The Etiology of the European “Refugee” Crisis

A lot of blind men have been grasping at various appendages of the Migration Elephant, trying to comprehend what it is that they’ve encountered. Not surprisingly, much of the analysis misses big chunks of the picture.

One common contention is that “The refugee crisis is just what the New World Order wants; it is a planned event.” But this assertion falls short in several important ways.

The explanation below is adapted from a comment I made earlier today in a reply to Flintlock — not to contradict, but to extend what he was saying.

I’ve spent the past few months attempting to apply Occam’s razor to the sudden increase of “refugees” into Europe last summer. Below are my tentative observations:

1.   The sudden increase began at about the same time as the first terror attack by the Islamic State on Turkish soil. Turkish Kurds were the target of the bomb, but still the attack took place on Turkish territory. That could not be allowed to continue.
2.   Erdogan had a choice: he could attempt to fight back against the Islamic State, or he could devise a way to divert them into leaving Turkey alone.

The former would have been fraught with difficulty — he would have had to take the battle across the border into Syria, which would have aroused both the Russians and the Americans, although for different reasons (the Assad regime is a Russian client, and is currently under Russian military protection, while ISIS and its protean allies are at least in part a US creation, and are considered CIA assets against Assad, Iran, and the Russians).

3.   Under a tacit agreement with the EU, Erdogan’s police and coast guard had been stopping the people-smugglers’ boats from crossing the Aegean from Anatolia to the Greek islands. This is actually a shorter and safer journey than the one from Libya to Lampedusa, but only a trickle had been coming into Europe that way before last summer.

All that changed during July and August, when the bulk of the flow shifted to the Aegean route. This could only have happened if Turkey deliberately stopped interdicting the boats.

4.   Up until then the Islamic State had served the interests of the Erdogan regime. It is Turkish state policy to bring down the Assad government, and ISIS is working to achieve that goal. Turkey had been supplying the Islamic State with weapons and materiel, or at least turning a blind eye to such traffic and taking a cut of the profit. Erdogan’s family and cronies were also making big money from the sale of ISIS’ oil on the black market.
5.   By opening the floodgates and emptying the refugee camps, Erdogan allowed an unknown but significant number of ISIS mujahideen to decamp and take up residence in Europe. It wasn’t enough to keep Turkey entirely free of Islamic State terrorism, but it may well have reduced the number of incidents. And it forced the EU to share Turkey’s ISIS problem.
6.   The “refugee crisis” of 2015 was not a change of process, but only an increase in magnitude of an existing process. The “refugees” had been flowing into Europe steadily for many years, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands annually. But the summer of 2015 saw an increase in the rate of flow by at least an order of magnitude.

7.   Before last summer, the rate of migrant flow was modest enough so that the vast majority of ordinary Europeans didn’t notice it and/or weren’t concerned with it. All that changed in August and September, especially when the craze for Dead Baby Porn hit the media in early September. Sudden public awareness turned the issue into a “crisis”.
8.   The transnational globalists are encouraging and bankrolling the migration process, including the Aegean route. Someone is helping poor, indigent “Syrian” “refugees” find enough cash to pay the people smugglers so that they can cross to Greece. Someone is paying for the ferries to the mainland, the buses and rail journeys, the food, clothing, bedding, and other necessary supplies required to get those migrants all the way to Munich and Berlin from Lesbos and Kos. And someone is giving them €500 notes for spending money to be used when they arrive in the Promised Land.

National governments provide some of the assistance, but a large chunk comes from New World Order NGOs, including but not limited to George Soros’ many sock puppets. There isn’t even any serious attempt to hide this fact; you can find multiple reports about various aspects of it in the MSM. Maybe not on the front page of the NYT, but it’s there — progressives love to brag about this sort of thing where other progressives can read it.

9.   When the full scope of the increased flow became evident, Chancellor Merkel faced a hard choice. It would have been relatively easy for the EU to reduce the flow to a trickle — simply order the international naval task force already in the Med to stop the boats from proceeding and force them back to the Anatolian coast.

However, to do so would have been a reversal of official policy, namely that every single poor unfortunate refugee be rescued and allowed to land in Europe, where he can then apply for asylum. The alternative policy would have inevitably involved more migrant deaths — some of those boats would sink — and Merkel would have had that much more Dead Baby Porn to contend with in the media, plus growing political opposition from the leftish side of the coalition that keeps her in power (and some from the rightish side — Dead Baby Porn induces the abandonment of reason and the embrace of sentimentality even among putative conservatives).

So the chancellor chose what seemed the least damaging option: “Come on in, boys! There’s plenty of room for you here in Germany!” This decision looks like it may cause her political demise, but in all likelihood, so would the alternative.

10.   The result of all this is that a far higher proportion of the European population is aware of what is being done to them, and who is responsible. This may cause various governments to fall, and enhance the chances that “right-wing extremist” parties will increase their share of the vote and even form governments west of the Elbe.

If those parties are successfully suppressed by the European establishment, then the real extremists are waiting in the wings, would-be fascists and neo-Nazis of various types who, unlike Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, and Tatjana Festerling, do not shrink from violence, but rather embrace it. Civil unrest, with open street warfare between the nationalist-fascists and the antifas, would then become a distinct possibility.

Overall conclusion: The above observations tell us that the current mess was not what the NWO/EU Powers That Be intended. Population replacement was supposed to proceed much more slowly, over another decade or so, so that the general public would not become aware of what was happening (if indeed they ever did) until it was too late.

Erdogan changed all that. His ends are not the same as the EU’s, although he collaborates with them when it suits his interests. His aims are ultimately Islamic: he intends to be Caliph, or at least ensure that his son achieves that office, with a revived Ottoman hegemony over the Middle East and Europe.

The Islamic State is a rival Sunni Caliphate with its own ambitions, and is at least partially funded by Sunni interests in the Gulf.

Iran is a regional Shia rival of both, with a state interest in bringing on the Islamic Apocalypse in the region and eventually the whole world.

Such are the divers and conflicting currents of political ambition that are contending with one another to create the current mess. It’s hard to say who will prevail and reign supreme over the ruins of Europe. The only certainty is that there will be far more suffering, violence, rape, and bloodshed before this is over.

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    • Hey – don’t say again – I needed clarification. “Its” such a mess at the moment that we all need someone to sense check our own understanding. You could conclude these events are happening at the same time as understandably questioning your own sanity in coming to them.

  1. There is another dimension to consider in this very complicate jigsaw:
    the possibility of neo Ottoman revival:

    It is a tangled web as I outlined in my blog article about the EU. Turkey has sided with IS and continues to do so, but doesn’t want them snapping back at Ankara.

    • But that “neo-Ottoman” dimension is exactly what I outlined in the post. Did you read all the way to the end?

      • “Hungarian President Viktor Orbán: “We do not want the EU to sit down to negotiate with Turkey, while giving the impression that it is Turkey which will save the EU. One cannot negotiate if the other party thinks that they are their negotiating partner’s last hope”.

        Just listen to the reason and logic. Why our traitors whom we elect and work for islam are unable to understand such obvious axioms, and maxims and precepts.

        Why are they so servile to islam and muslims? Who put sheep’s clothes on these wolves? Why are they so soft with muslims and harsh with their own flesh and blood? Why are they so immoral? Simply, why Jews are slaughtered everywhere and no one bats an eyelid.

        Why monster EU labels products coming from Judea and Samaria are labelled, but products coming from really occupied Northern Cyprus are not labelled but preferred. And no country dare mention that that part of Cyprus are suffering from real occupation. Or no one suffers because no Greeks are left there.

        Human rights? What human rights? Human rights only for muslims.

        It is as well you trust your lamb with a wolf: How can Turkey save Europe when Ottomans fought for 700 (?) years to overrun Europe and get 15 blonde harem each?

      • The idea that Aleppo andMosul are part of Turkey and as such kicking out, pushing out the masses onto Europe. I wonder how many Syrians are from the Aleppo region? I know that’s what happened in Kessab with the Christian Armenian population.

  2. my opinion is, that all this was/is the invasion operation coordinated by some sunni conspiracy hub, – including qatari emir, saudi “islamic charities”, muslim brotherhood, infiltrators in Europe like IFE, salafi cells, and – yes – the islamist erdogan’s establishment

    who these people are exactly, should be an interest to narrow professionals, until maybe when they are neutralized or/and brought to justice. but even then, I won’t be that interesting in knowing their names. “osama bin laden” is the dirty spot in my brain, that’s enough, thank you very much

    here are the facts and circumstances suggesting in favour of conspiracy:

    – majority of migrants are military age men gathered from every part of sunni muslim world, not only from countries of conflict, rather from those combining high birth rate, archaic customs and radical islam. I think even Attila had more women and children with him than these guys

    – “probing” terrorist acts were perpetrated in Europe (Lee Rigby, Toulouse, Brussels Jewish museum, Charlie Hebdo, Tunisia), demonstrating overall the low level of inter-European solidarity, absence of anti-terror coordination and insufficient will to resist islamic terror. so these acts also had “preventive intimidation” effect

    – previous attempt of increasing migration via different routes were made (Libya etc.), until the optimal route was found – land path through Balkans

    – time was chosen skilfully, as the degree of degradation of European army and police is at its highest

    – with Western armies withdrawn from region and Syrian/Iraqi/Afghan etc. boundaries non-existent, there were no obstacle for people smuggling to the west

    – crisis in Ukraine and the sudden raise of imperial Russia effectively distracted EU/NATO attention/logistics/forces from reaction to islamic invasion

    – term of Obama is coming to the end

    – significance of oil is coming to the end, oil prices are down

    – Syrian war gave advantage of cover, “catching the wave”

    briefly, there was feeling among them, that there might be no other chance
    as to preparations, they were made far in advance, money and staff allocated..

    an no, I don’t believe in any “New World Order” with roots in the West, one should be a complete moron not to see the incompatibility of islam with any thing not islamic, and morons are not good in stirring intrigues

    • The NEW WORLD ORDER will use the Islamic terror to make all who oppose the Order afraid of being turned over to the ISLAMICS for punishment or have the crimes inflicted on them by the Islamics ignored (see NYE COLOGNE and Rotherham , UK) and call the complaining victims RACIST or NAZIS.

    • “crisis in Ukraine and the sudden raise of imperial Russia effectively distracted EU/NATO attention/logistics/forces from reaction to islamic invasion”

      Don’t blame Russia nor even muslim invaders. NATO is actually creating a problem with Russia (expansion Eastward) to divert westerners’ attention from European Occupation until it is completed by the Neo-Ottomans. Infidels are infidels for Shiite or Sunni.

      Western problems with islam lie all in the perverted way of “elected politicians” They don’t deserve to be elected not to be our crappy leaders. They have no vision of what the future things should be. Turkey and Saudi Arabia push the west towards wahhabbism and islamisation and “our traitors” dance to their tune without resistance and without letting the decent people resist.

      Traitors are dogs in the manger: they don’t eat the grass and prevent others from eating it.

      Europe is hoping that Turkey will fight itself to save Europe from itself. Is there anything called honor in Europe?

    • I also think that it’s a conspiracy, but nothing too complicated à la New World Order. It’s quite simple, and like is often the case, the simplest and most obvious explanation is the best.

      It’s Erdogan.

      Put yourself in his shoes. Make yourself an Islamist, who has dreams of restoring the Caliphate, under his control. You have a problem with a bunch of Syrian refugees, who mostly have the “right religion”, but don’t really fit in to the local culture all that well. You think about it. How to profit from the situation? No morals, no qualms, nothing but “how to profit”. So you figure, let’s ship them to Europe, where they will form a pro-Islamic base. It can only lead to good things from a Turkish/Islamist point of view.

      And it already has: in order to convince Erdogan to stop the flow, the EU is agreeing to visa-free travel for Turks to the Schengen zone. Doesn’t seem like much? Watch his next move, and you heard it here first. He’ll intensify persecution of the Kurds. Kurds are growing demographically in Turkey, and it’s really not something he likes. So persecution will intensify, and cheap direct flights to Germany will be on offer. How many hundreds of thousands of Kurds do you think that he’ll effectively “deport” to Germany before visa-free travel ends? Maybe millions? That’s his next move.

      That’s the big conspiracy. It’s one man’s plan. And it’s vicious.

      Then he’ll probably hold out for something else in order to stop the flow of Kurds. Like, maybe he’ll hold out for EU membership, at which point he’ll apply “human rights” and promise to “stop persecuting” Kurds. But then it’ll be even easier to push them into Europe… and so on.

      • Actually that has started to happen. Only a handful of Eu leaders have noticed this and made comments about.

        Rewind 20 years to Bosnia. There were Turkish UN peacekeepers, yet Turkey was using their airforce to bomb Kurdish places.

      • And someone is giving them €500 notes for spending money to be used when they arrive in the Promised Land.
        If I were an antisemite I would think this is an Israeli conspiracy.
        Israel is in a post-sunni-immigration status since its founding, a legacy of British NWO rule. So Israel is watching with great interest to see when Europe starts deportations on a grand scale, because then Israel can do the same, for the same reason: The incompatibility of Islam with the rest of humanity. Should Europe complain of the breach of Human Rights, Israel can offer the same deal as Turkey: Take them with 5K Euro per person, which is good for 2 years of acclimatization. Unless they are Muslim which is never acclimatize: conquer.

      • European & UN human rights laws must be an ethnic cleanser’s dream. You can push the unwanted population into the west knowing that they can’t be refused.

    • Interesting. To that end, could it be a betrayal of the globalists by the Islamists … fitting in with their plan for destruction and jihad and conquest by 2020? What do the globalists really want to happen?

  3. I realise I am late to the party here, but with regards to “Population replacement was supposed to proceed much more slowly, over another decade or so”, for what purpose? Who benefits from this?

    • As far as I can tell, the policy is designed to facilitate the elimination of national borders, easing the way for “global governance”. The idea is that mixing millions of third-world immigrants in with native populations of European stock will dilute national identity and prevent strong nationalist resistance to this global policy. I’m convinced that many people who have promoted this idea over the past fifty years or so are sincere and well-meaning; they think that what they are planning will be to the benefit of the entire human race. But others are more cynical, and are looking to amass power and/or wealth from the process.

      • not convincing.
        in Canada, Belgium, Swizerland, Britain – partial national identities are preserved without physical/fiscal etc. borders.

        borders are needed when there is hostility.

      • This is an old theory Baron. I read something called the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan where the dilution of nationality was the objective. I believe it was posed in the 1920s or 30s. Am I wrong about this?

        • Yes, I assume that this is a continuation or elaboration of Coudenhove-Kalergi. There is an equivalent process underway in the USA. Everyone here is celebrating the imminent arrival of a “majority-minority” country.

          • I believe the socialists looked at the problem caused by National Socialism and deduced the problem was the ‘nationalism’ and not the ‘socialism’.

            Hence, they believe they are doing great good in destroying nationalism and the result will be no more war – particularly not another devastating World War. Clearly these turkeys have never thought hard about the term ‘balkanization’ and how much peace that brings (but hey, their ‘classical philosophical’ approach means the axioms of the ideology counts more than the observational reality used by those following the ‘scientific’ method).

            You can see the Left attacking nationalism ever since the Second World War.

            As always, people thinking they are doing great good, and ignoring real consequences, end up doing great evil.

          • The elimination of nationalist loyalties started at least with Marx and Engels, along with the projected destruction of the family (not pushed too hard just yet) and every other rival authority structure and group loyalty that would interfere with the control of the all embracing, all powerful State. Orwell’s “1984” gives one projection of how this was meant to work out in practice.

      • Did prophet Daniel say something about the last Days:

        Muslims from the south will flock ( actually will be eagerly invited) to the North, But they will not mix as Clay and Iron will not mix.

      • At some point in the last 20 yrs the original Coudenhove-Kalergi plan was modified, perhaps when the conspirators realised that one group in particular would conquer but never integrate. Consequently the multi-culti society that they wanted originally is now a transition state en route to an Islamic mono-culture. That in turn overlooks another huge problem, namely the never-ending civil war between the various sects of Islam. All those wars will now be fought in Europe.

      • I agree that the intention is to remove all borders and all thoughts of national sovereignty.Bible prophecy predicts one world government,one world religion,one world currency leading to a cashless society with people being implanted with a microchip(rev13 v 16 to18}People will then be forced to give allegiance to the beast system or be killed,we are already seeing huge strides to achieve these goals in our lifetime.The pope is actively pursuing a one world religion right now and his green gospel is a smokescreen for totalitarian government.

  4. Thought provoking and very frightening! However I still cannot understand why:-
    EU member ship is still considered a possibility for Turkey?
    All foreign aid is not immediately withdrawn from North African nations
    Unless they control & prevent their citizens contributing to this fiasco?
    As to “dead baby porn” our TV Screens are awash with charities displaying
    Blind, starving, malarial babies every night so with out seeming to be to hard hearted why are these poor souls considered by the West as less worthy than the dead Syrian baby?
    If you embark on an overloaded boat to cross the Mediterranean why do believe that you are entitled to be automatically rescued?
    Naval technology has developed to such an extent that you can almost hear a shrimp break wind on the other side of the world so why cannot the West intercept smuggling vessels before they reach Breed or Italy in the first place?
    Why is Obama so openly denigrating Christians in the USA whilst kow towing to the Islamic faith?
    Why is Merkel still in power (her actions have been declared illegal)?
    Do we really need to endure another Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin before we see the final end game?

    • Europe should instead grab the scrap of land that is Turkey’s only hold on Europe and be done with their “claims on membership.”

      Btw. I just read about the horrible gang rape trial in England, and how hatefully the Somalians treated the family of the girl. There ought to be a name for “the hatred of Muslims toward non-Muslims” — this hate is in the speeches of many imams, on the signs of the protesters against cartoons, and of course on the pics and vids coming out of the Islamic State… We need to name it!!! We need to name it ever damn time they strike out yet again!

      • Read carefully the NATO treaty. My reading of it is that the mutual defence provision only applies to attacks in North America or Europe.

        So my theory is, leave European Turkey alone, and make a nasty deal with Mr Putin, the upshot of which will be that attacks on the Asian part of Turkey will be ignored for a while. Then Mr Erdogan might be willing to provide a “safe space” for all the refugees in Europe, in exchange for the expansion of the treaty to include all of Turkey…

        • OMG!!!!

          That is just what we don’t need: a green light to Erdogan to take reckless actions with Russia with the explicit commitment he will drag NATO and the US with him into war with Russia.

          Why would the West trade a commitment to make war in exchange for Erdogan’s commitment to take refugees into Turkey and, I presume, use the Turkish military to intercept refugee migrations. In other words, this is contracting out to Turkey what European countries ought to be doing for themselves: protecting their own borders with their own militaries and willingness to use deadly force.

          Bringing Turkey into the defense of Europe, on an obviously-domestic issue such as this, will open Europe up to destructive Turkish demands. It may also motivate Turkey to take actions destructive to itself (take in more migrants than it can handle).

          Both Turkey and Europe will be better off if they go it alone in handling the crisis domestically as they see fit.

        • Which is really just a way of saying he wants everyone to be a socialist following the party line with religion reduced to pure cosmetics.

      • Obama is Godless. He has no religion. He likes the muslims because he grew up with them and the bulk of them hate and are jealous of the United States and Anglo American civilization, just like the Obama family. Obama is not a muslim. His only God is big government…or G. Soros.

  5. Extremely insightful. I have read that migration was always a big deal for the EU and it stipulated that it be in control of migration across the member states. It is a major source of power in a fragile EU which was almost undone by Greece defaulting. Despite this fact, Merkel herself is on record as saying that multi-culturalism wasn’t working (referring to the Turks in Germany) So she KNEW it wasn’t working but did NOTHING to stop the invasion.

    Obviously something bigger was at stake. If what you say is true, Baron about Turkey opening the flood gates (and I’m sure you are correct) she was unable to forgo the temptation to take the bait because it would a) give her the moral high ground, but more importantly b) provide her with an opportunity to step in, take over and manage the whole process, thus increasing the power of the EU. (The logic could be compared to a vaccine where the pathogen is introduced to strengthen the host, not destroy it).

    She has kept repeating – ‘an EU-wide response is necessary’! She knew very well that local law enforcement and local resources would be overwhelmed and assumed that the member states would beg her for help.

    This indicates that she lives inside a Brussels bubble of total unreality. She has denigrated her own national flag in public. She is totally out of touch with national politics because she only breathes the rarefied atmosphere of the supra-national. The internationalists have been saying for ages that nation states are obsolete. She was shocked to the core that the Eastern Europeans told her to ‘get f,,,d!’

    So it all came tumbling down, but she will never give in (like Hillary) and will fight till the bitter end. Already France is a Dictatorship (using the Muslim terror as a justification, which is ridiculous). Obviously the French Revolution was a complete waste of time! One by one this might happen to the rest of the EU.

    How big is the fascist Right? The only reason they have a bad name is because of Hitler’s holocaust and Germany’s invasion of other nations. Germans never complained about the lack of freedom under Hitler. In fact they talked about the weakness of the Weimar Republic and how Hitler restored the military, industry grew and the trains ran on time.

    Likewise the French civilians were as weak as water and put up little resistance to Hitler. In fact Vichy agreed with him. So perhaps most Europeans are inclined towards dictatorship whether of the Right or of the Left – as we have now.

    The New World Order is not necessarily a tightly-knit conspiracy but a loose affiliation of central banks, government officials around the world and the global financial cartels to continue amassing power in fewer and fewer supra-national organisations, not accountable to an electorate. The Muslim nations with oil and natural gas are part of the whole system!

    The international elite are NOT committed to democracy and the rule of law. They are committed to CONTROLLING populations for their own profit. They do not exist for us. We exit for them, when they need us. In fact they often don’t need us with the increased mechanization and technological manipulation of the economy. For the first time the Western worker has lost his power and that has been transferred to the Welfare-Entitlement recipient who can vote. Muslims ARE Welfare recipients and when they can vote, their exponentially increasing population will give them enormous political leverage!

    All that the international elites require of us is that we consume – with the little money we have been given by the all-embracing government of the bit we can gain from being employed in one of their businesses.

    So to cut a long story short, I see this whole crisis as a competition for political power – and that is usually enough to fuel wars. Germany started World War 1 and 2 and it looks as though Merkel is fanning the flames of World War 3.

    • Yes, I agree with you about what Merkel thinks she is doing. But it’s not working, even if she doesn’t realize it. Her political base is badly eroded, and almost gone. It won’t be long before the PTB cast her aside and arrange to have her replaced with someone less tainted.

      The fascist “right” (in actuality, the national socialist Left) is currently tiny everywhere except in Greece and Hungary. Here’s what will happen: as the anti-immigration parties such as FN and AfD get more and more vigorously suppressed, people who have the inclination towards violent confrontation will gravitate towards the real fascists, such as the NPD and the Nationaldemokraterna (now defunct). You can already see this happening to some extent in Sweden. When peaceful nationalists show that they are totally ineffectual, less scrupulous people will turn to more violent factions. If the socialism and Jew-hatred don’t bother them, why shouldn’t they?

      That’s one half of the European future. The other half is the increasingly brutal repression by the EU apparatus, backed up by millions of Muslim immigrants to provide the necessary intimidation, and also to serve as the excuse for increased state power, as in France.

    • ” For the first time the Western worker has lost his power and that has been transferred to the Welfare-Entitlement recipient who can vote. Muslims ARE welfare recipients…”

      Outstanding post and insights.

      As for your WW III predictions, I see blood and Camps SOON.

    • To speak of the “fascist right” is as conceptually sound as to speak of the “left right.” People who believe in representative government, free markets, private property, natural rights, religion, custom, and tradition do not support police states and total government control of the economy.

      How strong the enraged or furious right is, however, is something that, among others, PEGIDA, the Sweden Democrats, the FN, the PVV, UKIP, AfD, and the E. Europeans are right now demonstrating. The W. European governments already use fascist methods against these people, which includes the use of their communist AntiFa paramilitary forces which they just never seem to be able to unmask and prosecute. (If a policeman is attacked by these scum of course it’s “look out below” and a minimum of a regiment of mechanized infantry will be called to deal with their hitherto untouched sanctuary.)

      The unmasked, peaceful PEGIDA types can easily be neutralized, however, by the discovery of a “suspicious package” where they plan to gather.

      If they fail to gather strength – and past agonizingly slow electoral progress suggests they will fail – then it’s as the Baron says: strong men to the front.

      • “The W. European governments already use fascist methods against these people, which includes the use of their communist AntiFa paramilitary forces which they just never seem to be able to unmask and prosecute.”

        I can’t help banging an old drum. Sorry.

        The real motivation in gun control, and the benefits of gun ownership, are not to directly fight the government security forces and military. The military itself will always win in a direct confrontation.

        However, the government wishing for a revolutionary change, faces significant risk in using the military, not least of which the military is likely to balk at using force on its own people, and turn on the government itself.

        The method of choice for wanna-be revolutionary governments is to use paramilitary street gangs as proxy enforcers. Of necessity, these gangs cannot be officially supported, commanded, or supplied, so armed citizens do stand a good chance against them. If the population is disarmed, the civilians are at the mercy of any thuggish gang with billy clubs.

  6. Our ancestors must be absolutely disgusted. Catering to a bunch of Christian and Jew hating creatures who are massing to destroy us.

  7. What is most baffeling about the current situation is the fact that the Christians are seemingly unaware of the threat they face. Doesn’t any European have a history book on this islam invasion that happened before? This is a repeat of what happened a coule of hundred years ago. The fact that the Vatican is trying to make peace with these animals is truly disheartening. islam has to be dealt with as the threat that it is to modern man. All mankind.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I note with approval you use the lower case for islam. That might sound petty, but islam isn’t petty – it’s the biggest danger to Western civilization – what’s left of it.

  8. 2023Croesus Paradigm
    Islam Kalifate “Al Occidens”

    Bishop Guy Leven-Torres

    12th June 2015

    Feelings are not reality. Being emotional about nastiness, or refusal to believe that things and events are not bad or do not exist, does not change their nature or the reality of their existence, nor does constant abuse of those of us who refuse to join the ‘Collective of Nothing To Do With Islam’ is not going to alter our surrender to Islam by 2023 to 2030AD, that I have predicted.

    Neither do I wish to belong to the ‘Collective of It Will Not Happen in England’, when daily we see that it most obviously is. Our condition has indeed become far worse even in the last few years. I obtain no pleasure in saying this and I have another admission to make. I am now scared not only for myself but the future of my family and future generations.

    Anybody that is not scared is a liar. The courage is refusing to give way to these fears. Fear allows one to face reality and do something about it.

    My father was scared during WW2 but night after night he went back to bomb Germany in his slow lumbering Halifax B3, to face flak, German fighters and kept going despite losing 74% of his comrades, including the top half of his navigator blown out of the fuselage after attack by a Fockewulf 190 cannon fire.

    I predict that Islam will be in control of UK, America and Europe by 2023 at the latest, give a year or two either way. Al Queda and ISIL reckon 2020AD. “How?” Many will ask. Let me explain. I will quote ‘Al Queda In Iraq’……now called ISIL, via an Iraqi journalist who met the current leaders of ISIL, while a prisoner of the Americans……

    · [Year 2000-2003] The First Phase Known as “The Awakening” — this has already been carried out and was supposed to have lasted from 2000 to 2003, or more precisely from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington to the fall of Baghdad in 2003. The aim of the attacks of 9/11 was to provoke the US into declaring war on the Islamic world and thereby “awakening” Muslims. “The first phase was judged by the strategists and masterminds behind al-Qaida as very successful,” writes Hussein. “The battle field was opened up and the Americans and their allies became a closer and easier target.” The terrorist network is also reported as being satisfied that its message can now be heard “everywhere.”
    · [Year 2003-2006] The Second Phase “Opening Eyes” is, according to Hussein’s definition, the period we are now in and should last until 2006. Hussein says the terrorists hope to make the western conspiracy aware of the “Islamic community.” Hussein believes this is a phase in which al-Qaida wants an organization to develop into a movement. The network is banking on recruiting young men during this period. Iraq should become the center for all global operations, with an “army” set up there and bases established in other Arabic states.
    · [Year 2007-2010] The Third Phase This is described as “Arising and Standing Up” and should last from 2007 to 2010. “There will be a focus on Syria,” prophesies Hussein, based on what his sources told him. The fighting cadres are supposedly already prepared and some are in Iraq. Attacks on Turkey and — even more explosive — in Israel are predicted. Al-Qaida’s masterminds hope that attacks on Israel will help the terrorist group become a recognized organization. The author also believes that countries neighboring Iraq, such as Jordan, are also in danger.
    · [Year 2010-2013] The Fifth Phase This will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared. The plan is that by this time, between 2013 and 2016, Western influence in the Islamic world will be so reduced and Israel weakened so much, that resistance will not be feared. Al-Qaida hopes that by then the Islamic state will be able to bring about a new world order.
    · [Year 2013-2016] The Sixth Phase Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will a period of “Total Confrontation.” As soon as the caliphate has been declared the “Islamic army” it will instigate the “fight between the believers and the non-believers” which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.
    · [Year 2016 onwards] The Seventh Phase This final stage is described as “Definitive Victory.” Hussein writes that in the terrorists’ eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the “one-and-a-half billion Muslims,” the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed. This phase should be completed by 2020, although the war shouldn’t last longer than two years

    Look at the phrase

    “Hussein writes that in the terrorists’ eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the “one-and-a-half billion Muslims,”

    Our feckless emotive scared, political class, already are “beaten down”. And may one suggest, that one of these effects is to reduce the British and other NATO armies to levels only one third of what they were when I served in the Royal Signals in 1982 and Infantry as late as the 2000’s? Levels of 50,000 personnel have been mooted by the Cameron administration and less than the normal stipulated 2% of national expenditure on Defence, while sending billions in foreign aid to Islamic countries.

    This is appeasement or “paying Dane Geld” in the modern ‘jizya’ version. Translated “If we buy them off and be nice to them, they will not attack us!” The Romans did this on occasion but prepared to go in at a later date and put the legionary “boot” in. Decebalus was bought off first then exterminated by Trajan. Dacia became a Roman province and a Latin nation called Romania. Cameron is doing the same but the result will be our full Islamisation.

    We have also seen RN carriers mothballed without aircraft, and its fleet reduced to a coastal gendarmerie, utterly incapable of defending the British coastline. Appeasement doesn’t work, even reducing armies to soothe Islamic aggression and demonising one’s own electorates to do so…as ‘Islamophobes’ and giving precedence to sharia over English Common Law. The Bully simply wants more like it has, everywhere it has subdued in the same manner.

    We still have the Nuclear Deterrent but does anybody really expect America, now run by the Moslem Brotherhood and Neo-cons still favouring a UN Marxist Global agenda in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel, to give the codes to UK in event of a desire to launch and a PM Cameron, or any other left with the decision to fire? The Deterrent was always unusable under a model of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

    Both Israel and their secret alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar fear a powerful Iran. Little known is the secret negotiations with Iran by Saudi Arabia to link up to form the Kalifate, especially as American and Western military power wanes, brought low by 14 years of constant warfare, since 2001 and even before that.

    Delphi warned King Croesus around 550AD…….

    He sent to the great Oracle at Delphi to know whether he should go to war against the Persian Empire and the oracle replied: “If Croesus goes to war he will destroy a great empire.” Pleased by this answer, Croesus made his necessary alliances and preparations and went out to meet the Persian army at the Halys River (which Thales of Miletus, an engineer in his corps, helped him to cross by diverting the waters). The battle at the Halys was a draw and Croesus marched his force back to Sardis where the army was disbanded for the winter. Croesus expected Cyrus to do the same, as this was customary, but Cyrus instead pressed the attack, massacred Croesus’ cavalry in the field by mounting his own cavalry on dromedaries (whose scent frightened the Lydian horses) and captured Croesus. After the fall of Sardis, Croesus’ wife committed suicide and Croesus was dragged before Cyrus in chains.

    Our modern gutless “political Idiotocracy” have done the same as Croesus. I suspect that all the nonsense in Ukraine and the US desire to spark a war and a military build up in the EU, is more to do with ensuring European NATO compliance in the face of the global Islamic threat. Ukraine is a side-show.

    This may contradict what I have said above but politics in Washington and elsewhere is all about cabals vying for ascendancy in the Palace. Kerry was de facto replaced by Victoria Nuland after “Dear John’s” ‘Accident’ that looks more like a Palace assassination and coup, that Obama- The Iqwans’ Man in the Whitehouse, showing all the normal to be expected traits to be found in the Great Leader persona, who like his forebear Hitler controlled these factions through divide et impera (Divide and rule), so weakening further Western resistance to the strengthening Kalifate for whom he really works.

    His obvious disinterest in ISIL and his penchant for being away playing golf has echoes of Nero and Rome, or even an Honorius who in 410AD, thought a messenger bringing news of Rome’s sack by Alaric, was to do with his pet chickens, such was in lack of concern for reality or perhaps like Obama knew the truth, that many in the elite were simply agents of the Goths, that may have included the Emperor himself. History does not so much repeat itself but acts out a kind of variation upon a theme. Substitute Golf for chickens.

    A defenceless appeasing West, driven into surrender by a chronic war of attrition and a population anxious for peace, or distracted by consumerism, celebrity, and lobotomised by 70 years of trivia and Leftist propaganda is easy prey for ISIL and Islam. The populations of Europe have shown no will to fight or even protest their increasing Islamisation, a process that started in the early 1970’s, when students and young started wearing fashionable Yassar Arafat type red chequered Arab scarves and “Designer stubble” in sympathy with the Palestinian cause.

    Europe signed up to the above in 1973 and we have been Islamising ever since and becoming more anti Jew by the year. I doubt if the Western Governments, will mount any kind of resistance now. They do not have the capacity or will to defend us. Any of the public that do so, will be crushed by the Police who in are already sharia enforcers and delight in doing so.

    Around 2023, the Kalifate will make its demands for adoption and ‘reversions’ of faith and Islamic custom under strict sharia and I see signs already, that people are ready to give way. No drawing of Mohammed, no critique of Islamic custom, and believe it or not there is a programme now to demonise the consumption of alcohol and Classical music.

    Those of us who have tried to defend, have been increasing desocialised and criminalised, including myself. I have been refused work due to my “Islamophobia”. My income is now halved from what it was even a year ago.

    By 2023 UK will be Islamic I think. We are more than two thirds of the way there too.

    Yes, I believe that a cowed populace will simply “revert” and those of us who stick their necks out will be in very real danger indeed. The Kalifate is already here. You are living in it.

    The current mass invasion of asylees flocking across the Inner Sea, is actually an invasion and timed to complete the taking of Europe for Islam. We did our best but we are finished. I refuse to live under Islam and will do what is necessary to avoid doing so. While “suicide” might be a sin, ancient Romans fell on their swords and it is becoming very attractive. I cannot live in such shame and dishonour.

    • Sorry, Bishop, but you lost me. Who is this “Hussein” you refer to in the paragraph beginning “[Year 2000-2003]”? And what does TOCC stand for? By “Inner Sea” do you mean the Mediterranean Sea?

      • Mark: I believe that ‘Hussein’ is the journalist held captive (mentioned in the Bishop’s post) & the ‘Inner Sea’ is indeed the Med – called such in Roman times as the Empire ruled the entire territory around the Sea. Some argue that the EU wishes to do the same (‘Eurabia’).

    • Bishop,

      Appreciate your concern, but have no fear regarding America. How much time have you spent here? I assure you, Islam might temporarily gain the upper hand in some very limited areas, but that’s it.

  9. Our elite don’t even bother to hide the fact whose side they are on. The Swedish have been told “that Sweden does not exist and is not their home but that of the incomers.” The former UK Minister Jack Straw stated openly that “The English rae not worth saving!”. He is far from alone with Cameron telling a Moslem audience “The British People must assimilate towards Islam” and there are other examples. Many thought it was “spin” to woo his voters but he meant it.
    He has no intention to hold a Referendum by the way and even if he did, we all know the “Eurosoviet”, would simply demand another until we gave the required answer, just like they did in Denmark, Eire, Holland and all the rest. It stuns me that people still fall for this slimy conman and his fellows every time.
    I would also advise the reader that “conspiracy theories” about these people planning this and that, generally turn out to be true as we now see, as we enter into the New World Order- an Islamic Kalifate. ISIS is not making idle boasts. In short unless we have a miracle we are done for. The EU is no longer needed by the way. It will simply wither away as will the American imperium.

    All of this was planned by the Moslem Brothrehood in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna, then brought to Europe by “ex Nazis” given sanctuary by Arab regimes like Syria and Egypt. Most converted to Islam and swore to conquer as is the duty of all of the Ummah. The Coal and Steel Pact was the result. Now we see the closing stages.
    It is a very clever piece of grand strategy in fact. No I don’t want to be ruled by Islam but one has to say the authors and actors in this huge catastrophe behind it are masters of their art. And in accordance with Tsin Zhu took the West without a shot…..a few murders and riots but still impressive.

    • Bishop, Re: The Swedish have been told “that Sweden does not exist and is not their home but that of the incomers.”

      You’re right. I’ve seen nauseating footage of pre-schoolers in Sweden singing lyrics along the lines of , “our country is your country”.

      Back to basics time. Something like 97% of Swedish children aged 18 months and over are in day care. Their parents aren’t rearing them; the state is. And now we see the result of socialist and feminist brainwashing.

      Idiocy: people who can’t think but who emote on any given stimulus.

    • It’s been a mystery to me how the leaders of the Western countries, US included, have uniformly acted in the interests of Islamic takeover.

      I guess the only feasible explanation is a determined and on-going penetration of Western government and institutions with the aid of Muslim money and political skills. I have been more familiar with the reports of huge payoffs for the Clintons and Bushes. There are also the extensive reports of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the US government and policy-making positions in both the Bush and Obama administration.

      I presume the European governments are subject to the same subversion: money, power and position in exchange for subtly assisting Islamic operatives in subverting government, press, and educational instititutions.

      I’m afraid this sort of sophisticated, long-term, successful effort will not be countered by a stronger military, nor by the availability of still more documentation on the horrors of Islam.

      Perhaps we need to have some secret, or semi-secret societies of our own, dedicated to promoting freedom, liberty, and the right to national and racial identity. The difference between this and what we have now is that such secret societies would be actively conspiring to attain or control the levers of power, and to expel the subversives already there. The really nice thing about an effort like this is that while an Islamic push always goes to violence, as Islam is not defensive except through brute force, a long-term group promoting liberty, freedom, and nationalism needs no real backup except the truth.

  10. Interesting analysis Baron. One thing that makes me tend to agree is how this meshes with Angela Merkel’s character. I have come to the conclusion that she has no political opinions, that all she cares about is power and that she is the ultimate opportunist. That fits very well into the picture you painted.

  11. I am also late for the party. Had to rummage around in memory alley. Oddball details.

    Back in August there were people who wondered why the migrants were paying up to six thousand dollars each to get on dangerous boats from Libya to Lampedusa or wherever they could get to . Air fare was a lot cheaper. Around 8 August, do not trust me absolutely on the date, Powerline had an answer. E.U. Directive /2001/51/EG; to stop illegals, it is the responsibility of the air carriers to be certain of the legality of any required visa’s. Most airline clerks did not feel that they had consular expertise and refused anything questionable, or even marginally questionable. Who wants to lose a good job?

    On Sun 20 Sept, GoV linked me to a story from the Telegraph perhaps by Matthew Holhouse, 1732h 18 Sept. It came after a story on the new Balkan route.

    That story was, of a new Turkish airline commercial strategy. They now had more destinations than any other airline in the world, mostly all over north and central Africa, going on my memory, increasing their capacity from 38000 to 70000 per week. They had also started up a new easily available e-visa program earlier this year, which made it easy for anyone anywhere to get a visa.

    If I were a resident of almost any part of Turkey, I would have little interest in visiting Timbuctoo, but if I were a resident of Timbuctoo, I might be very interested in going to Turkey, and especially so if I had been told that this was the route to dhimmi land where all my whims would be forever catered to.

    If any commenters have better computer skills than I do, and I am certain many do, it would be of interest to learn when the airline expansion to those destinations and the new easy e-visa program began. It may suggest that someone in Turkey did a lot of planning ahead before he had a spur of the moment decision.

  12. I think, as some have observed, that Merkel is using this crisis as an excuse to increase the EU’s control over the people, just as she did with the euro economic crisis. I read recently that the EU has now decided that “in view of the grave emergency” its Border Guards must be fully armed and permitted to enter any country of the EU – with or without permission of the elected government – in order to “secure the borders”. One commenter, maybe on here, observed that this amounts to a military occupation.

    What is perhaps even more worrying than the EU’s lust for power is the lesson it has clearly not learnt from the Australians who imported Cane Toads to help them control their beetles. I think Merkel has a tiger by the tail here, and either the tiger will eat her or a strong man will turn up and eat both of them. Let us hope it is the latter. As they say: “Any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine”; if only temporarily.

    • I’ll go out on a limb: I don’t think Merkel will hold the office of Chancellor much longer. Whatever her plan was back in August, she miscalculated. Either that, or she was given an order she couldn’t disobey by those who control her.

      In any case, what she did put an end to her political career. Her days are numbered. I give her until the spring, no longer.

      • We have just seen that Russian attacks on Aleppo have triggered a mass movement of Syrian Sunnis toward Turkey. There’s no way Erdogan is going to allow them to stay. If Germany receives another 1 million young men, then somewhere near 40% of that country’s under-30 male population will be Muslim by the end of this year. If it happens again in 2017, the majority of Germany’s male youth population will be Muslim. That can’t possibly end well.

        • One other thing about Germany’s demographic changes. There is a growing male-female imbalance among the under-30’s, perhaps on the order 6-to-5 at the moment. If immigration continues, it will be perhaps 7-to-5 by year-end. That can’t possibly end well, either.

          • We’ve already seen what that causes. The rape level has increased dramatically, and will increase even further. And it won’t just be women and girls — think of that poor little 10-year-old boy in Austria who was brutally raped in a public swimming pool by a culture-enricher. This is Europe’s future, and it’s already HERE.

        • Whoever comes after her will follow more or less the same policies, unfortunately. Merkel the person has become a liability, but the policies must remain in place; that has been decided at a level far above hers.

          Something similar is about to happen to Hillary. It has been decided that she must go, but not because of her policies — they suit the PTB just fine. She has become a liability for other reasons, and will be cast aside and replaced.

    • “EU has now decided that “in view of the grave emergency” its Border Guards must be fully armed and permitted to enter any country of the EU – with or without permission of the elected government ”

      If this is indeed true, it should serve as a trigger for all countries to immediately quit the EU by emergency executive order. I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but why would a country continue to support an organization that has declared its right to occupy you against your will?

  13. Way too complicated.
    The Neo – Ummayyad empire stretches from Morocco to Pakistan.
    They may all hate each other, but they hate the Crusaders of Frankistan even more.
    They want Frankish money, stuff & women.
    At this point, Frankistan is VERY WEAK, thanks to PC, Mulktikulti, Antifa, The Pill, etc. etc. etc.
    Frontal assaults have failed in the past, infiltration over decades is working like gangbusters.

    • Life is complicated, Wolfie. Get used to it.

      You can decide to understand the complications as best you can. Or you can wave your hand, and wish them away.

      But they won’t go away. The complicated explanations for events will remain, despite your desire that they not be there.

    • Way too complicated.

      To what does this cryptic complaint refer??

      Do you mean that the post was too complicated for you to absorb or are you being obliquely rude by suggesting too much has been made of an issue you have succinctly reduced to a few et ceteras along with your requisite misogynistic snark, this time in reference to The Pill?

      I declare, Wolfie, you’ve got a template by now. It’s reducing your often spot-on assessment.

      Frontal assaults are indeed on the front burner again if you believe what ISIS/Daesh/ISIL claims to be planning.

      And have you not noticed the current VERY massive frontal assault swarming through Europe? It’s working quite well on a number of levels, but too early to know how all of it will end, at least beyond “not well”.

      The Muslim Brotherhood’s preferred ROE is/was that “infiltration over decades” thingie. It’s still operative in America but they can’t be happy about what this means for their ultimate plans…

      Obviously, those who paid big bucks for this huge, unprecedented and rapid logistical frontal assault into Europe got their moneys’ worth in entertainment, schadenfreude, etc.,etc. Will they let it play down to the last ember or do they have a Plan 2.0 for the summer?

      Enjoy the game tomorrow.

      • There are most likely too many coincidences occurring for there to be a simple cause.

        It feels like a grand Machiavellian plan is being played out. The symptoms that we see point in the direction the Baron (and Dymphna) allude to.

        There usually is a simple cause to most things, but this feels different. Interesting analysis though.

      • Demographic implosion over 2-3 generations or more is ‘misogynistic snark’ ?
        K then…..
        Some reduction in population would have actually been good for highly overpopulated places such as Germany, Netherlands, England, Italy and a few others, but that would have jeopardized the massive welfare and social programs the Baby-Boomers and so-called ‘Greatest Generation’ (are the Germans even included in that term ?) secured for themselves.

        To me – simpleton that I am – ‘frontal assault’ means weaponry.
        So far, Islamic State hasn’t managed to attack Europe, other than a few hotheads with freshly ironed suicide vests blowing up police dogs (RIP, Diesel) or indiscriminately shooting people watching overage ‘metal’ bands.

        No game for me, thanks.
        I stopped caring about the glacially slow pedestalization of people we should not be pedestalizing and whose teams have little or no actual connection to the cities they play in several years ago.
        I’m going skateboarding, much healthier.
        And I won’t wear a jersey with someone else’s name on it, promise.

        • Skateboarding is definitely an urban sport – if you’re wearing only a T shirt you must be in a warm place.

          I stopped caring about the glacially slow pedestalization of people we should not be pedestalizing and whose teams have little or no actual connection to the cities they play in several years ago.

          The whole system of professional team sports is riddled through with corruption. When we had a TV I found watching an occasional game of a sport I’d once played – e.g., basketball – to be interesting, though I’d wander off after one commercial too many. But I’ve never understood worshiping or hating particular players. Or the inhumane things done to small boys, especially in Canada, who show an aptitude for ice-skating.

          “pedestalize”?? It feels strange to say but definitely a succinct neologism.

        • the “misogynistic snark” was due to the fact that you included The Pill in your list:

          At this point, Frankistan is VERY WEAK, thanks to PC, Mulktikulti, Antifa, The Pill, etc. etc. etc.

          If you were being totally honest when you compiled that list of what has weakened Frankistan, you could as easily have included the wide-spread phenomenon of men in our culture who desert their children with impunity.

          But, no, you zeroed in on “The Pill” as a cause. Why??

          After 3 babies in 6 years I was most grateful for The Pill – nothing else worked for me; my husband and father of my children didn’t see it as his problem. When he left, he also didn’t see supporting his kids as his first priority either.

          There is a reason the government established a system for going after “deadbeat dads”. Yeah, they are so common they have their own name. The govt used its powers of collection via garnishment of wages and tax returns, but the father of my children was ‘smart’ enough to avoid the system. I wasn’t on welfare so it would have required a lawyer – which I couldn’t afford.

          For every bruised male ego some mean girl contused, I can show you three women raising kids when husbands skipped out on their obligations to their children. It is VERY risky to women to have a child in our current culture. And bringing children into the world just to stick them in a day care environment is screamingly wrong.

          So replace one of your etc., with “dead beat dad” and you’ll have an honest list. To include only The Pill shows your bias.

          • Pretty much every guy has a “bruised male ego” so I’m not sure I believe that particular statistical claim. Perhaps if you took all the men with major depressive disorder, ones who have been hospitalized, or actually committed suicide then the numbers would match up.

            In any case, “Allah will provide” doesn’t seem like a good alternative to contraception.

          • My informal statistics are based on a decade of work with battered wives.

            Pretty much every woman has a “bruised ego” from her encounters in the gender wars. The weapons are different, the display of affect differs, but no one gets by without their share of slings and arrows.

            Men have the DNA for body strength and a STATISTICAL advantage for intelligence. Thus, we have Bach, Einstein, da Vinci, Galileo, Aristotle, etc. Check out the Nobel Science Prizes. Check out the gender in professional football. Few women are in the former, none in the latter…because on average we’re not as physically strong or as intellectually gifted. Nor as driven. Some women become enraged on hearing this reality and wall themselves off into nunneries called “Gender Studies”.

            The downside of male DNA’sstatistical superiority in STEM disciplines and contact sports – and there is always a downside – is that along the straggling tail of this Bell Curve of male intelligence, with geniuses at the apex, you have the crazy ones dragging along at the tail. Seldom do we ask “where are the teen-age killer girls?” – because there aren’t very many chicks storming schools and malls with automatic weapons. In fact, if/when that does happen you’ll know our culture is on life support.

            I don’t remember what Allah had to do with this…but one more sad fact: women end up in therapy, men go to jail. Sad, that.

            The war between men and women will NEVER be over. The best we can do is intermittent peace talks.

          • The Allah reference was an attempt to suggest that blaming The Pill for social problems sounds too much like something a mullah would come up with.

          • Deadbeat dads and Single Moms did not exist where and when I grew up. Maybe a few isolated cases in the bottom 2% of the population, known only to social workers.
            Same for teen pregnancies.
            I knew of none.
            There were, however, quite a few female classmates who got on The Pill (which was the ‘in’ new thing at the time) as early as age 12.
            Divorce rates were slowly rising but still almost invisibly low, even people who hated each other’s intestines 24/7 stuck together no matter what, because hundreds of years of Catholicism, tradition, societal shaming and very real disadvantages in the workplace forced them to.
            So those fathers who ‘abandoned their children with impunity’ only did so in a very private sphere – if at all – unnoticed by society.
            We’re talking Austria in the 1970’s, not Detroit in the 1990’s.
            The Pill isn’t the only reason why birth rates plummeted in the early 60’s, but it’s definitely among the biggest factors.

            At this point, skating requires hoodie and beanie, lows around freezing, highs in the low 50’s.

            Not sure what Allah had to do with anything, but if I ever come across the guy, he better hope his bodyguards are good and quick.

  14. The US dollar cost of a new inflatable this size, with outboard, is over ten thousand dollars. Probably cheaper in Turkey, but their cost is still considerable. They are used for one-time one-way refugee runs from Anatolian Turkey to Greek Leros or Lesbos, under ten miles away. Turkey could prevent these rubber boats from getting from the factory to the water, if they so desired, at several points by several means. These new inflatable boats do not grow on trees at the beach in Turkey.

    • Lets say $11,000 just to say something. Looked like 29 people on the boat in the picture, say thirty, and kids free? Ok, 366.66 cost of the boat each, plus price gouging say seven hundred each. Possibly it is a thousand each. Still a better deal than the large also massively overcrowded fishing boats sent out across wider seas from Libya. Safer and less costly if the press accounts I read can be believed.

    • And as the Turks discovered not so long ago, shoddy dangerous life jackets being made on the black markets, with Syrians kids no less! So some of the inflatables could also be counterfeits. A viscous circle of crime and money.

  15. Towards the end of last year news agencies like the BBC were filing endless stories of migrants arriving in small rubber boats on Greek Islands. The tone of the report was always “Europe has a duty to help these people”. Not one reporter took a look at the supply side; what was happening in Turkey. Where do these people acquire rubber boat and life jackets? Just how was it thousands of people can leave Turkish territory without the Turk’s knowing? Where are the Turkish Police and Customs?
    It was clear the scale of the migration must not only be approved of by the Turkish Government, but in some way aided. But these questions were never raised by the media or the EU Politicians. This migration could have been halted in it’s tracks if the EU played hard ball. If the Turks were told bluntly in October “stop the boats or kiss goodbye to EU membership..ever and bye the way, Turkish workers is Germany might have to go home..” the boats would have stopped.

    • Exactly. So that means that European leaders were already on their knees then, and could not play hardball. If they did, terrorist cells would have been activated.

    • Turkish membership in the EU should never be used as a bargaining chip.

      Membership in the EU would mean free and unrestricted travel between Turkey and any country in Europe. I can’t think of any advantage Europe could get that would offset that disaster.

  16. I agree with Moa (further up – replies no longer possible to that post).

    European policy since WW2 can be seen as a series of footnotes to the experience of Nazism.

    • I believe the focus on nationalism and Naziism is contrived.

      The real objection of the left is to obscure the responsibility of the left for 20th-c. totalitarian slaughter, torture, starvation, slavery, and theft. There are 40,000 American movies about evil SS colonels and, possibly, 10 about Chekist, Maoist, Cuban, or KR monsters. There are a boatload of movies about commie humanitarians, idealists, and civil libertarians though. Oh, yes. Calling someone a commie is practically a compliment these days and one of those is presently causing lots of young morons to swoon.

      It’s automatic Outer Darkness for you, though, if you call yourself a nationalist or a “right-wing” Nazi. Or if someone else does.

      But the near-totalitarian EU is solving the problem of “nationalism.” Yes, it is.

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