Bankrupted by “Refugees”, Germany Prepares for War

The two unconnected articles below acquire more significance when posted together. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations.

First, from Handelsblatt:

Government Report: Refugee costs amounted to 23 billion euros in 2018

Last year, the German federal government spent 23 billion euros on refugees. Of this amount, 7.9 billion was spent on combating the causes of flight.

Berlin — According to a media report, the federal government spent 23 billion euros last year to fight the causes of flight and to care for arriving migrants. This is a further increase compared to 2017, reports the Bild newspaper (Monday). At that time, just under 21 billion euros were spent. The newspaper refers to the government report “Refugee and Integration Costs”, which is to be approved by the cabinet on Wednesday.

The largest part of the money, about 7.9 billion euros, had been used to fight the causes of flight. In addition, more than 4 billion euros were spent on Hartz IV (welfare benefits). According to the report, 7.5 billion euros went to the federal states, for example for the registration and accommodation of refugees up to the asylum decision as well as integration courses.

The second article from the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung describes the preparations by a German relief agency the possibility of war:

War Can No Longer Be Ruled Out — The THW has newly Repositioned Itself

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German Agency for Technical Relief is preparing for war in Europe again. THW Hattingen is prepared.

Due to societal changes, the Technical Relief Agency Hattingen has repositioned itself.

“According to the reassessment of the security situation, there could be war on European territory. So this is how we will now align ourselves,” explains Ingo Brune, the head of THW Hattingen.

Emergency care instead of salvage

It is a serious turn of events for the current 123 volunteers, including young people. Due to possible natural disasters and terrorist attacks, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has launched a “Civil Defence Concept”, which changes the tasks of THW.

The buzzword for German officials is “Kritis”, and means critical infrastructure. “Our second rescue team is now being transformed into the new Emergency Repair and Supply Group,” explains Ingo Brune, head of THW Hattingen.

Preparation for cyber attacks, war and terrorism

The Technical Relief Agency has been in existence since 1953. After the end of the Cold War in 1995, it was hoped that the political tensions that could lead to war had been finally overcome. Accordingly, THW was reorganised at that time. But this turned out to be a fallacy. “We must now also adjust to the fact that wars, cyber attacks, or attacks on electricity or drinking water are possible,” says Brune.

Accordingly, the focal points of the tasks are also changing at THW. “Until 1995 the organisation had been oriented towards urban warfare. And it was about missions caused by storms, droughts, heat and natural disasters,” explains the THW head. “THW’s primary goal was always to protect the population.” However, it was never primarily about help after the collapse of an individual house, but always about large situations of danger such as earthquakes, or for example bombing at night.

THW Hattingen already has a local emergency response system

The next restructuring is now underway. Protection in the event of war has been resumed. What the federal government expects from the 668 local associations is already present in Hattingen for the most part, says Brune.

Financed by donations, THW Hattingen since 2005 manages a local danger defense group, which was set up with the Ennepe Ruhr circle. That means: There are already accommodations for large-scale operations, available, for example kitchens, tents, cooling possibilities, lighting, electricity, heating, tables and chairs. This equipment must be purchased in many local federations now.

Vehicles are obsolete

What have to be newly procured in Hattingen are vehicles. The old vehicles, which are supposed to have a service life of 24 to 26 years, have already been in use for much longer. “Our oldest vehicle is now 36 years old,” says Brune.

The new generation of auxiliary vehicles no longer has fixed superstructures, but can — depending on the situation — be assembled with modules for the respective application. In the past, there was always a lack of money for new vehicles. “Today it’s not the money, it’s production problems that manufacturers have. They can’t produce as many vehicles as they need in such a short time.”

THW Hattingen is currently waiting for five new vehicles. Brune: “The nationwide conversion is currently being planned with normal procurement planning and financing. It can take up to 20 years until the last part is there.”

48 thoughts on “Bankrupted by “Refugees”, Germany Prepares for War

  1. Speechless!!, billions for this savages, who never will be working or integrate, and elder people who rebuild and make wealth this country going to the garbages looking for food !!!, i guess this new generation of Germans living on denial..

    • 10-23-2019 I agree with you. The new immigrants and political asylum seekers, are usually those who support Intl terror, and, who refuse to integrate. I don’t understand, why European countries, have decided to sponsor, a huge population, of aliens, who hate: Christian and White Western cultures.

    • Now you know which god is greater: Allah, of course. Show me another god that has performed such miracles. The people of Western Europe dutifully go to work to feed these parasites. Surely, Allah is powerful: he has created the Kuffar to work for the believers.

  2. Integration expenses? 7.5 billion euros for this effort. Your elite leaders are incredibly ignorant. An invading enemy, say Islam, is not in the least interested in integrating, for many reasons but the main reason is that they are conquering you. What makes you people think they are remotely interested in your culture?

    • The Germans are incredibly arrogant They think that because their superiority is so immediately obvious, the invaders will take one look at the German people and be overcome with admiration of all things German.

      Having been won over by the unmistakable superiority of the glorious German people, the invaders will then have only one desire ,to become as like them as possible .

      Hence the admiring invaders will eagerly imbibe the German language ,the German culture ,German values and traditions and become loyal imitators of and indistinguishable from actual Germans. .

      It’s a vain foolish fantasy from a vain deluded people.

      • No one will ever adopt the culture of a people who’ve forgotten the basics like the importance of having children.
        Lowest birthrate in Europe isn’t it and that includes all the non-Germans having children.

        • Modern Germans fail to understand the following concept:

          “Act like a doormat and you’ll be treated like one.”

      • @Anonymous: your analysis is untrue. There has been no evidence since 4.9.2015 in the German media or German published books that pro-invasion Germans think themselves superior and so all the country shoppers will become like them.

        On the contrary, PI News regularly cites Göring-Eckardt of the Greens as having said: “Germany is going to change drastically and I am happy about that!”

        Leaving aside the 15-30% AfD voters who perceive their betrayal by the globalist all-party elite accurately (but see also the identical situation in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden etc. ) :

        My impression is that the German population otherwise consists of people who
        1. are genuine bleeding heart Friends of the Third World (small %)
        2. welcome the invasion because it benefits their businesses (real estate, construction sector, NGOs, churches, retail sellers of mass-market cheap goods, banks (= mortgages, consumer loans to migrants) (significant %)
        3. welcome the invasion as aspirational middle and upper-middle class people because they sense that the hated Poor of Germany will suffer the most from competition offered by low-wage migrants. Any guilt the German bourgeois may feel over this crushing of ethnic German poor is quickly dissolved in a self-congratulatory solvent “of anti-Nazi anti-racism”.

        3. explains by the way the apparent paradox in Germany that anti-socialists and anti-Communists, who revile the memory of the USSR and DDR, are at the same time pro-invasion. The explanation is that whatever benefits their bottom line is fine by them. Up until 1990 it was anti-Communism, now it is globalism.

        • The people of the former Ost Germany hate these 3rd worlders with a passion unlike their western counter parts, it is the politicians that are welcoming them, hence the rise of the afd that is scaring the hell out of the left.

    • Westerners need to be educated about the concept of hijra, which is jihad waged via migration. Hijra is a central concept of Islamic doctrine.

      • It is not only Islamics that invade by mass migration.
        Other Asian migrants who are non islamics have also been known in the past even up to present times to be using this tactic to invade Western countries.

  3. Deutschland ist ganz veruckt.

    Germany is completely crazy. Americans of German ancestry voted for Trump more than any ethnic group in America. I’m one of them

    Hey Trump, please let in about 10,000,000 fed up Germans. Leave the Socialists and the Muslims there to kill each other

    • Nonsense. Instead put those fed up Germans in charge and Germany will become Germany again in no time!

    • Only the sane ones. No Green Party members, Merkel acolytes or other assorted traitors.

    • John, our German relatives are going to stand and fight, they are slow to anger, but once that nationalism trait is unleashed, these 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers are toast.

  4. The Germans keep electing leaders that gladly pay extortion to this Islamic mafia army hoping that it keep the Islamic “refugees “peaceful ,the jihadist will turn from their hateful ways . Canada just reelected the [lump of offal] again the west is so full of masochist people who vote for more punishment for themselves .The jihadist have nothing but contempt for weak appeasing leaders and will always squeeze them for more money ,welfare ,special “civil rights” at the cost of taking away ,money and the rights of the native non-Moslem people in the countries they invade .

  5. But, but, what about all those quaint little ethnic restaurants the migrants have opened? They are our future doctors, scientists, and engineers!! They’ve already increased the distribution of natural fertilizers all over the pavement in most German cities!!!!

    • The pro-ethnic restaurant argument is terrible, just like most of the wretched food they serve. MENA people cannot deep fry a french fry to save their lives.

      If the Left were truly so intelligent, they would realize we have this modern technology called, “recipes”.

      Most of these restaurants are also cash laundering points for the ill-gotten proceeds that flow in from drug, arms, and human trafficking.

      • Yes. In the city I live there is an arab café where you can smoke shisha.

        Although I like to somke it, I will not go there, because they have a sign saying “cash only”.
        Since I live in Britain and a shisha is about 10£, the card fee is not relevant. So the only possible explanation for not accepting card payment is money laundering.

  6. “For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German Agency for Technical Relief is preparing for war in Europe again.”

    LMFAO, prepare for war? With what? The Germans will be fighting whom? Their replacements? No Way. Is the idea to invade the Poles and Hungarians in a combined force with France to force them to accept the joys of multicultural suicide? First off, Poland and Hungary are members of NATO. Second, the German and French militaries are a joke.

    This has got to be some BS dreamed up by Brussels to funnel even more money to the replacements via some so-called “relief” outfit. Unless they plan on arming the replacements into an army of jihad warriors. At this point, I wouldn’t put anything past Brussels.

    • The powers that be know that their days are numbered and are scared out of their minds at what is coming, the various militaries now have plans to take over their governments when the fun and games begin, hence why the leftists are doing everything they can to slash the military budgets to the bone. It still won’t help them when the time comes.

      • Nukes are worthless without the will to use them. Potentially disastrous in the wrong hands since they will one day end up surrendering them to the islamists either through the ballot box or by failing at the cartridge box.

  7. Few days ago Merkel said in Potsdam “ multiculturalism have failed in Germany “ in the same time plane of 140 Ethiopians “ refugee “ landed in Kassel , they bring this Africans straight to Germany from a safe zone in Ethiopia, another plane is scheduled mid of November with 220 Ethiopians, so keep working Germans for this savages, Your children will suffer the most , Merkel , Seehofer, and all this ridiculous parties, are created this great replacement, ..:

  8. Lol I just stumbled upon this website and what drivel I’ve had the misfortune to stumble upon. This entire article is just sensationalist scaremongering trash. Refugees have contributed a net GAIN to the German economy. Try looking at think tanks or universities that have been around for 100’s of years that come to this conclusion and use actual scientific methodologies that PROVE it.

    • James, I really hate to rain on your leftist utopian dream but, Wrong! these 3rd worlders take more than they contribute, for over 80% are on welfare and government paid housing. Your so called Frankfurt School think tanks and universities are nothing but leftist indoctrination centers of which you seem to be from. Diversity + Proximity = Conflict as history has proved time and time again, yet leftist refuse to understand that human nature always overcomes indoctrination in the end. See Balkans for the light example of what is coming to our western lands shortly, so I would really re-evaluate your thinking and positions if I were you.

    • [ad hominem redacted] Merkel and CO . propaganda , beacuse everything is cover by Stasi and CO . that’s why you don’t see anything in the day light , what is really happening in this country , and all over Europe..[ad hominem redacted].

    • It is characteristic of the mendacious capitalist globalist of liberaloid persuasion such as James Arthur Wright that he describes the immigration weapon as ” a net gain to the (name of country) economy”.

      I shall explain: recently Central Bank of Ireland announced that immigration to Ireland has to stay high otherwise wages in Ireland will rise which will “reduce per capita GDP” (my quotation marks)

      Notice the sleight of hand: assuming that GDP does indeed rise due to immigration (?) and that a rise in GDP is desirable (?), any per capita calculation deliberately obscures which social classes are the winners and losers. Compare: my feet are on fire and my head is freezing so on average I am pleasantly warm.

      Central Bank of Ireland has already admitted in the above example that wages, ( ie the lower classes, as “salaries” are for the non-working class) are kept down by mass immigration.

    • “Refugees have contributed a net GAIN to the German economy”

      You were quick to reveal yourself as troll.

  9. There is only one solution for Germany and the other European countries. First, virtually ALL immigration from the Third World, especially from any Middle Eastern and African countries that have a majority Muslim population must be stopped.

    This policy will need to be backed up by the judicious use of force, pour encourager les autres. That means aggressively defended borders, with soldiers whose orders are to keep them out at all costs, even if deadly force is required. It means if necessary, sinking the Soros funded NGO ‘rescue’ vessels if they will not turn back. It means prosecuting, convicting, and imprisoning so-called ‘news media’ personnel, from reporters to editors to owners, when they invariably attempt to misrepresent this strict defense of a sovereign nation’s borders as racism, xenophobia, or totalitarianism.

    After all undesirable immigration is halted in its tracks, then virtually ALL of the recent arrivals from the massive waves of Muslim invaders from the last several years must be deported. If that means sending the Army into urban no-go areas to round them up, then so be it.

    Finally, all mosques should be razed to the ground. Not just repurposed, but destroyed. This is important for symbolic reasons. It would show in a highly visible manner that Islam will NOT be allowed to exist in Europe. The owners of the properties, if they are ethnic Germans, should be paid fair market value for their structures by the state.

    Now I realize that none of this is going to happen. It is what absolutely SHOULD happen, but it will not. There are too many Communists and Globalists in the government who will continue to promote and enable the Muslim takeover of Western Europe any way they can. As a result, there will come a time when one of two things will happen in Europe. Either most European countries will become majority Muslim with Sharia as the dominant law and non-Muslim ethnics will be a persecuted and abused minority. OR…..Germans and other ethnic Europeans will eventually find their testicles and do what must be done. Unfortunately, by then it will necessarily entail clearing out Muslim enclaves with military force, with required tactics and results similar to the clearing of the Warsaw Ghetto, Grozny in Chechnya, or Fallujah in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions will die.

    At this point, one of these two scenarios is the future for Europe.

    • The invader populations will never be deported. Logistics alone prevent this from ever taking place, and there are enough leftists who will use elections, lawfare, protests, and disruptions or sabotage at airports to ensure that the invaders are not ever deported. Receiving locations refusing to allow aircraft to land or refuel if they violate refusal to land also demonstrate why repatriation is impossible.

      Instead, a multi-sided civil war or low-grade conflict between native germans, invaders and their supporters among the left, and government police and military forces trying to maintain law and order is the most likely outcome in my opinion. Anyone from the political realm trying too hard to side with the invaders will risk assassination and/or murder of their families as well depending on how nasty the conflict becomes and how hard government forces crack down on native german patriots. Ethnic cleansing and atrocities will likely be widespread and perpetrated by both sides precisely because there is nowhere for the invaders to go or avenues to flee Europe without the money to do so and locations willing to take them in.

      • The militaries of Europe already have plans drawn up to takeover governments in the event of civil war, they will side with their own over the 3rd worlders. Once they take over, there won’t be any deportations on a government dime, they will be shot on sight and if neighbors turn into another Fallujah, they will burn them out. The rest will run for their lives.

        • “The militaries of Europe already have plans drawn up to takeover governments in the event of civil war”

          Sadly, I think they will side with their paychecks, which come from Government.

          • The German military goes back over 300 years, and those old Prussian traditions never die nor go away, and they will soon rule again, the people will follow the military, those that oppose will be dealt with harshly. As for the 3rd worlders, even those with 3 generations in Germany(bloody turks) are going to find it quite horrifying to stay, they will leave either by suitcase or coffin. As for the politicians, they are now irrelevant and immaterial, they just don’t know it yet.

    • “First, virtually ALL immigration from the Third World, especially from any Middle Eastern and African countries that have a majority Muslim population must be stopped”

      Just yesterday I was at a Church meeting with South Asian Christians. Not sure if they were from Pakistan and Bangladesh, but it is quite possible. Are we denying entry to the most persecuted minorities in the World?

      If this is me, being aware of Europe’s islamization, imagine the ones that only know fallafel, and think hijra is a town is Jordan.

      This measure, although valid, needs a better scope.
      It has to be to exclude Muslims, plain and clear.
      Western Constitutions are in the way. I can say, based on my country, a Constitution change is impossible towards this scenario. Last General Election we were fortunate enough to avoid a situation in which the socialists and communists would have a big enough majority to draft a new Constitution between them.

      “After all undesirable immigration is halted in its tracks”

      You WAYCIST!!!

      “all mosques should be razed to the ground”

      In my country, the largest city’s local council took property from their lawful owners in order to build a mosque that the muslims were not even demanding.
      I would be happy if we were at a neutral point, let alone raise a single mosque.

      “Now I realize that none of this is going to happen”

      That is also my view.

      My take, being from one European country, living in another, a travelling around many, is not that the fight is lost, is that there is not going to be any fight.

      Sad as it might be, my goals now are to get good enough at my job so that I can get an immigration visa to the USA, do what it takes to get American Citizenship and, exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights, have those jihadis take my guns from my cold dead hands.

      If i can get to vote in a guy as good as Trump it will be a bonus.

      • There will be a fight, you can take it to the bank, especially when the 2 per centers come out to play, the rest, as they say will be history. But make no mistake, what is coming, only the most ruthless amongst will rule, these weak snowflakes are going to find out what true horror looks like. As for you running someplace else to save your own hide? There is no safe space any longer, the entire west is suffering the same sickness as Germany more or less, but the same result is coming, bloodshed, so arm up, it will be a wild ride that is coming.

  10. Spend some more money and send them all home. That will be your war, because they are not going anywhere. The same problem we have here in America.

  11. Not to sound arrogant but I called this on 9-30-15 and w/o reading the article I can tell you who will suffer the most casualties; white German civilians. If you can flee Europe the time is well past to do so, but please realize that it was Socialism which brought you to this pass, act accordingly. I have spoken.

    • I really hate to quibble over the casualty rate but, yes the Europeans will suffer in large number, but the 3rd worlders will all be dealt with without preamble once the shooting starts.

      • “the 3rd worlders will all be dealt with without preamble once the shooting starts”

        How? With which guns?

        In Europe the guns are in the hands of three groups: police, military and criminals.

        The first two are waiting for a Government check ate the end of the month. The only military in Europe I would have a little hope is the British Military, because they serve Queen and Country, not Government and Country. But even so, I’m not sure.

        Police will side with the military because, lets face it, most policeman have access to a handgun and can not face the military in any way.

        If Government doesn’t want to face the problem, and crime is very common in muslim communities in Europe, it’s easy to see who will win.

        • Ze, Weapons in the millions will soon be available from the former eastern block, and Russia and it’s former Republics. The Russians were especially keen to keep all those old WW2 weapons in bunkers all over the place, which once the fun begins, they will open the doors like a nice fire sale and Europe will be flooded with everything from a K98/mossin nagant to a small field howitzer with plenty of ammo, there is plenty of old cold war material just waiting to be exploited when the time comes. The added bonus will be the militaries will take over the various governments of Europe once things go south.

          • When has Russia played nice with her allies? After being physically invaded, Russia finally helped the U.S. & Britain & defeat Hitler’s Germany. One of America’s greatest war heroes – General Patton, who distrusted the Russians, believed Eisenhower wrongly prevented him closing the so-called Falaise Gap in the autumn of 1944. This allowed hundreds of thousands of German troops to escape to fight again. Patton distrusted the Russians for good reason!

            G…seriously… you really think Comrade Putin & his Ruskies are going to share their hidden WW2 & modern day arsenals with non-Russians? Non-Ukrainians? Putin with his troops currently in Syria is patiently waiting to pounce on Israel and capture its natural oil & gas reserves. Putin would let Rome, London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, and other major European cities burn so their militaries can’t stop his future land grabs.

          • Ze, Yes, the Russians and former republics will open the doors to their old armories, for the Russians remember the Islamic invasions like they were yesterday, and they never forgive and never forget, hence, any chance to stick it to these former democratic countries of Europe and the muslims is a double plus for the Russians. As for Russia invading Israel, not going to happen, they are happy to sell arms to the bloody arabs to their little jihadist hearts content all the way to the bank, for they don’t care one bloody bit how many arabs die in the process, as long as they continue to buy arms from them.

  12. They could be deported. Like Israel has done, drive a deal with an African country to accept/detain/deportees. Give deportees a choice: ticket home (wherever that is) or trip to said African country, from which they can find their own way home. (The fact that this has not been implemented by Germany et al is a pretty clear indication that this migration/invasion is wanted by those in power.)

    Build defenses along the European borders. When this mess first caught my attention, in Sept 2015 when Merkel opened the border, a German journalist interviewed a smuggler and asked him what would stop the ‘refugees’ coming. His answer? “If you shoot 300 of them at the border, that would do it.”

  13. Take control of your government and cut off all benefits and services gas water electricity for non Europeans. When the [excrement impacts the circulation device] give them a choice of stay with nothing and no employment or repatriate to the stolen lands. It now a war and in times of war their is no Law. Just see the US and USSR soldiers raped and pillage those Germans at the end of the war. Seek out the source of your problem and be brutal to your enemy.

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