18 thoughts on “’Nuff Said

  1. I keep thinking of the bear guy Timmy Treadwell in Alaska who thought he could befriend a Grizzly, needless to say, he and his witless girlfriend became bear scat shortly thereafter. That is the fate of Eloi like these women but much slower and worse than any bear mauling.

    Beyond it’s hard to muster words anymore to the events that are transpiring and the collective suicidal impulses displayed by our populace. All I can do is prepare for the eventual storm that is coming.

    • Perfect. Thank you! I remember that time in wacky liberal Santa Monica, California. This idiot had Russian roulette classes for cool lefty youth. The “Ranger” tried to tell him but he just could not ‘get it’. I suppose that is the part of life we all eventually discover or don’t discover. There are rules and God’s nature will not be mocked. Many of this generation’s young people will take a very painful devasting hit once we reach ‘reset’?

      • “Grizzlyman” was so “cool”. That might have been next door in Laguna? Anyway thank you for that reference to the real world.

    • The self hating Europeans may scratch their heads when the killings start and wonder why they welcomed in these crazies whose doctrine is to kill all infidels and install shiria law. Lacking critical logical thinking abilities, Europeans get what they deserve for being stuck in stupid. laura in usa

      • Laura is the USA really being any smarter? As far as I could see in my travels both sides of the pond the US and EU are running neck in neck. A terribly unqualified Muslim sympathizer Barack Husein Obama has been elected president twice. The killing has already started in the US. Hopefully Americans in spite of all will not surrender their weapons under a little serious pressure from .gov. American media is the most successful in the west at keeping its citizens uninformed. If not for the Internet.

  2. Of course there’s a difference. My family always had spareribs for Christmas.

    Nevertheless, the self-destruction of European civilization is shocking, horrifying, and catastrophically tragic.

  3. I think there is a difference, that is the turkeys probably have a little more time before the worst happens.

  4. Doubtless, when those three frauleins are subjected to the Muslim notion of “date rape” by a gang of thugs they will not complain about it, for that would perpetuate the “negative image” of Muslims and Islam. There have already been one or two precedents for that kind of selfless behavior in Germany, with the German police and news media complicit in the cover-up.

  5. Sweden cracks.
    Parties agree: Border set to be temporarily closed, family union rules to be tightened (Aftonbladet lead story Wed. morning)

  6. If trainload after trainload of young, attractive women would arrive, me and my buddies would probably look equally foolish, drooling all over and and do or say anything we can to make them stay.

    • Poor sod. “If” but it isn’t. These soon to be millions are military age males. ALL are steeped in an ideology of hate for God and life. Right now most are blinded by the very real possibility of free stuff of every kind imaginable. When everybody wakes up – then we’re off to the races.

  7. Baron, here’s an oddball to follow up maybe, ultimately from a Polish source via a German-language source. It begins:

    “According to Polish media, the unpreparedness of European politicians for resistance to the refugee onslaught will in some years lead to many European citizens emigrating to Russia”

    (Laut polnischen Medien wird die fehlende Bereitschaft der europäischen Politiker zum Widerstand gegen den Flüchtlingsansturm in einigen Jahren dazu führen, dass viele europäische Bürger nach Russland auswandern werden.)


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