The Great Migration 2011-2016: Trafficking Routes to Europe

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Map of major migrant-trafficking routes into Europe 2011-2016 (Click to enlarge)

Ever since the height of the migration crisis in the fall of 2015, I’ve been looking for a comprehensive map that shows all the major routes for trafficking migrants into Europe. I never found one, so I was forced to make one myself.

The most important thing about all the information on this map is that it represents trafficking, that is, the illegal transport for pay of people from one country to another. Trafficking is usually carried out by an organized criminal network, and can be very expensive. Somewhere between two and ten million people have been trafficked into Europe since the “Arab Spring” began in 2011. We don’t know the average price per capita of a passage to Europe, but it is presumably in the thousands of dollars. If we low-ball it at $2,000 per head (it’s known to be much higher than that for migrants from Central Africa or South Asia), that would mean that the total spent to traffic migrants to Europe in the past six years has been somewhere between four and twenty billion dollars. Add to that the cost of the clothes, shoes, tents, equipment, and pocket money handed to each migrant, and you can see that the amount spent on getting all these people to Europe is HUGE.

Someone is paying for that, and in most cases it’s not the migrants. One suspects the Saudis and the Gulf sheikhs, of course. And George Soros’ NGOs are known to be involved with the peripheral “humanitarian” activities that bring aid to the “refugees”, including the boats that travel to just off the coast of Libya, pick up the migrants, and deliver them to Italy. But I am not aware of any hard evidence for where the bulk of the money paid to the traffickers comes from.

The information used to plot the routes shown on the map comes from innumerable news stories about the flow of migrants that have been published since 2011. The only exception is the hypothetical “northern route” discussed by organized crime leaders at a summit in Kabul last year (according to a report in the Kronen Zeitung), represented by the green arrows on the map. The rest of the plotted routes are based on reports of incidents published in the media. Arrivals by air — a fairly significant number — are obviously not covered by this map.

I’ve been gathering the data for more than six years, so I can’t supply links for everything. But it’s all in the Gates of Vienna archives, either as posts (most of them in the “Immigration” category) or in the “Immigration” section of the news feed.

See these recent posts for some of the latest news:

Names of places that appear repeatedly in news stories on migration have been added to the map, including Calais, Malmö, Ventimiglia, Lampedusa, and the Greek islands most frequently used as dumping facilities by the traffickers from Anatolia.

The question marks on the maps indicate an uncertainty about the origin or later route of the migrations indicated by arrows of the same color.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Although the map above covers only the period from 2011 until the end of last year, the route from Tunisia to Lampedusa was routinely used by traffickers well before then. Ever since our Italian tipsters started sending us articles for the news feed (which was about 2007, I think), I’ve been reading stories about how overwhelmed the municipal authorities in Lampedusa have been by the numbers of migrants descending on them.

There were also migration routes from Ceuta and Melilla (two Spanish enclaves adjacent to Morocco on the North African coast) across the Strait of Gibraltar and the western Med to Spain. Traffickers’ boats originating in Anatolia also arrived occasionally on Crete and other Greek islands before 2015.

There was an enormous surge in migration early in 2011, at the beginning of the “Arab Spring”. The first wave came from Tunisia after the ouster of the government of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the emergence of Ennahda. Later, after the Col. Muammar Qaddafi was deposed and assassinated in Libya, the pace of departures from North Africa accelerated.

In those days there weren’t any NGO boats picking up the passengers from the traffickers’ boats almost as soon as they departed from Libya. The Italian coast guard didn’t rescue anybody unless the boats were in actual distress close to Italian territory. Many of the boats bringing the migrants arrived in the harbor at Lampedusa under their own power. Boats also landed on Sicily, the southern coast of Italy, Malta, Pantelleria, and other small islands.

Since then things have changed, of course. The new rules require that “refugees” be picked up as soon as possible after their departure, whereupon they are ferried by EU vessels or NGOs to the Italian coast.

More than 60,000 migrants landed in Italy in 2011. It seemed like such a huge number at the time — a real “Camp of the Saints” moment. Yet since the Great Migration began in earnest in 2015, the number of annual arrivals in Italy has risen to six or seven times the figure from 2011.

Before 2015 the bulk of the migrant flow passed across the Mediterranean, mostly to Italy, but also to Malta, Crete, Sardinia, and Spain. The Italian government wanted to rid itself of the migrants, so it registered them, handed them a little walking-around money, and let them buy railway tickets to points north as soon as it was practicable. Most of these migrants entered France at the Ventimiglia crossing and proceeded northwards from there. Some of them stopped in France, and some who wanted to get to the land of milk and honey in the UK ended up stalled in the “Jungle” shantytown just outside Calais. Many of them traveled on to The Netherlands, and especially to Sweden, whose then-prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had issued a blanket invitation to “Syrian refugees”, much like German Chancellor Angela Merkel did three or four years later.

Some of the Mediterranean traffic ended up in Germany, but most of it went elsewhere. The flow across the Med ebbed somewhat from 2012 to early 2014, as the situation in Tunisia stabilized, the civil war in Libya became less intense (until the arrival of the Islamic State), and the focus of the “Arab Spring” moved to Syria. Taking the Mediterranean route from Syria to Italy was an arduous and expensive process, involving as it did a trek overland through Jordan, Egypt, and Libya before embarking on the voyage to Lampedusa. The alternative — across the border to Turkey, and thence to the Greek islands — was thwarted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose coast guard routinely stopped the smugglers’ boats and returned them to Anatolia.

But all that changed in the summer of 2015, when huge numbers of migrant boats began to cross the short distance from Turkey to Lesbos, Chios, and Kos, and deposited their human cargo in the bosom of the European Union.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sometime in mid-2015 the Turkish government — which effectively means President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — made a policy decision concerning the migrants who gathered in Anatolia and attempted to book illegal passage across the Aegean to Greek territory. The Turkish police and coast guard simply stopped interdicting the people-smugglers’ boats, allowing more and more of them to succeed in depositing their customers on the Greek islands. Suddenly a new trafficking route was opened into the EU.

The coast guard’s change of behavior could not have occurred without a change of policy by the Turkish government. None of the decision-making process was made public (at least nothing was written in English that I could find), so the motives behind the momentous policy shift can only be speculated about. The hypothetical reasons require too lengthy an explanation to be covered here; see “Erdogan, Turkey, and the Refugee Racket” (October 2015) and “The Etiology of the European ‘Refugee’ Crisis” (February 2016) for an analysis of the most likely causes.

The net effect, however, was to encourage a mass departure from harbors on the Anatolian coast to the nearest Greek islands. As word spread that the boats were getting through, more smugglers entered the lucrative business, causing a drop in the price. Competition compelled the traffickers to cut costs, so they purchased cheap, shoddy Chinese inflatable boats and inferior life jackets (probably also made in China) to give to their charges. The boats only had to go a few miles, after all, and it became typical practice for the smugglers to puncture them near the beach, letting them sink and leaving the migrants to their own devices wearing their crappy life-vests.

The predictable daily spectacle in the surf off Kos and Lesbos drew media photographers and videographers like flies to a carcass. When the hysteria over the Dead Baby Porn hit in September, the resulting media frenzy prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to issue her notorious invitation for the entire Third World to come on in and set a spell. Thousands more migrants paid the smuggler’s fees (with whose money?) and made the crossing with their sights set on Germany.

The cheapest, most direct route from Greece to Germany passed through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria. The entire route from Kos to Nickelsdorf was covered in the media as if it were a spontaneous outflow of desperate people, a new Völkerwanderung of refugees fleeing privation and persecution in search of a better life. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

The spectacle of the columns of “refugees” walking along roads in the Balkans was set up as a photo op by those who funded (who?) and managed the trafficking in order to generate the right kind of emotion among citizens in the target countries (mostly Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden) and sympathetic television viewers in other Western nations. The average news consumer who looked at the TV, read a newspaper, or browsed major news outlets saw crowds of tired-looking families with children who looked appealingly into the cameras. They walked all the way here from Baghdad and Kabul — how could we not let them in?

Yet the reality was quite different. Cumulatively speaking, the “refugees” walked no more than a couple of miles from the time they left Bodrum until they stepped off the train in Munich or Berlin. They only had to walk short distances to cross what used to be called national borders — one between Greece and Macedonia, another between Macedonia and Serbia, and so on. These brief treks on foot were when the video cameras caught them and the photographers took their snaps. There were also changes of transport in the central railway stations of national capitals such as Budapest, where some of the most famous pictures were taken.

The rest of the time they sat on air-conditioned buses and passenger trains as they crossed the Balkans towards the Promised Land. This was a very expensive process — who paid for it?

There were long queues of buses on each side of the relevant borders, but only a few photos and video clips of them slipped out. They didn’t fit the Narrative, so the media avoided featuring them.

And most of the migrants did not travel as families. The vast bulk of them, an estimated 80%-95%, were young men traveling by themselves. The media preferred images of those smiling young mothers with their earnest husbands and tearful children, however, because they fit the Narrative.

Everything was going swimmingly for the traffickers and the sponsors (who?) until Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán put a spanner in the works by closing the border between Hungary and Serbia. Unlike most EU member states, Hungary was not held in a stranglehold of indebtedness to the European Central Bank, so Mr. Orbán was able to resist all the blustering and threats emanating from Brussels. He stuck doggedly to his policy, but was careful to observe every jot and tittle of EU immigration regulations, so as to avoid the sudden incursion into Hungary of EUGENDFOR or some other EU expeditionary force sent to compel adherence to the rules.

This unexpected resistance compelled the traffickers and the financiers (who?) to change their plans, and the flow was hastily re-routed to run from Serbia through Croatia and Slovenia. The new arrival point in Austria became Spielfeld, across the border from Šentilj in Slovenia. From there the migrants were bused to Bavaria, where they either alighted in Munich, or continued northeastward to Berlin, northwestward to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, or northward to Denmark and Sweden.

A peculiar sidelight of all this migrant trafficking was the route that crossed from northern Russia into northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle. The Norwegians forbid foot passage at that crossing, so some ingenious Russian entrepreneur sold cheap, flimsy bicycles to the migrants that allowed them to get across the border. Media photographers took snaps of the discarded bicycles in heaps on the Norwegian side of the border.

The new route through Croatia and Slovenia could only be maintained for another few months, however. The “refugees” caused devastation everywhere they paused on their journey. At every makeshift camp en route they enriched their environs with theft, assault, and rape. They burned down their quarters and left filth in their wake. One by one the authorities in the countries along the route had had enough. They put up razor wire on their borders and installed gates at the road and rail crossings.

When Austria followed suit with her own barriers, the “Balkan Route” was effectively closed. The open, public flow of migrants through the Balkans was reduced to a trickle by early 2016. Those who were stranded on the wrong side of the closing gate — thousands upon thousands of them — collected in squalid camps on the Greek side of the border with Macedonia. When the Greek government stopped ferrying migrants from the outlying islands to the mainland, additional fetid camps were set up on those islands, completing the destruction of the local tourist industry.

In response, the Mediterranean route to Lampedusa was reopened, and the rate of flow across the Med to Italy rose far above its earlier levels. But that route is comparatively expensive. To turn the highest profit, the traffickers needed to get their human freight across the Bosphorus or the Black Sea to the Balkans, and thence to Germany.

Since then there has been a flow through Bulgaria and Romania to Serbia and Hungary. But the new Balkans traffic is far more hidden: the migrants are being packed into tractor trailers and hidden in the freight cars of trains. It’s hard to gauge the volume of traffic, because the only ones we can see are the ones who are caught by customs officials or police. We must presume that many more arrive safely in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other European countries. Forged documents about the cargo are being presented to customs agents; inspectors are being bribed. Only occasionally do we encounter the failed transports — the “Chocolate Iraqis” in Romania, or the migrants packed in a truck cooler who were nabbed on the border between Germany and Belgium.

Other migrants are attempting — with mixed results — to cross from Italy to Switzerland in their efforts to get to Germany. And there is also a route across the Brenner Pass from the Tyrol to Innsbruck, both by truck and by train. A couple of months ago several migrants froze to death while they were concealed under freight cars that had stopped at the pass. The incident alerted the Austrian authorities to the need to monitor freight trains more closely. Inspections are more rigorous now, but no one knows how many stowaways have actually made it across the Alps.

The German government has compiled estimates of the number of illegal migrants (over 100,000) who entered in 2016, based on those who were apprehended, but nobody knows how many others didn’t get caught. The rate of inflow since 2015 has obviously dropped, but not by an order of magnitude — it’s still at least in the hundreds of thousands.

And that, in a nutshell, is the current state of the Great Migration into Europe. The map at the top of this post will be subject to further changes, depending on the unfolding of events. But almost all the arrivals will continue to be the result of trafficking, and their passage will continue to cost billions of dollars a year.

And almost all of it is being paid for by someone other than the migrants themselves.

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  1. That kind of money suggests governments, or coalitions of governments working in the shadows to bring this about. Even Blofeld/Soros doesn’t have that kind of coin to finance this all on his own.

    • Quite likely, dont forget, the EU-Commission itself calls for even more migrants from Africa and the Mena-Region (Millions of it – in their own words).
      And keep in mind that the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) allready exists.
      So this is obviously the next step in the global elites agenda.

      Also a short time ago Frontex reported that (some?) NGO`s are working hand in hand with human traffickers in Northern Africa.

      • So the “enrichment” of Europe with people from these regions (ie. Muslims) is a preliminary step to ensure the success of the unification process.

        Because with Europes own population in power this will never going to happen.
        But if you have North Africans or Muslims on both sides of the Mediterranean…
        And it`s sufficient when those “New Europeans” constitute a large enough part of society.
        They dont even have to be an absolute majority.

    • Good point. Soros is just too prominent for my liking.
      Too in-our-faces as it were to be the cause of all evil.
      He is also not protesting, perfectly happy apparantly to be receiving all this attention undisturbed and ‘ protected’.Why?
      We may never get to know who really is behind this ( to many obvious )invasion of Europe, just as we didn’t before during and after WW2 because shadow guys never or rarely come to the light.
      Until THEY want to.
      All we know is that it does not bode well, and seemingly no Governments in EU have any real power to be able to fight this ‘beast’.
      All they are capable of is in-fighting, playing the masses, promises, denials,and when such as Brexit occurs, it doesn’t really and no citizen of GB,Europe ( or the USA for that matter) really seems to know what is going on.
      They keep us hanging on. Keep us on the edge of our seats, which basically means we are in their power, whoever they are.And everything goes round in circles without any solutions.
      What is truth, what is fake ?
      The situation meanwhile only worsens and the invasion continues undisturbed.

      All so very Orwellian in deception and confusement.

  2. Part of the blame can be laid squarely at the doors of the Obama administration, with his feckless foreign policy of “leading from behind” while his wrecking ball of a SecState, Clinton, careened around leaving a path of ruination in her wake. MENA has been uprooted and much of it destroyed. In a just world, these two would be called to account.

    Or rather, in a just world, those horrors wouldn’t have occurred.

    Meanwhile, Refugee Resettlement Watch is – yet again – reporting on the destruction in Minnesota by Catholic Charities as it hauls in yet more Somalis…

    The other day when I wrote about the large number of Somalis entering the US from refugee camps in Kenya, I wondered who were all the refugees coming from Uganda and here we learn they are Somalis too!

    We have written so many posts about Somalis/Catholic Charities in Minnesota, I have lost track. But, I do remember when I first learned that it was three ostensibly Christian federal refugee contractors who first placed Muslim Somalis in Minnesota decades ago,and they are still at it. See that 2011 post here.

    It was the generous welfare that made Minnesota so attractive to these resettlement contracting agencies.

    Minnesota, Germany…same thing.

  3. The EU itself and Gulf States. There is the “Clinton Foundation” scandal too that will answer a lot of questions.

    Ref “Common Purpose” too in UK and “Common Core” in US. CP has offices in Gulf States and strong links to Soros.

  4. When one takes to questioning unusual occurrences throughout the world then one needs to join a few dots together in order to provide some understanding of who, what and how it got to work. The dots being joined here in this article have come to a sudden end due to compartmentalization of the financial and planning aspects of this latest Globalist adventure in attempting to subvert Western nation states into the Globalists fancy ideal of their New World utopia, and that is designed for their own benefit and not ours.

    And if readers need some tantalizing evidence of this Globalist dream then please look up what John Rockefeller has to say about his involvement in such a venture – and he tells us that he is absolutely proud of his involvement in it.

    One must then look to how the Rockefellers, and they are just one family amongst others, got their start to becoming some of the most wealthiest and politically influential families on the planet if one wishes to come to their final destination and arrive at the head of such evil and how it has been possible for the directors to remain in the shadows while others are handsomely paid to do their treacherous bidding.

    This article touches on the cost of such a venture while pondering as to who it is that provides such funds that go beyond the known means of those already exposed in this utopian agenda. So, one may begin to understand that it is those who are so wealthy as to have influence over monarchies, governments, financial and business institutions who will have the necessary means to direct those to carry out their evil.

    But the money is just one aspect to this agenda because it is the many tentacles through money and political influence that such wealthy families have been able to place into ALL of our institutions that propel their agenda forward and to which is solely in place to protect their wealth, power and prestige, while they play chess with the world and its inhabitants.

    They’ve been doing for it centuries and what we are now witnessing is the culmination of a long thought out agenda that few recognize and even more ridicule, even though much of it has been hidden in plain sight for anyone interested in looking to realize.

  5. I consciously take as my starting point the destruction of the state of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. This was the result of the intervention of especially the US, Britain and Germany, as well as the UN and the EU. Islam was involved (Izetbegovic) (Saudi Arabia) “Palestinians” were also involved in this, false news such as the British ITN intervention of “The Picture That Fooled the Wporld”, demographic shifting immigration with decisive results inside a couple of generations (Kosovo), added to these a new layer in the media typified by the website Harry’s Place which was rooted in the professional middle class reporters being prominent – but this media intervention was a social phenomenon which has still not been fully understood.

    The aim there was to take down one country. The present is to take down a score of countries which is all of those marked on the map above, which seems extreme but is true. By take down I mean changing in a radical fashion leading to perhaps Germany 1933 situations.

    There must be a reason which is not whimsical. The recent world economic reports on the economy told me that the world economy of capitalism is NOT expanding, is tending more to stagnate, so I do suggest that some conscious preparation for a Fascist state system is being made.

    I will conclude with this point which has got relevance to this important article also. I am always (not surprised because I am aware of the difficulties involved) aware that Jews I know have made little analysis of the Mein Kamph the origin of their scourge. The Jews were a target of Hitler but in my reading they were not the main target. The main target of Hitler was Marxism, Communism and in this Hitler was not interested in issues such as the growth of Stalinism, the history of how it was fought against by Lenin shortly before he died, and by Leon Trotsky from 1922 to 1940 when he was murdered in Mexico by Mercader. Hitler in Mein Kamph was besotted with and simply went against the 1917 Revolution. That was the main driving force of Mein Kamph. Hitler gained quite some support in Britain on that theme for quite some years. Hitler was a deep Jew Hater so the Jews were swept up. (But not so much Mussolini so the Jew issue (Jew Hatred) was not so fundamental to Fascism). And today the same phenomenon, Jews being hated, Communism being blamed in a wholesale fashion. Are the same ingredients not there as when Hitler wrote Mein Kamph!?

    • I am commenting only what you said about Hitler.

      One point: Who had most casualties in WWII? I just know it was the Protestant nations, and the Orthodox nations, and the Jews maybe?

      What does that tell us about WWII?

    • Two things stand out in my mind regarding your comment.

      1. Geopolitics is a system that looks at ways of moving the pieces around on the world Chess board that has been used for some time prior to the 1990s which is basically what you are referring to in your comment concerning Yugoslavia. So one would need to look back into history to appreciate the advent in the Balkans that was the intended collapse of Serbia

      2. The Jews became a target of Hitler because the people were deemed to need someone to hate as a distraction from his real goal of obtaining complete power. As you say, Hitler’s real ‘beef’ was always with Communism and its infiltration of German society soon after the Russian revolution. He found National Socialism to be his answer in ‘his struggle’ to combat the popularity of Communism, especially amongst the German intelligentsia and elite.

      And as history shows, it worked.

      Some food for thought:

      On his way to conquer Europe, Hitler also knew that it would be Britain he would need to deal with first so he could subdue Russia later, and just as the Globalists of today have come to accept, it would be Russia that would be the road block to his total control of Europe.

      Those war roads to Russia have been trodden by many armies throughout history, yet none have succeeded in their goal of taking the Globalist prize that is Russia.

      • Hussaini, the Jerusalem mufti, followed a book that teaches everything you need to know about finishing off with the Jews.

        How come he traveled to Germany to inspect the conzentration camps and shake hands with Hitler?

        Which came first? That hatred described in their “Holy” book, or the idea which Hitler started to front? Obviously, Hitler built upon a very old idea.

        • Hitler, early on, had an advisor who was also a member of the Theosophist Society that delved into what could be loosely termed as ‘black magic’.

          Without looking him up – his name eludes me at this time, but he had much influence on Hitler in regard to the Jews. It is also rumoured, but very difficult to authenticate, that Hitler was in fact an illegitimate child of the Rothschild household in Austria.

          Being part Jewish could explain a few things about why so many within the Nazi hierarchy seemed to have a hold over Herr Hitler?

  6. I still come back to…oil. If the west stopped using Arab oil, the Arabs would starve, they can’t eat it, wear it or live in it. It only has value because the West buys it. I don’t know when it will run out, as a child I was told, by 2000 AD, that hasn’t happened. But run out one day it will. Are they colonising the West ready for the day it dissapears? Arabia has no agriculture or industry of its own.

    • This does make sense and partly explains the reason that they were prepared to send millions to Europe for the construction of hundreds of new mosques, but not take in any Muslim refugees themselves.

    • My university professor for investment was an American working for some Abu Dabi fund. His job was to take care of some billion dollars so that it won’t lose its value. He was driving Toyota Yaris and warned us that the Saudi oil wells are drying up pretty quick, and that we should act accordingly. That was in 2000. I can’t say if he was right or wrong, but he definitely made a point that the Saudis are well aware of that fact.

    • That`s a too simple thought.
      If we don`t buy their oil, China, India or someone else will.

      Sure, it will hurt their economy, like the dropping of the oilprice allready did.
      But they have already invested heavely all around the world.
      What really could happen is that if they cant ensure inner peace with Petrodollars, regimes like the Saudi one will be kicked out of power.
      Just like the political influence of Libya in Italy and France ended when Gaddafi was overthrown (though they still have big money from state funds and all their oil wells).
      But who will come to power after the Saudis, al-Chalifas & Co?

    • I disagree.The west is not the only part of the world, you know… China and India both need oil.So that is not a viable solution.The only that I see is to destroy them and take their oil .Which is impossible.

      • . . . but overthrowing the Wahhabist-Saudis and their neocon agents in the Potomac swamp will go a long way towards making the world a lot more peaceful.

  7. Not to forget, folks………….

    ………………………PALLETS of foreign currency sent to our Islamic friends in Iran. ONE HUNDRED BILLION $$$……or so.

    Just say’in.

  8. The hadj businesss

    Did anyone ever look into the total hadj business, estimating the total revenue on a yearly basis?

  9. Among the numerous issues regarding this catastrophe, the main issue with me that lingers is that fact that Gulf countries including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have offered very few resettlement places to Syrian refugees.
    Other high income countries including Russia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have also offered virtually no resettlement places for them either. Why is it that European leaders, specifically Merkel, did not insist that Saudi Arabia first accommodate their “brethren” in the 100,000 air conditioned tents they already had in situ and then the Europeans would access the situation.

    • It`s either Western Hybris, and/or a long planned “ethnic cleansing” of Western Nations (in which things like multiculturalism, refugee resettlement etc. are just instruments of Globalists agenda).

      But this is only one side of the story.
      I don`t belive in the one big conspiracy.
      This game has many players, some of their goals they have in common, in others they even oppose each other.
      The Arab League and the OIC fe. have a different agenda then Socialists, or someone like Soros, or the ones that more or less share the view of Zbigniew Brzezinski`s “The Grand Chessboard”.
      But in either way, for the cultures, nations and peoples of Europe it means destruction.

      • Even conspirators and self declared “Masters of the Universe” are just humans. They makes mistakes, fall victim to their own wrong ideologies and stupidities.

        So not all of them will get what they expect.
        From todays view Islamization is maybe the one single thing with some of them will have success.

    • “Why is it that European leaders, specifically Merkel, did not insist that Saudi Arabia first accommodate their “brethren” in the 100,000 air conditioned tents they already had in situ and then the Europeans would access the situation.”

      That is not an issue.

      That would slow down the Eurabia Project.

  10. The best description of the situation I can think of is the “tragedy of the commons”.

    The commons are owned by no one and used by everyone. Eventually, the dynamic is, the commons will be ruined for everyone by overuse. The really amazing thing is that with a commons situation, the parties who are responsible are disadvantaged compared to the irresponsible parties who run the commons into the ground.

    The second-most prominent dynamic is the natural decay of the population due to the welfare state. The ability to think abstractly, the courage to act, and the conscience necessary for civil intercourse, are all diluted, if not actively selected against. This is illustrated (not proven, though) by the unbalanced vote for Hillary/Obama in the urban areas, the most advanced on welfare delivery.

    The most prominent aspect of the commons is that future-orientation is discouraged, and the biggest winners are those who grab unconditionally whatever is in front of them or in reach.

    The benefits of the western countries and the advantage of citizenship are the commons. From a very narrow perspective, they are unowned goods to be given away. Looking at it like this explains the very strange case of Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich gulf states like Qatar. Saudi Arabian princes have everything to lose from an Islamic resurgence and the weakening of the US. The princes know they are on the list of enemies of Islamic fanatics.

    So, why is Saudi Arabia piling on, concerning the inundation of Europe with inferior migrants and the subversion of the US government with Muslim Brotherhood-based pressure groups? Because the US is an unprotected resource, under attack by Iran, ISIS, and dozens of other groups and countries, including Israel to a small extent. The US under the Obama administration, but also under GW Bush and Bill Clinton has done nothing to protect itself. Therefore, if Saudi Arabia shows forbearance in subverting the US government, ISIS will take its place. Due to the inability of the US to protect itself, Saudi Arabia is, knowingly, acting against its long-term interests.

    The third part of the equation is international governing organizations, such as the UN or EU. These organizations, for the enhancement of their own benefit, discourage the application of ownership to the concept of country. The individual EU bureaucrat may be perfectly aware of the corrosive effects of mega-national law and regulations, but if the bureaucrat acts according to his conscience, he will be at a significant, possibly fatal, disadvantage compared to the sociopathic colleague who recognizes no constraints to his gathering of benefits to himself.

    • Interesting theory….”Tragedy of the Commons”. How about this one…tragedy of decreasing population in Western super powers.

      Just this week I read that indigenous U.S. population hit a low this year in terms of birthrate. Same thing has been happening in Germany, Italy, rest of Europe. So globalist, Marxists such as Merkel and Obama decide to mix the poor underpriveleged with the natives to increase birthrates in the West while destabilizing Muslim governments in Syria, Sudan, Somalia, etc. When Britain stopped its colonization in the Horn of Africa, governments quickly became Muslim, driving out the Christians and slaughtering them along with infants and children. “Lost Boys of Sudan” produced by Brad Pitt shows the horrific slaughter committed by a Muslim government. Over 130,000 children died from starvation, malnutrition while fleeing to Ethiopia and Somalia in 1992.

      Americas are being slowly and sometimes quickly killed by false advertisement for sugar laced foods void of nutrients. Watch the documentary “Hungry for Change” made in 2012 to see why 68% of Americans and Brits are overweight, sick, and nearly dead. Juicing green detox drinks and eating real vegetables is key for recovery. The point being made here can be found in above responses. The tentacles for NWO initiatives, population control, and manipulation are vast and endless. Anyone with a brain can tell that animal agriculture is non-sustainable and 8 billion people create famine, overcrowding, and less resources to go around. If one looks at the economic migrant situation, one can see a deliberate effort to move people into Western cities where they can be controlled in the long run. Better to have them in “No Go” zones and ghettos for the storm troopers to go there when needed than to send in UN military troops to Africa or the Middle East. Raped, molested, robbed, murdered locals are collateral damage. Light a few candles, place some fresh flowers and teddy bears at the terrorist carnage scene(s) and move on. Accept it as “the new normal” as recommended by the Muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan & NYC mayor Bill de Bozo along with the cumulative NWO behaviors & attitudes of Obama, Clinton, Merkel.

      Let’s hope Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders win elections. And newly elected President Trump keeps his promises and secures our borders, protects our national sovereignty!

      • I agree with many of your assertions but this particular one isn’t borne out by thousands of years of culture:

        Anyone with a brain can tell that animal agriculture is non-sustainable

        In the long run, it would take far more land to yield enough grains, greens, or whatever to feed a given population.

        Animal husbandry yields eggs, cheese and other fermented foods, butter, milk, etc. That’s the whole point of this charity:

        Tell the tribes living on the semi-arid steppes they need a vegetarian diet…

        As for our demographics, the UN (and China and India) are certain there will be a global demographic implosion somewhere around 2050. As a result of this belief, China has abruptly ended its one child policy, but they’re finding it difficult to entice fertile females to reproduce on order…it will take a complex mix of incentives to change the current “no-time-for-children” mentality. China’s usual “all-stick/no-carrot” methods won’t work on this problem. Heaven help the Chinese people should their rulers try that method.

        For information on the value of traditional foods, Dr. Shanhan’s newly edited “Deep Nutrition” explains (among other things) why foods are similar across various cultures:

        Her research into nutrition and health are fascinating. Life-changing, say her patients

        • China and India for decades killed the female born and let only the male fetus survive.That created a real difficult situation in both countries , in India many villages are populated only by men that will never be able to create family.Think about that testosterone concentration!!! That brings conflict in a very short time.

        • Dymphna,

          Thanks for the links and feedback. I am a carnivore who lives in Northern California and part-time in Ohio. Despite having 200% percipitation than normal, California has overcome only 40% of drought issues. We still lack adequate ground collection system. Once the land is saturated the rest of the water flows downward to the ocean. America can sustain animal agriculture. However, it takes approximately 250 gallons of water to make a cheeseburger (every ingredient accounted for). The amount of methane waste produced by animals overlaps the amount created from fossil fuels. Sources of this information taken from the movie “Cowspiracy” which can be viewed on Netflix. Because of all the rain, I have watched almost every educational documentary currently available for streaming, downloading. Yes, there is lies, dam lies, and statistics. But it’s no lie that many Africans are starving to death from lack of farming knowledge (i.e. South Africa), warlords, conflict and ignorance. Somalians make more money hijacking ships and vessels than working in the fields. Grass fed beef is not sustainable for the majority of people wanting organic, hormone free food. To make it affordable and cost productive, it became a big food industry. When I order grass fed beef from the Rankin Ranch in Southern California or through Omah Steaks in Nebraska, I am both grateful and thankful for the animals who were cared for, fed a free range diet and became my food source. However, I don’t know if this can continue because I see Ranchers and Dairy Farmers sell their farms. Especially in Ohio where I grow up surrounded by agriculture but now replaced with shopping malls, car dealerships, and big corporations.

    • Perhaps we worry too much. Our planet is a self-correcting system. [Click on the link] [Warning: Some tweetable language.] 🙂

      We could also stop interfering in other people’s business . . . stop being “crusaders” for events across the horizon on property that other people own. Stop voting for interventionist states. Busy yourself with your own: Your property, your culture, your loved ones, your friends, your passions. Respect that which does not belong to you, and defend that which does. Trade with others . . . certainly. Harm them . . . never.

        • I’m with you there, others are just too ‘tolerant’ and are dooming their countries to endless, needless strife.

      • I call this ignorance. When you are busy only with your own life, there will be other busy with the same thing. Your life.

      • Love George Carlin 🙂

        I agree that we need not worry much about the planet as a whole. Nature has its ways of dealing with overpopulation or any unsustainable developments. Human nature is but a part of nature. Where does this leave us, our loved ones and familiar environment? No regard in the big picture.

      • One thing is certain. If the overpopulating Africa has any hope for survival in some form, it is depend on a technologically developed West. If that is no longer exists (due to invasion helped by Globalists) then the whole planet is in jeopardy.

  11. As I know, there is also air transport of migrants. In Germany, if I recall correct, every night there are planes landing in 4 or 5 airports, at about every 30 min. A relative of mine just came on Hamburg airport last night…at 23:15 sudden a group of 60 – 70 arab-looking individuals, with a leader giving instructions to the group (also arab looking) speaking german with some people, appears. They were thinking if this is a reason to get alert. The group just gone out. After 35 min a new group, almost the same as size, same appearance, a new leader, gone out from airport. So, he was waiting for his flight about 1,5 hours in Hamburg airport. In this time, 2 groups. Just saying…

  12. The map causes no alarm. Sherlock Holmes would note the dog does not bark. It’s plain the vicious, intentional destruction of Europe proceeds as planned.

    Any problem elsewhere in the world can ONLY be solved by importing the problem. Now internal war and authoritarian government are certain, and slavery in the stars. Courtesy of those European “values” Angela lives to talk about so.

    Two millennia of experimentation, discovery, and development destroyed in three decades by pathetic fools and loathsome traitors.

    Here’s an epitaph to carve stat: “Here lies a high civilization with weapons that harness the power of the sun but starved of vision, courage, and even the sense the good Lord gives to ducks.”

  13. yes – as the migration project is obviously not for profit (but well organized), one should suspect some sort of idealistic motivation. 🙂

    my theory is that it all started because “civilization jihad” in Europe wasn’t successful

    it proved to be too challenging to re-educate and/or bribe the whole continent – intensely and casually consuming/practicing alcohol, pork, porn, sport, music, homoerotics, feminism, science, godlessness.. albeit also remaining very sentimental to Christian tradition.. literally crosses and churches are at every step

    so the idea was to drastically soften, to make Europe more compatible with Islam by
    – lowering European IQs
    – compromising ruling political elites
    – expanding influence of violent crime, corrupt bureaucracy and street Islam
    – socially, culturally, institutionally, and eventually judicially normalizing all of the above

    certainly the demographics pushed into Europe from the most radical/savage places of Islamic world, such as Somalia/Eritrea, North Africa, Iraq, AfPak – serve these goals ideally

    other words, as planned smooth transition “from ignorance to Islam” in Europe failed, choice was made in favour of 3-step transition Europe->Chaos->Islam

    this is more violent way

    so, at the next stage, one should anticipate steep increase of weapons smuggling into uncontrolled Islamic enclaves
    paid/organized by the same, ehm.. idealistic actors

    • Creating (Islamic) order out of chaos is very much the theme of Abu Bakr Naji’s book, ‘Management of Savagery’.

  14. My cup runneth over..

    Despite Sweden’s former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s open invitation, the city of Hultsfred cannot take it anymore. They have put a stop to payments to migrants in a protest to express that the city of Hultsfred have been fed way more than they can chew when it comes to migrants.

    Hultsfred had reached their limits.

    This is Astrid Lindgren’stotally idyllic land in Småland

    “5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”
    Psalm 23:5King James Version (KJV)

  15. By the end of 2017, how many blond, and other local girls, will have gotten pregnant by these invaders?

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