More on the Truckload of Chocolate Iraqis in Romania

Last night we posted a translated article from Romania about 48 Iraqi migrants who were discovered in the back of a tractor trailer that was supposed to be carrying a load of chocolate candies.

Below is a video of the truck being emptied at the border control station between Bulgaria and Romania. Watch all the Iraqis exit the truck. When they’re all finally out on the garage floor, you can see there were no chocolates at all in the cargo compartment — nothing but Iraqis.

This must have been a fairly sophisticated operation. It presumably included the collusion of the trucking company, forged documents, and the suborning of inspectors at various points along the route. However, the traffickers must have failed to bribe the customs inspectors at Girgiu crossing:

Our Romanian correspondent Stefan cel Mare sends this brief report about illegal migrants who try to enter Hungary:

Romania is not member of Schengen. And Romania upgraded all its frontier surveillance installations. Romania at this moment has probably the best-protected frontier in Europe. As far as I know, there are not so many trying to cross over Romanian frontier, and probably most of them are caught.

In 2016 there were boats coming from Turkey with refugees, just as in Greece. But Romania is not a member of Schengen, so Romania is not following Schengen regulations where migrants are concerned. They are arrested and returned to the country of departure.

According to instructions from the interior minister, it looks like the troops at the frontier have the right to open fire against those who don’t surrender or stop when they are discovered and told to stop and surrender.

The EU commission is very angry about this decision and is pushing the Romanian interior minister to cancel it. Up until now, the order is still in force. Any individuals or groups who refuse to stop and surrender can be subject to open fire.

Stefan cel Mare also translated the following five news stories from the past few months. The first is from September 14, 2016:

An operation in force at the frontier between Romania and Hungary, in Timis County. An important capture on the “migrants’ road” to Europe.

Timisoara. A “lightning-bolt operation” last night by frontier police troops from Timis County and officers from Anti-Organized Crime, near the Hungarian border.

24 migrants were discovered in a minibus, a few kilometres from the frontier with Hungary, at the crossing point Cenad, in Timis County. Among them were five females and four kids, the smallest eighteen months old. They were transported there by a group of four Serbian traffickers.

The story of the 24 migrants is as follows…

Some time ago, the same group of 24 migrants was caught and expelled to Serbia, according to the protocol between Romania and Serbia… This time, the group appealed to a Serbian group of traffickers to take them into Hungary, in exchange for payment. Now they again tried their luck to cross into Hungary.

Frontier police and anti-organized crime officers followed the group from where it entered Romania until the frontier point at Cenad, in order to also arrest the traffickers. All migrants were arrested, as well as two traffickers. Two other traffickers escaped for a short time, but they have also been arrested by police as they tried to get out of Romania.

The second article is from October 3, 2016:

“General Headquarters” of illegal human traffickers. The 250 km of frontier between Serbia and Romania became the new El Dorado of human traffickers.

Wars in the Middle East followed by uncontrolled mass migration of millions who try to find new routes to Western Europe. This seems to be how the Romanian/Serbian frontier came to be the new El Dorado for human traffickers selling the European dream for thousands of euros. There is not even one day that frontier police do not find and catch groups of up to tens of migrants trying to force the border.

This is why the entire 250-kilometre frontier with Serbia has been “concreted” [like a wall made of concrete] — according to a well-thought-out plan by the interior minister — with a large number of troops and new electronic surveillance system, with a complete drone system flying along the frontier. It is clear that our country is now a point of interest on the migration route, and many traffickers smelled the scent of money, filling their pockets with money from migrants.

Individuals specialized in illegal border crossing, human traffickers, are attempting on a daily basis to observe the Romanian-Serbian frontier, in order to find breaches in our surveillance system. Some of them moved legally into Romania in order to inspect the frontier from the Romanian side, and eventually to receive the illegal groups and take them to Hungary. Almost all of the traffickers who moved into Romania legally are Serbians, members of gangs in Serbia. Serbians have the right to move temporarily to Romania.

In one day, undercover police officers specialized in human trafficking arrested two Serbians traffickers. Police forces refuse do provide more information, because many other undercover Romanian policemen are involved in missions in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. The last two traffickers caught were Milorad P. and Slobodan O. Both organized a route from Belgrade to Hungary, and a group was intercepted 24 hours before they were arrested.

“The traffickers’ new technique is ton find in Serbia migrants, teach them how and where they can cross the border for €2000-€3000, and then the migrants form groups trying to follow the instructions, because traffickers learned that they don’t have to risk being arrested.”

October 1, 2016:

More than 20 migrants, six of them kids, tried to cross the border illegally into Romania. What happened to them?

On Saturday frontier police caught 17 citizens from Syria trying to cross the Romanian border by foot from Bulgaria, over the green frontier (the green frontier is the band of grass on both sides of the state frontier, all around Romania, with electronic surveillance systems). In the same day, during the night, a group of five migrants were caught trying to cross the border from Serbia. Under interrogation, all of them claimed to be from Syria, trying to enter Western Europe. Frontier police have completed all the documentation regarding the illegal attempt to cross the Romanian border, and according to Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, all migrants will be returned to the Bulgarian authorities where they will be prosecuted for attempting an illegal crossing of the Romanian state frontier.

A similar decision has been taken also against the group of five caught during the night in Timis County, near Teremia Mare village.

On October 1, 2016, around 02:20, a military surveillance vehicle using night vision equipment detected a group moving across the fields towards Romanian territory.

The group has been transported to the Lunga Frontier police, where all members were identified as males, four of them Lebanese and one Algerian, aged between 20 and 35 years. They declared they want to go to Western Europe. The Romanian police contacted Serbian police, and they are prosecuting all five migrants for an illegal attempt to cross the Romanian state frontier.

The group will be returned to Serbian authorities for further prosecution.

The situation of migration to west Europe and Romania was also the subject of a meeting at the highest level, CSAT (Supreme Council for Defense).

October 26, 2016:

12 migrants caught while trying to leave Romanian territory

12 migrants were caught (3 kids) while trying to cross from Romania to Hungary illegally, on the green frontier. The group was detected with electronic night surveillance system near the frontier point Cenad. A combined group of special police forces and gendarmerie was deployed immediately to arrest the migrants. They were caught about 200 metres from state frontier.

The final article is from December 4, 2016:

Timis County — Refugees from Syria caught trying to enter illegally into Romania

On Sunday frontier police and joint troops from the gendarmerie caught 17 refugees in Deta, Timis County, trying to enter illegally into Romania travelling on foot. The group of migrants comprised six males, two females, and nine kids, intercepted by frontier guard in the morning, near the “green frontier”. Migrants were taken to the headquarter of the frontier police and interrogated. The refugees are between two and fifty years old. they have no ID documents. They declared that they came from Serbia on foot, trying to get into Western Europe. The migrants will be taken by immigration police in Timis and prosecuted for illegal crossing of the frontier.

Hat tip for the video: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. Seems the only country with any real backbone in deterring illegals is Romania. And I refer of course to the order for lethal force to be used. Putting up walls and deporting those caught illegally entering those countries who have done so will not work out in the long run, as those turned back will look elsewhere for entry. It seems only Romania has some foresight to this aspect of what is now obvious to many as an unwanted and unrelenting invasion of Europe.

    The best deterrence of all is the example of those who have met the supreme use of the rule of no entry!

    • Until now, politicians did not alter some “tabu” structures, like army, church. Many NGO’s has started to push hard in order to change the very structure of the society, the core substance of people’s believes, forcing new notions and concepts strange to people of Romania. Politicians are the tool, and if the “masters of the world” will use politicians to alienate people, culture, then I see only 2 possibilities. First, people will react against, and as romanians do usually in cases like that, they will destroy all those elements linked to what they see as threat. Or, second case, if all this alienating methods will be so subtle and people don’t feel this, they will be alienated…it is just a matter of time. The only luck is that west Europe will be the best show of truth for east Europe.

      • I believe it will only take one invaded country to rebel against what is being imposed on its population for the rest of those also being invaded to react in the same way if the political process fails this year.

        If the political process fails then it is just a matter of time and which country will act first.

  2. when the politicians will learn? this canot last forever! these people need food, shelter… resources! more people-> more resources. emotional decision taking… not good for the long run. this way all of them will believe(most of them already do) that if they enter europe on land, on water, someone will save them and take care of them… even if the international law says that in the real life you just can t do it forever. this will come to the surface one day and it will be bad for everyone…

    • Ionut, most of them don’t need help. Most of them are here for a different reason. We should do as our ancestors did. First think at you, your family, your people. After, help those who need help, not those who demand help.
      Help those who ask for a piece of bread, not those demanding houses, cars, money, fast internet. Help the one that when in danger, is protecting his children with own body, not those who use their children as shield. Europe today has lost the understanding of islam, many lost the understanding of own culture and traditions, and this is why many can’t see the danger even when it is in front of them.

    • It’s not about “help” it’s simply about “they have a better way of life, let’s all x00 million of us unproductive, uneducated, primitive people go over there and see if they give us something out of pity.”

      “These people need need NEED NEEEEEEEEEEEEED… but what about the poor in Romania itself? The people in the countryside? The old folks in Bucuresti itself dying of hunger and cold, or perhaps ‘just’ because they can’t afford their medicines?

      Hai frate… n-o da pe “umanitare” c-asta e invazie pur si simplu.

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