by MC

Russia and Germany were the first nations to seriously adopt the then so-called new ‘science’ of humanism, which posited that man is ‘god’ and that humanity, if taught to obey instead of think, would enter into a new utopia where each man exists for the benefit of society (a.k.a. the elite) rather than society’s existing for the benefit of man.

The new man’s religion was to be that of participation in a social collective, following rules laid down by a social elite of humanist thinkers who, by virtue of their superior intellect, knew what is best for humanity as a whole.

The Russians chose ‘class’ as their defining meme; the Germans chose ‘race’ as theirs. Every action of humanity was defined by its relationship, however tenuous, to those dominant memes.

Both of these grand experiments failed, but each with huge butchery bill in human life and toil.

But up from the ashes grow the oleanders of success.

This time the meme is qualified ‘anti-racism’, where we are all equal except anybody who is still attached to a Judeo-Christian belief system. And here I must qualify the idea of belief.

Many Christians do not actually believe in a risen Christ, and many Jews do not believe that Yah gave Moses a set of rules for living in harmony with creation at Mount Horeb. These social gospel adherents are part and parcel of the problem, not the solution. It is this phenomenon which gives rise to difficulties in perception, particularly in terms of so-called Jews in the USA who support DNC communism. Whilst these may be Jews by descent, and maybe even by tradition, their actions align with all that is abhorred by real God-centered Judaism.

The truth is that Israel is a tiny little nation state artificially created as a ‘homeland’ for Jews, much like Monrovia and Liberia were created for ex-slaves of African descent in America who were not wanted by the rest of society. To Europeans the Jews were like flea bites, and Europeans just could not resist scratching the itch. When those fleas proved difficult to exterminate, then a homeland for them was created where they could be safely despised and rejected at a distance. The amazing thing is that this was predicted in biblical prophecy.

Thus, for the ‘anti-racism’ meme to prosper, the biblical (Judeo-Christian) basis of Western society must be expunged. The picture of Jews back in the Holy Land is a vivid and enduring picture of biblical consistency. The Bible also tells us that Nimrod built Babel and its much vaunted tower, from the destruction of which Yah created ‘diversity’, nation states and languages.

Utopian political-religionists therefore do not like these pictures. Their own legacy for humanity, from which they have to continually distance themselves, is starvation, gulags and ovens. The modern ‘anti-racist’ meme serves to rebuild a figurative Babel as a one-world structure.

To many, diversity means ‘curry and chips’. To the politicians it means the dilution of the God-given nations and their Christian cultures, which are based on even more ancient Toraic principles of equality before the law.

Satan hates those Toraic principles, and even if you believe Satan to be a fantasy figure, that fantasy seems to be becoming more and more a reality before our eyes. Satan is an angel of light. He appears to us as all that is good, but always wants us to ‘do our own thing’ — that way he gets the chaos he needs to expand his domain.

The information embedded in Creation tells those of us with any intellect at all that there is a creator. Whether He/She resides in heaven or the Pleiades is irrelevant to this essay. Those who have some common sense try to live in harmony with that creation; this is called civilization. Others, however, want another, more human-foible-orientated godship (or non-godship as the case may be), and mass death always seems to be the unintended consequence. People see the light (of this fallen angel) and become ensnared. Few can then escape — to escape requires a loss of face, an admission of having been deceived by the serpent, and few are capable of such a confession. So they battle on trying to convince all and sundry that they too are godlike creatures who have a rightful control over the life and death of the great unwashed.

But there is nothing new about humanism. It is the second-oldest religion after the real religion that is the creator’s truth. Adam created humanism when he blamed the woman, and God, for his own errant decision. Projection is at the root of human foibles.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for reasons we do not necessarily understand, has just brought Germany back to incipient chaos. Almost single-handedly she has condemned many millions to die. She has an insane vision that she knows what Germany can do, and is willing to risk those millions of lives to prove that she can do it even if they cannot, much as Hitler cursed the German people for their failure to live up to his visions of Aryan super-humanity. She is not the first, and she will not be the last — she really believes that she is doing good whilst being utterly evil.

Human social engineering always results in unintended — one hopes that they are unintended — consequences. The ultimate penalty is always paid by those innocents whose lives are mangled in the resulting mayhem.

It is impossible to fight a Merkel or a Hitler or an Erdogan. Their rise to exclusive power is subtle, and when, finally, the truth of their tyranny dawns, they are just too powerful (and brutal) to be challenged without massive bloodshed. Their one-world dreams require that the serfs make a sacrifice, and somehow that sacrifice is always the last one before utopia arrives.

At this point we have two distinct one-world factions: there is the atheist/secular/political faction, and there is the religious/Islamism/WCC faction. The current Pope lends credibility to Islamism, as do the rest of the World Council of Churches, so the WCC with its papal figurehead becomes a facilitator irrespective of the opinions of those in the pews. The WCC gives legitimacy to Islam. It matters not that Islam has its roots in Ba’al worship and is the antithesis of everything that Christianity is supposed to stand for.

Nazism could be described as a desire to rule the world at any cost. It is a belief system, a religion of human endeavors where men are judged as fit or unfit to be part of the grand experiment, and where those who fail the test are enslaved and slaughtered.

The Greeks invented the steam turbine thousands of years ago, but it was considered a useless device because everybody who mattered had slaves to do any work required.

The scare tactics about climate change and global warming mean that slaves will once more be required to do the work for a ‘Nazi’ elite. You might want to call it Cultural Marxism, but to me it is re-Nazification pure and simple. Both have their roots in communism, both are rationalizations of communism designed to fool enough of the people for enough of the time needed to gain absolute power.

As can easily be demonstrated, Nazism and Islamism are very compatible. Need I say more?

We have been horribly duped. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, and tyranny has crept back in, pretending to be new, intelligent, and tolerant, and liberal, and progressive, and democratic, and multicultural, and diverse, and caring, and sharing, and fashionable, and popular, and enforcing, — and all the while silencing, and imprisoning, and killing, and especially killing. Revolution (change) is here — or is it?

The real revolution, the revolution that brought peace and prosperity to all who were prepared to participate, was the Judeo-Christian idea of one law for all, taken from the ancient Hebrew writings long suppressed by the elites for many hundreds of years. But by which, slowly and surely, the ruling elite were brought kicking and screaming into the 20th century, They protested violently in 1914-1918 and again in 1939-1945, and in 1989 they exchanged physical violence for cultural violence, and made war on Judeo-Christianity from within.

They are now winning the peace, as a prelude to war.

This counter-revolution, ably assisted by the useful idiot class, became a thanatoid fashion statement of an intellectually-challenged academia more worried about research grants than truth and knowledge, and of a chattering class too stupid to understand the consequences of their meddlings.

Nazism and Communism have had many names in history; they are just modern forms of the feudalism and slavery as practiced worldwide since the beginnings of time. We experienced a flash in the pan, where, for a few hundred years, the aggression and hatred of the elites was reined in by the two great commandments of the New Testament. Then came Darwin and doubt.

The elites expect to be able to grab a new world order out of their fabricated chaos, but they will in fact only grab a failed old world order out of that chaos. Civilization was built upon equality before the law, but the dynamic pseudo-duo of Communism and Nazism have almost destroyed whatever is pure, lovely and of good report, and replaced it with slavery, extermination and burkas.

In one country only can the chancre now be challenged, and the world desperately needs that challenge to be made. Never in the field of human conflict have so many, owed to much to those few US citizens, and others, who make a stand, who are holding the center. This indeed could be their finest hour (with even more apologies to Sir Winston).

Post-Brexit Britain may be in with a chance, but only if they get rid of May and her acolytes. May is at best a turncoat, and at worst a quisling. She has no business leading a country which has voted against her personal beliefs, if I were still resident in the UK I would assume that she will ensure that Britain remains in the EU and sinks with it.

Much hangs upon the coming election in the USA. One can vote for an unknown voice crying in the wilderness, or one can vote for the known criminal — it’s a stark choice. But the current incumbent suddenly appeared out of Planet Nowhere, and with a fabricated resume and charismatic rhetoric wowed the world. Rendered invulnerable by his mystic black powers, he proceeded to leap tall buildings and run faster than express trains; and to also rush in where angels fear to tread (in between alienating all the county’s allies).

Can Trump the Baptist be any worse? Can the crooked be made straight? The world needs a great (and more honest) America…

Democracy, like capitalism, is a compromise at best. It has glaring faults and inequalities, but it provides opportunities and dreams for those prepared to make things happen for themselves.

But socialism and tyranny only create utopia for their own few elites: a closed society of freaks and fanatics. By concentrating only on the glaring faults, and waving the false flag of a non-existent utopia, a socialist can deceive the average Joe into trashing the golden goose in his hand , and chasing after the notional Dodo in the desert. And the desert sucks him dry.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

54 thoughts on “Renazification

  1. Very good article, but needs more emphasis on the impact of Darwinism, the “superiority of races”, “race science”. Germany led the way, the savage slaughter of colonialism paved the way for the holocaust. They would have us believe the myth that the Nazis were some newly created monsters, but not true, their roots were deeply entrenched in “survival of the fittest”, “natural selection” (they were just trying to help it along), all motivated by the fairy tale hypothesis of evolution.

    • I would also add that to me it appears that ideas parallel to Lebensraum are part of Islam and one of the forms of Jihad. Lebensraum being the ideology of the expansion of German territory and population replacement because they were superior to the people living there.

    • Darwin said none of the things you claim- before him, thinking people had noticed ‘evolution’ happening and his [and Wallace’s] proposal of natural selection as the mechanism became accepted eventually.
      What you describe is ‘social Darwinism’ which had NO natural selection in action- it is a discredited lie, in fact.

      • You could take people to the Galapagos, where it is easiest to see evolution in action, and still the ‘faithful’ would deny it….

        People are most certainly NOT all equal–never have been, never will be, but for the sake of crowd control it is necessary to postulate it.

        • “The information embedded in Creation tells those of us with any intellect at all that there is a creator”

          What do you make of this religious insult?

          • On the one hand I respect the writer, but don’t understand why he would write such a thing.

            On the other hand, sadly, it seems not only the Australian aborigines had a ‘Dreamtime’.
            Faith is just that, and by definition, the opposite of reason. (well, in my humble opinion)

          • Peter 35-

            It is indeed a bizarre comment!

            Your opinion is shared by many- here is one-

            “The way to see by Faith is to shut the eye of Reason.” Benjamin Franklin

          • I am always astonished at the way so many ‘brights’ (aka atheists) panic at the mere suggestion that their morally empty worldview is based on … nothing.

          • Hello, Nick.

            I’m an atheist, but I agree with what you said. If you will forgive me, let me edit your sentence to the way I see it. I will indicate with ellipses (…) where I left out your actual words.

            “I am … astonished at the way so many … atheists … panic at the … suggestion that their … worldview is based on … nothing.”

            My atheism is based on my best attempt to integrate the world as I see it. I’m certainly not insulted by expressions contradicting mine, or even calling my beliefs erroneous. My beliefs are based on my own logic, so I’m not affected by the opinions of others. I am affected by logic, though.

            You don’t have to be bright to be an atheist. You just have to not believe in a god. Nazis, communists, dictators, psychopaths, retarded people can be atheists. Also, humanists, libertarians, scientists, Trump supporters, and Hillary supporters.

            Atheists are far safer in a society oriented towards Protestant Christianity than almost any other place, just as Christians in the Middle East are safer by far in the Jewish state than in any other country. So, I have no war against Christianity or Judaism, although, of course, Islam is a deeply faithful and deeply malevolent movement.

            I do believe MC’s logic to be deeply flawed, but I don’t take it as a personal insult. I doubt if many people are still reading this particular posting, so I probably won’t write a detailed appraisal here.

    • “survival of the fittest”

      Let me . . . White people/ Europeans are getting extinct being replaced by jihadi invaders who are fittest mentally, culturally, religiously, physically, sexually, manlinessly, belligerently. . .

  2. Relentlessly rational and entertaining skepticism. And the “oleanders of success” has me helplessly humming that great song from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

  3. Thank-you, but on the whole, I do not wander into the deep realms of Darwin/evolution; this is a website about Islam and its fellow travelers and as such it is not a jousting forum in the eternal battles of ‘Science’ vs science which may well take over even this small mention and take the whole stream off topic. If one wants to discuss evolution/creation based subjects there are much more erudite places to so do on the net, to me however they are boring same old, same old.

  4. Both Communist and Nazi experiments show that when people reject God and proclaim Man the measure of all things, at a certain stage, they inevitably begin to torment and butcher other people. The gas chambers of Auschwitz and the killing fields of Kampuchea are the result of this Man-worship.

    Dostoyevsky predicted this back in the 19th century. And it was easy for him to predict: the godless and humanist French Revolution had already brought about a horrible carnage. In the space of a few years, French revolutionaries managed to exterminate more people than the Inquisition did in a few centuries. They had to invent the guillotine and to drown people on barges, for they needed to murder lots of people very quickly. The same revolutionaries waged a war on Christianity – desecrated churches, burnt holy relics, closed down monasteries and persecuted priests and monks. Bolsheviks learned a lot from them.

    The latter-day humanists who act in the name of political correctness, cultural diversity, feminism, anti-racism and, of course, the sacrosanct ‘human rights’ have not yet resorted to mass murder of their opponents. They prefer to destroy them morally by slander and relentless propaganda. But they are as full of hatred and as aggressive as any French Revolutionaries, Nazi stormers or Bolshevik activists. They are quite capable of killing and torturing people, if necessary – all for a good cause, all for the sake of another utopia that promises a paradise on earth, but delivers a hell.

  5. It is impossible to fight a Merkel or a Hitler or an Erdogan. Their rise to exclusive power is subtle, and when, finally, the truth of their tyranny dawns, they are just too powerful (and brutal) to be challenged without massive bloodshed

    The truth of Merkel’s tyranny dawned on the voters of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Land which contains Merkel’s constituency, last week and they gave her party a drubbing. No bloodshed, massive or otherwise, has been reported.

    • That there was no bloodshed is because that vote was no real challenge to her power or her elite buddies. When I see her sweeping the streets for her daily bread I’ll believe the voting worked. Sorry, but I have yet to see the elites really defeated anywhere.

      • I think the upcoming elections in Berlin will be the true test, third place for her party here will be a another nail in her political coffin!

  6. up from the ashes grow the oleanders of success

    For anyone who has lived with those beautifully poisonous shrubs/trees, this is brilliant.

    Thank you.

  7. I stay in portugal, there are many of these type people, this ilk, who label themselves, “humanists” who are living in portugal.

    These idiots are everywhere here, and this essay explains now how i was right about these clowns, self-righteous useful idiots! Nazis!!!!

    Portugal is an insane asylum, full to the brim of liberal lefty loonies gone wrong, gone rotten to the core.

    Amongst these creeps, if you dare mention islam, or condemn multi culturalism, and socialism, they attack, they ostracise you, then spread defamation to smear your reputation and you find that you get cold shoulder from others who believe their traitorous bile!

    This is how the left new nazi marxists work to silence the bringers of truth, truth based on facts, on history.

    My good god, to right the evils that are upon us now, we are going to have to intern, imprison, anyone who is spouting this foul left commie humanist nazi garbage, before we can confront islam, we must confront left liberals with the truth, and with the crimes they are committing against their own race and culture.

    These people are dangerous to us all! They are the peddlers of this lie, utopian lie, that has murdered already over 200 million peoples in past decades.

    The new nazis, and brownshirts are liberal left marxists, and humanist scum!!!!!

    We must confront these leftie scumbags at every oppurtunity, abd expose there lies and propaganda!!!!

    For the sake of our children!!!

    • What you say takes place in Portugal sounds like what takes place in the San Francisco Bay area in many respects.

      Also, the U.S. mainstream media.

      • This was sent to me by my employers. Reminded me of George Orwell’s classic “1984”. We now are asked to engage in groupthink, and be aware of thoughtcrime. They just don’t seem to understand the idea of freedom, and instead substitute the collectivist mindset of the communists. Be forewarned that this type of thinking will appear nationwide (“Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated”). Given that a large segment of our customers are from the M.E., let’s assume what they are really talking about are the poor, misunderstood muslims.

        “Addressing the prevalence of divisive and inflammatory messages in the media, “These messages play on a very extensively documented set of almost automatic mental reflexes from hardwired aspects of the way we are. And one that’s being really hit nationally is automatic tendencies to fear and have impaired empathy for people we perceive aren’t like us or are part of another group … in social psychology, we called it the ‘out group.’”
        “We normally wouldn’t be silent about it,” We have outlined things staff can do to shift their mindset from unconscious bias:
        Intentionally, purposefully and consistently replace the words that identify minorities (e.g., black, gay, Muslim or Hispanic) with the words “people on American soil,” or “American resident or citizen” in your minds when you talk it out loud.”

    • That is most illuminating. I visited southwestern Spain in ’09 and was struck by the pervasive graffiti, even on an exquisite sculpture. Also by the odd time-warp commie slogans scrawled on a country wall. “Up with syndicalism! Down with corporate exploiters!” That sort of thing.

      I don’t do the slogans justice as much medicinal alcohol has affected my memory, but the overall impression was of the presence of more than a few Spaniards who were not on board with the existing order who were looking back a long way for inspiration.

      WWII was a Soviet victory followed by a long Cold War that was not a victory over communism but resulted in an intensification of communist organizing and infiltration in the heartlands of the West ostensibly organized to be the polar opposite of communism but proving to have defenses against no form of putrid thinking at all.

    • “Amongst these creeps, if you dare mention islam, or condemn multi culturalism, and socialism, they attack, they ostracise you, then spread defamation to smear your reputation”

      “My good god, to right the evils that are upon us now, we are going to have to intern, imprison, anyone who is spouting this foul left commie humanist nazi garbage,…”

      My god, Zhukov. You sound like a parody of yourself.

  8. Thank you. I “enjoyed” reading this just for the educational value.

    I read about oleanders years ago and found out they are beautiful but poisonous. I’m not sure where to go from here, but as always MC has great thoughts.

    My last thought is that “live and let live” would be a good way to live, were it not for the evil people that still inhabit the world.

  9. Interesting essay, MC. Some queries:

    In para 8, you refer to “Monrovia and Liberia”; Monrovia is of course the capital of Liberia. I suspect you meant Sierra Leone. From a brief Google, it appears the people settled in those areas (other than freed slaves dumped by the British) were ex-slaves and free blacks who chose to emigrate.

    Regarding European support for Zionism, pre- and post- Holocaust, I doubt whether all the people behind this regarded Jews as an irritant to be scratched- not all of us are, or ever were, anti-semitic, and many must have regarded it as a humanitarian policy.

    In para 27, you refer to Darwin, albeit briefly. “Social Darwinism” was not the exclusive preserve of the political left, and a compassionate society supports those of its own people who are unable, however willing, to survive without help.

    Re para 31 and Brexit (should it be captalised?), the majority of Brits are unlikely to vote for a party of the hard “right”, so to get May and the Tories out, there must be a credible alternative on the Left, and the Labour Party currently seems bent on suicide, while the LibDems are much diminished (a position from which they have bounced back, but it took a long time). In any event, wherever one’s sympathies lie, it’s unhealthy for a democracy not to have a credible opposition.

    Finally, hope you don’t mind having your leg pulled, but I can’t resist asking whether you came across a job lot of metaphors?

  10. “The world needs a great (and more honest) America…”?

    America was great because it was a republic, NOT a democracy. Our Founders’ Republic is long gone. At best, Trump will govern democratically. And globalists have one of their own in Pence who is just one bullet away from a Trump Presidency.

    Hope in the ballot box is dangerous false hope. Real hope lies in revolution but sadly so-called patriots lack the guts to fight. Our Bill of Rights was basically destroyed by the Obama/McCain NDAA. That was 4-1/2 years ago. Patriots did jack in those 4-1/2 years.

    • As the late, great Joseph Sobran liked to say, the Constitution poses no threat whatsoever to our present form of government.

  11. I believe we are beyond any democratic solution to these problems which are so well enumerated in this essay. Most people don’t know enough history to learn from humanity’s past errors which have brought us to where we are today. I think that before long we will see armed insurrections in Europe. I don’t know where it will start, but I believe fervently that people will not go silently into the night… Then it will be our turn. I pray our patriots will not have to fight our Cops or our National guard which are our children, but fight we must.

  12. “It is this phenomenon which gives rise to difficulties in perception, particularly in terms of so-called Jews in the USA who support DNC communism. Whilst these may be Jews by descent, and maybe even by tradition, their actions align with all that is abhorred by real God-centered Judaism.”

    MC, I am glad you wrote this, because it confirms what I already suspected… Hungary many times blamed as “anti-semitic” mostly by Liberal Leftists there. In this group of people with Jewish heritage are vastly overrepresented. They are not religious just like you say it. They abandoned every moral code just as you mentioned. Most of them like George Soros, stop at nothing to achieve their goals no matter how low it is. The Socialist Party and Liberal Party full of them. They are the ones demanding to open the gates for Muslim invaders and demand to follow every whim of Brussels. However every time someone tries to criticize them they pull out the “anti-semitic card” just like Muslims play the victim when they commit any atrocity and the public turns against them.
    They are so many of them in those groups and in the media, that for the simple everyday people it fuels the misconception that this is some kind of Jewish conspiracy. I know better this is not true but it is good to hear, that you aware of this group who actually works against every interest of the Jewish people in Israel or living in other countries.
    Right now the Hungarian Association of Jews (MAZSIHISZ) is an obedient servant of this group and screams of a “new holocaust”, every time someone dare to criticize a post communist politician. This is extremely disrespectful for the millions perished in the terrible times of the second world war and it is very damaging for the decent Jewish people living in Hungary.

    (Note: Of course they are also real right wing elements there, like in every country, but not as much in number as some of this groups would like to make it look like, but the government is very fast and definite to nip in the bud any real anti-semitic movements).

    • I think the important thing is to be able to truthfully put the blame where it lies, and secular (ex) Jews have participated, maybe disproportionately, in the murderous leftist malaise.

      The idea that human life has an intrinsic value and is thus sacred, is a gift from Judaism and its God to the world, as is the idea of one Law for all. But these gifts come from practicing Jews and their Tanack (OT) not from Marx, Engels, Trotsky or Spectre.

      It is also necessary to remember that there were/are lapsed Christians in those piles of political scat too, and to only pick out the ex Jews would come under the modern definitions of anti-Semitism.

      Personally I hate the idea of using the Shoah as a weapon to smother free-speech, and I would encourage people to express their valid ideas and criticisms of Jews and Judaism, but I also reserve the right to mock and ridicule in return, and as an acknowledged GoV author, I can hit faster and harder.

      When one of my articles was republished on Free Republic, a commenter there noted that I was stupid because everyone knows that victims arrived at death camps only in cattle wagons; and yes the majority did, but if the commenter had bothered to follow up the references he would have found testimony about Dutch Jews arriving in passenger coaches. So who is stupid in reality?

      “Between 5 and 6 March and 23 July 1943, 19 trains containing 34,313 Jews, arrived in Sobibor from Holland after a journey lasting, on average, three days. The first two trains consisted of passenger wagons; after 10 March the deportees were transported in cattle cars. One transport contained 1,266 children.”

      As a species we are terribly gullible and tend to believe the media, the whole media and nothing but the media, so no help is needed from either God or the encyclopaedia.

      The Bereans tested everything (against the Tanack/OT) and so should we!

        • The Gush Etzion block and other Jewish townships in Judea and Samaria (those settlements that everyone gets hot under the collar about) have a very poor almost non-existent public transport service. So there are pre-arranged pick-up points called hitchhiking stations where people with spare places in their cars pick up usually under 18s with no private transport of their own, and take them onwards.

          Unfortunately these places have become targets for our peace loving and mentally challenged victims of school bullying. So many of the ‘incidents’ happen because vulnerable Jewish children and youths are exposed, and the predators like killing children.

      • “It is also necessary to remember that there were/are lapsed Christians in those piles of political scat too, and to only pick out the ex Jews would come under the modern definitions of anti-Semitism.”

        Oh yeah absolutely! I found that being a scumbag not tied into race, gender, age or even sexual orientation. They are everywhere!

        Let me finish with my favorite Hungarian poet: Miklos Radnoti (also a Jew who died marching into one of those camps…) I think his poem is still very relevant…

        Fragment (English)

        I lived upon this earth in such an age
        when man was so debased he sought to murder
        for pleasure, not just to comply with orders,
        his faith in falsehoods drove him to corruption,
        his life was ruled by raving self-deceptions.

        I lived upon this earth in such an age
        that idolized the sly police informers,
        whose heroes were the killers, spies, the thieves –
        and the few who held their peace or only failed
        to cheer were loathed like victims of the plague.

        I lived upon this earth in such an age
        when those who risked protest were wise to hide
        and gnaw their fists in self-consuming shame –
        the crazed folk grinned about their terrifying
        doomed future, wild and drunk on blood and mire.

        I lived upon this earth in such an age
        when the mother of an infant was a curse,
        when pregnant women were glad to abort,
        the living envied the corpses in the graves
        while on the table foamed their poisoned cup.
        I lived upon this earth in such an age
        when even the poet fell silent and waited in hope
        for an ancient, terrible voice to rise again –
        for no-one could utter a fitting curse of such horror
        but the scholar of dreadful words, Isaiah the prophet.

        Ország-Land, Thomas

        • I don’t know whether “thank you” is the appropriate response, CrossWare, but I’m glad you posted this.

      • Anyone who even vaguely grasps why Jew are the scapegoat of last resort daren’t look God in the eye and that includes Jews.

  13. I gotta love your writing MC, you do a wonderful job of it. But seriously, the Tower of Babel is already under construction. Any chance of turning back the tide was lost four years ago. The Elites will use a body double of Hillary if they need to. Islam is spreading because it is being sponsored as the ultimate control mechanism for the unwashed masses as it will enslave them and then exterminate them. You are correct in one regard, the strategy was devised in the pit of hell and is being implemented by Satan’s own useful idiots who are being well paid for their efforts but have an eternity that they will be sharing with their boss who led them down the primrose path to perdition.

  14. I’m not sure there is anything I can add that hasn’t already been said but I was really fascinated by this piece. Being religious myself, I appreciated seeing this intertwining of religious reality and politics. Only a lie from Satan himself could cause supposedly intelligent people to think that the best way to achieve utopia is by killing millions of people. Is the irony lost on them?

    David Wood, the apologist for Christianity who intellectually deconstructs Islam, had said in one of his videos that Molek, the ancient pagan god demanded blood – usually the blood of his worshipers’ children. He claimed that, for the Left, “Tolerance” is their new Molek and he wants blood — which means throwing their own under the bus for the sake of multiculturalism, diversity and protecting their new pet project — Islam. Islam quite literally worshipers the ancient moon god and offers their own blood for him. Their god calls for their blood to be spilled. From a religious point of view, it makes sense that the two groups get along so well. Whether they realize it or not, they are serving the same ‘god’. To the Left, Satan tells the lie that they are the gods and to the Muslims he tells them that he is the creator god.

    I don’t feel qualified to comment on the more political aspects but I did learn a lot and it seemed to fit some of my perceptions of Nazism and Soviet Communism based off the stories from my grandparents who were directly impacted by it (I’m German by blood though my family lived in German colonies within the Soviet Union — Ukraine to be precise, though some were exiled to Siberia and escaped through China)

  15. Good article (to set the record straight at the beginning, I am a supporter of Israel, yet I am also interested truth and entertaining two points of view at the same time) but if I were a non-partial critic, aware of all the historical fallacies that lead a genuine historian away from logical thought, I would see the same omissions and inaccuracies about the Germans, and its history, during the 30s and 40s that are shrouded in myths I see in every similar article like this. Shrouded because the sources here are all questionable and the sources that might support the contradictory view all dissipated and the witnesses mostly all dead, that might have made Hitler’s regime look slightly less demonic, were assiduously destroyed and reconstructed by the Western allies at the time, especially by the Russian communists. No one ever mentions in pieces like this that Hitler’s regime actually help ship over Jews to Palestine to build the Jewish state. Never is mentioned that Hitler’s had some high ranking officers in his army who were Jews, one a general, and that he was fully aware of this, which questions his hatred of Jews. Never is mentioned the Eisenhower death camps where thousands of innocent German men, women and children were detained and “murdered” by simply not feeding them. I have no sympathy for the misery and destruction the Communists and the Nazis brought, but when I see articles like this I cannot help myself because it is filled with inaccuracies that have become the de facto truth; the over-demonization of one man that is so absurd, maybe not in this piece but in most. But then the victors always re-write history (such the architectural changes the Russians made to the ovens which David Cole discovered) and call those historians who contradict the official narrative as “revisionists”, a derogatory terms to anyone who tries it. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you can be thrown in prison for years as a political prisoner for such views. Nazism and Islam compatible? Yes and no. Never a simple answer. Now the immediate problem is Islamism.

    • TheNazis didn’t send Jews to (present day) Israel out of concern and compassion; they just wanted rid of them. The later policy, and the possible involvement of the Mufti of Jerusalem in suggesting it to Hitler, has been well covered here and elsewhere.

      • Yes, precisely, and my entire point was that perhaps the Germans themselves never had evil intentions of murdering them, and that the only “gassing” being done may have had other explanations. It is well known that Zyklon B was used to disinfect cloths and buildings. And the piles of bodies? Also well known that the typhus epidemic had spread throughout Europe during the war, spread throughout the camps as well which called for stringent life control procedures. The photos of inmates may have proved the ground-breaking thesis that people got sick in the camps…etc.

        • You seem to discount the eyewitness testimony from the survivors. Do you think all those people were liars? Or imagining things?

    • I find the blatant anti-Semitism of some in the alt-right quite tiresome, although I myself identify with the alt-right.

      But, let’s take your assertions one at a time.


      Never is mentioned that Hitler’s had some high ranking officers in his army who were Jews, one a general, and that he was fully aware of this, which questions his hatred of Jews.

      It’s true that Hitler had some officers descended from Jews. But, he signed a proclamation declaring that they were of German blood and thus exempted from the normal treatment accorded to Jews.

      THE German army personnel office prepared a list in January 1944 of 77 « high ranking officers of mixed Jewish race or married to a Jew » serving in the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces.

      All 77 had received a declaration from Hitler that they were « of German blood ». Among the 77 were two generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals, and 23 colonels. The list was drawn up, on Hitler’s instructions, so that, late in the war, the officers could be discharged.

      There are two things to note.

      One is that for purposes of fighting expediency, Hitler pretended they were of German blood. This is ipso facto evidence that actual Jews were systematically mistreated.

      Two, is that they were slated for internment late in the war, when they were no longer needed. They were not going to escape the fate intended for Jews. They were kept around because they were useful at the time.

      Let’s address the question of Hitler’s intentions for the Jews directly.

      On 12 December 1941, five days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Adolf Hitler made a revealing speech in Berlin to Nazi leaders, both Gauleiter and Reichleiter; and Josef Goebbels recorded in his diary what had been said: ‘With regard to the Jewish Question the Fuehrer is determined to make a clean sweep. He prophesized that if they brought about another world war, they would experience their annihilation. This was no empty talk. The world war is here. The annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary consequence. This question is to be viewed without sentimentality. We’re not to have sympathy with the Jews, but only sympathy with our German people. If the German people has again now sacrificed around 160,000 dead in the eastern campaign, the instigators of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their own lives.’

      If we want to maintain historical accuracy, let’s not have any more about how Hitler was actually tolerant of Jews, Nazi Germany was not so dangerous for Jews, or that there was no intention to kill Jews. They just got caught up in the typhus epidemic, and the zyclon gas was simply to kill lice.

      I’m getting less tolerant of this type of “claim” all the time. I don’t advocate censorship, but as MC says, you can disprove and ridicule those who hold this to be a historical “fact”.

  16. “The information embedded in Creation tells those of us with any intellect at all that there is a creator”

    I will try again- I resent and reject this insult to all non-religious people.
    Is this site a place where censorship is the rule? Can you not admit that the phrase “those of us with any intellect at all” is pompous, arrogant and wrong? Or are you so
    blinded by religion that the truth has no place here?

    • I let this comment in so that I can explain which type of discourse is acceptable, and which is unacceptable.

      If I had edited it, I would have redacted “pompous” and “arrogant” because those are pejorative, and assign qualities to the target that are not objectively discernible.

      “Wrong”, on the other hand, escapes the scalpel — I don’t object to the fact that you think MC is wrong.

      If you are able to learn to phrase your objections in such a way that you are not gratuitously insulting the person you address or using ad-hominem arguments, then your comment won’t get deleted.

    • Why do you associate a creator with religion? I don’t and many atheists promote ideas like panspermia or alien seeding, hence my reference to the Pleiades. so beloved of non-religionists.

      Then there is irreducible complexity to consider as well,

  17. I can agree that totalitarianism in whatever guise results in war, misery and genocide. Self-deluded elites who can barely tie their shoelaces let alone run a lemonade stand want to rule the world. But, Humanism is not the problem. The problem is totalitarians that use Humanism to disguise their true intentions of absolute control.

    It’s too bad religion had to be dragged into this article. History has shown that religions are no better because they, too, are run by self-deluded elites and when their flavor of the month achieves absolute control the result is the same; war, misery and genocide.

    MC writes, “The information embedded in Creation tells those of us with any intellect at all that there is a creator.” This religious [material with which I disagree] is sliced away by Occam’s razor; that the simplest answer is usually correct. Thus the so-called creator is an unnecessary complication. Calling the universe a ‘creation’ erroneously implies a creator. It does not take ‘intellect’ but an incredible degree of imagination to understand that infinite time results in infinite wonderment. No ‘creator’ required.

    MC also writes, “Then came Darwin and doubt.” And, the alternative is what? Religion again? Thankfully, the theory of evolution threw the dogma of religion into doubt. And, for those who conflate scientific theory with a mere hunch, be aware that gravity, too, is a theory. We know that it works, but until we understand how it remains a theory, not a law which many people mistakenly call it. I don’t suggest walking off the edge of a cliff because gravity is just a theory.

    And, for what it’s worth; Charles Darwin did not invent the theory of evolution. Credit for that goes to Alfred Russell Wallace, a naturalist hunting butterflies in Borneo who, in a five page essay succinctly summarized what Darwin struggled and failed for fifteen years and hundreds of pages to grasp.

    Otherwise, it’s a thought-provoking article.

  18. When we include the bit you left out it becomes:

    The information embedded in Creation tells those of us with any intellect at all that there is a creator. Whether He/She resides in heaven or the Pleiades is irrelevant to this essay.

    Is not an alien who seeds a planet a creator? Or are you so bound up in your religion of ‘no religion’ that you cannot see this?

    There are also earlier references to evolution than Wallace, but the intellectual trade union ignores them because they were not part of the right clique. But is was Darwin who inspired the imagination of the general public, so he gets the glory.

    • Lol. That was my observation exactly. Assuming an extra-terrestial “seeding” is just kicking the question of the development of life down the road.

      For the record, micro-evolution occurring within species is firmly established by all the criteria of science, including experimental.

      The theory of the development of separate species has not yet been modeled by science. In other words, there is not enough time for the development of advanced species if you only use the genetic change models that science uses to accurately describe micro-evolution.

      This does not mean evolution doesn’t exist. It means that there is a certain faith in believing it occurred as assumed by most biologists.

      I don’t see the difficulty in admitting science has not yet explained everything, or that there is a certain amount of unproven faith involved in believing it will eventually explain all evolution precisely.

      I also don’t care in the least if someone believes in god or claims they believe in god. I judge by the type of person I’m dealing with.

  19. “The truth is that Israel is a tiny little nation state artificially created as a ‘homeland’ for Jews”

    You have [insulting personal declaration redacted].

    Israel has been in the same spot in some form or another for about 3000 years. It didn’t suddenly show up in 1948.

    • And there was me celebrating Independence day a few months ago, it is a national holiday here in SDEROT for celebrating the founding of the country at the behest of the UN in, as you imply, 1948 who would have thought…..

      Of course Jews have been resident in the land from time immemorial, but ancient Israel ceased to exist not long after 70 CE. Are you resident in the land? If not why not?

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