Truths and Lies

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on next Tuesday’s presidential election in the USA.

Truths and Lies

by MC

For Islam, ‘truth’ is what you can deceive the unbeliever into believing, so a ‘religion of peace’ can be easily confused with a ‘religion of submission’ by a slight difference of ‘interpretation’ in translation.

For the soft communist, the modern Democrat, ‘truth’ is whatever you decide that you want it to be. In effect, these two ideals are the same, the sole difference being that one was drafted in a pre-Darwin era, the other in a post-Darwin era. Islam is pre-Darwin, and thus it has to struggle with the idea of a creator who conforms to the vicissitudes of humanity in the form of Mohammed. Post-Darwin, even this limitation is removed.

We know that Islam is untrustworthy, and that everything a Muslim communicates to an unbeliever carries the potential for deceit, but do we ever apply the same standard to the soft communism of modern-day Democrats?

If you are an atheist, you believe that no deity will ever hold you to account for your lies (or truths for that matter), and that therefore, if you can stopper your human critics and accusers, then the lie becomes the de-facto ‘truth’.

Since Western Civilization was founded upon the ideas of honesty and accountability, then what is left after the communist/Islamic takeover? Barbarianism? Tyranny?

Every vote for Biden is thus a vote for an amoral man who will eventually enslave you.

Only Judeo-Christianity has fought slavery. Destroy Judeo-Christianity, and you and I will become slaves once more.

Luckily, these soft communists are greedy and, like their hard Communist predecessors in Russia and other places, seek to line their own pockets and enhance their own lifestyles at public expense. They get careless and leave incriminating evidence in computer shops and on email servers.

But what happens next is critical.

One of the things we have learnt over the last four years is just how limited the power of the President is when faced with this same godless treachery. A Western nation relies on the morality and integrity of its leaders, no matter of what political persuasion. When faced with mass amorality, even a moral president is almost powerless.

We had eight years of an amoral President, eight years in which the USA lost the trust of many nations. Here in Israel, especially here in Sderot, we viewed with horror the previous President’s embargo on Iron Dome missile replacements because he considered Ben Gurion airport ‘unsafe’ during the last conflict with Gaza.

Now we find that Joe is pushing the green New Deal. Like the Nazi’s Hunger Plan, the DNC has a prime purpose: to starve millions to death by tampering with their food supply. The Hunger Plan was a cynical exercise to emasculate and destroy the Eastern European Slav population by starvation. It was estimated that it would destroy thirty million Slavic Untermenschen, but due to the failure of the invasion of Russia it only killed about five million.

The Ukraine is the breadbasket of Eastern Europe in the same way as the Midwestern prairies and Central Valley of California are to the USA. Both Hitler and Stalin could not resist the temptation to meddle with Ukrainian food production, and between them managed to kill tens of millions of people by slow starvation.

Not a nice way to die…

But this is what the Green New Deal will do to the USA. The denial of fossil fuels will implode farms and farming, and battery power will not rise to the occasion, firstly because the rare earth elements which battery manufacturing requires are, well, rare, and secondly because batteries do not create electricity, they only store it. So how will the required electricity be generated?

Solar and wind energy are unreliable and expensive. Wind generators have expensive gearboxes which are prone to failure and need constant supervision. Solar panels also need cleaning and maintaining. In addition they need land area which cannot then be used to grow food. Plus, when the wind does not blow and the sun does not glow, then nothing will get Carter to starter. (sorry, I played rugby at Uni.)

So Green New Deal = Hunger Plan mk2 with all the implied cruelty.

And also helps to achieve the aim of population reduction!

Voting for Joe is a bit like the Jews of Kiev volunteering to go to Babi-Yar (which they did, albeit unknowingly). Do we really want to be the Eloi to Biden’s fellow Morlocks?

The Green New Deal is a huge deception, a pseudo-religious Utopian dream in which the messianic Democrats ‘save’ us from ourselves and drag us kicking and screaming into their brave new world, the world of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

Zimbabwe had it made. It was rich beyond the dreams of its African field workers, but egalitarian Socialist principles inflicted by the do-gooders of the British Labour establishment turned it into a hungry hellhole.

Venezuela had huge known oil reserves, but when the socialists took control, production fell dramatically. Experts and knowhow don’t come cheap and cannot be ‘equalized’. Venezuela, too, is hungry but it is politically-religiously correct and that’s what counts (that you can’t eat ideals is beside the point).

There are a few altruistic socialists who believe religiously in their ideas of mass betterment, but in my experience, control of huge amounts of money and influence is more than most can cope with, and financial corruption becomes buoyant.

The problem with corruption is that it is self-defeating. In the short term it is profitable, but the money that is skimmed off into personal bank accounts is money which is not producing a return on investment. Stealing stakeholders’ money means that stakeholders will go elsewhere and leave you with a long term of porridge.

Mahmoud Abbas is in about the sixteenth year of a four-year term of presidency. He knows that if he allows any elections Hamas will get power, and Hamas will get power not because they are any better, but because they are less obviously corrupt (if that is even possible).

The Palestinians get more ‘aid’ per head than any other community. The problem is that it does not reach street level. The reason Palestinians struggle is not because of Israel, but because their own leadership consists of treacherous liars and just cannot be trusted.

A vote for Biden is a vote for an American Mussolini, an incompetent bumbling Fascist Socialist. Mussolini was a Communist who left Marx and his class war for Giovanni Gentile and his Statism.

Statism is a variant of Socialism, but without the grief of the class struggle. It means that the STATE (the Orwellian pigs) will take care of EVERYTHING. Fascism is not Nazism, it is not jackboots in your face, but it is walking boots up your fud.

Of course the Democrats are never going to admit this. They will accuse conservatives of ‘fascism’ and put their blackshirts antifa thugs on the streets because not one of them understands the meaning of the word, or if they do, they go to extreme lengths to hide it.

It is no accident that Antonio Gramsci studied under Gentile and others at the University of Turin, for there is a lot of commonality in ideas between Mussolini/Gentile/Biden Fascism and Cultural Marxism.

So here is the big lie. This lie is intended to get you, the American voter, to destroy the most equal and prosperous society the world has known and replace it with a modern form of feudalism where only elite lives matter.

You already have an enviable setup. It is not perfect, but it is the best there is. Do you really want to believe the lies? Do you really want every aspect your life ruled by your local party SJW? Do you really want to work, and watch a greedy government claw most of your paycheck back in taxes to redistribute it to those in ‘need’? Those poor deprived party members who need Mercs to replace the Kias in the drives of their $200 million mansions.

President Trump may or may not make America great again, but Biden and his cronies will almost certainly just flush America down the khazi, and you and me with it.

A Vote for Biden is a vote for crypto-fascism.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

14 thoughts on “Truths and Lies

  1. As an atheist, anti Islamist, classical liberal capitalist I call [doubt of the veracity] on half your ideas.

    • If you could be more specific, I could point you to where you can verify the issues, otherwise I cannot help you…..

  2. History is repeating its self,

    We are already at ww3,

    Soon people will be killing their neighbours, its already begun,

    Balkans mk2, coming to you now,

    Get armed or get killed by BLM commies, saws, the new Marxist NaZis.

  3. and my wife and I pray to the Lord daily that He open the eyes of my fellow Americans to the impending reality that you have described.
    At times it seems as though we are contending against hell itself as it seeks to remake the world in its image. Our hope is knowing that the Lord God is good and that His mercy endures forever.

  4. Very nice article. It was a pleasure to read.
    Also, I wish Americans victory over Sleepy Joe in the upcoming elections. You deserve the best.

  5. Is America really the most “equal and prosperous society”, etc.? Prosperous maybe, equal not really. Poor people who need urgent medical treatment, unless they’re lucky enough to be treated by a charity, are not equal.

    • You are making a sweeping generalization about America that isn’t true. Anyone, even the poor, can walk into a hospital and get treatment even if they don’t have insurance. You need to research before you make a statement like that.

    • Mark: In California the state I know best they try hard to serve everyone. I hear it can actually be to ones advantage to profess extreme poverty to have major needs met. I had an accident passing through New York once. Although from out of state and with access to insurance I was not charged. A Dutch business friend had over fifty thousand thousand written off.

  6. Judeo- had zero to do with abolishing slavery. Christians alone should receive credit for this profound accomplishment.

  7. The intent of the green new deal is to implement the great replacement in agriculture. Millions of imported Africans, Indians, and Native Americans are intended to provide naturally communist votes necessary to destroy democracy, but those people also need jobs. The current cancer can’t continue because it would continue to cause Americans to react badly.

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