The Silence of the Muslims

Last Sunday a huge march against Jew-hatred took place in Paris, with an estimated 180,000 participants. Notably absent were the zebiba-flaunting jalabiya-clad henna-bearded gentlemen and their niqab-wearing spouses. I wonder why that was?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Boulevard Voltaire:


March against anti-Semitism — Largely absent: the Muslims

by Clemence de Longraye
November 13, 2023

“France marches against anti-Semitism”. Seen from abroad, the fight against anti-Jewish hate seems unanimous in France. Really? This Sunday, November 12, as 180,000 French (all religions combined) hit the streets to say “no” to anti-Semitism, one community was absent: the Muslims.

The day after the demonstration, several participants were moved by this absence. On CNews, Meyer Habib, deputy of the Republicans for Overseas French, notes that “there was a large absence in this march, the Muslim community”. An observation shared by the Jewish authorities in France. At the microphone of RMC, Elie Korchia, president of the Central Israeli Consistory of France, though he welcomes the success of this demonstration, laments this absence. “It’s too bad. When you have the world on the streets, that all religions are there, and the one missing is the Muslim religion, it’s a glaring absence,” he laments. And his colleague, Joel Mergui, president of the Israeli Consistory of Paris, adds on France Info: “We did not see Muslims massively appealing to come and demonstrate.”

The silence of Muslim authorities

As Joel Mergui points out, the absence of French Muslims in the march against anti-Semitism is notably due to the silence of the Muslim authorities. With the exception of some dissident imams such as Hassen Chalgouni (Drancy) or Tareq Oubrou (Bordeaux), who publicly announced their participation in the November 12 march, the majority of Muslim authorities preferred to keep their silence. The organization Muslims in France (UOIF), accused of proximity to the Muslim Brotherhood, though they claimed “to condemn all forms of hate or violence against our Jewish compatriots without reserve and with the greatest firmness,” did not wish to respond to the appeal of Gerard Larcher, president of the Senate, and Yael Braun-Pivet, president of the National Assembly, to march against anti-Semitism.

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM), for its part, made clear its refusal to participate in this demonstration. On November 8, on X ( formerly Twitter), the group hid behind the participation of the Rassemblement National in this march to justify its non-participation. In a press release, the CFCM explained that they “understand the reticence of Muslims in France to march alongside anti-Muslim racists”. And it continued, “This march, which has the exclusive objective of denouncing anti-Semitism, should have made it a fight against racism. And there we would have attended this march with all our hearts”.

A new anti-Semitism

This glaring absence in the march against anti-Semitism also shines a light on the new anti-Semitism that the Jewish community confronts today. In effect, as revealed by “X-ray on anti-Semitism”, conducted by the Foundation for Political Innovation (Edition 2022), 15% of Muslims say they “feel antipathy toward Jews, that is a proportion more than ten points more than that measured in the population as a whole.” Moreover, the hostile prejudices toward the Jewish community find a particular echo within the Muslim community. Thus, the idea of Jewish control over the media (54%, that is 30 points more than the French population) or finance (51%, + 27 points), is “shared by ( more than 50% ) of Muslims”. This adherence to anti-Semitic prejudices is even stronger when the Muslim regularly frequents the mosque, Fondapol also notes. It is logical that the imams did not mobilize very much for the demonstration.

5 thoughts on “The Silence of the Muslims

  1. Also missing was the extreme left; Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his fellow communists of LFI. Instead they had a meeting at the Vel d’Hev {Velodrome de Hiver} the stadium where foreign Jews were incarcerated for several days without food and water before being put on trains for Nazi extermination camps.

    • I always like to look back on the Iranian revolution of 1979, that the communists helped organise ( and maybe even get France to look after Khomeini for them, until the revolution)
      A very small rump comes out at various occasions in London to bleat then retreat. No wonder the phrase “useful idiots” was coined for them.

  2. I do not see why the indigenous French must choose their side in a conflict between the two sides of this monstrous war.

    France is part of the European civilisation, based on Christian and humanist values, while both Muslims and Jews are stuck in the Bronze Age mentality, they have no notion of mercy for the enemy, no humanist qualms. When they wage a war they want to exterminate the enemy without sparing either a child, or a woman, or a cripple.

    The tragedy of France is not “antisemitism” or “islamophobia”. The tragedy of France (and of Western Europe as a whole) is that she has allowed these two ruthless barbaric communities to get so much clout within her borders. And the greatest culprits are not Jewish or Muslim leaders, but her own left-wing intellectuals who have for a long time promoted an ideology of civilisational suicide.

    The only way to escape a full scale national disaster for France would be to remember that she used “the elder daughter of the Church”, to reconvert to Christianity – and not to the liberal caricature of Christianity, as promoted by Pope Francis, this wolf in sheep’s clothing – but to the real Christianity that would rather fight and die than betray.

    But, most probably, it is too late. France has lost her independence and her fighting spirit. The French are ready to be enslaved and the only question is by whom.

    • Pffft, it ain’t the Jews who are barbaric savages, obviously you have failed to see that the Jews step back at the moment of Victory because they haven’t been allowed to win, just win to a stand still where the next conflict is inevitable, hopefully Israel turns Gaza to rubble and total ruin so they can remake into resorts and casinos that are the jewel of the Med it is the bloody God forsaken devil worshipping muslims who never stop any conflict they start and will always start. So your little missive is intellectually bankrupt.

      As for the Frogs, sooner of later they will find their inner Norman and do what they do best, and Purge every bloody 3rd worlder from their nation and territories

  3. Make me a list of all the Jewish organizations and leaders in France who have been anything other than hugely supportive of Third World migration into the country.

    The word “crybully” comes to mind, a portmanteau composed of “crybaby” and “bully” which describes someone who plays the victim of a situation when in fact he is its architect.

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