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  1. Don’t forget the candles! There must be a run on stocks in the votive candle industry by now…and many of those flowers are imported from third world countries south of the Equator, who realized there was a market for fresh flowers in western Europe.

    Along about the time we started GoV, I remember reading a long article in a marketing magazine on this then-fledgling industry. But they didn’t mention the temporary monuments to death that would begin to litter urban centers in Europe.

    I remember well the huge example at the World Trade Center. The Baron and I were in NYC in December 2001 (he on business). Early December was unseasonably warm in NY that year, so afterward we walked the long trek past the fences set up around that still-smoking hole (ironically, we were making our pilgrimage on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day). The endless plastic-coated signs begging for information on missing relatives — complete with pictures of smiling faces — hung on those wooden fences, and on the sidewalk underneath them were the by-then rotting flowers and yellowed votive lights. Hundreds and hundreds of them, down those endless blocks.

    I’d wanted to make the whole pilgrimage, but the acrid black smoke still trailing up from that hole brought on an asthma attack; we hailed a taxi to take us back to our hotel. Before we left, though, I scraped some of the white dust, still draped over the graves like snow in that small Episcopal churchyard nearby, into a small silver pill box I had in my pocket. It still sits on my small home altar, though my middle son derides this as containing nothing but “atomized dry-wall dust”. That’s his reality; for me, I know a few atoms of a once-lively dad who never made it home is there, too.

    Islam is bent on making the whole world one huge memento mori. It has not one saving grace that would merit admiration or emulation. In its false claim to have invented the concept of the zero, it is at least partly right: a retrograde caravan-robbing “culture” with zero to recommend it.

  2. Awake Aslan, and awake you people.

    She could feel lion-strength going into her. Quite suddenly she sat up.
    “I’m sorry, Aslan,” she said. “I’m ready now.”
    “Now you are a lioness,” said Aslan. “And now all Narnia will be renewed. But come. We have no time to lose.”


    We must seek the courage, and understand; to deliver the truths.

  3. Lord Kitchner had the right idea following the Battle of Omdurman in what is now Sudan; he had the body of the man responsible for the death of Sir Gordon of Khartoum, the Mahdi, disinterred, the head lopped off and preserved in a container of kerosene, and the rest of the body/bones tossed into the Nile. Before he was dissuaded from it by his political superiors, he had intended to have the skull turned into his personal inkwell.

    Certainly not a man who took any fecal matter from muslims…

  4. DeChristianisation has left a spiritual vacuum in the Western world, which now sucks in islam (and some other things, which may prove even worse). Christianity has been the foundation and the life force of the Western civilisation. Now the foundation is crumbling and the life force is all but exhausted. If the nations of the West do not rediscover the authentic Christian faith (and not the effeminate and diluted nebulous ideology practised by the Lutheran ‘Church’ in Sweden and many other ‘progressive’ denominations all over the world), they are doomed.

    I have no prophetic powers, but based on what I see and on good old common sense I would give Europe no more than 15 years before its final destruction (or rather self-destruction). The US, Canada and Australia would survive for a longer time, but hardly more than 30 years. The rot has set in and only God’s miracle can save the West.

    But does the West deserve a miracle?

  5. “What would the Vikings do?”

    Well, the Vikings raided other countries, captured millions of slaves and sold them to the Muslims. Archeologists are still finding Muslim coins from 1000 years ago in Scandinavia.

    That is not what the Vikings would do. That is what the Vikings in fact did. The Vikings were the Muslims of Europe, They created nothing. The just raped, stole and murdered.

    Now they are disarmed Eloi who just bend over.

    • I remember saying something along the lines of the Vikings just being robbers to a Norwegian friend, only jokingly, to tease her, but she was a bit offended and insisted that the Vikings also brought culture.

      • Maybe not culture, but an impact on the direction of history in some significant places–those who went west (probably from what is now Sweden) to found Kiev, an early center of east Slavic civilization; and those who were granted a large province by the king of France, named Normandy after them, who then invaded and conquered England, causing the blended Norman-French, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic culture that became Britain. The present-day Irish pay due tribute to the organizing effect of the Viking invasion, to which some credit the Gaelic conversion to the organization of towns.

    • John, you and Egri should read up a bit about the Vikings, how they really were, and more importantly, what they became.
      “muslims of Europe”, shame on you!

      • I was just teasing my friend. I have actually been to visit stave churches, and ancient settlement sites, and admired the artefacts in many museums. At the Baltic Sea coasts, there are Viking enactment festivals, so I am surprised there is a grudge against Vikings. I know taking land was not peaceful. But, at the risk of making a fool of myself when I ask this, were their journeys so much different from what the ancient Greek did in the Mediterranean? They too sent ships of young men, to settle far away. I can’t imagine it was entirely peaceful when the ancient Greek landed at new shores.

        • The Vikings differed from the Saxons only in that they were better at war, plunder, rapine, slaughter, slave-taking, etc.

  6. Slavery has been with us from day one. Without the slightest doubt, most of the tribes and races who have ever inhabited this planet have had a hand in it; let’s not just blame the Vikings.

    And the same is true of land-grabbing; been with human-kind forever. You made a very good point, Egri, about the ancient Greeks, but that’s all forgotten and above board in the mists of history! And yes, there are places (Shetlands, Orkneys e.g., where the inhabitants are very proud of their Viking past, also Ireland, where they settled and inter-married. Of course there were atrocities and they continue to this day, but not carried out by Vikings–only by the cult of ‘peace’.

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