Fly Dhimmi Airways to the Heart of Europe!

Since last year’s flood of “refugees” into Europe, border closures between various countries have all but cut off the flow of migrants into Germany by land. Austria in particular is no longer cooperating with the migratory imperative — it has built fences and installed border controls at the crossings from Slovenia and Italy.

The German government is evidently determined to make Brecht’s sarcastic poem a reality: they are now flying in the migrants secretly, by night. The regime seems bent on abolishing the German people and appointing a new one.

It sounds like something out of a paranoid fantasy, but here’s the story from Kopp Verlag. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Late at night: The federal government is pushing refugee masses through airports

by Markus Mähler

Officially, the refugee crisis in Germany is slowing down: less and less of them are walking on the Balkan route; one sees hardly any special trains or buses. No wonder: Apparently they travel by plane. Neither seen nor known about, one charter flight after another is landing at German airports.

The New Year’s Eve sex mob chased women; migrants turned Cologne into a lawless zone. Thus the refugee celebration mood wore off, even for the most good-natured Germans. Now Merkel’s professionals come secretly. [Allusion to government’s promises that the newcomers would all be highly-trained professionals: doctors, engineers, etc. — translator]

They board the chartered planes in Turkey and in Greece. They land in Germany late at night. They are then distributed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) by buses to the reception centers.

It was reported by several Kopp Online tipsters, who observed the buzz at German airports. So far, German media aren’t reporting it.

Just one look at fight schedules of August 8th shows: From half past twelve, the “rush hour for refugees” begins. Airplanes from Turkey and Greece land almost every minute.

The intensive landing continues through the night and ends only around six in the morning. Below there is just an example from the Cologne-Bonn airport: during the day there’s merely one flight arriving from the eastern Mediterranean. No wonder: tourism is downright destroyed due to the many terrorist attacks. At night, however, there are no fewer than eleven flights:

00:30   Heraklion (Greece)
00:55   Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55   Adana (Turkey)
01:25   Izmir (Turkey)
01:55   Antalya (Turkey)
02:40   Antalya (Turkey)
02:50   Antalya (Turkey)
03:55   Istanbul (Turkey)
04:10   Marsa Alam (Egypt)
05:30   Istanbul (Turkey)
06:05   Izmir (Turkey)

On the display boards at the airport their destination is marked as “Unknown”.

At Hannover airport, at night, between 1:35am and 6:15am there are six arrivals from: Burgas, Heraklion, Izmir, Antalya, Antalya, Ankara. A reader reported to Kopp Online that at Dusseldorf airport planes are also landing late at night.

Then the planes take off again, but on the display panels the destination is marked only as “Unknown.” Anyone who tries to look at the official plan for the airport Dusseldorf won’t find anything. Between midnight and 6am there absolutely no flights, nothing — officially.

Another reader reported Kopp Online:

“Here in Wunstorf there’s an airbase for the Bundeswehr. For some time there have been more and more civilian flights landing and taking off there, and afterwards, dozens of busses leave the venue. We have often asked ourselves why there — where otherwise no passenger jet ever landed — there’s all of a sudden so much activity. There is no reason for a passenger plane to land in Wunstorf. Unless you want to hide something from the public.”

On Tuesday, the busy landing goes from 12:30am on. An example again, this time from the Cologne-Bonn Airport:

00:40   Thessaloniki (Greece)
00:55   Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55   Adana (Turkey)
01:25   Izmir (Turkey)
01:25   Istanbul (Turkey)
01:50   Adana (Turkey)
02:25   Antalya (Turkey)
02:40   Antalya (Turkey)
02:45   Antalya (Turkey)
02:50   Antalya (Turkey)
04:20   Ankara (Turkey)
05:35   Nador (Morocco)
06:05   Izmir (Turkey)

50 thoughts on “Fly Dhimmi Airways to the Heart of Europe!

  1. War cannot come soon enough. It will be necessary to first fight and defeat our own governments and the elites pulling their strings before the real business of stopping the invasion and repelling those already among us can begin.

    • Well, you have the thought processes in place. Now, you must build your army, start building munitions and weapons and clean the “elite leadership” out and begin pushing the enemy back to their own shores.

  2. [Allusion to government’s promises that the newcomers would all be highly-trained professionals: doctors, engineers, etc. — translator]

    Highly-trained surgeons to perform FGM. Electronic engineers design suicide vests that are powerful, comfortable and fashionable. They now have Master’s Degree programs at Jihad University in Mogadishu.

      • Twenty years ago reasonable people would have dismissed this as a paranoid conspiracy theory. Today reasonable people are silent while being told that the action behind the curtain has nothing to do with the spectacle before them (or increasingly, “What curtain?). We are being forced into a political reality where no government action can be so bizarre as to be assumed to be a paranoid delusion.

      • I would normally be just a little bit sceptical, but a couple of years ago I read (don’t remember where) about these american pilots who claimed to have been flying people from arabian countries into America on a regular basis. The flights happened in nighttime and always to small airports or to spesial terminals. So there is a pattern here. Our countries are being filled up in secret with a new people. The immigrants we actually see crossing our borders are only part of the story. The secret immigrants don’t show up in any statistics, of course, so the actual number of people from MENA living in Europe and America, are probably much higher than we think.

    • My first thoughts. This should be a huge story in Germany, but none of the mainstream media are covering it, though it broke several days ago. That said, the writer Markus Mähler is a “proper” journo, with a track record including Süddeutsche Zeitung, Berliner Tagesspiegel and Taz.

      • Hey, Italian ships are picking up people just off the coast of Libya and bringing them in to Italy, why would this be any different?

        • Gosh, I don’t know the answer, Josh. I give up. Why don’t you tell me who does all these things?

  3. It was obvious as soon as Merkel announced the Turkey deal (the one with the magic revolving door to convert illegals into legals) that she would simply start to fly them in, thus bypassing all the fences and avoiding the bad publicity. I expected her to use military transport planes; since she is using a military airbase I was at least half-right.

    Germany has to be quarantined from the rest of Europe. Unfortunately so do France, Italy, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands and all of Scandinavia. There’s not much left!

    • Germany doesn’t possess a large enough transport aircraft fleet to carry out an operation this large; nor do I think it would be as easy to hide the fuel and material expenditures within the military budget as it is by charter through various German and EU humanitarian slush funds.

  4. What is Merkel gaining from this? Personal wealth-? political gain-? some sort of self-aggrandizement-? A deep-seated yen to re-manifest the ideals of the communist experiment-? an atonement for Germany’s WWII escapade-? Maybe trying to feel good about herself?
    It appears to me she has no self-preservation instinct, albeit she does not have to deal with the intimate details. But, she is but a pawn of the EU program.

    In my naivete, I still think people in general have a self-preservation instinct, but the more I see of political dependence, both in America and Europe, I’m coming to doubt that. I don’t pretend to understand the European mindset, but do Europeans really have the need to “feel good” about themselves, that they cannot recognize a persistent and openly defined age-old danger? Bat Ye’or is correct…

    But, I’m an old guy, what do I know…….?
    -West out

    • Merkel was deemed ,” Chancellor of the free world ” by Globalist publication TIME magazine .

      She is a puppet of the International Financial Forces which keep modern Germany from full sovereignty since 1945.

      Merkel is a typical ” Neoconservative” as all of them within the Left\ Right establishment matrix work for the open borders agenda with this system originating from her old Red days in East Germany easily morphing into her killing of Germany \Europe today .

  5. When I was younger, me and a few friends went on a holiday to Crete from England. Our charter flight to Heraklion took off at a ridiculously late hour at night/early in the morning, and returned likewise… I’m guessing this was due to cheaper airport slots, etc.

    It strikes me that many of the destinations on the boards above are typical holiday destinations (eg Heraklion, Antalya), and it’s the Summer period. So… can we be sure that it’s Angela’s Enrichers who are on board, as opposed to mere German holidaymakers?

    • At Kopp Online, there is a link to an example arrivals board at Cologne-Bonn:

      Especially prominent are flights by airline codes XQ, XG and 4U. Respectively, these are: Sun Express, Sun Express Deutschland and Germanwings. The first two are charter airlines, while the last is a low-cost carrier. In addition, during the same night there are flights from other typical holiday places (Mallorca, Varna, Ibiza), and from Moscow.

      In short – while these could be clandestine “enrichment” flights secretly landing at night, is it not more likely that they are ordinary charter holiday flights, full of Germans returning from Greek, Turkish and Spanish beaches?

      All of which still makes the “unknown” departures destinations, and the activity at the military base at Wunstorf, an unexplained mystery.

      It would be good if someone could be in a position to investigate further, or photograph those exiting the planes/exiting the buses…

    • The thing is, tourism to Turkey dried up after the ISIS attacks, and especially since the airport bombing. I don’t see enough demand to account for those Turkish arrivals.

      The Greek tourist market died earlier, since the big wave of migrants last summer. Not completely, but greatly reduced.

      Nevertheless, you’ve raised good questions. I’d like to see some local reports with cell phone footage of the enrichers getting off the planes.

      • Heraklion is on Crete, which as far as I know hasn’t been touched by the migrant crisis – and perhaps may also be an alternative for those who had previously gone to Lesbos? As for Turkey, sure tourism there is probably not what it was last year. But still, I would guess there’s quite a few tourists still going for a bit of cheap Mediterranean sun. Money talks, after all..

        Speaking of flights, here is the Antalya live departures board:

        Quite a few flights, as can be seen, mostly by charter/package holiday airlines – and not just to Germany. And I’m pretty sure that the Polish and Ukrainian, or even Swiss, governments would not be involved in the clandestine importing of “refugees”…

  6. Let’s hazard a guess at the numbers:

    10 flights per night per airport @ 200 passengers per flight = 2000
    for 5 day a week operation = 10,000 per week
    For the 3 airports named above plus probably Munich = 40,000 per week.
    Total per year approx. 2 million !

  7. I know nothing about airport landing and processing fees.Could it be that those are cheaper at nighttimes?Or nightly slots? Not even the best of all dogooders could manage the arrival of thousands each night unnoticed or un communicated by the public or staff. Cologne and Düsseldorf airports serve a population of more than 20 million,btw.
    A friend had to be picked up at Cologne coming from Turkey.That was in the wee morning hours when decent people still sleep.
    And as Kopp Editor is concerned: let alone author Udo Ulfkotte, this company is full of conspiracy crackpots.And as everyone knows,a good conspiracy story can never be disclosed as wrong.” Did you stop beating your wife?”

  8. Are they raving mad? Merkel and co seem determined to irreversibly change Germany into a multicultural country. “Rubbing noses in diversity” from the British Labour party playbook.

  9. There must be a reason behind Merkel’s actions. Being a cynic, I usually look towards money or power as a payoff. Somehow in some way she benefits, or why should she do it? Maybe she just gets a kick out of seeing Germany disappear and become Almanya. She was a communist from Eastern Germany after all.

    • Well she came from the Communist Soviet second world at best. We all know what that early Soviet communist thinking bought for Eastern Europe in particular. She is just rising well above her level of competence. Like all things liberal, communist, soviet or Islamic the casualties and backward leap will be huge and bloody. Are we ready?

  10. I’ve been on flightradar24. You can watch all aerial activity from these airports from any time. There are a lot of planes landing and taking off. Just looking at Bonn – Star Air, Sun Express, Condor Airlines and Onur Air. Some further information is available that indicates most of the planes are going back to Turkey, although one landed then took off to East Midlands in the UK and one also landed and then took off to Malmo in Sweden.

    Stinks of family reunions, the Germans shipping them out onto the rest of Europe. I’ve had enough investigating for today, it’s really boring. If anyone else wants to help, the link showing flights from bonn in the wee hours of this morning, is here….just click the plane icons and it will give you the airline and destination,7.13/13

    • I suppose that very careful measurement of airplane types and flight times might provide clues as to whether they’re flying back empty or not.

  11. So many Quislings, angling for favorable treatment as converts or high-ranking dhimmis.

    • Not a time to be converting or being wishy washy about joining the Muslim fifth column for the promise of cash or other benefits. I imagine that soon enough just blinking at question time could be enough to send you Home.

  12. This is a two for one deal for Merkal, she hates the German people as much as she does the Jews so her easy answer is to bring in people who will both destroy German culture and eliminate the Jews. It is truly amazing to see the people of europe so easily commit cultural suicide in such a short time. I will predict that within 20 years the Louvre will have its contents destroyed along with the great works of art in many european countries.

    • I imagine that’s when the old French Franc finally drops there will be government removal transportation working through the night – every night. Just one of the early warning clues before a complete lockdown and sort out. Minor casualties and fall-out-the-windows-and-off-buildings compared to a continued degeneration.

  13. Germany has a big trade with Russia. Russia is much more appealing than the USA these days. USA is afraid of close friendly relations between Germany and Russia. Would this be a reason for the CIA to airlift a massive Jihadi army into Germany to prevent this happening by force.
    In Germany time to get ready for self protection. Martial arts fitness weapons training legal weapons. Get moving most Jihadists may strike with axes, knives and crowbars. These are effective against an unarmed population. So reply in kind.

  14. Why was Merkal even allowed to become a politician in West Germany if she was a communist Politician in E.G.?

  15. Armed revolt is fast approaching here in the USA. It’s long overdue. Europe needs to wake up and will need to do the same there.

    • I have heard this so do many times. Nothing ever seems to happen. Let’s hope “armed revolt” doesn’t turn out to be handing over arms without a whimper. I hope not. Europe has woken up several times and gone straight back to sleep.

  16. Breitbart newsite reports that as a result of the mass Muslim immigration into Germany tourism has dropped.Tourists especially from Japan, China and Korea are avoiding Germany for fear of becoming the victims of sexual assault or terrorism.Tourism from these countries is down 40%.Way to go Angela Merkel. I’m sure the German Chamber of Commerce would like to have a word with you.Not that you’d take a blind bit of notice mind.You’d just brush it off as you always have.

    • I think unfortunately it is the regular folks and “small” people who are affected by this: family-owned hotels, restaurants serving local specialties, souvenir and arts and crafts shops.

  17. Not to worry. Millions of Muslim tourists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the other stans will take up the slack.

  18. We had (or have?) these late night immigration expresses in Perth, Western Australia, bringing in the ‘refugees’ that our masters did not want us to see. However the ubiquitous taxi drivers have, like the night, a thousand eyes.
    Perhaps a traffic accident to one of the buses would reveal more?

  19. There is an indirectly optimistic side to this: invaders can be flown out, not just in. Some calculations show very many could be expelled.

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