The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe

About a year ago the principal route for the migration into Europe was closed off, thanks largely to the efforts and leadership of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Until 2015, the largest flow had been across the Mediterranean from Libya and Tunisia to Lampedusa, Malta, Sicily, and the southern coast of the Italian mainland. Migrants had been prevented from crossing the Aegean from Turkey to the Greek Islands — a very short voyage — by the actions of the Turkish coast guard, which would catch and return the boats. But in 2015 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to change his policy (for reasons that can only be speculated about — we’ve made some informed guesses here), and stopped the interdiction the smugglers’ vessels. The traffickers seized the opportunity, and started carrying hundreds of thousands of migrants from Anatolia to Lesbos and Chios.

The rest of the story is familiar: The Greek government ferried the arrivals to the mainland, where they stayed in camps until they could be picked up by buses and taken to the Macedonian border. From there the process was repeated at each successive border — get out of the bus or off the train, walk across the border for the photographers, and get picked up by the next bus or put on the next train.

At first the route led through Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary to Austria. However, the Hungarians were alarmed by the chaos, filth, disease, and crime that came along with the migrants, so Mr. Orbán ordered the border to be closed as fast as possible. From then on Hungary became an obstacle to the migrant transports, and the route shifted to the west, through Croatia and Slovenia, to get to Austria.

After sustaining considerable damage from the migration, the Austrian government belatedly realized the necessity for its own border controls, and put up fences and crossing stations along its border with Slovenia. This caused the traffic to back up all the way along the Balkan Route, and one by one the other countries on the route shut their borders. The migrant flow eventually slowed to a trickle, and many thousands of immigrants were left stranded in huge reception centers on the Greek mainland.

As 2016 progressed, one could observe the main flow of the migration return to the passage across the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy. The migrants crossing from Libya to Italy are “rescued” near the North African coast and brought safely to Europe. The boats that pick them up — in addition to those of the Italian coast guard and Frontex vessels — are in the service of various “humanitarian” NGOs. At least some of those groups, but by no means all, are being financed by the Open Society Foundations and its subsidiaries.

However, the Mediterranean is not the preferred route — it’s longer and more difficult to use, hence more expensive. The route from Anatolia across the Bosphorus is much better, from the traffickers’ point of view.

Traffickers are now packing their clients into the cargo compartments of trucks and shipping them to the Balkans. From there they have to use various criminal stratagems to get them further into Europe — presumably forged documents, bribed customs officials, bogus bills of lading, and so on. To facilitate the transport, one would expect them to turn to the mafias, who have decades of experience smuggling contraband along those routes, and could get these loads of migrants into the Schengen Zone.

Somebody is paying for all of this — it’s an expensive process — but it’s not clear who the paymasters are.

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The following article was published last May in the Kronen Zeitung. It describes a meeting in Afghanistan attended by representatives of a consortium of organized crime groups to discuss alternative routes for trafficking migrants into Europe. The preferred detour seems to have been a new northern route across Georgia, Ukraine, and Poland. I haven’t read any news stories about migrant transports being interdicted in any of those countries, but that may just mean that the smugglers have been largely successful — unlike those who use the route through Bulgaria and Romania, where shipments of migrants have been prominently blocked.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Intelligence Agencies Report

28 Illegal Immigrant Smuggling Mafia Bosses Plan New Storm on the EU

May 20, 2016

28 bosses of the largest illegal immigrant smuggling organizations in the world met in the Afghan capital of Kabul — and were intercepted by European intelligence agencies. The confidential report about the plans — and woes — of the people smugglers is available to Krone: New waves of migrants are planned to reach us in Austria via a new eastern route; the smuggling mafia plans to increase their profits.

Even the biggest 007-fans deride a summit like this: two dozen criminals meeting at a location and discussing their machinations and margins seems unrealistic.

[Graphic 1: The Human Smuggling Routes. Graphic by Krone.]

But in Afghanistan, 28 of the most influential human smuggling bosses indeed sat down at a table: they discussed their future strategies for human smuggling. But European intelligence services intercepted this meeting in Kabul, and the intelligence services authored a dossier which has now fallen into the hands of Krone.

[Graphic 2 (not shown): Recently, for this purpose, a coordination meeting took place with Afghan and foreign representatives of several human smuggling groups (12 from Afghanistan, 4 from Greece, 3 from Iran and Thailand respectively, 2 from turkey, Bulgaria and India respectively). Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia, Krone]

In Kabul the Human Smuggling Mafia accordingly discussed the current crisis of their business model: twelve bosses from Afghanistan, four from Greece, three from Iran and Thailand respectively, two each from Turkey, Bulgaria and India, mourned the decline of their income — the border fences in Macedonia, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria being “a problem”.

These are the most important points from the intercept log:

  • As the Balkan Route is blocked at Idomeni, a new human smuggling route from Afghanistan via Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary, to Austria, is to be “explored and expanded”.
  • The goal is to smuggle “at least 300 Afghans per day” into Europe — in other words, in just one year 109,000 migrants from this country alone.
  • In furtherance of which the “effectiveness of the routes is to be increased”: the journey time from Afghanistan to Europe should be reduced to “three weeks maximum”.
  • After complains from customers already smuggled into Europe, “more women” should be brought into the EU.

The mafia bosses debated better ways to share the costs of bribing the border patrol officers in the Balkan countries.

[Photo 3 (not shown): The paramount goal remains to bring illegal migrants with forged papers into the European target countries. To further that end, explorations are currently being undertaken for possible alternative routes via Georgia and Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia, “Krone”]

[Photo 4 (not shown): One aim being to bring more women into Europe and to increase effectiveness of the routes in general by shortening the general travel time to three weeks. Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia, “Krone”]

[Photo 5 (not shown): It is still open which smuggling organization is to provide for the bribes at the several borders. Further, the question is up for debate on the extent to which guarantees for reaching the target country can be satisfied. Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia, “Krone”]

[Photo 6 (not shown): The current decreasing numbers of illegal migrants from Afghanistan in all probability do not represent a lasting trend. The latest European measures prevent a mass onrush like in autumn 2015, but the ongoing strong desire for escape, and the extremely well-organized smuggling gangs make a significant increase in the number of illegal migrants from Afghanistan likely. Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia, “Krone”]

Austrian government circles confirm the authenticity of the report: “Thanks to this Operation by the Intelligence Agencies, we now know that our national measures for protecting the borders were important and justified.”

Hat tip: Astuga, via the comments section.

24 thoughts on “The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe

  1. Well, well, so Soros is behind this! How interesting. I should have guessed. He is an evil man, I know a lot about him, including what he did during his last days in Hungary (WWII). I’m not certain he’s the only one behind it, but he’s got the money, honey. The name of the org indicates in which direction he thinks: the open society.

    Is there some kind of theory “out there” that thinks mixing all different races, backgrounds, languages, habits, and mores — that’s a really good thing? Going by what I’ve seen on the news so far, it doesn’t seem to be working but Soros is safe behind his guards and his enormous wealth so why would he care? Reminds me of the plot for a James Bond movie. . . or book (I read all the books) — saw ooly a few of the movies. I hear the music!

    • Open Society means what? Analogy to an oyster splayed open to access a pearl? Open as in vulnerable to exploitation, like a gambling house engaged in wide-open cheating? Open as in open marriages where philandering couples take turns infecting each other with exotic venereal strains?

      • Good question. I would like to point out that “offene Gesellschaft” (open society) is how Angela Merkel describes Germany, as if this were something wonderful, and the press and a large part of Germans have picked up that phrase and repeat it like a mantra.
        A typical statement we have been hearing for the past year, after the Truck attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin, and on other such occasions, was, “this is the price we have to pay for being an open society”, and “there can be no absolute safety in an open society”. But as I said, the people who say this think it is a GOOD thing.

    • There are gossips and theories about it. Let me sum it up what I heard and found kind of possible… So the NWO is following the neo-liberal extreme economical oriented principles, decided that democracy is not efficient and cheap enough for future goals. Also their fiat money system is on the verge of collapse. So they are looking for more efficient way to control the “livestock” – this is what we are for them -. they found that homogenous national groups are offer larger resistance than divided groups of people (from different cultures, races and languages), so organizing revolt against the future “elite” would be much harder.
      But the Globalists look further about handling the “livestock”. They looking for an ideology which keep the “sheep” policing itself as army/police are expensive and then they could become a problem if they turn against their masters. They looked around in the world of religions and political ideologies, which ones are remained functional and less distorted over time? Christianity no longer capable to serve this purpose since its reformation.
      Pure communists societies collapsed, the other religions mostly just passive mental exercises and not able to control population.
      And there is Islam, unchanged for 1400 years and counting, still expanding, provides a low IQ inbred population, which follows doctrine and more importantly follows the representatives of the doctrine: imams! Those muslims are following the imam’s command no matter what it is. They killing their own relatives if necessary if being told. Just think a bit from these future “overlords” point of view. They want to ensure this future society, which some call neo-feudalism ,will be not disturbed by intelligent general population. They want to breed their servant class separately and you can see their beginnings too. Rainbow colored, gender confused SJW-s, who are bred to be intelligent enough to handle machines and science but they are super-sissies, afraid from their own shadow and cry from a “microaggressions” if someone looking at them from a wrong angle. But how much they love thought police and conformity!
      Brave new world! If they succeed you should be happy not seeing their creation come to life. I would rather die than to become a cog in their machine, but I fear for my little niece as she is just 5 years old. (I guess using the new NWO pizza loving logic, at age 6 she is ready to marry a nice 55 year old muslim guy or serve as mistress for a new overlord)…


        • Thanks! still nauseous…
          When the bullets starts flying I will try to find as many as I can!

      • nice one 🙂 Anyhow, I believe more in the Yuri Bezmenov style of things. It is clear that what you say has long tradition in the middle east. It is even in the Barbar Conan movie: “there is no strength in the sword, but in the hand that uses it. So the goal of the ruler is to control the hands with swords…” Or the mind controlled Assasins, etc.

        What is different today is the technology and science. That is why I am more afraid of the new high tech control than the old middle eastern mass brainwashings: I believe that Islam will be defeated: But I am worried about what comes after that: My guess is it will be some form of militarized fascism “Starship Troopers Style”, that will defeat Islam, and that is what I find really scary.

        After all, the Germans seem to be binary people: Either totally good, or completely evil. And that is what I think they may be trying again: To switch the European morality switch in the “nasty mode” – in which the Europeans can trump any atrocity commited in the middle east.

        Because – what they want now is not “control”, but destruction and depopulation: Destabilisation, Crisis….

        Time for solutions shall come after a few billion are dead.

      • @Crossware – 100% accurate! Please send this to all Foreign Ministers of all nations throughout the world! Thank you for the time you took to expose the Truth!

  2. None of this would work if the European countries cut the dole. Even the Saudis don’t have pockets deep enough to sustain all these people indefinitely.

    • Many of our domestic problems here in the U.S. would also be solved — almost overnight! — if the dole were eliminated for the able-bodies.

  3. For the Mafia and other crime syndicates to be involved it must be indeed easy money.

    There are two questions not easily answered with this article;

    1. How are these syndicates paid, for example; via special Bank accounts, by individual invaders or on numbers delivered, numbers provided for, origin of the numbers, destination of numbers etc.

    2. How are governments (that is those now committed to protecting their sovereignty) able to combat such an arrangement that runs across all those borders?

    I can see a particular use for special forces in the above circumstances to take out those that governments identify and that by taking the next step declare members of those crime syndicates as outlaws, but which country would be first to put that option to use?

    • I think the connections would be fairly easy to discover but let’s not forget the government apparatus: intelligence gathering organizations are all under the influence of the same people who own those organizations.
      That is true still for the US, but all EU countries, especially Germany.

    • “2. How are governments (that is those now committed to protecting their sovereignty) able to combat such an arrangement that runs across all those borders?”

      Those countries (like Visegrad Four) are happy if they left alone. They are not powerful to start sniffing around Germany or investigate the US…

    • Unlikely, especially given that the NWO-oriented governments are at in collusion with the traffickers, at least passively. They know what Soros etc want to happen, they know it is being accomplished by the smuggling in of the “refugees”, they are owned by Soros — so how can they move against it?

    • I’ve heard that often it works like this (based on some interviews): The family out in Pakistan, say, goes into massive debt to finance their son’s trip to Europe. The son pledges to keep sending money to relatives so they can keep making payments to the traffickers’ loan sharks, money that the son gathers from EU dole, or from crime, often both. (That’s why the earlier migrants kept yelling about the awful food in the shelters, and how they want money instead. And they got their way.)

    • It seems that the pace of invasion has picked up a tad – at least that is what I get from these articles.

      That says to me that some in high places are panicking and this is the year that they would wish to avoid in letting the ‘sheep’ get to vote on their future at the next general elections in France and Holland, hence the upbeat invasion.

      It appears to me that they are either; hoping for economic/social collapse before those elections or/and, so much civil unrest that elections will be abandoned.

      But, what if the police withdraw their support to the government realizing the agenda that is being put in place and want no part of it as they are now hinting at? Will Martial law be declared? But, the military are not equipped to handle multiple mass disturbances which will eventuate in such a scenario, and if the military takes to shooting into crowds of their own or invaders, what then?

      • I agree, it’s a race for time. I think they are hoping that by the time it comes to it, the police and the army will be so full of the invaders they will refuse to fight them, and maybe even turn on the indigenous.

        • I don’t believe that German police or military will lower themselves and follow orders to shoot their own. German police are now well aware of how the government has brought them and the public they serve, this problem, they know who has caused this.

          Back in the Nazi days the police were part of the military, and both enforcers included many who were heavily indoctrinated National Socialists who would have had no compunction in firing on their own, but that is no longer the case as the police have been part of the civil government for some decades now and follow their orders from the government via the police hierarchical system, and not the military, which is now treated as a separate entity.

          It would be my guess, but I believe most if not all German police officers would belong to the police union. That was my experience when I was in ‘the job’. The reason for that is many, but working for a ‘boss’ that can make the rules up as things go along is probably THE deciding factor. It gives a personal sense of security to belong to a union that is in place to protect the police officer’s rights, because governments will not do this.

          And all police forces have their own system of internal laws that reflect the criminal codes of the country they work for. Some within the police hierarchy may tend to subvert those laws to suit their political masters, but when police unions find out and the leaders of those unions are prepared to protect their members, then they will take action, either against those police officials who make those unlawful orders or even the government itself.

          This is what I believe is beginning to occur in Germany and I am very hopeful that it will progress further into action taken by the police union.

          We just have to wait and see where it all ends.

    • Re. your question 1. how they are paid for, organized crime is such an old and well-established institution in Southern Europe. From what I hear, it is like there are two states, parallel, on the same ground: the official state, and the mafia who run things. This is how friends from Southern Italy describe it to me. Whoever can, tries to get away and find jobs in the northern countries, where the mafia don’t have this tight grip, because it does not leave many savings for yourself when you have to pay taxes to two states.

      • Yes, one cannot abide by two different laws of the land. It is either one or the other. The Mafia as an organization needs to be thoroughly discredited beginning at the educational level. The Mafia system of criminality is entrenched in that part of Italy that was subject to an Islamic invasion some centuries ago, particularly Sicily from whence the Mafia originated.

        The Mob make a great show of being Roman Catholic, but their actions would indicate other and lesser Christian influences which seem to be more akin with Islamic practises.

    • Yes, geographie doesn`t change much, only sometimes the ones that have controll over these routes.
      There is not much talk about it, but this is fe. also the main reason why Turks won`t let got of the Kurdish populated regions (actually they try to grab more of it from Syria and Iraq).
      The whole legal trade and of course all the smuggling goes via Kurdish territory.
      You name it: people, drugs, weapons, everyday goods, and crude oil (from Iran during the sanctions, and later from ISIS).
      And in former times also slaves.
      Some go this way, the other that.

      The Turkish high ranking military and governing politicians earned a lot of money this way over the decades.

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