Fredrik Reinfeldt, Deconstructor of Sweden

Fredrik Reinfeldt: “I hate the Sweden Democrats”

As a follow-up to Saturday’s post, the essay below about Fredrik Reinfeldt’s policies was published in February of 2013 by the now-dormant Swedish dissident site Bojkotta Aftonbladet. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

Fredrik Reinfeldt is a TOTAL disaster for Sweden

Fredrik Reinfeldt has been prime minister in Sweden since 2006. On the same day he became prime minister he began working to increase immigration to Sweden. Since then, over 600,000 immigrants have come here, which is an average of 100,000 a year.

Reinfeldt’s policy has caused great anger among Swedes, and that anger increases with each passing year. The Swedish Democrats entered the Riksdag in 2010 and now make a strong showing in public opinion polls of about 10%, which would make the party Sweden’s third-largest in the Riksdag if elections were held today.

Those who join SD come from all parties but in recent times many Moderates [Reinfeldt’s party] have woken up and expressed support for SD’s policies. Within the Moderates, every third municipal politician is critical of parts of immigration policy, but the party is deeply divided. The Moderates are entirely governed by ultra-liberals, image-makers and globalists who do not intend to let go of power.

From the very beginning, Fredrik Reinfeldt’s policy was a total disaster for Sweden. He not only greatly increased immigration but also changed the constitution so that Sweden went from being a Swedish country to suddenly become “multicultural” — the constitution was changed without the people being asked. The change was voted through stealthily on November 24, 2010. It managed to happen without a single influential newspaper creating debates about it or informing the Swedish people about what was going on. Neither Swedish State Television nor Swedish Radio informed the Swedes about the constitutional change, and no public debates have taken place about it. That constitutional change should be annulled.

The fact that Fredrik Reinfeldt was able to implement such a satanic amendment to the Constitution is due to his cooperation with three other ultra-liberal parties that also want to destroy Sweden. Sweden’s parliament consists of seven treacherous parties that have been able to retain their power and influence because they have been backed up by state television and radio, by globalist newspaper groups such as the Bonnier Group, Schibsted and Stampen, who work around the clock to break down Swedish identity. In addition, we have the entire LO collective of unions that are fighting for everything and everyone except the Swedes.

The other day, Tobias Billström said he would set up a working group to “look” at the future migration policy. Billström said verbatim:

It is very important in this context to remember that the masses of people who come to Sweden affect both of these areas, and we can see that there is room for a discussion on how to influence the number of those who come to Sweden and at the same time protect the right to asylum. I think that this working group needs to spend a lot of time discussing… The purpose of this working group is to plot a course not only for the 2014 election but for the entire next term of office.

Billström just wanted to send a signal to his voters and really meant: “We should pretend that we do not want to increase immigration more right now because it just means that SD is growing even more.” In fact, the whole argument about “numbers” and the appointment of a working group is just a publicity scam. Nothing would happen, no reduction would happen.

But Fredrik Reinfeldt was angry. Even breathing on “reduction” was not allowed in the party he controls almost single-handedly. Billström had expressed that it might be possible to “discuss” the numbers, but this was a propaganda lie.

What was really meant was that mass immigration poses some problems for the reception system, and that this system must therefore be improved so that Sweden can receive even more immigrants. The task of the working group would be to investigate how reception can be improved so that many more can come to Sweden, perhaps 150,000 a year or more. There are such discussions within the moderates.

Today Fredrik Reinfeldt intervened and explained his distaste for Billström’s talk of “numbers”.

Fredrik Reinfeldt said at a press conference:

It cannot be the starting point. Immigration enriches Sweden. It is a very important value that people can come to Sweden. This has meant a lot for Sweden’s development.

In the assignment of the party board to this working group, we do not talk that way. Immigration enriches Sweden. A responsible party, the Moderates want to become a balancing vote between those who never see any problems and those who never see other people.

Fredrik Reinfeldt does not tolerate figures on reduced immigration. Instead, he will do everything he can to send signals to the world’s criminals, scammers, working shadows and parasites that they are free to come to Sweden. If for some reason they do not want to come to Sweden, Fredrik will certainly give them air tickets and welfare advances so that they come immediately.

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s blank stare and his mantra can scare anyone. For six years, this man has been pursuing a policy that tears Sweden apart, and for six years the media have protected him. They have done everything in their power to portray Fredrik Reinfeldt as if he were completely normal and a great asset for Sweden. The lack of democracy and the lack of information about how dangerous Fredrik Reinfeldt is to society has meant that he has been able to continue to harm Sweden. Today he showed that his intention is to hurt Sweden even more for a long time to come.

All Swedes must learn to understand that Fredrik Reinfeldt is hurting Sweden. He is many times more dangerous than any Breivik and worse than Vidkun Quisling was for Norway. He is most reminiscent of an old dictator in some banana republic where totalitarian media back their dictator no matter how crazy his politics are.

It is easy to believe that Reinfeldt’s goal is to exterminate the Swedes through a so-called soft genocide. That is what is going on in practice, and in 30-40 years we Swedes will be a minority in our own country, maybe even in 20 years if Reinfeldt is allowed to continue. The decay is only proceeding faster and faster while the media increase their hate campaigns against immigration critics. It must be stopped before we lose our country altogether.

In addition to the democratic disaster that immigration entails, almost every corner of our country has become a dangerous place to live, and Swedes to pay the huge amounts that immigration costs are forced by working themselves — unless they are killed before they die of natural causes.

Addendum: An entry posted last Saturday at Thoralf Alfsson’s blog, also translated by LN:

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s One-Eyed Globalism

by Thoralf Alfsson
October 19, 2019

“Inviting Fredrik Reinfeldt to speak to the Moderates’ Party Conference where he received resounding applause after he attacked nationalism / patriotism and pleaded for the need of a left-wing victory in the US elections is really almost the only evidence one needs to establish that the indicated turnaround in recent years probably is mostly lip service under the blade, and is not based on genuine re-evaluation and repentance…”

— Mattias Karlsson(SD) on Facebook.

After reading some comments about Fredrik Reinfeldt’s participation at the Moderates’ Party Conference, I had to listen to what Reinfeldt actually said in his speech. I wrote down some notes.

One-eyed nationalism, globalism, protectionism, climate policy and “we and them”.

Fredrik Reinfeldt must have been bought by the globalists while suffering from hubris. He must hate the nation of Sweden and everyone who appreciates our country, our culture and our traditions. How the hell could he be Sweden’s prime minister for a whole eight years? What luck that he resigned after the 2014 elections instead of trying to create a government with the support of SD [Sweden Democrats].

But of course not a single word about mass immigration, shootings, explosions, rapes or the economic crisis in the municipalities. In fact, it is Fredrik Reinfeldt who bears the main responsibility for the economic crisis, which we have probably only have seen the beginning of right now, but which is dragging Sweden down into a recession.

Fredrik Reinfeldt is actually not healthy. It was really unpleasant to hear him and his Sweden-hostile speech. Why doesn’t the vomitus move to another country?

But it was equally scary to hear the way party members ostentatiously gave Fredrik Reinfeldt standing ovations for a long time. What damn leg do the Moderates really intend to stand on?

The Moderates have much to prove if one should ever dare trust them.

The above graph of the number of residence permits granted clearly shows what Fredrik Reinfeldt did. In 2005, a total of about 60,000 residence permits were granted, but with Fredrik Reinfeldt as prime minister, it increased almost immediately to 80,000, so that in 2013-2014 there were 115,000 residence permits granted each year.

An increase of almost 100 percent with Fredrik Reinfeldt as prime minister. The fact that the traitor Fredrik Reinfeldt speaks at the Moderates’ 2019 Party Conference is embarrassing.

22 thoughts on “Fredrik Reinfeldt, Deconstructor of Sweden

  1. Somewhere in Sweden there awaits a lampost with Reinfeldt’s name on it, and another with Lofven’s name as well. Unfortunately, hanging is too good of an end for such treason; I daresay drawing & quartering is still too kind.

    Once such globalist traitorous elite scum are gone, it still remains to do something about the hordes of invaders they brought in. I don’t see any good outcome to this, and they along with innocent swedes will pay the price for the treachery of these elitist scum.

  2. Fredrik Reinfeldt has also stated that “Sweden belongs to immigrants, not Swedes”
    What that means, not Swedish culture & history, nor laws, as they are painfully aware of, but are slowly adapting too.

    An insidious statement. Not that he cares about the “unintended consequences”, nor even to be concerned about “collateral damage”.

    Yet for all that, the concepts of what he represents is well soaked into the majority of voters, though an Anthropocentric, Social, Political, Humanism, Psychology, Gender-ism and then another section of Alarm-ism, Cooling, Warming, Anthropocentric, Climate Change etc. wrapped into Science, as if all is facts.

    This has flowed into all Socialist Parties and blurred, as the master of that above shows.
    “France belongs to the immigrants, not the French”.
    “Germany belongs to the immigrants, not the Germans”.
    “Europe belongs to the immigrants, not the Europeans”.
    Then it becomes in a way self fulfilling, and self feeding, but so hard to bring truth to bear on the issues.

    The leaders sense a power, and then control, and many people feel that now, if they are so many steps up in life, like work in local government, government institutions, then they want to keep that lifestyle.
    Social media seem to make these things as facts and seem overwhelming.
    They do not respect their own people who may not agree, and point out truths.

    However we must know our selves, trust the truth, and see the emperors, UN, etc. has no clothes, and recognize things, like First they go crazy, as build the Tower of Babel.

    Try and tell the Africans, “Africa belongs to the immigrants, not the Africans.”
    The Chinese are paying their way into a form of ownership.

    • And the Chinese will likely find themselves having to someday neutron bomb the entire continent from orbit to try to recoup the costs of their investment when they realize the impossibility of civilizing the uncivilizeable. Africa will be their tar baby.

      • The Chines unlike ourselves are not afraid to put entire towns and villages to the torch and eliminate everyone in their path to get their way, they don’t care how many men they lose, they have an endless supply of Chinese to take their ranks. The West somehow got to civilized where warfare is concerned, thus we hesitate to win.

  3. People must understand that these Globalist vampires like Reinfeldt are actually international Trotskyites that have enriched themselves by harvesting the wealth of generations of Europeans. Zukerberg is another of these people. Have you noticed how weird they look and much the same? They are worth billions and seek to enslave the globe with their insane activities. They fail to realise their policies will destroy not only the countries they seek to change by mass importation of Moslem illiterates but also the base from which they obtain their wealth-namely the better educated and civilised Europeans they loath so much.

    Goat herders from the Swat Valley, the Syrian plains or Anatolia, even Sub-Saharan Africa cannot live and function well enough to sustain First World civilised life. I mention Grenfell Tower as an example in migrant populated London-now just one more [sump] Third World entity.

    The Nihilism of Reinfeldt and Zukerberg and all the other “globalists” is off the scale. They are also traitors and guilty of the most serious crimes against Humanity. They are every bit as bad but worse than the Nazis they love to virtue signal their hatred of.

    Plans are already afoot to hold a new Nuremberg with these genocidal weirdos in the Dock. And it will happen if we come out of this “Great Tribulation” alive. We have their names and we will not forget the millions they have caused to suffer and kill, that include those trafficked by gangs of People Smugglers who are paid by these vampires.

    I know Sweden well, as I do Norway. Lovely people and culture. People like Zuckerberg and Reinfeldt make me vomit at the sight of them. Their time is coming! Trust me in this-for now I can say no more but unlike them we will use the Law and trial by proper courts to convict them. And more importantly our deaths will not prevent what is to come for them. Like “Anonymous” we are “legions”…….Theur activities and utterances are all on file and e=well hidden. Nemesis is coming.

    • Bishop Guy, I don’t understand your point about Grenfell Tower: non-Brits, see

      The disaster, in which (I believe) 72 people died, had a number of causes, not least the dilution of responsibility for safety in previously social housing after the Conservative Thatcher government forced local councils to allow residents to buy their rented properties at bargain prices, a policy which New “Labour” under Blair failed to reverse; there are also many privately developed blocks with unsafe, inflammable cladding.

      What does this have to do with the ethnicity/beliefs of the unfortunate residents?

      • I read the official reports myself. My point is that what kind of human imports people who cannot handle modern tech? I married a woman from South America and it took me nearly a year to familiarise her with modern microwaves etc. A close Jamiacan woman pal who is part of my congregation could not handle modern tech either. She burned her house down three times. It took my personal intervention to keep her housed after neighbours wanted her evicted.

        Please do not try to muddy the truth that people from backwaters across the globe have problems dealing with modern life. You just can’t import poor folk-innocents in many cases wanting a better life after seeing adverts for the techno gugaws of 21st Century life- then left to fend for themselves. I often have to intervene to use my office to assist the homeless-many of them foreigners trapped on our cold hard streets.

        The imporatation of these people is cruel on both sides of the socio-cultural political spectrum. Thousands have died and even been enslaved by people traffickers and other scum that have no respect for human life. The cladding you speak of is another piece of shoddy cut-price “who cares” problem we see daily. We are in our morally degraded society. These criminals use the migrants to further their agendas.

        I rescued my wife from a rotten life as an “au-pair” who then was restricted from daily life as a virtual slave. I brought in the Met Police in 1982 and only thanks to them and my determination to marry the love of my life, did I succeed in getting her released. Things were much easier then but I will not suffer any human of any colour or culture to suffer abuse no matter who they are! I had to threaten her “employer” with the Law and the newspapers to simply obtain her passport.

        Please do not attempt to lecture me on this type of situation. I am something of an “expert” on the subject and problems that can come even from one’s own family in a mixed marriage like mine. It has not been easy. We made a success of it after 40 years.

        This is my point and it has the opposite to do with any perception of “race”. And please let me say that no amount of threat, nor political correctitude will prevent me from being what I am obliged to be- a human being. I don’t need virtue signallers and their ilk to lecture me in thes matters. You have my reasons above. Innocents died in Grenfell Tower and the culprits have still not been revealed.

    • I do enjoy your spirit Bishop but, there will be no civilized means and so called Nuremburg trials when the fun and reindeer games begin, these traitors will simply be [intemperate description redacted]. I was always reminded in combat that those who took the high moral ground in dealing with our enemies, always ended up buried in it for all their good intentions. The war that is coming is going to be brutal, bloody, medieval and warfare on a personal level not seen in over a millennia where it will not only be against these 3rd worlders and leftist Quislings in our midst, but against family and friends who side with the powers that be. Once the blood starts to flow, there will be no stopping it and the various militaries will be forced to take over from these traitors. Various countries will send fighters and weapons to help their various factions as well. So my good Bishop, there will be no civilized behavior when this all goes south, this is not the land for the sheep, this is the land of wolves now.

      • I have worn a uniform myself so know the ropes. I have also experienced war- civil war and know how nasty it can be. The Law still operates in war as Cicero stated. I am no naive “cleric” but familiar with the toil and strife of life. Furthermore I have no compunction about taking life if threatened, Do not mistake my utterances for simply the prattle of a “Churchman”. I hate and despise the Communists more than most and will never give quarter. I still believe it is better to jaw jaw than war war. I am also quite prepared to perish in defence of me and mine. I feel there is hope. The populations of the globe have had enough. All I can do is use my own experiences- much of it painful- some of which are way outside that of ordinary folk to fathom or comprehend. I can only do my best according to my conscience that I obey no matter what. I also have a very old fashioned sense of justice and honour that belongs to another world before these Leftist maggots crawled out of the corrupted states they have corrupted.

        • Bishop, God Bless and happy hunting, for those bad times are almost upon us, I do hope you have the proper implements for when that time arrives. To you and yours, Deo Volente!

  4. I lived in sweden briefly in 1988, visted often in late 90s, i knew back then in 80s. Something very odd and wrong with swedes, very very strange people!

    A man i met, who ran a pizza cafe in stockholm i used eat in, was a british man, i had conversation him about these strange odd swedes, he said i am correct, he said swedes are like: ” battery hens” now it all makes sense.

    But now i got laugh, how theyve sat back let traitors, leftists, feminists ransack and betray them and there country fir fear of being labeled racists by communists who have taken full control in sweden.

    Fred Sweinfeldt, this nazi, is not around anymore, in short time he be dead, but he and his cronies left behind the ruins of a nation, sweden, and decades to come of bloodshed, wars, rape and murders, this man and the others, lofven, and more, destroyed sweden, and future for swedish new generations, who will be fighting in streets, like yugoslav balkans wars, for decades to come.
    These swedish left marxists -and feminazis have successfully brainwashed 9 million swedes using pc and frankfurt school lies, propganda, and hate speech laws, and the racist card.

    I prey swede men, is theres any, get chance to round up all swede feminists nazi stasi traitors, and swede gov treasonous traitors, bring back hanging, and deal like nuremburg trials with all these wicked evil swedish beaurcratic goverment nazis, who have, and still are destroying sweden!!

    • Cheering loudly, you express many views I hold too, these criminal traitorous and collaborationist wanted a retrograde society and culture. Forgetting that with this retrograde society comes loss of civil protections. Thus our future will be crude, lawless, and tribal. Knowledge will be lost, lies will rule, mixed with drugs and mental illness, because living any kind of normal, traditional life will be impossible.

  5. Why does the folk- and nation-traitor Henrik Rinfeldt speak at the Moderates’ meeting 2019 and receives insanely enthusiastic applauses from the 200 present? Are they at the full use of their minds?

    In 2016, he himself declared that he had left politics.

    Almost immediately after he resigned as party leader for the then New Moderates, he got a top job as “senior adviser” to the international financial giant Bank of America Merrill Lynch, likely for long and faithful service.

    From Fredrik Reinfeldt’s personal CV, it appeared that the 53-year-old had never had a real job. Instead, he had provided himself with various tax-financed political items.

    But now in 2016, it was time to get in touch with real working life.

    – iI’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s team, Reinfeldt said.

    Although he completely lacked work experience, the part-time job for the bank giant was expected to be highly paid. Exactly how much Reinfeldt got is still a “secret”, but it was previously known that Swedbank had paid him just over SEK 100,000 per hour to “lecture”.

    This was revealed in connection with the finding that Reinfeldt went on a grant and received SEK 156,000 from the taxpayers each month.

    As prime minister during the years 2006 to 2014, Reinfeldt and his finance minister Anders Borg took several measures that were much appreciated by the international finance industry.

    One of the politician duo’s first measures was to sell the Stockholm Stock Exchange OMX to the US Nasdaq – an export sale that was criticized afterwards for having been made at a sharply low price.

    Another popular financial measure that Reinfeldt and Borg carried out was to give the banks operating in the Swedish market SEK 1,5 billion, yes SEK 1,500 000 000 tax crowns in government guarantees in 2008.

    The guarantees were presented in the form of gifts from the taxpayers to the banking sector and the EKO (Swedish state radio, SR , news program) also reported that the purpose of the transaction was to increase prices in the Swedish housing market.

    The US financial elite reacted very positively to the Swedish Prime Minister’s actions and bank giant JP Morgan even created a special job for his brother, Henrik Reinfeldt.

    In connection with the change of government, Anders Borg was given a lucrative job as “adviser” to American Citibank.

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch explained the recruitment of Fredrik Reinfeldt with the need for his unique “skills”.

    In a press release, Johan Lustig, Head of Nordic Corporate and Investment Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said:

    – Fredrik Reinfeldt is one of Europe’s most respected politicians in recent years. He will provide unique insights for our customers and our colleagues.

    – I look forward to working with him as we continue to develop our business in the EMEA region.

  6. This man should be tried for high treason. On the other hand, the Swedish people have been pacified and lullabied to sleep by their welfare society. The once proud and mighty viking has become a pitiful coward.

  7. This man should be tried for high treason. On the other hand, the Swedish people kept electing him and now replaced him with another fool. The people have become pacified and lullabied to sleep by their welfare society. The once proud and mighty viking has become a punching bag and pitiful coward.

  8. Western Europe is an instructive example of the evils of global socialism and islamic totalitarianism. When I comment about America’s socialists in the democrat party, I simply point to examples of destruction in the U.K., France, Germany and Sweden. There are no comebacks because the evidence of destruction is overwhelming.

  9. Just a reminder that there are ONLY 10 million native Swedes total. The impact of this invasion has been DEVASTATING.

    • Worse than you think. That 10 mil is composed of women, children, elderly. You have to compare the number of Swedish fighting age males with invader fighting age males. If push comes to shove, a bet on Swedes would likely not be a good one.

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