The Threat of Violence

Below is the latest essay from our Israeli correspondent MC.

The Threat of Violence
by MC

The Western world has become allergic to violence, not the remote TV-style violence to which we are addicted, but to the raw physical (and sexual) aggression by which we can be threatened and cajoled along the pathway to the gas.

One of the horrific features of Nazi death camps was the pleasant leisurely walk to the killing chambers, to sit in ignorance among the trees and await the call to be exterminated.

People arriving, whether in cattle cars or Pullman coaches, had already been softened up. Those selected to die — Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, et. al. — had already felt the physical intolerance of Nazi bestiality, but were looking forwards to something better: rehabilitation, and the woods and walkways fed the delusion.

Could that be me? Sitting in the woods of Birkenau awaiting the call, watching my grandchildren play in the sunshine, dreaming of a new life and a new tranquility.

The breakout at Sobibor, where a few Jews actually survived to live free again, showed that there is an answer to bullying, but only if one is prepared to make the final sacrifice. The price of failure is high. And, at Sobibor, the price of success was also high.

Those escapees had to make some feral decisions: kill and maybe survive, or continue in dhimmitude and face the inevitable.

The Jews of Europe now face a similar decision. They are comfortable, but the authorities cannot protect them for much longer. Their ‘safe’ havens are becoming infested with those who have been indoctrinated from birth using the Goebbels techniques learned first hand through collaboration and probably by participation in the Nazi exterminations.

But this essay is not about Middle East politics, it is about the use of violence and the threat of violence to achieve political ends.

The Muslim Brotherhood is deeply involved in everything that is currently going on in Europe and the Americas. Sayyid Qutb, the icon of the Muslim Brotherhood and staunch advocate of Islamist violence, was executed (in Egypt) and has become a martyr (and role model) for those who seek to evangelize the West to Islam. It is fear of Qutb-style violence that plays a huge role in the advancement of Islam in our lives. Now we too are sitting amongst the trees at Birkenau contemplating our grandchildren.

We can safely say that on the whole the Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in ‘social cohesion’. It believes in one thing only: the spread of Shariah Law. For this, the ends justify the means.

The MB is now deeply insinuated into the circles of Western power, and maybe even into the Oval Office itself. Barack Hussein Obama has overtly promoted the MB and its front organizations into the very core of American life. In Europe as well, the MB is well-represented.

The bully does not fight very much. He believes in soft violence. He usually uses other means of intimidation to provoke, and then goes to the authorities complaining about ‘phobias’. In a society where truth is assumed, the it is difficult to expose the lie, especially the complete, blatant lie delivered by a religion of peace supposedly just like our own.

So when my son bashed the bully at school, it was he who got into trouble. The bully lied through his back teeth, and called upon his useful idiots to back him up. The truth was trampled and the bully won the day, and in fact it was my son who was then labelled as a bully.

This is not an unfamiliar story. The background threat of violence, and the heavy hand of injustice serve to keep us subdued and submissive. It is known that UK authorities and Swiss authorities have tried to buy off the MB bullies. One is also very aware that Tommy Robinson was subjected to kangaroo justice at the hands of the current British government. Even our children must be sacrificed in the desire to appease the sex bullies of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To those who care, the ideas of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ are paramount. They are the Maxim Gun of the 21st century. The Maxim was the first efficient and reliable machine gun. It changed the face of warfare, driving men into trenches and stretching battles into long years of carnage.

But to be able to spit out accusations of racism and to vomit allegations of Islamophobia is worth a million Maxims in the 21st century. Sanity has no defense against stupidity in high places, and there is only one man allowed to spit in the Oval Office.

Sitting at Birkenau, I cannot see the wood crematoria for the trees, but there is a strange smell in the air.

The idea of ‘racism’ arises from the behavior of Nazis towards Jews and others. But what if the modern racism is actually against Christians and others — would we recognize it? Or would it just be a strange and rather obnoxious odour which we cannot quite place? Would the real bully be able to lie, shout and squeal ‘victim’?

Before World War Two there was no real concept of racism. There were superior races and inferior races, as Charles Darwin was at pains to point out:

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes … will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.

— from The Descent of Man

Hitler was a man of his time, and took his Darwin seriously. Qutb too followed Nazi doctrine but with a few tweaks here and there to substitute a ‘civilised religion’ (his religion, of course) instead of civilised race.

The current Christian reaction to this extreme threat is disbelief, much as was the Jewish reaction to the Holocaust. Most Jews just could not believe that God would allow this to happen to His Chosen. Many Christians believe that they are the new ‘chosen’ (replacement theology). Particularly dominant is the idea of the rapture, that the Church will be removed before the final tribulation gets too bad.

So we sit back waiting for the day. Those who will be left behind will have to sort it all out.

That will be me, because I think that those verses in Thessalonians and Corinthians are about the Jewish feast of Taruwah (trumpets); the first of the as yet unfulfilled Fall appointments.

So I will be here for the whole of the tribulation, and I need to look around me and see the reality, and not the mythology.

Muslims prefer their violence unopposed. They like the dashing raid rather than the standing battle. They prefer the soft target rather than the strongpoint. They will use any weakness, especially fear of the label of ‘racism’, to wheedle and insinuate, always play the victim, and always blame the real victim.

My view is that the Islamic Menace will go away as soon as we accept the realities and enforce our law rather than theirs.

We have a complication, however: the blind desire of cultural Marxism to remove Christianity from the scene. In their obsessions with ‘white’ privilege and Christianity, the cultural Marxists and their useful idiots are playing cricket on a football field. At this rate the Muslim linebackers, whom the cricketers perceive as ‘silly-mid-ons’, are going to smash them to smithereens, and there will be no ‘follow on’.

The cultural Marxist likes to hold a monopoly on violence. Whilst they do not mind Islamic violence in order to keep fear levels simmering, and a few intra-city race riots in aid of coloured criminals to help it on, the one thing cultural Marxists, remote in their ivory towers really fear is early, painful death as the result of direct enemy action. These people are atheists and have no hope for a future after death; they must therefore exploit this life to the full and ensure that all violence is removed from their person, for they believe violence is something Patricians use against Plebeians not vice versa.

So our elites, safely shielded behind their bullet-catchers, preach ‘tolerance’ and ‘gun control’ and try to convince us that the real problem is our ‘carbon’ footprint. That we in the West take too great a share of the world’s supposedly finite resources; hence the violence of the ‘peaceful’ is justified.

And hence the hold of Islam and its latent threat of violence to all, which must be appeased and targeted only at those who are expendable, and at all costs appeased, even to the reciting of the shahada.

After all, to an atheist what matters a bit of silly ritual? But they are going to find out, if they are not careful. Hillary in a full burka should provide some comic relief, but I would hate to be possessed by the right hand of Bill.

Hungarian Jews in the ‘Grove’ awaiting their turn, 1944, from “The Auschwitz Album”, Yad Vachem.

“These were the last relatively peaceful moments together, before being driven into the gas chambers and murdered.”
Never again?

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

24 thoughts on “The Threat of Violence

  1. That picture is compelling. Google lets you look for other versions of an image so I was able to find this link:

    More pictures. Such faces…

    And I am reminded again of how deeply we depleted our whole European gene pool in the 20th century. Successively so many others others learned those lessons: the intelligentsia throughout Asia was decimated. Was there a killing virus let loose in the world??

    Think of the cream of China’s intellectuals, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia – an endless Spree of Death…was any country spared? India has been cleansed repeatedly…

    • “we depleted our whole European gene pool in the 20th century…”

      At the risk of being repetitious, allow me to suggest there is a gene-based enemy even more insidious than systematic depopulation through mass warfare:

      Genetic drift.

      The concept of genetic drift is that over time, any genetic trait that is not specifically selected for, through environmental pressures, will disappear. The universal tendency of genes to mutation assures that.

      That means, in a welfare, socialist free medical care, free child care environment, not only intelligence, but the “public virtues”, such as courage, valor, sense of sobriety and good sense will disappear. And they will do so even if there is no warfare whatsoever.

      In a sense, the more successful a society in terms of benefits to its inhabitants, the more it contains the seeds of its own destruction. Islam is by its nature very successful in a Darwinian sense. It contains almost nothing for the quality of life of individuals, but is fiercely focused on the expansion of its own population. Islam uses the most effective techniques of parasitism on host societies.

      I’ll go out on a thin limb here and speculate that one reason the Visegrad countries, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, are resistant to Islamic invasion is precisely because they used to be Communist. If you read a description of social services under Communism, you’ll see they were almost non-existent. Communism kept people poor, provided minimal actual support, and encouraged a survival-of-the-fittest which is now serving the countries well.

      • I agree, after 500+ yrs. of Ottoman wars and domination, 5 decades of Communist dictatorship the folks of Eastern Europe are not looking for a rerun.

  2. The Jews of Europe now face a similar decision. They are comfortable, but the authorities cannot protect them for much longer.

    The authorities stopped protecting the white working-class of Europe long ago. Rotherham is now a by-word for what happens after Muslim enrichment, but it’s a small place and worse abuse has gone on elsewhere. For decades. While so-called feminists and so-called defenders of the working-class looked the other way.

  3. MC: As I’ve said before, I think that you folks in Israel are doing the entire Western world a huge favour that most don’t realise, in that you’re holding back the tide from reaching the rest of us. We all owe Israel and Israelis.

    Sderot is one of the forward front lines of this.

    The way things are looking now, parts of Europe will fall long before anything serious happens in Israel, actually – but that sure isn’t what it looked like even ten years ago.

    • The number of Muslims in Sderot is probably less than half of one percent, so in many ways we are better off than the cities of Europe, and down the road is a guarded fence, nobody comes through from Gaza that way, and shooting starts if they even come close. The fence is about 100m inside the border, so those who approach the fence are already illegally on Israeli soil.

      On the whole Israel applies the law of the land irrespective of religion or race, but because we know our enemy, we know all about the wheedle and the taqiyya too. We know Islam does not integrate, and we have no expectation on muslims to so do. But if they want to they can, but they leave the violence and mutilation behind.

      Its not perfect but it works, the situation is stable and the economy is doing well!

      • MC,
        What you referred to in 1st Thessalonians is not a myth but a blessed hope. The doctrine of the Rapture is based upon the protocols of a Jewish wedding in which the Groom comes for the Bride in the middle of the night and takes her home to live with him in his father’s house. How will the groom find the bride in the middle of the night you ask? The candle in the window that on a dark night can be seen for miles. The candle in the Christian’s window is the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the promise that David (Daoud) spoke of in his Psalms.
        The Christian does NOT supplant Israel! That dogma is a lie of the enemy and Paul spent three chapters in his letter to the Romans explaining things. It was more the Jews’ poor behavior back then than anything else that resulted in the doctrine of supersessionism.
        You are beloved of Yah, we Christians are merely grafted in wild olives or grapes, as the parables go. You will see the mighty hand of Yah defend you in a Biblical manner when you are surrounded by the enemies who cover the land like a cloud (a plague of locusts is inferred). As for the enemy of our souls, the only person Satan hates worse than the Christian is the Jew, and for this reason. If there are no Jews, there will be no one to call out, “Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Jesus cannot return unless the Jewish people call for Him. If there are no Jews, the planet is Satan’s by default. Tain’t gonna happen, but I would rather spare you the seven-year hay ride.
        You are looking down the barrel of Psaml 83 right now, which will be the opening shot (a sortie to test the strength of the enemy) in the all out war that is described by Ezekiel in Chapters 38 and 39. Obama has helped to set the stage with his ‘deal’ with Iran that was approved of by Putin.
        I am NOT preaching, I am merely offering my analysis of the Middle East that has been a subject of research on my part for the past 30 years. As you said MC, all the atheist has is the here and now, and as such, they are the most greatly to be pitied. All the muslims have is a pack of lies. The Christians have the roughest road second only to you because we are to be followers of Christ in word and deed, modeling His behavior with the knowledge that vengeance is Yah’s exclusive property, and Yah alone will repay. So we wait patiently and pray for the Lord’s speedy return. If we end up joining you in the fields of oppression and death, so be it, it will only add to Satan’s very lengthy indictment.

        • my skepticism arises from the roots of the doctrine, and the Ribera-Lacunza-Mcdonald-Darby-Scofield view of end times as promoted in Hal Lindsay’s “Late Great Planet Earth”, whilst GoV is not a forum for Theological discussion, the political implication of Lindsay’s 1972? book has been to render somnolent the bible belt and its political clout in the US. These Christians believe (not hope) that they are going to be raptured out before it gets too bad, and they can therefore sit back and relax.

          If you are interested in the theology then you might find something of interest here:

          Don’t worry, it is very ‘Christian’ and non-Rabbinical 🙂

          • Actually MC, the Doctrine of the Rapture was set forth by Paul in the First Century and then smothered by Origen and then Augustine in dutiful response to Constantine’s (and subsequent Caesars’) co-opting of the Church in the name of governmental stability, much in the same way as what is happening in Europe. The Rapture is inextricably linked to the Church being the Bride of Christ and therefore not to be judged but to be redeemed and spared from judgment. For the Church to go through the coming troubles would be tantamount to spousal abuse. Isaiah Chapter 24 describes what is coming but later on in the book is told to, “come aside and hide yourself in your chambers while the indignation passes by.”
            I will agree with you about the laziness that has infected the Church here in the U.S. and I find it to be deplorable. We who are the Church are to be busy about our Lord’s business, but for the past 25 years we have been everything else but. I am increasingly finding myself standing alone. My own fellowship, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (look us up) is also starting to show portents of the “falling away” (apostasia) in decreased attendance that Paul warned of in 1st Thessalonians.
            We be in for a blow matey, so let’s batten down the hatches and hold onto what is dear. I won’t go and chase the hordes down, but I will defend my household even with my life against them if they come and attack. As for the rest, you have friends that lift up you and yours in prayer to Yah on an ongoing basis, so take heart, you are not alone even though you are on the front lines as it were.

  4. The West had better wake up and remember the Chicago Way…FAST:

    That is the only way that anything resembling the current West will emerge from the other side of the current mess.

    If the West doesn’t wake up in time, which I deeply fear it won’t, I shudder to imagine the planet our grandchildren will inherit.

  5. In 2004 while in E Europe I toured Auschwitz and Birkenau, it was a haunting experience. My wife and I could not even joke for a few days. I purchased some books to get a better understanding of the horrors extermination of human beings on an industrial scale. I loaned them to friends interested in history ( not the BS taught in high school) some could not finish them due to the horrific content.. Yes this could happen again, as did many massive slaughters and large scale massacres since WW II to the present day.I may not live to see it but in the future there will be either creeping Sharia and a lot of cowering submission , or fighting in the streets. Which IMHO the reason that the left wants a disarmed citizenry.

  6. What has been on my mind for quite a while is the incurious stand of so many people. I simply can’t believe it. Perhaps the hint of what was in store for the Jewish people, the Gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped wasn’t apparent for a time, but it’s not like the issue of Islam in our faces isn’t out there for all to see in actual live streaming time. How does so much of the media ignore all the murder and mayhem? Apparently questioning the tenets of Islam is much more horrible then discussing those tenets.

    Thanks MC great work.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • I agree, not only is Islam telling what it is all about in their ‘scriptures’ including their ultimate goal, The Quran ,Suras and Hadeiths , it has a 1400 plus yr. history of conquest,terrorism,murder,violence, piracy,plunder,pillage slavery, deception, destruction, and rape. Yet when I try to explain the broader picture and the ultimate goals of political Islam many folks call me a kook and a conspiracy theorist. They accuse me of modern day ‘McCarthyism’, however McCarthy was right.

  7. MC,

    Let me express my appreciation both for your intellectual contributions, and for your courage in remaining in an outpost of civilization in the face of real and constant danger.

    Violence is actually an integral part of every society and tribe. Violence is the way a group maintains its identify and territory.

    A group can be more successful, in the Darwinian sense, by inculcating a degree of justice and heterogeneity into its population. Like anything else, this loosening of enforced homogeneity can be overdone. In other words, for a community to tolerate Amish, Jews, and Copts is functional; to tolerate Muslims is dysfunctional.

    Unfortunately, the major Jewish communities are putting their political power into supporting exactly those philosophies which will not only marginalize them, but will annihilate them. The major group doing this is organized Reform Judaism. I know your opinion on Reform Judaism from the informative links on your previous postings, but the fact is, they are committing suicide.

    Violence is sometimes contradictory to individual justice. The violence a community needs to maintain itself will, almost by definition, affect some, or many, individuals who do not themselves deserve a violent fate. Ethics demands that such cases be minimized, but survival demands that they occur when necessary. Israel, as part of the campaign of Islam to expand, and the campaign of the left to co-opt unearned power, is often judged by an absolutist ethic demanding horrendous penalties for the smallest infraction of justice, however great the real physical threat. It is important to understand that such demands have nothing to do with justice and everything to do with expansion of territory and power.

    • I echo your sentiments regarding MC and you provide excellent intellectual content yourself. Kudos.

  8. While “the Jews of Europe now face a similar decision” let us not forget that “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”. Replacement theology is all wrong, and belongs to those who will allow themselves to be led astray by their popes and archbishops. Those of us who commit to the God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob must be prepared for some pretty rough times ahead.

    I say this in all humility as a Christian goy, acknowledging the Jewish loss in the 1939-45 Holocaust; I believe that what is to come will make that time seem like a children’s tea party. Why else would Jesus say: “And except those days were shortened, not any flesh would be saved – but on account of the elect those days will be cut short.” [Matt 24:22]?

    There is no feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will be grateful and leave us alone!

  9. A lot of Chinese Christians were waiting for the rapture to take them away from persecution and murder resulting from Mao’s revolution in 1949. The expected rapture didn’t occur. Their wishful thinking, due to misinterpretation of the Bible, resulted in persecution, death and for those who survived, disillusionment.

  10. They are NOT ‘migrants’.
    They are NOT ‘refugees’.
    They are NOT ‘immigrants’.
    They are NOT ‘asylum seekers’.
    They are NOT ‘citizens’; nor will they ever be citizens of any country, except the subhuman, murderous, political ideology filth & sewage called islam.
    The islamists will not assimilate, and are coming to take over your country, your way of life, and kill us all.
    The flood of islamic rapists, mutilators, molesters and murderers is just beginning. It will get many times worse this year, even after [Obama] and Merkel are gone from office, and are back in hell where they belong.
    The murderous islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal muslim filth, are on the move, worldwide.
    Wake-up Europe and America!

  11. There are some objectionable parts in that essay. For example, it mentions “the world’s supposedly finite resources”.

    Well…the mass of the Earth is either finite or infinite. Yet we know that the Earth is not a black hole, as it would be if the mass were infinite. So the mass is finite. Now, since “resources” is just another way to refer to the matter comprising the Earth, it follows that the world’s resources are utterly finite.

    • The Earth’s resources are indeed finite. However, so is the mass of a black hole. What makes it a black hole is that its density — mass per volume — is so great that its gravitational field is strong enough that light cannot escape from it, nor can anything else.

      A black hole is a singularity in space-time, but it is hardly infinite.

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