The Pollution of the Lavabos in Notre-Dame de Paris

The following article is poignant in light of what happened today at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.*

Daniel Hamiche is a French Catholic journalist and writer. In a brief post from 2018 he quotes Le Parisien in his discussion about the deliberate contamination of holy water in the stoups (a stoup is a basin or font of holy water that worshippers dip their fingers in, commonly known as a lavabo by American Catholics):

Stoups of the Notre-Dame cathedral polluted

By Daniel Hamiche
August 12, 2018

I prefer to use the word ‘pollution’ rather than ‘poisoning’, which was even put in the quotation marks by Le Parisien. It is rather common that imbeciles or villains pollute the stoups in churches — in my own parish one Sunday, a couple of years ago, I had to clean a stoup whose sacred water was dyed red…

An act of vandalism? Of malice? Vengeance of a pagan? Bad schoolboy joke? The mystery is still there… This Saturday morning, a team of police from the police station of the 4th arrondissement [of Paris] arrived at the île de la Cité, at Notre-Dame de Paris, after mass. To investigate. On Friday [August 10th] Catholic tourists, who came to gather together at Notre-Dame [the verb “to gather” here has the connotation of “worshipping”, or praying together since it is also used for going together to someone’s grave to pay respect, or meditate], were allegedly poisoned by… holy water! “They complained about burning around their faces after crossing themselves with the water from the stoups, at the entrance of the church, according to the police source. They also suffered from headaches. A Church representative, worried, went to the police station of the 4th arrondissement, responsible for the area [where Notre-Dame is located], in order to report the events. To elucidate the facts. To protect his flock. […] In the alleys, a priest, in his alb confirms the incident: “It was above all very smelly, the water.” And, while looking towards the sky: “What can you do! It’s unfortunately an evil act. They want to poison the world!” […] Finally, after an investigation, the fine bloodhounds from the police station of the 4th arrondissement concluded the absence of danger. No complaint was filed, and no official investigation was opened. In Notre-Dame, it was decided, per security measures, to empty the water from the stoups and to bleach them! The stone basins have been completely cleaned and filled with fresh water.

*   Yes, I know the fire was reportedly set deliberately at two separate locations, and I know that President Macron had mandated that 50% of the renovation workers at the cathedral be culture-enrichers. There may be articles in tonight’s news feed about it; I’m not sure.

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  1. Two things are now perfectly clear:

    1.) What it is that awaits the West with Islam.

    2.) What it is that awaits Islam.

    In other breaking news, the global war against terrorism is over.

    A new phase of Total War has been declared by Islam and the fat lady’s done singing. All that awaits is for the hydrogen-fueled Zamboni of Doom to groom these pesky sand traps and install a Pax Occidentalis. Strictement pour encouragé les autres, n’est ce pas?

    • Truly sharp assessment of the reality as it stands now … I have found myself becoming more and more [annoyed] by the actions of the Cult – I just can’t take it any longer.

      Yup – it’s time for the Dar al Harb to get angry and counter the endless flow of crimes against humanity coming from the world of “peace”.

      Lock and load. We in Texas are known to be good at it.

  2. NOTRA-DAME: The investigation had not even begun when this statement was issued!!!

    ”The Paris prosecutors’ office says investigators are treating the blaze that destroyed part of Notre Dame as an accident for now.
    The prosecutors’ office said late Monday they have ruled out arson in Monday’s fire, including possible terror-related motives for starting the blaze.
    Prosecutors say Paris police will conduct an investigation** into “involuntary destruction caused by fire.” From Breitbart

    However, verified reports show that in France 80% of the desecration of places of worship is to Christian Churches. In 2018 this meant the profanation of an average of two Christian Churches per day. That is over 600 per year and I do wonder who could be responsible.

    Note that a 41-year-old Pakistani migrant will face trial after vandalising the Saint-Denis Basilica, the home of the tombs of many French Kings including Charles Martel.

    “The Pakistani origin male, who had arrived in France only two months ago, will stand trial in Bobigny next month, accused of causing serious damage to the main organ of the basilica as well as smashing stained glass windows in an apparent attack that took place in March. From Le Parisien.

    Other sources yet to be verified claim that the fire was reportedly set deliberately at two separate locations, and that President Macron had mandated that 50% of the renovation workers at the cathedral be culture-enrichers.

    The French Plod and Security Services need to thoroughly vet every member of the work force involved in the restoration, and in the process track down any who have suddenly gone missing, but whether the truth will ever come out officially is questionable so all we can hope for is that ‘leakers’ who care more for their culture and country than the do for political correctness, the EU and globalism speak out – some will know the truth.

    ** The first questions that should be asked/answered are, “What time did the Restorers leave the worksite and what time did the fire ignite?”

  3. It’s interesting that you got the news about the fire being set in two locations. Fox did not publish that news; nor anything about the proportion of immigrant labor to be used to rebuild the cathedral. I think without Tucker Carlson, Fox would just be another establishment Republican news site.

    It was mentioned that even at this early stage, the French police were investigating the fire as an accident, and ruled out arson. That’s nuts. A fire by its nature destroys clues, and real investigations have to take time, unless the arsonist is stupid enough to just slosh gasoline around the place.

    By any objective standards, involving any building, not just the Notre -Dame, the investigation would have to take much longer to conclude anything at all.

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