Hamed Abdel-Samad: “Islamism is as Old as Islamic History Itself”

Hamed Abdel-Samad is an Egyptian-German writer, and also an apostate from Islam. He lives under a constant threat of death for his writings about his former religion. In the following video from German TV he engages a Muslima about the violent, murderous tenets of her religion.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Please tell us what has the IS terror to do with Islam?
00:06   It has something to do with Islam, starting with the name.
00:12   Its name is the Islamic State. This movement also invokes Islam.
00:18   They cite the prophet’s biography, the way the prophet treated the unbelievers,
00:24   and they see it as an example to follow. They cite many verses from the Koran
00:30   that justify violence against the unbelievers:
00:33   the beheading of unbelievers is mentioned twice in the Koran.
00:42   This is the ideology, the dream that the IS people are trying to build:
00:45   a community based on the first community of the prophet, and are basically copying
00:54   exactly what was going on in the seventh century: the wars of conquest,
01:00   demonization of the unbelievers and the beheading of the unbelievers,
01:06   with the objective of conquering the entire world. —Is there an Islam without Islamism?
01:12   There are 57 Muslim countries in the world.
01:18   There are also hundreds of others Muslim communities in Europe and North America
01:24   and also in Australia where Muslims live. And nowhere is Islamism-free. That means that
01:30   the Islamism is a part of Islam and exists in every Muslim country, and is forms a strong group.
01:36   Perhaps they are the minority in the society, but the loudest minority,
01:42   the most active in society, and this way the majority is, for me, irrelevant,
01:48   because they do too little against it. And if that makes you really angry
01:54   when people see Islam this way, then it makes me
01:57   and many other people in this country upset as well.
02:00   I don’t believe that there’s a minority that sees it this way,
02:03   but it is more than a half of the people in society;
02:06   and they cannot stand any longer Islam being described at every opportunity as harmless and cute
02:15   swept under the carpet. Islamism isn’t a phenomenon that appeared in the last hundred years.
02:18   Islamism is as old as Islamic history itself. The ISIS people do nothing other than
02:27   what Mohammed and his companions in the first… let me talk, please.
02:33   You have spoken for fifteen minutes. Now I would like to talk, please. I know your tactics;
02:39   you do it in every program, always interrupting… —OK let’s stay on topic.
02:42   On topic: did Muhammad behead his opponents,
02:45   or not? Is it in prophet’s biography in Sahih al Bukhari,
02:48   [most reliable hadiths] or not? Yes or no? Tell me!
02:51   Yes, I’m answering you: Bukhari and Ibn Ishaq [Mohammed’s first biographer],
02:54   are for me not the Koran. When they contradict the Koran, they don’t come from God.
02:58   They aren’t authentic. They contradict the spirit of the Koran, therefore I reject them.
03:01   If it’s in contradiction of the spirit of the Koran I reject them, exactly. In the Koran,
03:05   isn’t it in verse 47: “and when ye meet the unbeliever smite at their necks”,
03:09   behead them. Conquer Christians… —We’re looking [unintelligible] I promise you.
03:13   You interrupted me. Why didn’t you interrupt when Mrs Hübsch talked?
03:17   you never interrupted. She talked long enough. No, I — Because here, many viewers —
03:21   Either I finish or I leave this discussion… —OK. Can I ask you a question?
03:25   …because it’s been done here for years, that discussions are swept under the carpet.
03:29   No, it has everything to do with the history of Muslim conquest.
03:33   There used to be Christians in Syria and in Iraq.
03:38   They were given a choice of converting to Islam or paying
03:42   the jizya, or being killed. And the ISIS people
03:46   have continued doing that, this is Islamic history.
03:50   It’s in the Koran. There’s 25 verses in Koran that are
03:54   God’s direct orders to killing of the unbelievers.
03:58   The beheading of the unbelievers is mentioned twice in the Koran, and you come here
04:02   and say it has nothing to do with Islam?! No wonder that many people
04:06   in this country are so confused! Not only because of the terrorists
04:10   that are committing such cruel deeds, because the supposed moderate Muslims
04:14   sweep it under the carpet and at the same time strengthen the fundamentalists
04:18   I’m criticizing the fact that the fear of those people is always being called
04:22   “Islamophobia”, because a “phobia” is an illness,
04:26   and those people aren’t sick: they have justified fears, when they
04:30   see what’s happening, not only in the Islamic world, but also here, in Germany,
04:34   when they see what is happening in the UK, and to those people I say:
04:38   be watchful, engage, also criticise
04:42   when the politicians sometimes try to sweep it under the carpet.

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  1. Since the founding of Islam, muslims wage Jihad against each other (ie. false Muslims-faseeq, munafeeq ) as well as against all Kufar – nonmuslims and disbelivers.

    Islam is a totalitarian ideology, but it is also a socio-economic war machine.

  2. He’s a good speaker, pretty much crushed the muslima. The background music was a little distracting, what was it Transformers?

  3. The very fact that the Abdel-Samad has to live in fear for his life should be enough of an answer.

    • Interestingly enough this simple truth doesn`t even irritate any of the pro-muslim hypocrites and regressive lefties.

      In their twisted reality the victim is guilty.
      And former muslims are especially unsavory, because they contradict their mindsetting, their ideology.
      They don`t even ask for a paternalistic attitude from self loathing Westerners (in contrast to what most muslims do).

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