Ten Arabic Words: Bracken’s Challenge to National Security Professionals

Drawing on the work of Stephen Coughlin, Matthew Bracken has thrown down the gauntlet to those professionals in our government and the military who purport to be guardians of our national security.

Ten Arabic Words: A challenge to national security professionals engaged in the Global War On Terror

by Matthew Bracken

If you are a politically-correct bliss-ninny with a coexist bumper sticker slapped on the back of your Subaru, and you don’t have the slightest clue what the following ten words mean, then this essay is not meant for you. You are excused.

dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah

But if you are a national security professional, senior military officer or political leader involved in any aspect of the “Global War On Terror,” AKA “Countering Violent Extremism,” these are ten words that should already be a part of your working vocabulary. If you can’t readily discuss their meaning, significance, and relationships, then you are worse than a fool, you are disgrace to your office and a danger to your country.

If you don’t already have a firm grasp of the meaning of these words, then you are as prepared to conduct the GWOT as President Obama’s “Pajama Boy” is prepared to fight a heavyweight MMA champion in a no-quarter steel-cage death match.

If you couldn’t accurately define at least eight out of the ten directly from your personal knowledge base, then as a national security professional, you are an abject failure. You are as dangerously ignorant as a parent who would send his ten-year-old son to a NAMBLA summer camp, because a friendly self-identified “Namblan” neighbor said it was like Boy Scout Camp, but even more fun, and completely free of charge.

In effect, you sent your innocent and vulnerable young son to a summer camp run by perverts, pedophiles and predators, and you didn’t even know it, because you couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual meaning of NAMBLA independently from your helpful Namblan neighbor. Sounds insane, doesn’t it? Nobody could be that stupid, right? Wrong. That level of stupidity is official Obama administration policy when it comes to fighting the GWOT.

So, if you are an Army general or Navy admiral who, right here and now, without looking at your smart phone, cannot discuss how a kafir becomes a dhimmi, and what a dhimmi’s rights and options (if any) are under shariah, then you are as ignorant of your job as an European-theater Army general circa 1942 who did not know a panzer from a pancake, or a schutzstaffel from a schnitzel. A person as ignorant as you should be kept away from any responsibility for protecting our nation. You are incompetent, and you are a fool.

If you don’t know how to determine when a Muslim suicide bomber is a shaheed and when he is a terrorist according to the shariah, then you are as dangerous to our national safety as a North Atlantic ship captain who believes that icebergs are a fairy tale concocted by conspiracy theorists. Full speed ahead, Captain Smith!

If you don’t know takfir from taqiyya, and can’t discuss the meaning and importance of both, you are as useless as a WW2 intelligence officer who didn’t know the Kriegsmarine from the Luftwaffe, (but who thought that one of them was a private flying club, based on conversations that he overheard among his ever-helpful German cleaning staff).

If you cannot, right now, intelligently discuss the global ummah and its relationship to the OIC in the context of the GWOT, then you should be working for the Department of Parks and Recreation, and not the Department of Homeland Security. If you don’t know what the OIC refers to in this context, put on a dunce cap, and go stand in the corner. And if you don’t know whether your office is in the Dar al Islam or the Dar al Harb, please jump out of an upper-story window, and when you hit the sidewalk, ask any immigrant who is engaged in hijra. He’ll know the answer, even if you do not.

If you don’t know how dawah relates to jihad when faithful Muslims are engaged in long-term hijra, you should turn in your official credentials and take early retirement. You are as oblivious as a WW2 U.S. Army general who thought that the Geheime Staatspolizei were German motorcycle policemen much like our American state troopers, because a helpful German passer-by told him so.

If you don’t know what the three options are for a kafir who violates the shariah when living in the dar al Islam, then please get out of the national security business. If you don’t know why a dhimmi would care about jizya, please retire, and hand your duties over to someone who has the natural curiosity and personal integrity to conduct his own study of our actual enemies and their actual strategies. But in the meantime, you must immediately stop lapping up the false narrative being spoon-fed to you by hostile foreign agents, domestic traitors, useful idiots, and cowards who know better—but who won’t make waves while their pensions are beckoning.

If your job is national security, and you didn’t score at least an eighty on the ten-word quiz, then you have obviously swallowed the big lie that we can safely delegate the understanding of our Islamist enemies to the WW2 equivalent of “moderate Nazis.” Sounds insane, doesn’t it? But under President Obama, this is indeed our national policy for fighting the GWOT: allow a range of Muslim Brotherhood front groups to conduct America’s narrowly limited analysis of so-called “radicalized Islam,” and thereafter guide our policies toward Islam and Muslims in general.

Here is an important example straight from current events. Please tell us, oh national security professional, whom has the United Nations delegated the critical task of selecting and “screening” the Muslim “refugees” who are currently arriving in the USA at the rate of thousands per month? Any guesses? It is the same organization that the Obama administration has also optimistically granted the authority to choose our new Muslim “refugee” immigrants. If you don’t know the answer, please get out of the national security business.

So who is it? It’s the fifty-seven-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, which I referenced above. The mission of the OIC is to promote the spread of Islam across the globe until there is no more dar al harb, and all of the kafirs have either been converted to Islam, killed, or forced into submission as dhimmis. If you didn’t know, dhimmis are formally and legally subjugated second-class citizens who must pay the special jizya tax as the price of their being allowed to live under shariah in the ummah.

But this special offer is only extended to Christians and Jews: all others must choose between conversion to Islam, and the sword. That is, if their Muslim conquerors grant them the option of conversion. According to the Shariah, the defeated kafirs may also be killed or enslaved, if either of these two outcomes would be considered more beneficial to the ummah, based on local conditions and needs. (Of course, the captured women and girls may be taken as sex-slaves.) Mohammed did all of the above, and he commanded that these practices be continued in perpetuity, and they are.

The charter of the OIC puts Islamic shariah law ahead of secular law. This means, for example, that the official position of the OIC is that Muslims who leave the faith should be killed, and that any faithful Muslim who kills an apostate ex-Muslim has done no sin, but instead should be thanked and congratulated for the deed. It’s the same with adulterers: they should die, and killing an adulterer is no crime.

Yes, that really is their position, and they really do believe it, and much more than that. The OIC is made up of fifty-seven Muslim nations, united by a common belief in the supremacy of Islam, and their mutual obligation to conduct both dawah and jihad until the Dar al Islam covers the globe, and Allah’s eternal and immutable shariah has supplanted godless democracy and all manmade laws. This dawah includes the practice of using taqiyya when making arrangements or having negotiations with as-yet unsubmitted kafirs in the dar al harb.

So it’s no wonder that ninety-nine percent of the “refugees” being “screened” by the OIC and transported into the USA are Muslim, even though the Christians and other non-Muslims (who until recently made up over ten percent of the populations of Syria and Iraq) are suffering a brutal genocide and holocaust at the hands of Islamic State kidnappers, mass-rapists and mass-executioners.

The same OIC which is choosing our Muslim “refugees” is also strong-arming the European Union, the United States and the United Nations into accepting shariah-compliant religious blasphemy laws, which will turn criticism of Islam into illegal “hate speech.” It’s worth noting that Bill and Hillary Clinton have collected millions of dollars in “speaking fees” and “donations” from OIC members, and perhaps unremarkably, Hillary Clinton also supports outlawing criticism of Islam, if the criticism leads to violence by Muslims.

In light of this, it’s particularly sad to see disgraced former General David Petraeus heap even more shame upon himself, with his recent call for a mindless capitulation to Islamic extortion threats, extortion threats which have been ongoing against kafirs for 1,400 years. With fourteen centuries of history to examine, “Don’t make the Muslims angry, or they’ll run amok like uncontrollable sub-human savages, and kill lots of innocent people” is a wretched strategy for a former American general and intelligence agency director to espouse.

His call for the end of free speech rights anywhere and anytime that they “offend” Muslims is no different than warning a beaten wife not to anger her chronically abusive husband again, lest he give her yet another violent thrashing—which would then be entirely her fault. In fact, she should be punished again, just for provoking him after being warned not to!

This is not merely the heckler’s veto, which we are, sadly, familiar with today on the American college campus. This is the Muslim terrorist’s veto, and it means forced submission to Islam’s shariah law as the price of temporarily forestalling Muslim violence. Shame on David Petraeus for siding with the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism, and not the victims. But at least his motives are transparent: pure greed. Petraeus, who has no background in finance or economics, is making millions of dollars by hustling in Muslim nations for the multi-billion-dollar global hedge fund KKR. They want something for their money, and he gave it to them in his recent Washington Post column. (Read “Why David Petraeus really wants you to shut up about Islamism,” TheFederalist.com, May 18, 2016.)

Let me offer you another simple test that you may apply to your own national security work space and mission. If you have been ordered to purge the ten listed Arabic words (and others) from your official GWOT lexicon, and instead to hand over the task of analyzing “Islamic radicalism” to alleged “moderate Muslims,” then you are being played for a fool by our nation’s most implacable and devious enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Fifteen years after the twin towers came down, you have no excuse for such obliviousness. After the next 9-11, you will not be able to plead ignorance yet again. As a national security official, you have a duty to perform your own due diligence. You must educate yourself, and reject the politically-correct blindfold that you have been ordered to wrap around your own mind.

Sun Tzu wrote: “if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

Today, we are literally outsourcing our intelligence analysis in the GWOT to the OIC and various Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Simply do a search for “Holy Land Foundation, Hamas, CAIR, and FBI” to begin your overdue education. Is it any wonder that the official “Countering Violent Extremism” narrative holds that there is utterly no connection between Islamic terrorism and Islam? That the Islamic State, which quotes chapter and verse of the Koran as justification for its every decision, is not Islamic? That Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of ISIS, who holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, knows less about Islam than President Obama and his American-trained national security staff?

In 2016, ignorance of the reality of the Islamist threat is no longer an excuse. Many resources are readily available if you are willing to look unblinkingly at the light of truth. I would suggest the online video lectures given by Stephen Coughlin and Dr. Bill Warner as starting points. Those who need or desire to read an exhaustively researched (over a thousand footnotes) academic treatise on the present Islamist threat should carefully study Coughlin’s “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad.”

After 9-11, Mr. Coughlin was an acclaimed subject matter expert and frequent high-level lecturer at the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon, until 2008 when he was made persona-non-grata on federal property as an unwelcome “Islamophobe.” And who made the determination of Mr. Coughlin’s “Islamophobia?” The same Muslim Brotherhood front groups that our intelligence agencies now rely upon for their understanding of “violent extremism,” which, of course, we are assured has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

We know this must be true, because President Obama has told us so. Unless, of course, he is practicing taqiyya on behalf of the ummah. Taqiyya is a bedrock principle of Islamic shariah, a ready tool for Muslims to use when they are dealing with kafirs. And not only radical Muslims, but ordinary, everyday, “moderate” Muslims. According to the shariah, it’s not a sin when a Muslim lies to a kafir in order to promote Islam. In that case, taqiyya is just a very clever form of dawah, helping to prepare the kafirs for the final Islamic jihad victory.

Now, go look up the Arabic words that you didn’t know, and read the article again, with fuller understanding. Then, go ask your colleagues how they did on the quiz. In the current threat environment, when mistakes are punished with passenger jets falling out of the sky, seventy is a failing grade for a trained and educated national security professional.

Please strive to do better. Your country is depending on you. Don’t let us down again. Educate yourself, and then prepare to stand firm against the prevailing winds of political correctness. Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Remember your core values, and stand tall against America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com. For his previous essays, see the Matthew Bracken Archives.

56 thoughts on “Ten Arabic Words: Bracken’s Challenge to National Security Professionals

  1. An when a muslim cannot persuade, he buys the rich and powerful and then uses their corruption against them……

      • Why David Petraeus? He had a sexually motivated slip, but that is
        not in the same league as the deliberate treason of Clintons.

    • And that is nothing new for them either. They used it during the Conquest of Spain, which began in the early 8th century.

    • Which is just a variation of “Buy the top 5% and you can have the rest for nothing”.

    • This is an exceptional article and I intend to post its link everywhere.Maybe a few Americans will wake up to the Trojan horse we are inviting into our country named islam.
      I expect to be in firefights with moslems in the US within 10 years because of the ignorance and suicidal denial of our government unless Trump is elected.Carried a rifle in defense of the Constitution before and am willing to do so again.
      If we have to fight let it be soon so my grandchildren can live in peace and safety.

      • I don’t think electing Donald Trump could possibly prevent the coming wave of Islamic retribution we will see. Prolong it, possibly, but prevent it, probably not.

    • Thank you for posting the link. I stuck with taqiyya to cover the idea of “sanctioned deception” but it is valuable to understand the permutations. Curiously, Arabic does not have a word for “rape.” It is not conceivable in the Arab Muslim world when a man can’t jump a kafir woman, married or not. She is just “open meet” and if she ends up with a half-Muslim baby, great!

      • Except they consider that baby to be Muslim. Like our Imperious Leader, whose sperm donor and step-father were Muslim.

  2. But if you are a…political leader involved in any aspect of…“Countering Violent Extremism,” these are ten words that should already be a part of your working vocabulary. If you can’t readily discuss their meaning, significance, and relationships, then you are worse than a fool, you are disgrace to your office and a danger to your country.

    If you’re one of those who live and work and have their being inside the Beltway, your career depends on maintaining situational ignorance and never saying certain forbidden words.

    Who can ever forget Eric Holder’s inability to say “radical Islam” in front of a Congressional committee?

    And if you’re an American citizen living in Seattle, time to bone up on shariah financial law:


    Thank Zeus for our federal system: Idaho is headed in the opposite direction:

    David Yerushalmi’s massive contribution to fighting back against the enablers like that Seattle mayor was/is ALAC…American Laws for American Courts. ACT for America continues to push for its passage on state-by-state basis.


    • It seems to me that a law requiring institutions to comply with the provisions of one religion or any religion, would be unconstitutional on its face.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

      • Yeah, you’d think that, but don’t forget the ability of Islam to use a culture’s weakness to destroy it. Thus the need for ALAC…look at that dhimmi mayor in Oregon.

        And, in parallel, see how the law regarding equality has been twisted, torn, and re-glued together to make a mockery of that law too. The fissioning of gender “identity” into ever-smaller fragments would be funny were it not being used to destroy children.

      • What if Hitler had declared his version of National Socialism to be a religion? All good then, if he wanted to send Nazi “priests” and Nazi “refugees” to the USA by the thousands in the late 1930s?

        • I actually have two thoughts on the question of Nazis trying to enter the US on the pretext that National Socialism is a religion.

          1) Constitutional rights do not pertain to non-citizen, non-residents, so the US government and Congress in particular have every right to exclude anyone they wish from residence or citizenship;

          2) It seems to me that the practices of a religion do not take precedence over US law enacted for legitimate purposes. I don’t see any Constitutional requirement that religious practice supersedes statutory law. I understand that the Supreme Court on its own dime, has created non-statutory areas of law,such as mandating that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have to pledge allegiance.

          Anyway, the Congress would be perfectly within the Constitution to mandate, say, that anyone who adheres to a genocidal policy, or policy of replacing the US Constitution with another system of law, is ineligible for citizenship or residency. Just because Thuggee is a “religion” does not mean we have to admit someone who things it acceptable to murder someone else.

        • Greetings Matt,

          Funny that you mentioned that question. Miss Ann Barnhardt actually brought this up back in 2011 when she gave a talk about how evil islam is thru her discussion of ‘islamic sexuality”. Specifically, she asked how people in the 1940’s would have reacted if Nazi agents had told people, “we worship the aryan god..and these forts are our ‘meeting halls'” as they went about setting up Nazi forts here.

          Here’s a link to the full video:
          Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

          Like you, Ann calls it like she sees it!

          Keep it up and keep your powder dry!

          Yours In Liberty!
          Steve Kristmann III
          “islam?!…we don need no stinkin islam here!!!”

  3. Very succint, to the point and clear style of writing. What I find pretty agressive is the tone but I gues this is exactly what also students of security and intel studies need – let”‘s not forget at least some of.these people pick up those twisted truths at Uni. I am a graduate of one such course and hope to share some experiences at BUCSIS in the UK, as soon as Baron will find a.moment to consider piublishing my first piece that had been sent to him.
    I look forward to some possible form of cooperation in work on these crucial security issues.



    • Also, thank you for quoting Sun Tzu for obvious reasons.

      One correction – in Bucks I received excellent teaching but I also saw the flawed academic reports (includin pub by Open Society, alas!) that People iin tthe trade learnt on.

      Best for now

  4. Congratulations, you hit the nail on the head. I will personally forward this link to the FPÖ in Austria. They are the best hope Austria has to escape the madness.

  5. Re: Idaho

    Does any one else the mosque in Pocatello, Idaho a grim indication of how far we’ve fallen, and how late the hour is for the West?

  6. ” According to the Shariah, the defeated kafirs may also be killed or enslaved, if either of these two outcomes would be considered more beneficial to the ummah, based on local conditions and needs. (Of course, the captured women and girls may be taken as sex-slaves.)”

    I have only one thing to add to Bracken’s excellent essay.

    Male slaves captured by Muslims are routinely castrated. So, don’t imagine being a slave under the benign conditions of the Antebellum South. Male slaves are castrated in the most horrible, most painful ways possible. Most of them don’t survive, which is just fine with the Muslims.

    Judging by the treatment of household slaves by Saudi businessmen and diplomats in the US, who routinely ignore US law whenever they can get away with it, the female slaves don’t last that long either. They just aren’t killed outright, as most male slaves are.

    • The slave conditions in the Antebellum South were not “benign”. That kind of relativity is cruel at best. If you put, say your own grandfather, in that position, your ideas about benignity might perforce change. Granted, Arabs are particularly barbaric, but that’s cold comfort indeed.

      • And my grandpa fought against the Nazis on Polish swamps .of. our south East labnds. Then the Soviets tortured him to obtain. Info on other AK soldiers. Did my granbdpa care about his [thing]? Neither do I. You just take your chance to take the jihadi’s eyes out with your crashed fi.gers when they torture you. We'”ll have a go at the collaborators.later.


  7. Every year this ignorance goes on will progressively dilute our courage and wisdom by their everlasting hijra into our institutions…so that the job of winning this war becomes more and more difficult….like approaching a tangent of an asymptotic curve.

    • Sadly, your high score would almost certainly be counted as a demerit in the application process…

      • I got 10/10 and 2/4 on the bonus question on deception.
        3 years ago it would have been under 5.
        Thanks to this site and the rest of the Counter Jihad movement for the education.
        I find spreading the word is gradually becoming easier but tough times are ahead.

  8. May I respectfully suggest HALAL as an 11th word?

    I know, it doesn’t sound as tidy as “the ten words” (in this case the evil decalogue, to distinguish it from “The Ten Words” YHWH gave to Moses).

    It’s widely known that halal, imposed not only on meat but on all kinds of merchandise, is the way the muslim world is raising billions of dollars to finance jihad all over the world; in their typical fashion, it’s often implemented by covert strategies and subterfuge.

    • Halal is even imposed on medicines used in the West, such as Vitamin D supplements manufactured by major dhimmi companies.

      • Yes, they use “halal” to force shariah upon their victim/target host population. Islam is a full-court multi-axis aggressor. They will use swords and beheading in one dimension, and they will pay million-dollar bribes to the Clintons and disgusting prostitutes like disgraced ex-General and ex-CIA Director Petraeus.

  9. As this essay exemplifies, Matt Bracken is one of the most qualified and insightful public intellectuals going today who is willing to lay out the real dangers western civilization faces from islamofascists and put a legitimate cost benefit analysis in place to gauge the national security infrastructure’s willingness to pay the price needed for victory.
    I wonder if Mr. Bracken shouldn’t be considered for a position in the new Trump administration, and if offered would he accept it and/or with what caveats?

    • That would never happen. A few minutes looking at my old posts, and I would be untouchable for PC reasons. I just write what I write, and hope a lot of people read it.

  10. Matt, another interesting article. Thank you. My former pentagon colleagues have told my about the political correctness that prevails there now. How sad. Knowing what you know what do you think of tom chittum’s book “Civil War II” and how it plays into the current situation?

    • My goal is that this essay will bounce around the senior echelons. I used the device of the quiz to set up a dynamic whereby initial readers will want to know how their colleagues scored, and thereby the quiz will float upward to the flag and SES ranks.

      As far as Chittum’s book, my take is pretty well described in the last novel of my trilogy, “Foreign Enemies And Traitors.” After an economic collapse in the USA, I think power will devolve to regions at best. If there is an electrical disruption, which I expect in any future war scenario against a state actor, for example, then society will be granularized down to neighborhood, zip code, area code and so on. The federal government will be overwhelmed, and like the USSR circa the mid-90s, it will disappear from people’s lives for a while. Taxes, rents and mortgages might not be paid during this period, so the ownership of property will be very complicated if and when a national society reemerges.

  11. Excellent, Matt.
    I was just this evening trying to tell a friend of mine the words that they use, which most do not, that in reality are their way of subjugating us.
    Asked if he had read the koran, no, but he loosely read the Bible and that was enough to understand “Abrahamic” thought.
    To convince these people short of losing their heads is neigh impossible.
    If there’s one thing that Chompsky was always right about, it’s about linguistics.

    • Exactly correct about Chomsky. Conservatives haven’t even been in the fight, we just accept each new Leftist definition, always defining deviancy down. I never ever say “gay,” I say homosexual.

  12. I find schutzstaffel and the secret service’s abbreviations fearfully ironic. NFA of 32 restrict autos, suppressors, sbr’s, and sbs’s for citizens, but politicians advocating for full disarmament have private armies (paid for by subjects) with these same “dangerous weapons of war that supposedly dont belong on the streets”. The same politicians and popes demanding we build bridges and not walls, live amongst the highest walls and plebeians cannot get near them without ID and background checks. They should be very fearful of a heavily armed populace, because when you suppress the ballot, you get recall elections by bullet.

  13. Slam Dunk Mr. Bracken!
    Now if somehow we could find a way to rub the PC’s noses in it and make it stick……
    Your efforts on the “Front Lines”, coupled with those of GoV, WRSA, SSI, FNC, and others, are helping to make that happen.

  14. I’m Hungarian. We fought against the muslims for centuries to protect ourselves, christianity and Europe. We will fight against them again if we have to, to protect our country, christianity and our culture. We do not in Merkel’s “strange” ideas, as you possibly know. What do you think Mr. Bracken would it be a good idea instead of destroying the Kaba stone, their oilfields should be destroyed. Without the income from oil they won’t have money to support their jihad and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. will just collapse. I dont think that any arabic army is a match for a european especially not for the US army.

  15. We do not believe in Merkel’s “strange” ideas. Sorry for the mistake and for my broken english.

  16. I note that key points of Sharia law are 180 degrees off from our First and Fourteenth Amendments. IMO, that should be publicized far more often than it is.

    The URL of this thread should be sent to everybody on your email list, IMO.

    Thanks, Matt

  17. the-mark-of-the-beast.pdf
    The symbols St. John wrote down appeared to later scribes to be in the Greek alphabet and they transcribed them as the numerical equivalents.
    However, Mr. Shoebat, a Christian convert from Islam, saw a copy of the original writings by St. John, and recognized certain symbols as actually being in the Arabic language, which did not yet exist in the time of John.
    Those symbols actually mean-reading from right to left,
    Blessed be the name of Allah and two crossed swords.

  18. Thank you Matt,
    This is a brilliant essay. Words matter, and in the world of politics, they are the sword. I looked up every one of the ten Muslim words. I knew most of them, but learned more about all of them. I will teach my children, and will pray for our soldiers who are fighting an army and a war, that our current government won’t even recognize.
    Redmond Burke MD
    Chief, Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
    Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

  19. Dear Matt,
    Thank you for the brilliant essay. I looked up every Muslim word you cited. I will make sure my children know them, and will challenge my colleagues and political representatives with them. I know how hard you and your fellow combat veterans have fought for our country, and I deeply appreciate your sacrifices. I also understand how frustrating it must be to watch politicians intentionally open the door for our enemies. General Petraeus’ actions for the KKR financial group will ultimately be recognized as an epic betrayal of our country. If we recognize the threat, we will win this fight.
    Redmond Burke MD

  20. Thanks, Redmond. We must all do what we can, while we can. History will not look kindly upon us if our granddaughters are forced to wear the veil.

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