Will the Visegrad Four Become the Visegrad Five?

After voting “irregularities” in its presidential election last May, Austria planned to redo the election on October 2. However, it seems there has been a problem with the glue used for the postal ballots, so the new vote could be postponed even longer.

Whenever it happens, Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) is expected to win this time. And when he does, he intends to join forces with the Visegrad Four — Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland.

Here’s the report from The Express:

Norbert Hofer will join forces with EU nations to make central Europe’s voice heard

Austria’s right-wing presidential candidate Norbert Hofer aims to join forces with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in a bid to tackle the migrant crisis engulfing the continent, if he takes power.

Ahead of the upcoming EU summit in a castle in the Slovak capital of Bratislava on Friday, the political powers in central Europe have discussed their alliance.

The latest development comes after Mr Hofer recently called for the “wise voice” of Central Eastern Europe to have “more influence in the EU”.

Berlin and Brussels could also be interested in joining “Habsburg light” — named after the former central European monarchy — or “Visegard Plus” because the Balkan countries are also expected to express interest in membership.

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16 thoughts on “Will the Visegrad Four Become the Visegrad Five?

  1. Certainly something to watch.

    If I recall correctly, if you count all of the possible Habsburg holdings, you had something about as vast as the British Empire. And, the Spanish element, of course, is very experienced.

    I wonder if they remember Woodrow Wilson’s political party?

  2. I sometimes used to wonder if the restoration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire wouldn’t be so bad a thing.

    • Well last time when they were the boss, Hungary lost 66% of its territory. No thanks, no more Austrian leadership! They can join as a simple member once they cleaned up their mess and no more Ahmeds doing yodeling in their streets!

      • You have a funny interpretation of history.
        The House of Habsburg ruled over Hungary just like it ruled over Cisleithania (Austria plus other regions without internal autonomy).
        It was not called Austro-Hungarian Empire for nothing.

        Would you have prefered to stay under turkish rule?
        Well, many German speaking Austrians would`ve rather prefered to be part of Germany (at the time of Germanys unification), then to be part of the Habsburg Empire (who only had their dynastic interests in mind).
        Hungarians blew their chance for national sovereignty when they didn`t came the Vienna citizens to help as promised during the revolution of 1848.

        But anyway, that`s something for history books.

        • Well I am Hungarian and we have our own heroes. None of them were Austrian! György Dózsa, Ferenc Rákóczi, Lajos Kossuth and István Széchenyi. Those are the people I honour. No Austrian (Labanc) held dear in a Hungarian heart.

  3. Putting on my wizard hat, Ok I’m going to predict it will soon be called the Visegrad 27.

  4. Yeeha for Mr. Norbert Hofer. Maybe things will start improving in dear old central Europa. It would be about time for sure and a great improvement.

    Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — the countries that suffered the most under the Soviets and know and/or want the taste of freedom (without Muslims).

    If Austria now joins them, things might start looking up. I’m not breaking out the cake and ice cream yet, just waiting and watching and hoping and praying for the best outcome for freedom. I do believe that everyone deserves freedom. Even Muslims deserve freedom, but preferably in their own lands where they are comfortable with their own culture, which is not our culture. This is the item I don’t understand at all. They can HAVE their own culture in the middle-east so why would they want to march into Europe where nobody understands them (and most don’t really want to, either).

    It’s an American thing I guess. I came here when I 5 years old so I’m fairly steeped in it. Freedom, I mean.

    • ” This is the item I don’t understand at all. They can HAVE their own culture in the middle-east so why would they want to march into Europe where nobody understands them (and most don’t really want to, either).”

      They want to come because their ideology is a violent supremacist one bent on world domination. There are no peace for the “religion of peace” (which is really a political cult and not a religion) until they slay the last infidel in the “house of war” which is everything not Muslim and take over the world. Of course like all parasitic being (from cancer to worms) will die once they kill their host, but this is something hard to process with the IQ of 80 (thanks to centuries of inbreeding).

    • I’m sure many of the people showing up at the doorstep have respect and admiration for what we in the West have to offer, and like you I too think they deserve it, in their home lands.
      I can’t even imagine a scenario where this all works out just peachy, scratching my head, nope, still nothing.

  5. A first world country is unable to make envelopes with proper sealing glue. This after rigging the elections.

    • Well, just remember the voting between Bush and Gore.
      Leading industrial country who cant make holes in voting cards. 😉

  6. This would be a good development.
    But only the Chancellor (Bundeskanzler) and head of the Government could take such a step.
    So we have to wait for a Chancellor from the FPÖ (which is more likely with a President from the FPÖ).

  7. The migrants were paid to go to Europe and are similar to riff-raff everywhere in the world. They are basically, uneducated people who probably did not even know that a place like Europe existed. Sadly, some slick lier convinced them to leave their homelands and wage jihad. If the West is as smart as it thinks it is, it will band together and create a place for all of them in another geographical area close to their homes. In the same breath, I am sure every government in Europe -the Visegrad group, as well- will do everything in its power to help resettle those unfortunate people who have become DP’s, like so many of after WWII. FOr those who read and ponder alledged prophecies by mystics, you know that even St. Padre Pio said the Hungarians have a great role to play in turning Europe back to CHristianity. Europeans need a change of heart from their materialistic atheism to charitable CHristianity.

    • Well I know that all islami aren’t terrorists. But all terrorists are islamics. That alone is enough reason for me to fight as much as possible against any islam nations to be a part of EU – including Turkey with their dictator Erdogan ideas. Austria a part of V4? Why not. Just please let them clean their country first – Vienna looks like a Teheran lately. And I understand why the Austrian are becoming so frustrated lately.
      And please stop telling me about Christianity. It was the West EU countries who said “We don’t let the people of V4 work in EU for at least 5 years, although they can be a part of our EU” – that really is a superchristianity. You brough the islam to EU, you invite them. So please keep them in your countries and do not knock on the V4s door.

  8. What’s this about Berlin and Brussels joining the Visegrad countries? That would be the height of insanity.

    There’s really only one reason for developing a mega-national alliance. That reason is to keep foreign threats at bay. The Greek Amphictyonic League, as cited in the Federalist Papers, had that purpose; the Federation described in the US Constitution had that purpose, and NATO had that purpose.

    Other than that, forming ever-larger national unions is the gateway to tyranny.

    If I understand the Visegrad correctly, it’s purpose is to counter the emerging tyranny of the EU. The danger of NATO was illustrated by the unprovoked attack on Serbia during the Kosovo war.

    Berlin and Brussels are driving engines of the EU tyranny. It would be beyond insane to include them in a Visegrad alliance. Once the countries really crack down on border crossings, some countries are going to be left holding the immigrant bag. At that point, the use of military force will be required. The most rational application of force would be to find a place to ship the immigrants out of Europe. But, one cannot discount the possibility of an attempt to intimidate the reluctant Visegrad countries to accept “their fair share” of the unassimilatable immigrants.

    It would be at this point that the alliance would be the most beneficial. It makes no sense at all to include in the membership the countries comprising the primary threat.

  9. Ronald you’re so spot on!
    I can’t believe haters of demographic peace in the Visegrad as in Austria are actually evil enough to openly cheer for this total insanity!
    Bringing in basketcases like Austria would lead to the cultural and physical destruction of the Visegrad countries. The Visegrad is endlessly better off without any, ANY involvement from bicultural, Western ‘Progression’ sneaking and leaking in.

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