Culture-Enrichers Smuggled Into Belgium in a Truck Cooler

The following article describes the discovery of five African migrants concealed in a very small compartment in a truck traveling from Germany to Belgium.

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They were packed together in a tiny storage compartment:
Customs officers free five people from truck.

  • Customs officers in Aachen freed five persons from a truck
  • Particularly extreme: the smuggled persons lay huddled together in a small storage compartment
  • Investigations must reveal if the truck driver had anything to do with the smuggling

December 29, 2016

Aachen. Customs officials released five people from the storage compartment of a truck on Thursday morning. The truck had just passed the Belgian-German border at the former checkpoint Aachen-Lichtenbusch, when the driver stopped for a rest at the motorway station Königsberg. When he suddenly heard knocking sounds from a storage compartment, he hailed a toll patrol that was just driving by. The officers looked into the compartment and discovered five Africans who were huddled up in the small space.

This is how little space there was:

In this truck officers found five persons.

Federal Police who were called to the scene took care of the persons. They were slightly hypothermic and were then examined and treated by paramedics.

Further investigations by the Federal Police will determine whether the truck driver had anything to do with the smuggling.

A first evaluation of the fingerprints of two of the smuggled persons revealed that they are registered asylum seekers in France.

Investigations are still ongoing.

2 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Smuggled Into Belgium in a Truck Cooler

  1. Shame that suspected vehicles can’t be quarantined and fumigated to remove invasive species… It would quickly put a stop to such smuggling tactics.

  2. Meanwhile, another 18 illegals received instant medical treatment after they were discovered in a truck in the UK – one of many discoveries in vehicles driven by ‘no speak English’ non-Brits. The number of illegals discovered (by desperate knocking, but only when they reach England) is running into four figures and these are only the ones we know about because it’s been witnessed by a member of the public who takes pictures of the trucks surrounded by ambulances. The police and border officials keep schtum.
    Illegals, including convicted criminals, will never be deported. They use British law and lawyers, funded by taxpayers, for years to delay deportation and succeed under EU human rights legislation. This is the reason why, only weeks after The Jungle settlement was demolished, dispersed migrants are returning to Calais and have set up new camps near the port and are being assisted by ‘no borders’ activists.
    Happy New/Old Year.

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