Retooling the Anti-Nazi Laws

Actual Nazis are thin on the ground now in Germany, so the laws designed to suppress them have been sitting around gathering dust. But now the authorities have found a new use for them: tracking down and prosecuting opponents of mass immigration.

The article below was translated from the Czech by Raduit, who includes this brief note:

This Czech article explains how laws designed to hit the remaining Nazis in the ’60s in Germany are now used against the children and grandchildren of the people who agreed with the truncation of their freedom of speech.

The translated article from the news portal Parlamentní Listy:

Germany comes down hard on opponents of immigration, using a law created after the war to crack down on the Nazis

The historian Aleš Valenta, in co-operation with the Václav Klaus Institute, described on the Czech website Invisible Dog how the Powers That Be in Germany today deal with uncomfortable opinions. They are use a law that was originally directed against the Nazis to settle accounts with people who refuse to support immigration, the rights of sexual minorities, and so on.

During the ’60s of the last century, the Federal Republic of Germany adopted laws against so-called “incitement of the people” — Volksverhetzung. At that time these laws were directed against remaining supporters of Nazism that a democratic Germany had to deal with.

“At present Volksverhetzung has become a tool for suppressing opinions which diverge from the German opinion corridor, which prescribes how to write and talk about migration, women’s equality, sexual minorities, the German past and other ‘sensitive’ topics. The opinion corridor, determined by political correctness, has since the ‘90s steadily shifted to the left, so that now the very concepts of ‘right’ and ‘conservatism’ has escaped from its frame and become suspect in the eyes of the German ruling elites. Therefore the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which in its program subscribes to liberal and conservative values, is also threatened,” writes the historian.

The Alternative for Germany came under the scrutiny of authorities after its former deputy, Wolfgang Gideon, voiced some anti-Semitic remarks. Many of his colleagues identified these statements as unacceptable and left the party. In mid-July, moreover, the police conducted raids across the country on the grounds that hateful voices in debates on the Internet were growing stronger. Based on the legislation against “incitement of the people”, 38 persons were detained. The government also announced that it will focus on disseminating the ideals of democracy among young people.

The historian points out in this context that the Nazis and Communists in the past have followed the same path. They “drummed” the correct ideology into the heads of the young. Capitalism did not need anything like that in the 20th century because it attracted people by the very idea of freedom. Today, however, even under capitalism, freedom is being replaced by ideological doctrine.

The historian describes in some detail the work of the alleged new ideologues: “An illustrative example is a five-minute video produced by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth entitled Life in a democracy. The professional, high-quality production begins with a decisive exposé by the Minister against discrimination and hatred. Then in rapid succession we see a Ministry official in friendly conversation with smiling students who have no serious worries apart from racism, a circle of students discussing discrimination and similar topics of keen interest to children, and a Muslim student explaining his engagement in the student group “Shock” by showing a small exhibition of the victims of racist attacks. After that there is input from a representative of the Center for Prevention of Extremism and Promotion of Democracy, and a shot of a meeting of the “No hate speech movement” whose adult participants carry in their hands large red hearts that, apparently, are there to absorb all the hatred of the world. There is also an interview with the head of the memorial of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl from Holland who was killed by the Nazis. Because — as the authors of the video try to persuade us — any violence, any hatred leads ultimately to Auschwitz.

8 thoughts on “Retooling the Anti-Nazi Laws

  1. In less than three generations; the German people have returned to being mindless sheep who are easily manipulated by nasty propagandists who masquerade as benign , charitable do gooders , who want to help ” those poor military age men from the Middle East”. Back then it was “Aryan Superiority” ;Now it is” Undeserved Guilt”. This entire operation of the unfettered invasion of primitive cultures is designed to destroy the national identity of a strong country to enable a ” One World Government” to be established by a Banking Cabal run by mediocre multi generation psychopaths who revel in their idea of ruling the entire planet.

    • I think the whole point of the article is that opinion against immigration and alien cultures has become so strong in Germany that criminal laws are enacted or used to suppress it. The Germans seem to be losing their sheep-like qualities.

      There’s plenty of anti-Semitism in the new right, and some actual Nazis. I personally think the anti-Semites need to be engaged, although the Nazis need to be kicked out. But, the shunning should come from the organizers of the formal movements, and not the government.

      The US is behind Europe in criminalization of thought because of the 1st amendment. A Hillary-appointed Supreme Court majority could interpret the 1st amendment out of existence.

      Once you begin to legislate against speech that you consider to be reprehensible, like Holocaust denial, there is a direct line to college campuses today, where students claim their spaces have been violated if they encounter any opinion with which they strongly (or weakly) disagree.

  2. The Nazis were Socialists !Marxists same thing!! Your right about breaking down the people to accept a world inferior government .May free peoples wake up

    • Like it or not free people will definitely be woken up. The only question is the timing. I can’t imagine the idolaters and ideologues of Islam missing out on the current freedumb of movement border-opportunity to put their brand name on a Big Bang. I imagine.

  3. “opinion corridor”. There’s a new one I’ll have to add to my Newspeak Dictionary.

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