EU to Poland: We Pay You, So We Control Your Institutions

The European Commission has formally notified Poland that it is violating accepted norms with changes it has made to its highest court. If Poland fails to fall into line, it may face a variety of sanctions from Brussels.

The following appearance on a German television program by a Polish journalist named Aleksandra Rybińska was first aired last February. It provides some additional background on the current confrontation between Poland and the Imperial Center.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a BBC article on the same topic:

Poland constitution: EU warns over threat to rule of law

The European Union has issued a formal warning to Poland for threatening the rule of law — one of the founding principles of the EU.

Critics of the right-wing Polish government have been angry at changes it has made to the country’s top court, leaving it, they say, in effect unable to review and veto legislation.

The warning from the European Commission could lead to Poland being stripped of its EU voting rights.

Poland has two weeks to respond.

The EU has been having inconclusive talks with the Polish government since it announced a preliminary assessment of the new laws in January.

The Commission, the EU’s executive arm, can press a member state to change any measure considered a “systemic threat” to fundamental EU values.

Commissioner Frans Timmermans said political issues in Poland were the business of politicians in Poland.

You have to ask yourself: Did Poland sleepwalk into this nightmare, the same way the Brits did? Or did cynical and corrupt Polish politicians knowingly sell their country to Brussels for a mess of pottage?

Video transcript:

00:00   The rule of law action — well, we were not able to prevent it. It has been set in motion.
00:05   I see in it less a concern for the Polish democracy,
00:11   than an attempt of the European Commission to appropriate competencies
00:16   that they are not entitled to, according to European treaties.
00:20   We have been observing this for quite some years, and the European commission repeatedly tries,
00:24   whenever there are occasions — such as Hungary, where it did not work out well —
00:29   there, the European Commission interposed later — it is always the attempt to expand competencies.
00:34   The rule of law action did not exist back then, it was only created in 2014.
00:38   Right, it exists now, and we hear from Mr. Oettinger
00:41   that the Polish government should submit the Polish bills to the European Commission,
00:46   so that the European Commission can assess them. This means a non elected commission,
00:50   an appointed commission, that has not been democratically elected,
00:54   will assess bills that a democratically elected parliament —
00:57   That is not a contradiction. — Anyway, when Poland joined the European Union —
01:01   Then don’t sign the treaties.
01:04   These are the European treaties, and you have to accept that, our neighbours.
01:09   But the rule of law action — Mrs. Rybinska, you gladly take €12.4 billion.
01:14   Poland is the greatest net recipient. You get a lot of money from the EU.
01:18   And I do not begrudge you that. You need it.
01:21   But then you cannot accept the positive things, but not the negative things.
01:25   I know that argument. Most of the time, it comes up in the refugee question.
01:30   I put it forward now already, but I will gladly bring it up later again.
01:33   As far as I can remember, there were no such conditions tied to these EU subsidies,
01:39   when it was decided in the treaties. Of course you are free to renegotiate the treaties.
01:44   I worry then that the European Union will disintegrate. But sure, the way is clear.

25 thoughts on “EU to Poland: We Pay You, So We Control Your Institutions

  1. WESTERN UNION [tap . .tap . . .tap. . . tap . . .tap]: Warsaw, Budapest, Prague – cc Berlin & Trump Tower

    I know its my pet complaint of late. Pope Francis (in July, in Krakow) is going to use World Youth Day (nearly a million assembled) to shame Poland for not submitting to the EC re3garding this refugee issue – manufactured crisis. Francis has signaled alarming indications of late that he will do so. However much off-the-cuff. However .uch under the cover of “mercy”. A “tweet” to be shot around the world – and across the Patriotic Resistance – to top his infamous remark let loose, three years ago, on that place to Rome from Rio.

    The man is wedded to a NGO view of the world. However Pope Francis puts it, its going to spark a crisis – maybe (in the way the good can Phoenix rise from the bad) a needed one.

    Am surprised the newly established “rightist” government in Warsaw has not publicly warned the Pope off. If I were the PM I’d be concerned.

    There’s story to be had in all this – a tempting prized tart for any good journalist. Is there someone in Poland with ear to the ground, who is in the least bit curious? The Vatican elephants will be trumpeting this refuge crisis all summer, blowing wind and sour notes for Europe’s submission.

    Pope Francis needs to be headed off at the pass! Maybe Donald Trump can make a fence building inspection tour of Eastern Europe while the Pope is in Krakow trumpeting.

    He tour can begin at ground zero – Hungary. Budapest’s parliament should invite him to deliver an address to the nation – to all of patriotic Europe. After inspecting border walls and fences, he can conclude his tour by standing on Poland’s border with Germany proclaiming (oh so Kennedy-like), “For Poland the nonsense stops here. Remember ’44.”

    How presidential! It will certainly wash into history’s drain Obama’s silly little speech in Berlin seven years ago.

  2. The rule of law……..
    Ah yes. That will be the law that does not apply to Angela Merkel.

  3. The EU is very selective about which laws to enforce and in which countries to apply them. Frau Merkel for example exceeds her authority wiith impunity.

  4. The EU monster believes it has set a fail-proof trap for Poland : after escaping the sovjet empire in a poor condition it was iresistable to get billions of euro-aid and acces to the giant market …that was the BAIT , and now the trap is closing ……But as any intelligent mouse will tell you , the smart thing to do is to eat the chease AND escape unharmed ….all you have to do is to understand exactly how the trap works

    • Nope!!!

      The smartest mouse leaves the cheese strictly alone. The less-smart mouse tries to evade the trap. But, the laws of probability catch up with him, he makes one mistake, and he’s caught without hope of escape.

      In other words, the countries that are susceptible to the EU blackmail are precisely those countries that have been spending beyond their income. The EU international bankers subsidize their manipulations with German money backed by German taxes. They allow the Greeks, the Italians, the Poles, and who knows who else, to spend amounts that their own tax base would never support. Once the governments and the people become addicted to the unearned income, they’re putty in the hands of the EU dictators.

      There’s no fix, no smart maneuver. If you spend beyond your income, you’re a slave.

  5. I moved to Europe in 1990, before the EU and I warned Austrians, who were telling me they would soon be like the USA once they joined the EU, and they did not like me telling them they would be in for a big surprise, they would never be free and open like the USA, or have the rights bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers and God. I am really looking forward to having a Trump Presidency, and I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Golay’s comment above. I would love to see President Trump and President Orban become friends, especially since I own a house and half acre of land in Hungary. Hungary and Poland are two wonderful countries that need to tell the EU […] to stick their threats, and Muslims, where [there is no light]. God Bless and Protect both countries from the insanity of the EU Clowns.

    • Believe me, Bill Whit, Donald Trump is in their sights too – and I’m talking crosshairs. I, too, would love to see him as President of the United States
      but there are so many who have invested so much in exactly the opposite
      happening. Pray for his safety. By the way, nice beard!!

  6. According to polls, most Poles, including voters for the governing party PiS, do not want the government to meddle with the Constitutional court. Personally I feel that, with these changes to the Constitutional court, the government has missed a chance to unite the people against the meddling of the EU.

    When the new government came to power, the EU warned that it would not get an easy ride… and now they are using any opportunity they can, to punish it. Yes, it’s the good old EU at its best again, but the government should have seen it coming.

    • It’s curious that the EU is so concerned, so fastidious, so punktilious, so hyper-vigilant, so attentive, so perspicacious, and so scrupulous about changes to Poland’s Constitutional Court and their possible effect on representative government.

      These are the same people whose parents were not married to each other who cannot discern the official symbiosis throughout the nations of the EU and AntiFa street fighters, as well as the official tolerance for masked criminals on European streets. No. They cannot see this and these scum can never be found. But Warsaw can readily be located.

      These are the same people who tolerate vicious, petty, determined member state assaults on free speech by citizens who point to official betrayal, hypocrisy, obtuseness, imperiousness, greasy embrace of authoritarianism, denigration of nationalism, fawning over primitives and other foreigners, celebration of metissage, and purveying of lying, fantastical, absurd notions of “Islamism,” “enrichment,” “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and globalist flapdoodle.

      These are the people who see member states surrender sovereignty as neighborhoods become Karachi am Rhein and Mogadishu Aux Estoiles and streets are festooned with musselman bums.

      These are the same people who swoon over referenda on member state accession but connive to override results arrived at democratically.

      These are the people who rend their garments and tear their hair at the slightest supposed detour from the will of the Polish people but who are transported into spasms of joy when awarded the coveted Coudenhoven-Kalergi prize acknowledging fine work at replacing their “own” people and ensuring the dilution of their electoral strength.

      Why, yes, these are the fanatics, hypocrites, and betrayers who think they are such as who can dictate to the great Polish nation how to order their affairs.

  7. Stick to your guns Poland. What a smug, obese, waste of blood and organs, oxygen stealing, Neanderthals, the men on the panel were.
    Democracy means that a nation has that right to self determination, if you wish to grant aid that is fine, however if you intend that money to buy the government then you are CORRUPT and attempting to corrupt the recipient nation too.

    • “if you wish to grant aid that is fine, however if you intend that money to buy the government then you are CORRUPT…”

      “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” This is a law of nature as fixed as the law of gravity. You take money from someone, you’re under his command.

      • Basically that’s what the rogues and scoundrels in the EU, IMF and ECB did to Greece , loaned them money at high interest rates that they knew would be an impossibility to repay and then in true international gangster style took over hard assets (Power Companies, Railway,Water Works etc.) as payment, leaving Greece as a vassal state. IMHO the EU is a dictatorship, with the ‘Throne In Brussels’ as the seat of power.

        • I agree with you 100%. But, it takes two to tango, and the Greeks complied willingly with their own subjugation by thinking they could get a free lunch.

          • Yes it was easy money in a country where paying of taxes is shunned by many professionals and fiscal discipline is totally lacking.

      • Exactly! One of our politicians here in Australia (whom I shall not name since he is as slimy as a snake) was recently reported to say:

        “If someone donates $100 he supports you. If he donates
        $100,000 he owns you”.

        I so endorse the statement made by the author of the original article – “Did Poland sleep walk into this nightmare . . .?”
        Whatever were they thinking?!

        And topping off quotations – Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer beware!

  8. I love this Polish lady, she can’t be pushed around by these goons. Long live Poland.

  9. IMO, it’s time to abolish the EU. It is worthless but too powerful and is interfering with countries’ freedom to choose their own path as they wish.

    So, ABOLISH THE EU! It’s a huge waste of money anyway and totally un-democratic.

    I have thought this for some time, but it’s time to say so. Get rid of it.

  10. In addition, I would recommend that nobody listen to Pope Francis. He is a socialist, which is incompatible with the Catholic faith in the first place. In the second place, he is a fool and I speak as a nominal Catholic.

    What is this world coming to?

  11. Isn’t this the same model of how the Federal District of Columbia controls all of the Fifty United States of America? Why yes it is! It’s basically saying we own you because we control your assets and you also ‘owe’ us the interest on that fiat currency we print out of thin air to use to control you. Now bow down and lick the boot slaves!

    • And the NON Federal Reserve cartel owns DC in the same way, all because
      of the congress relinquishing their DUTY to print money to the Fed Res in
      1913. The world has been fighting central bankers for centuries, you’d think we would have seen it coming and have ready responses.
      Hamilton a patriot, my hind end, Aaron Burr was the patriot.

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