Of Brainwashing and Bathwater

MC weighs in on all the latest trendy socialist initiatives that plague the 21st-century body politic in the West.

Of Brainwashing and Bathwater

by MC

The idea of child abuse is defined by a Christian doctrine based upon the words of Yahushua (Jesus), “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” It goes on to explain that those who meddle with these children of the kingdom will suffer a fate so bad that they should drown themselves.

It is quite graphic and it is inbuilt into the Christian culture.

So, if we step outside the Christian culture we need to beware, for many a baby is thrown out when we vote for either Islam or humanism.

In the period following the Russian revolution in 1917 we have some graphic accounts of child abuse. Maxim Gorky (or maybe Orlando Figes quoting Gorky) describes starving little girls lifting up their skirts and exposing themselves in the hope of attracting the attention of someone who could give them a crust of bread in return for favours. These children were just the useless human rubble left in the street after the purging of the class enemy. They were “useless eaters”, as Adolf called them in his identical revolution two decades later.

The various socialist revolutions discarded (or worse) many children, for Karl Marx wrote no scriptures specifically about protecting children.

I have never understood Ali Bakr (the first Caliph after the prophet) giving his six year old daughter to a man he must have known to be a sexual predator, but then there is no protection for children in Islam either.

When we step away from Judeo-Christianity we leave behind some very profound doctrines.

The French revolution started as a revolt against the abuses of the Aristocracy and Church leaders who had abandoned their calling at the behest of those same Aristos, for they believed that the ten commandments no longer applied to those of the ‘important’ bloodlines; they were only for the peasants.

In the power vacuum that followed the storming of the Bastille, a series of new political religions based upon humanism and the goddess of reason took hold, so the tumbrels rumbled, the drums rolled — as did the heads of the many of the innocent — and children starved.

The Ten Commandments and other Judeo-Christian principles establish a framework that has worked and has produced a working environment which, although not perfect, has created a peak of civilization, and it is only in a civilized state that child abuse can even be defined.

But socialists, of course, think they can do better, and that by demolishing the house built on rock, they can replace it with something more fair and more equal but built on the sands of toleration and moral relativity. And that this time it will not fail like on every other occasion man has experimented with self-godship.

What they cannot seem to understand is that it was Judeo-Christianity that was the real healing and beneficial revolution, and that it is their new socialism that is the same old, same old cruelty and abuse.

The Old Testament sentences those of the community who have a same-sex relationship to death, but note that also it is the same for adulterers and fornicators, and for this ‘evil’ it is condemned by most people. But wait up — those who condemn the Jewish scriptures are forgetting something: those who live(d) in an Old Testament society do so by choice; Torah defined the rules of a society as chosen by Yah. This is a society of men women and children who have made a free will choice to keep His Commandments, so they still had a choice.

He gave them a land, and a way of celebrating that land. A person who did not want to comply with that Creation, that land, and its culture was free to leave it and to search for a more accommodating place.

The USA is a land that has been blessed, and in the past it has been an agent of civilization, a pillar of good in an evil world. Not all of its actions were well executed, but the sense of morality behind them was, on the whole, beyond reproach.

In 1933, Europe abandoned the Judeo-Christian gold standard; at the international conference on the Great Depression, and for the first time, Yah’s blessing was not invoked because it might offend some of the participants. The conference ended in failure, and within six years Europe was at war, and millions were dying.

At the root of the wars of the twentieth century was the idea that the current culture needed to be changed to a more socialist version where ‘socialism’ is a sort of gift-wrapped feudalism. This began with Otto Von Bismarck creating a better working environment for German workers, at a cost. A few years later, Bethmann-Hollweg could only look on as Czarist Russia achieved a growth rate far in excess of what post-Bismarckian Germany could reasonably achieve.

So when Austria proposed the annexation by force of Serbia, Bethmann-Hollweg, then Chancellor, could see the opportunity to pare down this Russian threat. He took it, and millions died as a result.

Socialism is expensive, and requires the enslavement of peoples to achieve its objective, which is the empowerment of an elite group: party members, intellectuals and prominent families, to name but a few. So does one enslave one’s own, or does one invade and enslave foreign countries and their peoples?

And so to the more modern crunch: democracy requires that we separate church and state, because ‘church’ has a very, very bad reputation when it gets absolute power.

But in these days where ‘Christianity’ is considered to be just the baby’s bathwater ready to be disposed of, what of the separation between mosque and state?

Worse still: what happens when a political party becomes ‘religious’ in nature? Can we separate the socialist religion and state?

What about a ‘green new deal’ — an unproven speculation that man does not live by technology alone, but by every word that falls from the mouth of a green high priestess?

To starve millions of people to death — is that a new thing? Ask Joseph Stalin; he did it in the Ukraine more than 80 years ago, and The New York Times applauded it (and has not really moved on), courtesy of Walter Duranty. Déjà vu, or the insanity of the expectation of hope and change; repeat the exercise and hope for a different result — no, let’s kill off the useless eaters and let the world go back to ‘nature’ and to a ruling elite of political goddesses.

Hero invented the steam turbine thousands of years ago, but it was a useless device at the time; slaves did the work and the elites still lived in luxury. The Green New Deal is just another slaver’s charter.

Thus are the people brainwashed and the constitution challenged. A religious entity snuck in the back door, in disguise, and nobody noticed because they were so obsessed with ‘church and state’ that they failed to see the real and present danger from ‘religion and state’ or from ‘mosque and state’ or ‘diversity and state’, and most of all from ‘socialism and state’.

However, the fox is in the henhouse now, so what do we do? Ban foxhunting? Ban shotguns? Or go to the shops to buy more pickled eggs…

For a season we enjoyed the freedoms of democracy, but whilst we assiduously slammed the door on ‘church’, other, even more rabid religions burrowed unimpeded under the wire, or over the wall and through the roof. So now we are caught flapping.

We threw out the discredited bathwater of morality and let the all too delicate baby of civilization slip down the drain with it.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

21 thoughts on “Of Brainwashing and Bathwater

  1. …’In the power vacuum that followed the storming of the Bastille, a series of new political religions based upon humanism and the goddess of reason took hold “…
    Have a courage to name it !!
    We all know they where bloody Mason ,secret societies ,known “ethnic” diaspora and other criminal weirdos ,hating Christianity and moral,ethical orders coming from it..
    same as nowadays.. Nothing change since..
    Brainwashed, ignorant ,living in self-delusion of own “freedom” and “human rights” lead like in the past by masters,to commit in mass an act of cultural,national,ethnic and white race suicide..Spectacular and unprecedented…
    2 years ago French chose to be “govern ” by small scale ,servant boy ,appointed by Rothschild’s Macron..
    Everyone with logical mind beside them ,know who hi is and whom hi represent…Disregarding that knowledge they chose him (Them) as theirs “president’..
    now there is a massive outcry. for foul play.. sickening..

    • You’re looking in the wrong direction for your conspiracy theories, boyo.

      No, this is NOT unprecedented. It’s about the Islamic cultural creep that crawls over the West. Why do you suppose our blog is called Gates of Vienna and not “Beware the Jewish Threat”??

      Jews represent .02% of the world’s population but of course, they are all evil geniuses who control everything, right? Jews are again being forced out of Europe, but it’s their fault??

      Refrain from further anti-semitic comments or they won’t be posted.

  2. Question for the author..
    You introduce yourself as a Jew living in Israel…who give you a right to speak on behalf of Cristian people,Christian Church and moral,ethical,cultural order coming from it ?
    Christianity is NOT a Judaism in any sens !!.
    As a Catholic Polish i resent your view imposed on me and other Christian.

    • Why the hostility? It is common for Christians and Jews to speak of one another’s respective faiths without having to ask for permission. Your statement, Christianity is NOT [a] Judaism in any sens[e], is prima facie incorrect.

      1. For the first sixty years or so, those converting to the Christian faith had to become Jews first. After the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, that changed.
      2. The Ten Commandments, which all Christian children have to memorize, is the basis of Mosaic Law and also one of the foundational documents of Western law.
      3. Many of the major feast days in the Church have their beginnings in Jewish feasts – e.g., Pentecost.
      4. Christianity is a synthesis of Jewish morality, Greek philosophy, and Roman law.

      As a self-proclaimed “resentful Polish Catholic” you have proved the concern many have about anti-semitism among Poles. Pope John Paul would not be happy with your hostile remark.

      Do you have the same problem with the aspects of Catholicism which derive from the Romans and Greeks?

    • As a Christian I think MC has the right to speak on behalf of Cristian people,Christian Church and moral,ethical,cultural order coming from it because he has a deep respect for Christianity. He knows New Testament scripture better than many Christians. So far, he has not said anything that is not well founded on New Testament scripture.

      A decent Jew is a great blessing in this world, Old and New Testament teach this.

      This is good enough for me.

  3. Indeed. It’s a little disturbing that Judeo-Christian doctrines are faring better in Sderot than they are in many European capitals, as a side note.

    • Little children can walk to school unaccompanied and without fear of interference in Sderot (but they do know where the bomb shelters are from a very early age.)

      This is much how England was in my childhood in the 1950’s.

      • Re: 1950s, I imagine that you mean the walking to school, not the bomb shelters :-).

        I’ve noticed young children on their own a lot in Israel, including in the larger cities. It’s quite charming, actually.

        The other thing I noticed is women going about alone on foot at all hours, and not seeming the slightest concerned to share street space with males such as myself who are busy minding their own business. Here in Canada, I notice females have a generally much higher level of tension in the same circumstances. In Israel, about as much attention was paid to me as to a stray cat (which are all over the place). It was nice to be fear-inducing.

        The thing is, if something happens, Israelis seem to run TOWARDS the problem, to help sort it out, instead of AWAY from it. This can even be seen in gruesome terrorist attacks. It must be one of the best places for bystander intervention, generally.

        • Your response brought to mind my experience as a newly married young woman. We were on a Marine Corps base and I walked all over the place by myself and with my husband. My brother, an Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne came to see us and was stunned by this. He said that on an Army base women were prey.

          Of course, I told him he shoulda joined the Corps 😉

        • Both! as young boys we were forbidden to explore the many bomb shelters and bomb sites, (at the top of Hayling Avenue in Portsmouth the bombed out wreck of St. Cuthbert’s church sort of defined my childhood) but had been abandoned for 10 years or so.

          But, because they were forbidden, they were also enticing

          Israeli soldiers were severely criticized a few years ago, for not raping ‘Palestinian’ women when they had the opportunity, the thesis written, by a woman, accused the soldiers of racism, because, after all, all soldiers are equally
          animal so the only reason could be racism….


          It could not possibly be that in Israeli society Torah is revered and not automatically trashed as irrelevant could it?

  4. I’m not sure that those who live(d) in an Old Testament society did/do so entirely by choice. To quote AJ Cronin’s novel, “The Keys of the Kingdom”, most people’s faith is inherited; living in a post-Enlightenment culture, we have more freedom of choice, I believe, than most Old Testament Jews, and perhaps living ultra-Orthodox ones, and definitely more than muslims.

    • Or, as C.S. Lewis more aptly put it: “we’re all inoculated with such a mild version of Christianity that we’re immune to the real thing”.

      Yes, religious faith is ‘inherited’ but each generation must claim it anew or let it go…as the evangelicals like to say, “God ain’t got no grandchildren”.

      • Lewis was perceptive, but he was raised in the Church of Ireland, the local version of Anglicanism, which is indeed “mild”, but therefore not likely to encourage its followers to kill anyone, which is no bad thing.

        The ultra-Orthodox Jews (I believe) are descended from those who rejected the European Enlightenment- hence the silly costumes, misogyny, and the intolerance (especially in Israel) of secular Jews and other faiths; unlike those who embraced the change to a more secular view of Judaism, eg Moses Mendelssohn (grandfather of the composer) and, I daresay, the many left-wing (and sometimes anti-Israel) secular Jews we see today. Seems like a microcosm of our broader Judeo-Christian culture…

        • he was raised in the Church of Ireland, the local version of Anglicanism, which is indeed “mild”, but therefore not likely to encourage its followers to kill anyone

          Mark, I recommend a tutorial on the history of England’s truly horrific treatment of the sub-human Irish. The Church of Ireland wasn’t one whit better.

          Such treatment of people – including the thousands of English urchins sent to The Antipodes for crimes like stealing bread – is slowly swinging back, turning on the UK in a huge karmic arc. A moral boomerang, coming back in slow motion. And to prove they have learned nothing one has only to examine the treatment of Tommy Robinson…or the insanity of what passes for immigration “policy”.


    • No, you are right, I don’t, and for a good reason, I am not at all interested in Christian sectarianisms, I look at the New Testament as an extension of the Old Testamant, and written by Jews for Jews, whereas most of Chriatianity takes the Paulian view as expressed in Galatians that the ‘law’ has been discarded.

      Each person has a personal choice, “If you love me, keep my Commandments” and those who abuse children are not keeping those commandments whether they be RC priests or Jewish Rabbis.

      What the specific RC religious authorities choose to condone or not is no part of this essay and not really part of the focus of this website, what is important to a society based upon ancient Jewish and Christiam writings is that Islam totally rejects those same writings and seeks to replace them with its own, and are thus incompatible with the civilized western societies that have grown up around those ancient writings.

  6. Please refrain from using ALL CAPS in the comments. It denotes screaming and is considered rude. I let this one pass, hoping you didn’t know that.

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