Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude 4)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III

Interlude 4 — The coming of Floyd and the end times of nations.

The robbing, looting and burning, the beatings of people trying to defend their properties and the random shooting of innocents by both black and white BLM and Antifa scum in the US, supposedly on behalf of a dead thug and career criminal whom the media have turned into some sort of innocent saint, has nothing to do with the reasons for his arrest nor the circumstances of his death, which will, in due course, be openly dealt with by the courts.

[It has been reported that at the time of his arrest he was extremely violent and heavily under the influence of the drugs to which he was habituated. The coppers at first managed to get him into the squad car, but, being the large, strong, violent man that he was, he somehow managed to get out. No doubt extreme force was required to restrain him, and the coppers were not to know that he had an underlying heart condition and that kneeling on his neck for, in retrospect, several unnecessary minutes would cause partial asphyxiation resulting in a heart attack.]

That said, what any of this has to do with us in the UK is beyond rational explanation, as is the sight of Met Police officers being repeatedly attacked by the same primitive savages whom we have foolishly welcomed into this country in the name of multiculturalism and enrichment…

…and then ‘taking a knee’ at the feet of the same slavering, predominantly black mob…

…which was egged on by white co-conspirators such as this one…

…who I fervently hope will take that self-asphyxiation process to its ultimate, and for me, rewarding end.

Indeed, coppers such as those obsequiously kneeling, and their Common-Purposed superiors, disgust me to the extent that I almost vomited at the sight.

Yet irrespective of my personal reaction, there can be no doubt now that the death of George Floyd has been hijacked and used as self-righteous justification for ferals, parasites and other career criminals — with the support of the usual, politically motivated bleeding hearts brigade — to go on the rampage.

Furthermore, in the US that violent insurrection is both openly and surreptitiously being used by the Democrats, who, having failed so ignominiously to unseat him in their three previous attempts, are using this event to mount another attack on President Trump, and, by extension, to likewise attack PM Johnson for failing to take a metaphorical ‘knee’ and offer groveling apologies for something that he and we had nothing to do with.

The real story is that George Floyd moved to Minneapolis after being released from a plea deal five-year jail sentence for robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint (this after a long history of offending). The myth being peddled is that he moved there to turn his life around. The fact that once there he was arrested for passing a fake $20 note illustrates that this was certainly not the case.

Then they put his wife on camera saying what a good provider he was for her and their daughter. What they didn’t say was he was living some 1,200 miles away with his new (white) girlfriend. Nor do they tell us that he has at least two other children who didn’t know the man they saw on the news was their father until someone enlightened them.

There are at least three GoFundMe pages set up by various family members. The total raised so far is in excess of $14 million. Follow the money and follow the politics and you will see who is really is responsible for this violent debacle on both sides of the Atlantic… and why.

Aux armes, mes amis.

Seneca III — waiting for this inevitable revolution to arrive in my quiet corner of Middle England on this fourth day of June in the year of our Lord 2020.

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13 thoughts on “Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude 4)

  1. Thank you Seneca for the straight info. That is not what we were told here. I have several words that I will be eating, (please pass the salt). We do know that this dark comedy was arranged as a last gasp attempt at Trump. The Demo(n)cratic party has now succeeded in making America a public spectacle the like of which has not been seen in my lifetime. All one can do at this juncture is pray that the Lord God heal our land (2Chron. 7:14)

    • And so it progresses, Acuara.

      Hereunder the first BLM/Antifa wrong move today…I couldn’t have organised it better myself. The statue can be cleaned but the memory of this desecration will be recorded and remembered long after:

      Note the phrase ‘Football Lads’ in the article. That is a reference to several London Football Team supporters’ clubs often referred to as ‘Footbal Hooligans’ with good reason. They are a rough lot and regularly class with each other after a match and do so violently.

      They are Londoners to the core – most of them are the grandchildren of the men and women who endured the Blitz and later went on to land on D-Day and then fought their way across Europe into the German heartland.

      However, these Clubs will often call a truce and unite to take on interlopers. They are tough patriots to a man (and the women can be equally lethal as well).

      The odds on them showing up for BLM second round outside the US Embassy tomorrow are quite high and if so, Plod will have its hands full keeping them apart. I was wondering last week why they hadn’t shown up but that was a weekday and most of them do work for a living at physically hard grafting jobs.

      We shall see, but there is still time for them to get in some action today at Hyde Park. S III

  2. Now we see natural law in action. We live under a Moral Imperative that governs everything in our lives and the Cosmos. Go against this and justifiable chaos or “Karma” is the payback. God is real as every one of us is.

    Flooding Europe with masses of freeloaders and criminals but especially those intent on disobeying the Divine Plan, is the greatest and most heinous sin any individual or grouping can commit. Our actions and words have consequences for all, especially for those that seek to limit lawful behaviour and intercourse by such actions as the above.

    Those from Africa belong in their own environment, as do the Moslems belong to their context. While having respect for the individual and their cultures is correct, that does not mean destroying Christendom and the European cultures and nations.

    We are now suffering the “karma” for our arrogance. Every individual is unique right down to their spirit-soul and DNA. This is why “transplants” of organs is anathema. It causes the host and deceased doner, serious problems. As I said we are born with soul and DNA that is unique to each and every individual. The DNA is part of the soul of the individual creation of that being- aka state of “beingedness”.

    We must live in the conditions and conditions of personal and social conditions into which God granted us life in His own Image. The modern Church is an absolute disgrace.

    I do not even talk about “Class”, perhaps not even “race”.

    The individual and intent is everything and that is how we must “judge” others. We are here to learn and evolve as God the Father fully intended. The quality of somebody’s character is how a man or woman may be judged.

    Xi Jing Ping, Mao Tse Tung,, Hitler and Stalin broke the Divine Law. I expect the CCP will probably remove “Xi” within the next few weeks and months. He has lost the “Mandate of Heaven”. The use of a man made virus or bioweapon will have consequences; serious consequences for Xi and his Deep State pals in the USA.
    There will be no escape for them.

    My senior Prelate has instructed me to cease writing for a while, until this incoming crisis is over. This dark period is not the end and there will be no nuclear war tolerated. So forget the doom-mongers.

    All will be well, even though it may take years to heal this terrible breach and sin in our lives. Now we see the results of our gross folly. Jesus is not coming back anytime soon (Preppers and Born Agains please note along with all the other loony cults). If I cause ‘offence’ that is your problem-God will not be trifled with, nor tempted.

    The crisis we are experiencing is a good time to be on earth. Learn from it-the lessons it has personally for each and every one of us. In may ways I pity the looters and Antifas nutjobs; indeed all those that seem to thrive on this wilful mayhem. Stand back and observe as they themselves and President Trump take them down. Globalism is over.

    At the same time get to understand and comprehend who and what we are and our place in Nature. Religion and belief is deeply personal. I make this comment not only to the Soros and Clinton mobs and “Black Lives Matter” thugs but especially to the Head Choppers and the CCP types.

    My wife is black and she is disgusted with the behaviour seen across the globe. She has been a wonderful wife for 40 years. I am not good enough for her. She is a gift to me from God.

    True understanding requires a diversity of beliefs and a healthy respect for the Divine what ever you come to believe. The gods are part of a culture’s make up and I have learned that to destroy a civilisation, one must destroy its beliefs. Don’t mock the gods.

    The Marxists and invaders seek to destroy the West by attacking our faith in Christ. The current chaos is the result. They have failed and a new Christian civilisation is evolving as the old is destroyed.

    Look at Russia today. It was Russian Orthodox Christian within the Communist Party and KGB that brought their country out of the Soviet system. The same may well happen to China where Christianity thrives underground. God the Father is a jealous God and he will tolerate no other.

    Xi Jing Ping, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates or George Soros thought they were gods. They are not. I was made a Bishop to be here in the now and I will still be here in the new World that is taking form.

    I was on the point of having to think about taking up arms but after prayer and goodly advice, I will now use my privileged position to act as a friend, philospher and guide to those around me. The Traditional Old Catholic Church UK that I am a Bishop in, is there for those that want a fully traditional Church, free of PC Bull*** but that also applies Intelligence.

    In ancient times the Church Fathers had a special door for pagans to enter and pray in their own section. As I said above, one’s relations with God is unique, whatever you conceive Him to be.

    • True, we don’t know the Day or the Hour, but Jesus told us to watch for Him and be ready because He will come at an hour when He is least expected. So we watch for Him while being obedient to what He has commanded, chief of which is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. YAH said the same thing to Moses with the first and greatest commandment written in Deuteronomy and the Second Commandment which is like the first written in Leviticus, Ch.19:18. What is interesting about the Second Commandment is that it is prefaced by the following, “Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay,” then the verse goes on to say, “you, lover your neighbor as yourself.” This seemingly insignificant verse is the foundation of our civilization. While the other cultures, especially those that are influence by Islam, waste their time in seeking paybacks for wrongs committed against them, real or imagined, we are busy loving and caring for our neighbors as we would ourselves and enjoying the fruits of peaceable surroundings. When we no longer care about those around us the consequences such as we have seen since the beginning of the year will be the inevitable result. We have been sent to our rooms by the Lord for our poor behavior. It is high time that we repent and apologize to Him and seek His forgiveness. Thus the 20-20 vision for 2020.

      • Thank you for such a beautiful comment. HE will come from the east with shouts and trumpets. Jesus return will be LOUD and beautiful.

        I must mention that today I turned 75 years of age on the 76 anniversary of D-Day. Three quarters of a century old.

        God bless you acuara.

  3. So well put Seneca-perhaps those coloured individuals so intent on lambasting their confused , disturbed befuddled concept of racism should read this-
    Cecilia Regina is a Black Woman.
    ‘George Floyd was arrested and convicted of robbing and beating a Pregnant Black Woman, after breaking into her home. He wanted money and drugs and when she didn’t have either he pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach! ‘
    Judgement of Convictions by Court are available for all to see.
    ‘Stop marching for this man. Stop Posting for him. He was a monster who terrorized Black Women in life. DO NOT support him with your labour in his death. If you do, you’re supporting a man who hated and harmed Black Women! You cannot have it both ways this time. Either you are for the safety of Black Women or are you saying we don’t matter compared with black men.’

    • Your gentle plea for reason reflects your humanity, tarien, and you are to be commended, but I don’t think they care. They are the same sort of vermin as Floyd.

      • so George Floyd was only a convenient excuse for the Elite’s throwing the kitchen sink at Trump. Cute.

    • Ever been to Africa? It’s the same bloody minded behavior there as it is in any western country where they congregate. Diversity + Proximity = Conflict. There is no peaceful way out of this any longer, all 3rd worlders will have to go from our western countries.

  4. Thanks for the enlightenment about that arrest case. The powers that be are not telling the full story. The sight of the mayor of the town crying at the coffin of Floyd was nauseating. The policeman should NOT have had that knee hold on the perpetrator. But the man will be charged. The response of violence has an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with Floyd.

  5. Nobody ever riots for this guy or the victims of the people he tries to report on. I think it is against the site policy so I won’t suggest they do.
    The police will never take a knee for Tommy. At least they don’t beat him up themselves. They just facilitate others (send him to prison).

    Those photos of the officers above disgust me. It clearly demonstrates they are not afraid of the natives.

  6. I agree with you, Seneca III, that the sight of those kneeling is viscerally repugnant. Here in Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto police chief Mark Saunders (who is black) both went down on one knee at recent protests, as have other public officials. What does the kneeling signify? I doubt they could express it. By carrying out this virtue-signalling and thoughtless act of submission they are showing us that the protests have taken on religious overtones. The “anti-racist” movement shows all the signs that is has become an ideology, one that you question at your peril. You are not allowed to disagree, have questions, ask for sources and data, or indeed apply any critical thinking at all. You don’t know what “white fragility” means? That’s proof that you’re racist; you need to educate yourself. Foregone conclusion, no dissent allowed.

  7. The appetite for kill Whitey is obviously insatiable. Very soon anyone over sixty or who fits the passing ever changing whims of these wild lefties and their woolly western amigos will be fair game for on any streets. The nude drunken medicated addicted mob is shifting across western Europe. Whatever it was before now black lifers and their revision backward ridden local midgets WILL be watched. A natural survival mode by the host. Churchill must be getting the attention of Gulliver and other giants,

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