Jesuit monk from Egypt: “The numbers do not lie; Europe will be Islamized”

Henri Boulad is an Egyptian-born Jesuit monk who was recently granted Hungarian citizenship. The following interview with Fr. Boulad was conducted in English by a Hungarian TV outlet, and then broadcast with a voice-over in Hungarian.

Many thanks to CrossWare for putting the interview back into English, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Welcome. Today we are talking with the Jesuit monk Henri Boulad,
00:08   on the occasion of his gaining Hungarian citizenship.
00:12   We are very happy to welcome you to the ranks of Hungarian citizens.
00:16   I am very happy too. You were born in Alexandria, Egypt;
00:20   your father was Syrian and your mother Italian.
00:24   No, my grandmother was Italian. Oh, yes, sorry; your grandmother.
00:28   You were living in Egypt — why did you requested the Hungarian citizenship?
00:32   Why did you think this important? This was a lucky chance.
00:36   The deputy of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Zsolt Semjén,
00:40   visited Alexandria and he asked me the question: how could he help?
00:44   I suggested: “With Hungarian citizenship.” He said,
00:48   “It’s taken care of.” My underlying idea behind this was: this is the way
00:52   that I can flow into the European politics in the future.
00:56   You could have applied to the French for citizenship, why the Hungarians?
01:00   The French refused me twice,
01:04   at the highest level.
01:08   My papers were perfectly prepared, and the French Immigration Office said
01:12   the papers were very impressive and they were fairly certain I would be granted citizenship,
01:16   but despite all that it did not came through in the highest level.
01:20   Then I tried a second time with the Élysée Palace, but I was refused again.
01:24   At that moment I understood, either the fault is with me or with them.
01:28   I accepted that France did not want me, with my cultural background.
01:32   But Hungary wants me, and I believe in Mr Orbán’s
01:36   politics. And Europe shatter slowly, if it doesn’t rethink itself.
01:40   If it does not restart its thinking and restore itself.
01:44   They must move again, because otherwise there will be a catastrophe in the end.
01:48   And the cause of that is liberalism, left-wing liberalism.
01:56   Earlier you criticized the modern form of cosmopolitanism,
02:00   and compared it with the world citizenship of Jesus.
02:04   What do you think, are modern cosmopolitans walking the path of Jesus,
02:08   or just the opposite?
02:12   Because the cosmopolitanism of Jesus was personal one,
02:16   his goal was to bring the people closer and unify them
02:20   in their difference. Do they contradict each other,
02:24   cosmopolitanism and the path of Jesus?
02:28   Jesus wants us to become one, brothers and sisters
02:32   in one body, as we say in the mystical body of Jesus. I state
02:36   this is globalism, but globalism in a spiritual sense.
02:40   This is a personal globalism, which respects all individuals,
02:44   all communities, all cultures, all associations and above all
02:48   human freedom. This is the word of the gospel.
02:52   But the present globalism tries to manipulate. First and foremost,
02:56   European countries in the interests of international capital groups.
03:00   I only mentioned them as “secret heads”,
03:04   those are pulling the strings in politics.
03:08   Very politely, but you criticized the Church,
03:12   because they do not resist political correctness,
03:16   the expected PC speech. Did you have in mind,
03:20   did you get any direction from the church about the
03:24   inflow of Muslim migrants
03:28   moving into Europe? One of the verses of
03:32   Psalm 85 is about the meeting of
03:36   love and truth
03:40   how love and truth are kissing each other.
03:44   If you have truth without love, it does not work,
03:48   because it is painful. Love without truth is not realistic, because that is just
03:52   wishful thinking. So the truth and love
03:56   must come together. Now the church
04:00   and those who live by those psalms are sacrificing faith.
04:04   We try to create a dialogue,
04:08   we try to please others, but this is all
04:12   the sale of faith and hiding of faith for truth.
04:16   So do you think political
04:20   correctness is false, and it is wrong? —Of course.
04:24   Political correctness is false,
04:28   the first person who fought against it was Jesus,
04:32   but the Church is politically correct, and with that it lost its goals.
04:36   It no longer proclaims the truth, not only the
04:40   truth of the psalms, but the TRUTH itself. The dialog between religions
04:44   that started fifteen years ago is a total slip-up,
04:48   a wrong path, but the Church does not want to recognize this,
04:52   it is unconscious, they flatter each other, say beautiful words to each other,
04:56   they drink coffee together… I have no problem with having coffee with others,
05:00   but we must say the words as they are; we do not have to please others.
05:04   On the other hand, the dialog between religions is not improving.
05:08   There is no evolution in it, because we are afraid to call the really hard
05:12   things by their names. We must face reality.
05:16   …One of the burning questions
05:20   is the present situation of European Christianity.
05:24   The churches are full of old people.
05:28   So what do you think,
05:32   is it a realistic danger, that Christianity will disappear from Europe?
05:36   In thirty years Europe will be Muslim.
05:40   Thirty years, that is the maximum. It is simple mathematics.
05:44   But this is only mathematics. Yes,
05:48   plus immigration, open and unlimited
05:52   immigration, which is also supported by the Pope.
05:56   There is an invasion occurring in Europe; the continent is under attack.
06:00   Migration is getting stronger and increasing; the European fertility is
06:04   only one third of that of the migrants. A European couple has one or two children, while
06:08   they have six or ten or more.
06:12   The numbers do not lie; Europe will be Islamized.
06:16   And there is the question of conversion, too.
06:20   More and more European converts to Islam, because they do not get answers and
06:24   they do not find a faith in the Church. And then Christianity will collapse in Europe.
06:28   The ones to blame for this will be the Europeans. They do
06:32   everything, but really, everything
06:36   to replace Christianity with Islam. You say that
06:40   Christianity is too abstract?
06:44   Does not give answers to burning questions such as,
06:48   for example: abortion, celibacy,
06:52   or divorce, remarriage and gender problems?
06:56   Do you think Christianity should be sharper?
07:00   You mention moral and ethical
07:04   questions. These questions must be asked,
07:08   but in an alternate way from the usual.
07:12   Not about the voice of acceptance; for openers, we have to talk about abortion;
07:16   the language of faith is incomprehensible for the Christians of today.
07:20   We have to talk about what is faith, the holy Trinity, what is God,
07:24   what is salvation, resurrection.
07:28   We talk about these with such words that nobody can understand anymore.
07:32   The purpose of religious education and Sunday sermons is
07:36   to bring the meaning of faith into everyday life. But today’s faith
07:40   does not bring any meaning into people’s lives. They are bored with the teachings,
07:44   the words of the priests. And the Church does not want to think about
07:48   its own thinking. They do not want to re-think it.
07:52   While we are on this topic, how do you think we can
07:56   make the Church more attractive to people?
08:00   Jesus is not about attractiveness; this is not about attractiveness
08:04   He himself was not attractive. Attractiveness means we fall into the media and commercial trap.
08:08   But we are now in the media and we talking on a television channel.
08:12   So is it important? —I do not try to please people;
08:16   I hate pleasing people.
08:20   I just tell the truth, and if that pleases someone,
08:24   it’s OK, it is all right by me, but I will not
08:28   try to please you or anybody else.
08:32   But the issue is that the Church is incapable of rethinking the way it should pass the message.
08:36   In 2007 I drew up these issues and problems, too,
08:40   in a letter I sent to Pope Benedict; the letter can be found in the Internet.
08:44   In that letter, I wrote that the Church must be reformed on three different sides.
08:48   In theological content, the work of the clergy and priests, and in spiritual meaning.
08:52   The theological reform must be about
08:56   how to put faith into words and how to hand it over.
09:00   Today that is simply horrid. An example here is the story of Creation.
09:04   There is Evolution and not Creation; God has no place in phylogenesis.
09:08   About the incarnation, we say Jesus came from Heaven.
09:12   Who would understand that? What is incarnation or Heaven?
09:16   Nobody could understand how it happened, why salvation
09:20   happened. We say he gave his blood for us. Who would understand that?
09:24   Or what is Original Sin? Nobody believes in Original Sin.
09:28   The Church is incapable of phrasing the meaning of Original Sin.
09:32   Two days ago I participated in a discussion, which was about
09:36   the new meaning of salvation. How it will be
09:40   meaningful to people. But do you see
09:44   a godly sign, something that will save the Europeans?
09:48   Do you see the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is
09:52   blowing out of the Church now.
09:56   I am sorry that I have to say this, but the Holy Spirit is leaving the Church.
10:00   In the past 400-500 years the voices they called heretic prepared the path
10:04   to the Second Vatican Synod, the results of which are indisputable.
10:08   It opened the windows and the voices escaped from the Church,
10:12   So the Second Vatican Synod was a blessing,
10:16   but it should have happened 200-300 years ago.
10:20   Well, it seems like it came too late; let me give an example:
10:24   this is like swallowing, you can’t stuff a week’s worth of food into yourself in twenty minutes,
10:28   because we would die. The Synod was not bad, just the opposite,
10:32   but came too late and too sudden too. Suddenly
10:36   it was there and it confused people and disturbed them.
10:40   Ok, let’s talk a little bit about
10:44   Islam and migration. Previously you warned
10:48   the Europeans not to believe Western professors;
10:52   the true nature of Islam is different, and they should ask Middle Eastern Christians about it.
10:56   With this you tried to say, that Islam is worse than what we think about it,
11:00   in the Middle-East? You have only
11:04   seen the beautiful side of Islam.
11:08   But there are two Islams, the Medinan and Meccan.
11:12   From the very beginning Islam chose the
11:16   values of the Medinan side.
11:20   Western thinkers, experts, are trying to convince themselves that up through
11:24   today the Meccan values are still the ones that prevail. The openness, tolerance,
11:28   Freedom. But my opinion is that this is just wishful thinking,
11:32   because the Muslims refuse these values,
11:36   and every reformer who tried to reverse this process failed.
11:40   They were swept away when they wanted to return to the roots of Islam.
11:44   Tolerance, love and peace: these were refused
11:48   by the highest Islamic religious authorities,
11:52   and they train the religious teachers, imams, and send them by the thousands all over the world,
11:56   and those are the ones who refuse the Meccan path.
12:00   Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Egypt, asked them numerous times
12:04   to change their teachings, but they refused him, because this is the tradition.
12:08   The nature of Islam is always dualistic. Always radical,
12:12   and always political. Christianity is also radical, but not political.
12:16   So when we see that Islam is radical and political,
12:20   then it showed us its real colors.
12:24   Western researchers of Islam do not want to understand this,
12:28   but the Eastern Christians gave their blood.
12:32   You mentioned blood. 90,000 Christians
12:36   were murdered — every six minutes —
12:40   most of them by fundamentalist Muslims, why they doing this?
12:44   Why are they killing Christians? Does that divide or unite the Muslims?
12:48   School textbooks in Egypt describe
12:52   how to kill Christians,
12:56   how to massacre them — do not be surprised — that is in their textbooks.
13:00   Muslims nowadays — Hamed Abdel-Samad published a book in Germany —
13:04   which examines the connection of fascism to Islamism.
13:08   It is not I who gives warnings, but those Muslims
13:12   who lost their destiny and become Christians or agnostics [apostates].
13:16   They are the ones shouting: “Do not live in a dream world.”
13:20   This is the true nature of Islam. This is not said by me, Boulad.
13:24   I can produce hundreds of news sources like this from ex-Muslims.
13:28   They themselves warn us about Islam, but the West
13:32   do not want to understand, they are just repeating that they are on the right path.
13:36   That is why they do not believe me. I do not mind, but Europe is about to
13:40   fall apart, Europe is finished, because
13:44   they are so convinced about liberalism, socialism. Liberal discourse
13:48   became mainstream in their thinking, but this is suicide.
13:52   In political and sociological terms they are committing suicide,
13:56   and they do not want to hear the warnings.
14:00   They do not want to be scared. This is dramatic.
14:04   At least I would like to ask you, please
14:08   send a message to Hungarians, how should we behave
14:12   about Muslims, what we should we do
14:16   about immigration? Open-door immigration
14:20   is wrong, because Sweden has done it and now
14:24   they are dying, Sweden is finished.
14:28   Sweden is dying and
14:32   already dead. Germany is the same;
14:36   France is in halfway. So
14:40   I think Hungary should follow Viktor Orbán’s politics.
14:44   One might imagine that a couple of thousand Muslims could settle here, but only
14:48   if they are want to and are capable of integrating. If not, get out.
14:52   The example of Australia is the correct one.
14:56   They welcome everyone, but if you do not integrate, learn the language,
15:00   culture, you do not want to live with us,
15:04   just like the Portuguese, Spanish and Polish who can fit in, in a single generation,
15:08   and integrate perfectly, then they must go. Hungary is
15:12   a small country, but forming alliances with other countries must begin
15:16   to form a new Europe, to save their identity
15:20   and traditions. Europe will die out, but it is your task to save
15:24   their souls, because they sink like a boat with only twenty seats;
15:28   when a hundred want to get in,
15:32   all will die. I think the quotas are only the expression of
15:36   leftist liberal ideology. Political correctness stops
15:40   listening to anybody else who might have a different opinion.
15:44   But this is not right. You have the right — only the people have rights —
15:48   so Europe would be able to save itself,
15:52   but we are running out of time; it is almost too late already.
15:56   Wake up, open your eyes. Wake up.
16:00   Wake up. Open your eyes. See what is happening.

38 thoughts on “Jesuit monk from Egypt: “The numbers do not lie; Europe will be Islamized”

  1. A Jesuit priest nails it. And so many Americans who don’t personally know even ONE Jesuit will knee-jerk in reaction, running away from the eeevil Jesuits who “seekritly run everything”…yawn.

    You could take almost any statement of his about the current situation in the world and build a creditable essay.

    This man is a jewel; I hope Hungarian Christians will keep him safe.

  2. Yes, the real killing stealth of islam is when it gains new converts.

    Many are ok to be “dhimmi” but when it becomes a bit more difficult, then it so easy to complete the ‘flip’ and become muslim, whether it is just in name.
    Job opportunities, job security, career prospects, promotion, will be enhanced, and the price will appear to be low.

    That opens up the window into the family, and sets up the insidiousness into the next generation.

    Osama bin Laden said; “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally want to side with the strong horse. When people of the world look upon the confusion and atheism of the West, they see that Islam is the strong horse.”
    An interesting range of quotes there and so apt right now ! !

    Know your enemy, know your self, so that you know why you disagree, and then you can figure how far you will go in disagreement.

  3. As an American who lived for years in Europe back in the 1990s, I am dismayed at Western Europe. I guess they will not wake up till fundamental islamics out number them in a small country like the Netherlands. Then I suspect we’ll see enough votes to throw out their old constitution, introduce sharia law, forbid any other religion, and awllow European women to only marry muslims. Then maybe when the first public beheading is televised things will wake up. NO, they’ll just sit around asking, ‘What happened? How did this occur?”

    • I am absolutely convinced that the Islamisation of Europe is inevitable. Once that happens, the Islamic conquest of the rest of the world will be unstoppable by any means short of nuclear weapons.

      • Nukes are useless if there are no leaders who pack the gear to use them.

        Anyway, I don’t see it getting to that point. Someone, either us or them, will unleash some uncurable biological weapon that will knock the survivors (if there are any) back to the Stone Age. And backwardness favors the Muhammedan far more than it does the Westerner.

        • The current crisis of Europe shows that spirit is more important than material strength. Europe may have better weapons, better technologies, a higher level of economic development and education, but it has lost its spiritual strength. So it has no chance against ruthless and confident predators who lack all these advantages.

          • Not necessarily.

            Sadly, while I can agree with your sentiments, I cannot let out a call for mass death visited upon a sovereign nation. This is well beyond the boundaries of our commenting guidelines.

            You can always wish them ill-will, should you so desire. That would no doubt get past the gargoyle at Vienna’s gate…

      • I oppose, because your line of thought only involves Western Europe, completely ignoring the Central and Eastern part. And both, America as much as Russia, would be well advised to support those parts in order to protect themselves for the future (well Russia will most likely do it anyway, since it’s more closer to home, while America might stay ignorant for a while, just like during WWII). It won’t be pretty, but there’s no way Europe’s gonna fall as long as there are Slavs, Hungarians and Romanians around.

        • Russia is not exactly Europe. Neither is it Asia. It is something like a separate continent. Maybe this is why Russian culture resists political correctness and multiculturalism better.

          Eastern Europe is also better at resisting the evils of multiculturalism than the Western half of the continent.

      • However, before the fait accompli comes the endless bloody war and mayhem. I imagine some major city will get nuked soon.

  4. I had to replay this video as I could not believe what I was hearing from the mouth of a Jesuit priest. My God, this really should be shown to each and every person of authority in Europe – starting with Merkel. I’d like to see her and the other treacherous politicians of Europe accuse him of being a nazi or racist.

    • I was astonished too! He is not only very clear in political issues, his criticism against the Catholic church and the Pope also pretty great!

    • Every word is correct.
      Europe wake up and resist the danger at your doorstep.
      I am so fortunate that father Boulad was my teacher at school.

  5. The church does give answers to the “burning questions” . The problem is, Europeans do not like them. They are a decadent and godless society. I guess they will have to like islam better than their ‘own’ benign religion. Especially considering the choices their poor children and grandchildren will have.

    • They may like Islam better than Christianity because Islam is more primitive, more materialistic, more sensual, more earhtly, in a word. Of course, it is more seducing for modern Westerners who have grown too weak for the rigorous spiritual self-discipline of real Christianity and too short-sighted to contemplate the spiritual heights opened for them by the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Our modern civilisation with its emphasis on comfort, convenience and ‘having fun’ has done a lot to turn us into spoilt, silly, weak and spirtually blind middle-aged children.

      • Islam is way more rigorous and unforgiving than christianity, you are telling yourself Christ is hard because you want to make sense out of everything that has happened, with Islam over-taking the religion of jesus as the world’s most powerful religion. But I maintain that islam is many times more rigorous in it’s doctrine than that of the churches, beheading for apostates is one example of this. It does not make sense why people would throw off the yoke of God for the yoke of the Devil but that is what happened. I think it is just a cycle, cultures rise and fall, everything is not always going to get better.

  6. How telling that the French twice refused citizenship to this elderly priest. If he had been an imam . . . . . . . .

    • Indeed! France is interesting–and maddening. We’ll see in a couple of weeks if they are starting to wake up, or if they will take the path chosen by the cowardly, masochistic Dutch.

  7. Unfortunately Fr Boulad’s reference to Australian practice is incorrect, they are never deported.

    The 4Fs for responding to the stress which violations of one’s boundaries induce comprise: fight, flight, freeze and fawn.

    The first is outlawed as evidenced by the police state apparatus in Europe in concert with the media. At a local level the second works temporarily, as in ‘white flight’, where locals move out in forced sales when Muslims move in and colonize locally.

    At a wider level most people adopt the freeze (denial) response while dhimmi politicians and the media adopt the forth, they fawn over Islam and Muslims.

    Nothing different in Australia except that the second response is still workable, although becoming less so now that cultural enrichers (adherents of Islam and Somalians) have discovered how they can run riot in city centers, engage in car jackings etc and know the cops will not bother doing anything. The cops know that the magistrates let the offenders go free so why bother when all that will happen is to be accused of police brutality, racism, etc.

    And even if they are locked they grow even stronger in prison. Deportation is the only option which would work but the political class have sold their souls to the devil with the Muslim vote in a few seats where they congregate determining election outcomes so do not even consider it.

  8. I found Thomas Kratman’s dystopia (‘Caliphate’) of a fully Islamized Europe utterly chilling & believable. From the serf-dhimmis paying jizya to their new Muslim overlords to the young European Janissary troops watching as Christian priests are crucified, to the vast underclass of new European slaves, it almost seems inevitable.

  9. Why did the elites pursue this path of stealth Islamization? I see it now. It was to break up nationalism in each country, which also explains the Schengen agreement of no borders within the EU. Only national feeling, and a Christian revival, and economic dynamism (capitalism) could save them, and they hate all three viscerally. But why? I think they believe ‘socialism’ defeated & purged the old aristocratic capitalism, that socialism was delivered them. And so socialism has now brought in Islam to ‘save’ Europe. They’ll end up with Islamized industrial feudalism.

    • And the elites are fine with that. They see how the muslim hordes are ruled in the middle east and see that they are the easier path to their goals. They realize they only have to bribe, replace, influence a hand full of religious leaders and the population does what they want.
      The elites have succumbed to their own hubris and fail to realize that the muslim hordes will turn on them as well in time, when the native populations have been consumed and subdued.

      • They – the elites – have Plans A, B, and possibly C in place to protect themselves from these hordes and continue to live in the manner to which they’re accustomed. These elites see the coming demographic implosion (though they never, ever mention it) and come up with a handy solution: population replacement. Since they’re globalists, long since inured to any sort of ethnicity, it doesn’t matter to them what groups replace their sterile, non-reproducing natives. One warm body is much the same as another.

  10. Understand that if you talk to people in confidence there is a growing subset of them who are more than ready to forcibly remove the muslim hordes. Simultaneously they also realize that the European governments would crush them the moment they rose up. Nothing will change until economic instability / collapse causes the government o be more worried about its own existence as opposed to what Hanz or Axel are saying about the muslims raping their wives and daughters.
    The moment that the paycheck from the government to the state enforcers (police, security services etc) becomes worthless, through bank holiday, inflation, or any other means, the game immediately changes! At that point the blood will flow like rivers through Europe as the natives and the muslims face off.

  11. Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and be trodden underfoot.

    Matthew 5:13

    There are some passages in the Bible that are so RIGHT, so immediately recognizable as carrying the deepest truth, that even if you are not religious they imprint on you. They speak to you. I don’t even know what Matthew was referring to, and it hardly matters. I first read the passage as a young man and the particular disenchantment that had me in its grip was what the passage addressed. It spoke to a tiny crisis I was passing through, which seemed immense at the time.

    Is it possible “the salt” for a disenchanted Europe, is Christianity itself? And since the salt “have lost his savor” is it not a terminal crisis? For with what shall a saltless Europe defend itself?

  12. Hi Mr Baron,

    There is hope in Europe and the western civilization.

    The former east bloc will save Europe and the western civilization.

    Thank You.

    • From your keyboard to God’s Will. That “former east bloc” felt for far too long the boot of tyranny on its neck. In fact, several boots of several tyrannies.

      If they become our saving grace, you will know that God does indeed, laugh last, as he said to Sarah when she scoffed at the idea of bearing a son at her age…

      Let us name those countries “God Laughs”…

      • Hi Dymphna,

        Yes, you are right. There is a question that comes to my mind when I look at the Former East Bloc and the rest of Europe.

        Europe has experienced both Nazism and communism, that are both dangerous ideologies.

        Why is it that the Former East bloc can detect and resist Sharia and blasphemy laws whereas Western Europe, I am unsure about the case of whether Spain, Portugal and Switzerland and any other micro nation such as Andorra, could not?

        Other readers can give feedback as well.

        Thank You.

        • They can “detect and resist” because they’ve lived under two tyrannies with basically the same ideology. They can’t be fooled again.

          • Hi Dymphna,

            Your answer makes sense. The Former East Bloc nations have indeed their lesson on the dangers of political correctness.

            Thank you for telling me.

        • That is a side effect of the Iron Curtain. It protected the East Bloc from the germs of political correctness and humanism reduced ad absurdum.

          • Hi Anton,

            Their immunity against political correctness, blind multiculturalism, cultural relativism, pathological altruism is working.

            Do you agree with me?

          • It was a terrible price to pay, though, for the generation that lived from, say, 1937 or so to when it- the Iron Curtain – finally eroded.

            The Baron lived in England during his high school years. His family could – and did – travel all over the place. (Copenhagen left an indelible mark on an adolescent boy’s mind that was further marked when he went back in his middle age).

            The “all over Europe” sadly did not include the countries behind the Iron Curtain. Thus, when he was able to visit Warsaw for the OSCE meetings, it was a great thrill.

          • Yes, Charles, for the time being “their immunity is working”. But there are a lot of organisations funded by Soros and his likes that are trying to change that. The post-Soviet countries are subjected to a massive ideological onslaught by the globalisation lobby.

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