Erdogan, Turkey, and the Refugee Racket

It is widely assumed by “xenophobic” writers such as myself that the flooding of Europe with “refugees” and “asylum seekers” is a planned event. The evidence is overwhelming — all the policy announcements by Western European political leaders of different parties in different countries at different times take the same positions and use nearly identical wording. This is true for EU and non-EU countries alike, and applies to those within the Schengen Area as well as those outside it.

It’s an open question as to what the motivation is for this lockstep imposition of cultural and ethnic replacement on the indigenous population. It may well be that the leaders of Western Europe really believe that they must import Somalis and Afghans to replace the tax base of an aging native workforce. And ideology obviously plays a part — there are many, many progressive gutmenschen among the elites who genuinely believe that Europe is enriched by the migration of foreign people. The top level of decision-makers are probably all cynical opportunists, but the middle and lower tiers of the welfare state apparatus include numerous true believers.

And money also obviously comes into it. The planning for Eurabia was set in motion more than forty years ago and has proceeded steadily since, driven by Europe’s need for affordable petroleum. The infusion of Saudi petrodollars at strategic moments has undoubtedly also played a role, helping to focus politicians’ minds on the necessity for bringing in more and more poverty-stricken Muslims from the Middle East.

But the events of the spring and summer of 2015 far exceeded the previous tranches of “refugees” brought into Europe. Contrary to widespread assertions that this rapid acceleration was planned and implemented by Angela Merkel, François Hollande, et al., there are ample indications that the current crisis was neither intended nor desired by the political managers of the European Union. The Islamization of Europe was expected to proceed gradually, over the next five to fifteen years, so that the Eurofrog would be boiled at exactly the right rate. By the time the indigenous population was roused to indignation and anger, it would have been too late — the process of replacement would have been all but complete.

Angela Merkel is now facing severe political difficulties, which can only increase along with the addition of hundreds of thousands or millions of additional “refugees” to the overloaded German welfare system. More rapes, more muggings, more murders, more expropriation of natives’ properties, more demands for more of everything — even if the mainstream media never report these events, news of what is happening spreads rapidly via Internet samizdat, and bodes ill for the electoral future of German politicians, especially at the local level. Lower-level functionaries of the CDU and the CSU have already begun to make their unhappiness known to the Chancellor.

Mrs. Merkel’s cap-in-hand supplicatory visit to Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an additional indication that events have veered far from the course she would have preferred. No German chancellor would make the walk to the Ottoman Canossa lightly — such obeisance to the would-be Sultan cannot be expected to sit well with the average voter at home. Her desperate behavior is evidence that the immigration flood in Europe is now beyond her control.

So what happened? How did the best-laid plans of the Euro-mice go astray?

We’ve been reporting on the Mediterranean “migration” crisis for nearly five years. Up until this year, the bulk of the people-trafficking took the routes from Libya and Tunisia to Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Malta, and Sicily. 2011 — the year of the “Arab Spring” — was the peak of the crisis until 2015. Sixty thousand or so illegal immigrants made their way to Italy during that year. It seemed such a huge number at the time, but Europe is now facing a possible flood of twenty-five times as many before the end of this year.

The “refugees” are still arriving at Lampedusa on a regular basis, but their numbers are dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands who cross from Turkey to Greece and then follow the well-charted land routes through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia to get to the Promised Lands of Austria and Germany.

The Balkan route was only lightly used before this past summer. Until the middle of 2015, Turkey intercepted and returned most of the smugglers’ boats when they attempted the crossing from Asia Minor to Kos and Lesbos. A few got through here and there, but the prominent news stories about the ones that didn’t — sometimes with more than a hundred migrants in the boat — must have served as a deterrent to most of the low-budget smugglers who dominate the market today.

Nor did Turkey allow columns of immigrants form en masse to take the overland route to the Greek border crossings in Thrace. But all that has changed now; witness the raw video footage of thousands of “refugees” proceeding down major Turkish highways — accompanied by Turkish police — towards the border.

Nowadays Turkey is at best turning a blind eye towards the people-smugglers crossing the Aegean in what almost amounts to a daily ferry service. One must assume the Turkish security services are well aware of which outfits are doing the smuggling, and what routes they are using, but the government chooses not too intervene. Given the extremely lucrative nature of the trafficking business (see this news report about how many fill each boat, and how much they pay), one must also assume that Turkish government officials take a cut of the profits.

Yet the same thing could have been done long ago, in 2011 or 2012, when the Syrian “refugees” were first created. Why did Mr. Erdogan wait until now to open the floodgates?

The tsunami that overwhelmed the Greek islands began just after the Islamic State made its first terror attack on Turkish soil. It’s true that the suicide bombing on July 20 targeted Kurds, but it occurred on Turkish territory. The Turks claim a monopoly on massacring Kurds in Turkey, so this did not sit well with the Turkish government. Not only that, but ISIS has repeatedly threatened Turkey itself, warning that “the Islamic State is coming to Istanbul.” Where they kill Kurds, they can also kill Turks.

Up until then President Erdogan found it expedient to tolerate and even assist ISIS in its jihad against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. The Islamic State was also useful as a foil against the Assad regime.

But after July Turkey seemed to make a strategic decision to change its policies. It opened the floodgates and let hordes of “refugees” into Europe — among whom are an undetermined number of mujahideen for the Islamic State and other factions of the jihad in the Middle East.

That gets them out of President Erdogan’s hair. The pickings are fatter in Europe, so the hope must be they will lose interest in Turkey. And perhaps he wanted the best ISIS cadres to escape to Berlin before they were annihilated by the Russians.

Mrs. Merkel’s supplications notwithstanding, it may not be in Turkey’s interest to stop the refugee flow. Europe will be Islamic and dominated by Turkey sooner or later, anyway, so why not sooner?

Let the ISIS fighters expend themselves wreaking havoc in Western Europe! Later, when the time is right, the real Caliphate will move in and run the show, headed by Sultan Recep or his successors.

Some loose ends to think about:

It costs a lot of money to buy a ticket for Europe from the traffickers. Most of the people coming through are unlikely to be able to afford the price. Someone is paying for it — who might that be? Some say Soros, others say the Saudis. Or maybe it’s a combination.


The “refugees” who arrived at Nickelsdorf just inside the Austrian border were paying for their €2 purchases at shops with brand new €500 notes, to the point where shopkeepers had to turn them away; they had no more change. Where did those notes come from? The immigrants didn’t find them in the bushes coming through Serbia and Hungary.

Some writers speculate that those banknotes were most likely counterfeit. However, if they did turn out to be counterfeit, someone would have been left holding the bag, as is always the case. It’s usually the business owner who gets stuck, and has to eat the loss, rather than the bank. So if they had been counterfeit, I would have expected at least some of the proprietors interviewed to have been screaming about the fact, because they would have been really hurting at that point.

Have any readers heard anything else about those high-denomination banknotes in Nickelsdorf?

There’s more that can be said about the “refugee crisis”, much more. We’ll be saying it here in due course, so stay tuned.

Hat tip for the video: Diana West.

50 thoughts on “Erdogan, Turkey, and the Refugee Racket

  1. Some good info here Baron. Obviously those Traitors, Merkel and her willing destroyers of Germany and most of Europe, know exactly what is going on. I wonder if Merkel has bothered to take the time to realize how women are treated within Islam?

    Ideology, lust for power and greed, are very strong motivators of those who believe they know better than God what is best for humanity, even their own kind.

    • First we saw toady Ob do the Muslim with Erdo. Now it’s a desperate old lady out of place and out of time with a shagged out ideological bent doing for Germany what Ob did for the USA. Bringing it down.

    • Do you think that Merkel and her merry band of TRAITORS give a fig’s leaf of concern or compassion for the atrocities and trauma they inflict on their German, native-born subjects?

      No. Not in the least.

      And so, should we NOT care in the least — and in fact *rejoice* — when God Almighty throws them (Merkel and her devil-colleagues) into eternal torment in hell.
      Read your Bibles, people, if you care to know what awaits our “rulers” who dare to act in ways that to usurp from God Almighty the glory that belongs to him alone.
      Merkel is a gnat, a fly, a maggot. And she will know soon enough that she answers to God Almighty for her treason of her OWN people.
      [Intemperate suggestions couched in graphic language redacted]

      • I agree with the sentiment but let’s stick with facts and what we know with regard to damnation and punishment. In saying that, I hope they are punished in this life for all to see.

      • “Do you think that Merkel and her merry band of TRAITORS give a fig’s leaf of concern or compassion for the atrocities and trauma they inflict on their German, native-born subjects?” I really do not know. Surely merkel et al believe they are doing good?

      • Indeed one interesting moment in Russia, was a visit to an icon museum; where there are a number of icons featuring the “nemets” in hell. Nemets being the word for Germans nowadays but then it referred to all non-orthodoxes.

  2. Was it an Austrian intelligence officer who reported that money to finance the refugees’ travel was coming from the U.S.? If that’s correct, that might be Soros’s money or it might be from others, or a combination. Raw data for now.

    The Europeans’ first and only resort is to passivity. All initiative is surrendered to the point that Merkel flies to Turkey to ask Turkey to please, oh please, stop the flow of refugees. Good Lord above.

    European nations have upwards of 3.5 million active and reserve military people with which to secure 175 miles of the land border with Turkey and some 400 miles of the Aegean Sea. But . . . the premiere civilization on the planet cannot manage the will to interdict the flow of unarmed refugees when it has a wealth of military manpower and hardware.

    For what do these military engines exist? Flood control? Earthquake relief? Ebola control? Doormen? Nursemaids? Welfare assistants? To wipe the noses of the invaders? What has happened to the simple idea of force to enforce the national will, even lethal force if clear warnings are given?

    It’s pathetic. If the front door of my house is open, do I go to my neighbor and ask him to close it?

    Wake up my dear European friends. These people are coming to destroy you! What warnings do you need to rouse yourselves from your stupid lethargy? Turn away from your traitorous politicians! Rediscover your common sense and your greatness!

    • What should concern all of us is next spring 2016. I have a very bad feeling that the horde will only double in size or even beyond. Meanwhile the feckless, spineless and [redacted to “lacking manly junk”] alleged political leaders are spouting the same lame excuses and doing nothing ,that is Zero to counter this Jihad by migration.

      • My apologies for my rather vulgar description of the political class, in the future I will not let emotion get the best of me.

      • Sadly IMHO the 3.5 million troops will be turned on the Europeans not the ‘migrants’ who are the root cause of most of the criminality, civil disorder,and strife.

      • That is correct. The obvious use of the military is not made. Other than flood relief and parades to lull the people, what you point out is all that’s left.

        Still, to paraphrase Herb Stein, “The military will remain subservient to civil authority, until they aren’t.”

        Whatever is coming will be something quite new indeed. If the betrayal of the West by the Western elite is unique in (1) the size of the cohort of elite participants and (2) the magnitude of the betrayal, it should surprise no one that there will be a reaction that confounds expectations formed in much different times.

    • As a European I get your point. However though our leaders may be “elected” as our democratic representatives they in no way represent our views around most issues, specifically immigration.

      The Baron is likely right in his assessment of the root cause motivation behind this as stated in his recent essay.

      Similarly Nemesis is right that our European military capability is likely being reserved for a “civil contingency”; or not used as they are more in tune with their fellow Europeans.

      The worst thing is that the situation the ruling elite are engineering us towards will never come to pass. The hordes of immigrants being welcomed to create their new society are not capable of being within any society or contributing to the overall wealth of any nation.

      The real future will be that Europe’s people rise against its ruling elites, destroying them alongside an apocalyptic decimation of all middle eastern and Islamic culture to the last molecule.

      The USA has in its short history come to represent the pinnacle of Western civilisation – but even it is also under threat. I need go no further for the explanation of this than four words – Muslim Brotherhood, White House.

      • Agreed. The invaders enjoy the support of the Treason Class but will easily be isolated and dealt with then that support disappears. They are entirely dependent on their host government and, for now, the acquiescence of the indigenous people.

    • Please spare us from the message ‘ wake up dear Europes” to those here, it is a waste of time. What do you think the likes of Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and countless others are trying to flag up ceaselessly?

      The EU is just a facade for dismantling each and every country from the inside. The education systems have been hijacked for a very long time & have rendered young people incapable of any meaningful rational thought processes. The media are just scoundrels, paid lackeys to the bidding of their EU NATO US masters.

      all can be done is a rearguard action, such as the likes of PEGIDA.

      • Preaching to the choir advances nothing, as you point out.

        Your dyspepsitude would be warranted if I believed that there are not a great many Europeans who read this site for information they cannot find in their own countries but who are not yet committed to the anti-jihad, anti-hijra viewpoint.

        You are correct about the E.U. but I don’t see PEGIDA as a rearguard phenomenon, especially as the surge of invaders has forced Merkel’s hand. Infra red videos of ant-like swarms of invaders crossing the border are alarming in ways that the drip-drip of infiltration was not. I hope. It’s not over till it’s over but your assessment of the correlation of forces is supported by much evidence.

        The provocation of Muslims taking over streets to pray should have been enough to rouse any Frenchman or German to a white hot fury. They do me and I am a long way away although I am sure the Muslims do that here. The brain struggles to keep up.

        Clearly any kind of awakening is not going to come quickly. It seems the tipping point is to be reached by a slow accretion of outrages. A husband catching his wife in flagrante delicto rarely needs to experience that 30 or 40 times before he is livid with rage but oddly Westerners seem to be people who can witness 5-10,000 Muslim outrages and still remain remarkably passive. It’s a mystery, it is, but people everywhere in the West do need to wake up.

  3. My coworker in Florida is also Hungarian, she regularly visits Hungary on vacation, and has property there. She returned last week after spending a month there. I asked her where the immigrants are getting brand new I-phones and big bill Euros; She said Soros is providing them somewhere along the way. Maybe on the ferries to Athens.

  4. Interesting. Yes, many of the “refugees” seem so incredibly primitive (as shown in the report from Berlin, RE their refusal to use toilets) – and at the same time, so incredibly rich… with more “savings” than most British people their age, for starters.

    Which begs the question – where does the money come from? Soros may be rich – but does he have the channels, to get such loose cash across to “refugees”? And is he so rich, as to give thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of people? Besides, as you’ve mentioned, the Eurofrog is at this stage being cooked too quickly – meaning the far right is gaining in poll numbers all over Europe. Is this something that Soros would want?

    Rather, my money’s on the middle Eastern Sheikhs, who have money spare to burn – and, via the Hawala system, can transfer that money, with no-one else finding out…

    Also, previously Paul Weston performed quite a detailed analysis of future European Muslim demographics, including how the numbers of fighting-age males weigh up… (you may have done one later, too?) – perhaps soon, it’ll be a good time for an update, to take into account the “Hijra effect”?

    • If any of them came from the FSA rebel parts of Syria, a minority, then it is probable that they have gained some of their ‘savings’ from looting & criminal activities at the expensive of their less fortunate neighbours, to fund their trip to the EU.

      Having said, that there are plenty of willing helpers already embedded in the EU to help others to come to EU, plus the Gulf States dishing out the dosh. I bet that there are huge thick strings attached to it all, namely, religious compliance & enforcement. It is not therefore surprising to see essentially only males, and to find out that the refugee camps apply sharia.

    • my money is on Saudi Arabia and the emirates they have always hired western expatriates huge contracts Saudi Arabia has not taken one refugee in and so with the emirates they do not trust their own I think the invasion is coming from the religious side who take large amounts of money from the princes their ultimate prize is Jerusalem and the domination of the Islamic faith in Europe and the rest of the world Lebanon was a Christian country and they took them in and they bread their way with their 4 wives as soon as a girl has her periods she is ready to bread no such thing as birth control just look at your history it is repeating itself I worked in the middle east for 20 years that’s my opinion before the gulf war the call to pray was young boys singing nice songs I didn’t need an alarm clock after the war all changed nasty men were screaming and shouting it is an Islamic invasion like no other

  5. Gates of Vienna indeed! Forget the siege works, simply overrun the countryside. There will be more people than you have bullets for! George Soros, again! He put O’Bama in office and is now destroying Europe. Will he be the one to introduce the Antichrist? He certainly seems to be doing the Devil’s work, and enjoying it profitably as well. Heaven help us, please!

  6. Thank you for this enlightening article. Turkey has generally acted as an insulating state between the West, Russia and the EU, but since 9/11 their population has become more radically Islamic. It is understandable that they’ve pulled the plug on the hordes swarming into their nation as they threaten to overwhelm the Turkish state. Similarly, no-one wanted to take Palestinians either! It seems Muslims are not interested in helping each other if they are from different nationalities – unless they can make money out of it.

    Russia has vast sparsely populated lands plus an indigenous Sunni population, so they ought to take them! In fact they should be herded from Turkey across the border into Georgia and from there to Azerbaijan and round the Caspian to Turkmenistan! Better still, labor is in short supply in Siberia where the Chinese are busy developing all kinds of businesses. Those angry young men could work for the Chinese and learn a bit of discipline! There they can cool their heels with some UN support while we wait for ‘someone’ to carpet bomb the ME unless they stop squabbling!

    • Why should anybody take them? What the hell has Russia done except use commonsense? How graceful of you to suggest other nations take these “refugees”. Like hell they are.

      All these “politicians” are criminals, plain and simple. This is the biggest crime in history and the stupid bovine European cattle do nothing. Bloody spoiled children scared of their own shadow and being called “Waycist” and the stupid Church is in on the act too.

      What kind of “Church” invites the destruction of its own flock? Funny kind of Christianity? It makes my blood boil. If I had the authority I would excommunicate and defrock the whole rabid pack of them. How dare they wear the cloth!

      • I echo your message. Russia will not take in these refugees, they have their own problems at home.
        Volgograd bombings,
        Moscow theatre hostage taking
        Moscow metro & airport bombings
        and Belsan school siege.

        “All these “politicians” are criminals, plain and simple.” I wholeheartedly agree.

      • It is not the business of nations to fix the problems of other nations or to protect victims of their own people and their own governments.

        There will always be Muslim refugees from other Muslims oppressing them. Islam is a tribal-based culture, where the commonality of Islam is important only in dealing with infidels ripe to be looted.

        The best alternative for any country would be to fortify its border with thick, high razor-wire fences, active mine-fields, and border guards with military weapons and orders to shoot any invaders. The people from chaotic, high-birth, low-skill dysfunctional countries will have to live or die on their own. It is not the business of the West to ensure the survival of every person born.

  7. If they are not able to get on a state-organised transport, refugees are paying their way through Serbia and Croatia with hard cash. Croatian newspapers reported that in many cases refugees simply took taxis to get across Croatia (i.e. from Serbian border to Slovenian border, approx. 300 kilometers) even paying five times more than regular fare (local taxi drivers exploiting the opportunity to earn some quick cash). However, despite all that spending, there have been NO reports of counterfeit banknotes.

  8. That’s a very good question that I have been asking myself since the beginning of the massive afflux of migrants: why now? And most importantly, retrospectively, how come no one in the media is asking that question? Journalists can spend kilometers of words on obscure politically-related judicial affairs that won’t matter in the slightest, or spend days on rehashing old debates that always end up bringing no more enlightenment on whatever topic is trendy at the time. You may think that at least one of them would ask the question. That is a really sensible interrogation. And if not all of them, some journalists are intelligent and should seize that opportunity to show their talent. I tend to refuse to believe that leftism and censorship have gone this far. And yet this looks to be so.
    I have not performed a comprehensive research and I may have missed those articles that dared wonder why and why now. Has anyone read anything like that in the past weeks?

    • Leo Hohmann at WND has done outstanding research and commentary on “refugee” resettlement, focusing primarily, tho, on the U.S.
      Very informative article, Baron. I appreciate your excellent work very much.

    • Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish journalist who created her own media outlet after being aghast by the repression within the Swedish media, I believe. Obviously once you report credibly on such matters that concern us, they’ll likely lose their job and be outcast.

      • I have worked in one of England’s (2) most prestigious universities and have seen the left wing mindset at work. Firstly they believe all people are not equal, in fact the Judeo-Christian European is lower than anyone else. I think they have had their heads filled with guilt, and being quite nice people on the whole, react with permanent sackcloth and ashes, and a wailing of Mea Culpa! They simply will not believe that having a completely diluted culture, just one among many who not just differ slightly but radically, is a bad thing. Its not up for discussion. The nearest analogy I can find, is that of the witch hunts of 17thC Europe and the New America. It boils down to the fact that most people are frightened of losing their job, losing their “credibility” and the badge of faux humanity that they wear. You truly can lose your job and become a pariah, for saying things that are deemed to be verboten, by the hierarchy. And anyone who thinks the mainstream news isn’t censored is sadly naïve.

    • The sad fact is that there are real journalists at work. They work out of their homes, on shoestring budgets, and self-publish on the internet. It is they who are equivalent to the pioneer journalists of the nineteenth century.

      The so-called journalists and newscasters of the mainstream media are simply entertainers. They are highly-paid performers, and should not be considered journalists in any sense. There are, of course, competent reporters in newsrooms, but they are not allowed to say anything that would upset the ratings of their employers.

      Funny enough, I don’t consider that to be completely undesirable. The majority of people are not going to follow an intense, logical presentation anyway. The point is to allow the real journalists the ability to express themselves, and to have the material available when it’s needed.

      Tellingly, my view is buttressed by the fact that the political leaders and the main stream media are supporting the criminalization of speech and the suppression of cheap means of information dissemination, such as the internet. The truth, even when expressed by people on the edge of poverty and obscurity, is a deadly threat to the political and economic profiteers.

  9. Now to incorporate Turkey in the EU, so at least all native Turks can travel the EU can have passports.

    Turks them selves may want to escape some the mayhem that may be unleashed in their country. So a look at Europe will be so much easier. With so many passports being printed, well what is a few more passports printed

    Would they even need a passport? let alone a visa.
    How will it even be policed? How many border passport/customs staff will be needed. How will they even cope with so many even if they find a hitch in the passports. Could they even turn them back? let alone consider deportation.

    So easy now Turkey for to ask that it should be in the Schengen zone. lol.

    Again so easy with printing passports which would only need certain levels of $$ to give credibility to any immigrant, to roam and settle where he wishes in Europe.

    So again a multiply effect as many more, from the middle east and Africa will travel to get to Turkey, who will profit greatly as passports will be issued for a $nice price, just for you, and a quite understanding, now you can move westward, and enjoy.

  10. How many parasites will it take before they destroy the host?
    I guess Angela Merkel will find out.

  11. Speculation that those notes are counterfeit would be coming from US sources not very familiar with the synthetic technology that goes into the Euros.

    They are very, very hard to counterfeit, and get caught very quickly, which is exactly why the technology was developed for Australia a few decades ago and then adopted for the Euro.

    So they are being supplied with those notes by someone, the really interesting bit is who?

    • Here in Algeria there is a black market that is interested in buying USD or Euros with the local scrip at highly favorable exchange rates. At the bank the DZD:USD exchange rate is something like 90:1. On the street you can find rates as high as 140:1.

      However, I do not believe there are nearly enough expats here to fund all the taxi rides of the locust swarm that has descended upon Europe.

    • Australia’s “Mint” prints, as at 2011, the banknotes for about 15 different countries due to the super high-tech process aimed to thwart counterfeiting. I recall being very surprised at some of the countries, ie they weren’t all Third World Pacific Island states.

  12. Eventually, the Germans, Swedes and others simply won’t have the resources to fully fund the new arrivals. The cupboard will be bare. They may be disinclined to come when words spreads that there’s no more money, or perhaps they’ll head for, say, France or Italy instead.

  13. “Nowadays Turkey is at best turning a blind eye towards the people-smugglers crossing the Aegean in what almost amounts to a daily ferry service.”

    At best? You are too kind. Recall that the principal route of those from Europe, America and Australia wishing to join ISIS was/is to fly to Istanbul thence overland to ISIS-stan. And the sole means of ISIS-stan selling its oil is through Turkey. Kick Turkey out of NATO and keep it out of the EU.

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