHERE.
    There’ll come a time when people have to make those in Power pay the ultimate Price sneezing into the basket.
    It really boils down to “Them or Us”.
    The choice is ours, submit and live your Life, at least for a while, at the whim of some Faceless Government Entity.
    Or fight so that the future Generations can live Free and make their own choices.
    I think the Ball is in our court, and it’s time to stick together and kick it back with MIGHT.

  5. Farcical, like Marx, MC doesn’t like Christianity and tries downplaying it’s role. Christianity isn’t an amalgamation of cults, it a the one true faith, the New Covenant made by God through His son Jesus Christ. Christ is the fulfillment of God’s laws. The Ten Commandments weren’t followed or respected by your people, who broke one Covenant with God after another, so God decided it was time for a change. Your people’s focus wasn’t on serving God, but on yourselves as “chosen”. Instead of being grateful for the privilege you sought to demand He bow to you. And in a fit of rage demanded the Messiah, His son be killed because He threw your money changers out of the temple and said God’s kingdom isn’t of the earth and He wasn’t there to help you enslave the Gentiles.

    • Which shows how little you know about many things.

      Quoting you: “Christianity isn’t an amalgamation of cults, it a the one true faith, the New Covenant made by God through His son Jesus Christ. Christ is the fulfillment of God’s laws. ” Says who? You? And you are what kind of Authority?

      I can give your very same argument about Judaism. “Judaism is the one True Faith and the fulfillment of God’s laws”. I can even give your same argument to something as ridiculous, as evil and as hateful as islam.

      Because your statement holds no definitive proof. Because your statement is not a conclusion, but a de-facto act of faith. You are entitled to it, but so are we. We are entitled to both not to believe yours, and to believe in other acts of faith different from yours. It’s our prerogative and our God-given right no to believe what you say just because you say it.

      The Ten Commandments, plus the 613 mitzvot, plus the Scriptures, have been followed and respected forever only by the Jews. Maybe not all the Jews and not all the time, but always by the Jews. Jews broke the Covenant with God, but came back as well. Gentiles never even honored the Covenant. No Jew demanded the Messiah to be killed, because the Messiah is still being awaited for. You choose to believe Jesus is the messiah, good for you. You can be disproved in a dozen ways, but there’s no real need, as you can believe anything you please as long as you don’t try to force it down the throats of the millions of us who don’t believe it.

      Just like your coreligionists did during the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Conquista and for most of 1600 years of European History. Just like muslims did throughout the Middle East, in Norhern Africa, in Southeast Asia and are attempting to do now throughout the soon-to-be-extinct civilized (yes, civilized) world. Because the uncivilized world they have already conquered. Both Christianity and islam are covered in a shameful clout of imposition by force and blood. Christianity has in general distanced itself from that for the last century and a half, but it cannot be removed from its history.

      So please don’t lecture us. I’m fine with you believing in whatever you please. Don’t ever change. But I’m not fine with you critizicing what I believe.

      • The Old Testament depicts Jews going on a killing spree across the Holy Land destroying cities down to every last man woman and child. You should be reminded of that if we’re going to list the sins of our respective religions.

        • Yes, like every other civilization in the history of the human kind. Only that the Jewish “killing spree” of the Old Testament as you put it took place around 3,000 years ago and stopped ever since. (Unless of course you want to re-use again the term siding up with the modern-day antisemites that would love to call the proud and miraculous return of the displaced, oppressed, persecuted, cannon-fodder undesirable Jews in Europe and the Arab lands back to their historic homeland a “killing spree”).

          On the other hand, the “respective religions” have been engaging themselves more recently on killing sprees against those that choose to believe differently. Like for the last 1,800 years in the case of Christianity and 1,400 years in the case of islam. Islam still does it on a regular, recurrent daily basis up to yesterday and Christians started to discard the practice only about 100 years ago. And the other evil religions of the 20th century, marxism, communism and fascism have been doing their own relentless killing sprees up until this day. Not to mention pernicious communist China’s latest murderous killing spree released on the world but convienently disguised and labeled as “covid 19”.

          So please, don’t use 3,000 year-old events to try to denounce what cannot be denounced or to equate what is not equatable.

          • So what is the cut off? When do our sins become irrelevant because of time, and who gave you the power to create a time limit where genocide becomes irrelevant? Will the Germans ever gain such immunity?

          • Thomas Grifith:

            Since I cannot reply to you for some reason, I’ll post my reply to you here:

            “So what is the cut off? When do our sins become irrelevant because of time, and who gave you the power to create a time limit where genocide becomes irrelevant? Will the Germans ever gain such immunity?”

            I believe 3,000 years to be a fine cutoff date. You can define yours as well, I´m fine with anything above 2,000 years.

            Will the Germans ever gain such immunity? Not as long as there is a people like the Jews, who keep celebrating the Exodus and the destruction of the Pharaoh and his army after more then 3,000 years. Who keep celebrating the demise of Haman the Evil Amalekite/Agagite (the Purim celebration) after 2,500 years. Who keep celebrating the victory of the Hasmoneans over the Greek Seleucid Empire (Hannukah) after 2,100 years. Who keep mourning the destruction of both temples, the most recent one after 2,000 years (Tisha B’Av). We’ll still be both mourning the deaths of our relatives and rejoicing over the destruction of the modern world’s greatest evil, Adolf the Amalekite in 200, 500, or 1,000 years from now. We now call it “Yom Hashoa”, it’s remembered around mid-April every year and it honors the blessed memory of millions of Jews that a filthy murderous maniac destroyed while he attempted to wipe out Judaism just because he was an impotent crazed psychopath sadistic P.O.S. that was forever jealous and obsessed with the Jews.

            So to give you a shorter response: The Germans will never gain such an immunity. We’ll make sure of that.

        • I think you misunderstand, Yah only moves in that manner against those who harbour the nephalim, the ‘giants’; products of the cross breeding of ‘angels’ and human women. In the Hebrew, this is very clear, but obscured in translation.

          Caleb and Joshua identified the nephalim in Canaan, they were also in Bashan where King Og had a giant bed….

          The Children of Israel under Moshe and Joshua had to remove this pestilence before they could safely live in the land. These ‘giants’ were man-eaters, and were the same problem that Abraham had encountered in the cities of the plains (Sodom, Gomorrah etc) – the desire for the ‘angels’ that accompanied Abraham was not for homosexual purposes but to breed more ‘giants’ which were the ultimate weapon of the time, hence the fear which they aroused in the Israelites.

          Your so called ‘killing spree’ had a very definite and legitimate purpose.

          • I’m sure the Catholics of the time will say the Inquisition had a definite and legitimate purpose as well. Ultimately the “righteousness” of such campaigns comes down to faith. Maybe Daniel should remember that before he insults Christians, and accuses them of barbaric practices.

      • For the record, the Catholic Church is NOT Christian. The Council of Trent which was convened in response to Martin Luther’s 99 Questions replied with their 101 Damnations, spotted anathemas that weren’t house-trained. About 1,200 years earlier Constantine made his version of Christianity the official state religion. You then believed as you were told or else. Those who didn’t were slaughtered, in Rome, in Lyon, in Croatia and elsewhere. The State has always demanded worship from those it holds under its sway. Rome got its millennia from 436AD to 1507AD.
        The point to all this is that Christianity, the worship of Yah and his son Yahoshua (Yah is salvation), is a one-on-one relationship with Yah through His Son, the Word made flesh. To make Christianity political, a social betterment movement, or a means of governance debases the faith and makes it a work of men instead of the Grace of God by faith in Him who keeps His Word for all eternity and has given His Word in advance which in His authority He has fulfilled beyond all statistical derivation. I’ve done a portion of the math.
        What Yah stated in the “Old Testament” He has fulfilled in the “New Testament” and it is for each and every individual to either accept or reject the offer of grace that has been presented. Those who think that they are doing god a favor by imposing their view of the divine will upon those around them will get theirs in judgment before the Great White Throne, a place that you do not want to be.
        Islam, or was that I Slam, is a satanic counterfeit that appeals to the flesh and offers a salvation by works. Lying, Cheating, Murder, and Rape are allowed as long as those acts are towards the unbelievers. I slam destroyed the civilizations in Africa, Asia, India, and nearly destroyed Europe. My father’s side of the family is from Wales and we have a long and bitter history of their incursions which left us a chattel to the Saxons. We chose Christ and willingly paid the price for having done so. The choice is yours, mate. Choose ye well.

        • Ah, the Catholic Church is as Christian as they get, the rest are calling themselves so called Christian. No I do not support this commie false pope and believe he needs to be removed.

          • Thge roman Catholic church is pure pagan. it is Mystery Babylon. It is a death cult that completely ignores Jesus Christ and instead, prays to the dead like a demon Mary. Revelation 17, describes it to a T. IT is the Great Whore that sits on many waters. IT is run by the worst degenerates ever to be in one institution.

          • Theresa, I have no idea where you got your blasphemy from but being a heretic is what got witches burned.

          • Theresa – I think you make a mistake in forgetting that the “beast” and the “whore” are two different entities. And that King Nabuchadnessar, the head of Babylon, is also the servant of the living God. Therefore – Babylon is not pure pagan, it did have some good in it – but there is a reason why the “whore” is called a “whore”…

    • Jesus came to this earth in order to give His life as a ransom for many. It was all part of the Divine Plan, the Bible says, laid from the Foundation of the World.
      Jesus came to die, and die He did, for you and for me, if only we repent of our sins and accept Him as Savior (and hopefully, Lord).
      Stop trying to put down the Jews. They are being lifted up right now, to a place of prominence, by God. Their journeys in the Old Testament were vital to Jesus being able to come into this world.

    • There is no “new” Covenant, only the renewal of old covenants.

      Were the Apostles Jews? Was Paul a Jew? Was Mary, a Jewess righteous before Yah. What was the ‘religion’ of Simeon and Anna, looking for Messiah? Simeon held the Baby in his arms and Praised Yah, Anna went through Jerusalem telling all that Messiah had arrived just as Daniel had predicted, these Jews did not ‘reject’ Yah’s commandments, they rejoiced in them. Yah does not change, and He does not change His mind.

      The righteous Jews of the time flocked to Yahashua, the religious ones, the self important religious hierarchy reject Him. Nothing changed.

      Pope Francis seems to adhere to Revelutionary Theology (communism) which one of the above do you think he would have been?

      New and renew in Hebrew are the same word in Hebrew, where context is everything. To claim a ‘new’ covenant is to deny that Yah’s Creation was ‘perfect’ (Tov Mehod).

      Hence Solomon tells us that “there is nothing new under the sun”, so although your iPhone may be relatively ‘new’, the technology and the materials it is made of are as old as Creation, mankind just ‘rediscovered’ it. Thus in Jeremiah 31 it should be read as a ‘renewed covenant’.

      Yahoshua, the same yesterday today and forever….

      Nothing new here…..

      In the beginning was the word …. and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us (in Hebrew John 1 ‘word’ = debar i.e. Torah) so Torah was made flesh and dwelt among us.

  6. Everyone should watch the ‘Siege at Jadotville” it factually lays the blame for may of the abovementioned conflicts and a few others squarely at the feet of De Gaulle, There is a Netflix Documentary ‘Vietnam’ it exposes a few more facts about De Gaulle and his destabilisation efforts Post WWII

      • Thank-you Mark, I had not seen these pictures. There is Holocaust survivor testimony of ‘visits’ to concentration camps of Arab delegations, this is the first hard evidence I have seen.

        • Don’t forget the bloodt turks as well, they all stuck their dirty fingers of the genocide pie.

  7. MC, you seem to let the non-practicing jews like Marx and the bloody minded rest of them off the hook? They are the reason why we had such a bloody 20th century, Lenin and the jews that followed him like Beria and hundreds of others who wreaked havoc on the Russian, and Ukrainian peoples. The reason why the naxi’s rose to power was anifa(communists) were about to seize power from the weak Wiemar Republic and all of it’s decadence. It was the reason why the German people looked at Hitler because he gave a sense of unity and strength in the face of international communism which the regular German was aware of the atrocities that awaited them if the commies came to power. It was too bad the Kaiser abdicated the throne.
    As for Al-Hussain the Mufti, some naxi’s took what he had to say about the jews to heart, hence the Wannase Conference, and the atrocities against the all the jews. Other Germans, especially those of high rank despised that bearded peasant with a passion, especially those of Austrian extract like my Grandfather, Skorzeny and Wolf who loved to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into their works because they understood what the bloody muslims were like because they knew their history. When the Bosnian and turk volunteers acted up against Croat, Slovenian and regular Serbs, they simply shot them without mercy or quarter. Funny thing is, after the war Tito shot hundreds of thousands more of them for good measure.
    We are now bringing back the time of the strongman because nature demands it, leave God out of it, for he wants no part in the mess we have created. We have allowed our own success to be our undoing, we are now in for the bad times where human life will be cheap, brutal and short, the strong and ruthless will thrive, survive and rule, the weak, feckless and stupid will perish by the millions. The feminaxi’s who thought they didn’t need a man will need them for the protection they will provide, natures way of balancing things out.
    Before you call me a naxi, I’m not, I am simply telling you how things are going to play out in the coming future because history says it will. I have been to Israel numerous times and admire them for not falling to the mulim hoards, I only admonish them for not finishing the bloody job where the fakestinians are concerned.

    • Marx was a Christian, his parents converted before he was born, he won prizes at school for his Christian writings. But really G, are unbelieving westerners (Athiest ex-Christians) held to be Christians? By what standards are Atheists accused of being Jewish but not their ex-Christian counterparts like Stalin, educated at a seminary?

      I don’t call people Nazi when they are not, you are entitled to believe that might is right, myself, I believe that Yah is in control, and it is He that will prevail. We are free – we can believe whatever we want, what we cannot do is force our beliefs on those subject to us, those we can bully, starve, torture and imprison.

      The government here in Israel wants to coerce and scare me into taking a lethal experimental vaccine, just like the Nazis did in Germany. They cannot see that whether it happens in Oświęcim or Sderot it is the same nasty bullying. They believe it is for ‘the greater good’ what they do not realize is that they are inflicting their humanism on Yah’s people, the consequences will be dire.

      • MC, I don’t not let Stalin and those of the Christian faith they left off the hook in anyway, shape of form, for those that believe in nothing fall for anything, hence we get atheist commie atrocities along with the devil worshipers of islam.

        God is in control but chooses not to because he gave us free will to do good or evil, when you die is when you get judged.

  8. “Christianity is the religion of Constantine, an amalgam of the religions of Rome in the third century; Mithras, Celebe, Dagon and Jesus amongst others, but based on the Ten Commandments of the Jews.

    It is those ten commandment that led to the enlightenment and to the industrial revolution, and above all, to contract law and legal systems which made farming and commerce (and mining/drilling) — and therefore manufacturing — viable. A law applicable both to rulers and the ruled.”

    So let’s see if we can sort this out. Christianity doesn’t really exist. It’s a bastard amalgam of a bunch of pagan [ordure]. However, the Jews are responsible for the good things that WESTERN civilization produced. So the Europeans are just furniture and the real movers and shakers have always been the Jews?

          • That seems to be a very common theme now. Jews portraying themselves as the inspiration for all of Western Civilization, and the Europeans as just being the furniture that was simply sitting there at the right place and the right time, but really not contributing very much. Ben Shapiro implied that in his latest book. It’s good to know how your “greatest allies” feel about you.

          • I am looking for truths, I do not speak for Jews or forIsrael, these are your constructs not mine.

  9. I disagree with MC. I think Christianity, as defined by the council of Trent and the traditions of the church fathers brings appropriate closure to the Old testament. It does not repudiate the Old testament, it fulfills it. So the actions of Christ offer told by the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah ETC

    The problem with a new age Christianity, is that it has forgotten it’s roots. Christ message is crystal clear individuals have to follow a narrow path and repudiate the evils of this world. They have to subordinate their will to the will of God. However modern liberal Christianity is no longer Christian because it has substituted the will of men for the will of God. And so it is men walked down the smooth wide path to their destruction because they do not accept Christ’s good counsel.

    • Have a look at 2 Tim 3 v 16 and ask yourself what scripture Paul is talking about? Bearing in mind that the New Testament did not exist at the time.

      2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
      2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

      Unfortunately Paul did not make it to the Council of Trent, but he does not seem to agree with you.

  10. Traditions of men (Church Fathers)? The scriptures have a lot to say of the traditions of men, was it something about a “brood of vipers”?

    I believe Isaiah calls them (the traditions of men) ‘filthy rags’ (used sanitary towels in the Hebrew).

    • What the Bible says is that our Works are like filthy rags. FAITH is the way to Heaven

  11. BTW I am not an Orthodox Jew and I am not a Christian either. As I said in the article:-

    “I am a biblical fundamentalist. I start at the beginning of the book, not the middle, and that is the difference.”

    I have been thrown out of too many Christian assemblies across the world, assemblies where Pastors are milking their flocks rather than working with Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets and Teachers helping people to come to a personal relationship with Yah.

    It is not about religion, it is about TRUTH, what actually happened, not what can make us rich, influential, sexually gratified or whetever else religions do….

    It is the “Jots and the Tittles” that are important not the sermons and edicts edicts of men.

    That said, may we please stop insulting and accusing and start trying to save our lives as Satan gets his claws into our culture. Wokism will turn deadly now that it has used a mild flu epidemic to scare us into giving up our hard won freedom and maybe even our whole culture. There is no Winston Churchill now to stand firm and shout ENOUGH!

    • I send my greetings for this, because I agree: Here in Bohemia we have quite some religious history, and one of the biggest surprises in my life was when I red the Bible for the first time, and realised that it was the organized religion of the day that brought about the crucifiction of Jesus – how very appropriate that the so called “Christians” managed to do the very same thing later on to many “heretics”.

      All in all – the “witch trials”, or the execution of Socrates for “misleading the young”, or the heretic trials, or Crucifiction of Jesus – all these things bear the same roots in something so very natural to the human existence. That “I will not let them go unpunished!” something. Now there is a clear and visible pattern in the direction of blaming anti-vaxxers for the deaths of grandmothers, and cars and woodstoves will kill the Planet!

      You know the greatest country in the world, that gave shelter to the refugees, freedom to excell to the capable… A country that saved the world from hunger, the richest, the most powerful and the most beautiful country in the world, with a bird – the symbol of Freedom – in its coat of arms… Egypt, and what happened to it? It got taken over by a new pharaoh, and things went south from there. The history is repeating so often its not even funny anymore. But the ignorant egyptian masses will get what they deserve, and I just hope to be left out from the plagues that I believe are coming – for it is inevitable.

      • Sorry, but you will not be able to hide from the coming Great Purge, there will only be 2 types of people, victims or killers, that’s it. SO I would get armed up if I were you. The unarmed are the sheep for the slaughter, the armed will be the Wolves, your choice.

        • Who says I am unarmed? 🙂

          Anyhow, I don’t trust in the arms as much as I trust in other things. The strongest Army in the world didn’t save Pharaoh from drowning in the Red Sea.

    • you certainly are not a Biblical authority. God said that not one jot and tittle will be dropped from his laws. you are not a sound man for slandering pastors that you don’t know. I feel nothing but pity for your ignorance. you proved you are not a Christian because you know nothing about what the bible means.

      • Thank-you for that wisdom, but please read what I am saying, I am specifically talking about assemblies I have been thrown out of, assemblies where pastors are not part of a team that Paul talks about in Ephesians.

  12. MC
    as for the 1945 surrender document: it was indeed signed by a military person, admiral Raeder, but that was in his function of last chanceler of the Weimar Republic. Of course, as his predecessor, that was an illegally aquiered position, no doubt. But in a situation of total chaos…

    • There is a reasonable amount of evidence which points at the relocation of the Nazi Party to South America along with assets stripped from Germany.

      Martin Bormann became Reichleiter in 1942 (head of the Party) when Hitler took command of the Military (and lost the shooting war).

      It would appear that Bormann, along with Gestapo Mueller (expert in body doubles and obfuscation) and Kammler (in charge of secret research), did some deals with Allan Dulles (operation paperclip), and got enough assets/patents out of Germany for the party to survive.

      It was Bormann and Mueller that had managed the 1931 coverup of Hitler’s murder of Geli Raubal in Munich when Mueller was a senior Police officer there. They has a hold on Hitler.

      But who knows what really happened…..

      • Mueller ended up in Argentina advising the Argy police and retired and died on a remote horse ranch. Kammler made it to Switzerland along with a few of his aides and Waffen SS types and lots of stashed money and scientific research which he traded for his freedom, he ended up in Spain.

        • And Mengele lived out his life in secret in England, in return for giving the western Allies access to Nazi bank accounts in Switzerland. It’s a bit like history of the slave trade; nobody comes out of it looking entirely clean.

          • Mengele got out of Europe through Italy and went to Argentina then Brazil and he didn’t give the Allies a damn thing, they took his medical research and use it to this day. As for bank accounts, I know for a fact that the allies got less than a pittance. How do you think that German industrial production got up and running so quick? Most of the Germans in high positions(decedents) have to this day those very same accounts worth trillions.

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