Report From Sderot: Day 11

MC is still in Sderot, and the missiles from Gaza are still falling on the city.

Have you noticed that the tide of public opinion is changing, as it usually does, from all-out support to the usual cries of “don’t hurt (Muslim) civilians”?

When Hamas hides behind civilians, then civilian casualties are Hamas’ responsibility. Except, it seems, where Israel and Jews are concerned.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken now appears to be setting conditions.

In a recent X (twitter) catfight two conservatives had a scrap over the fate of Harvard students who signed that infamous letter of support for massacring jooz. “Silly ignorant students,” said one. “Malicious anti-Semites,” said the other.

The real point is that there need to be consequences if freedom of speech is to be viable. If one supports a holocaust-like event, then one is probably a Nazi of some kind. In my experience, Nazis remain Nazis until terminated.

The Left, including Nazism, is a nasty political disease that has brought cruelty and mayhem beyond belief to this world. My wife’s sister has emailed us three times so far to express her support for Hamas against Israeli ‘apartheid’.

Most people are totally ignorant of the inner workings of the original apartheid in South Africa, and the dire consequences of its dismantling.

Apartheid means separation in Afrikaans (die taal), and was an experiment in trying to get differing cultures to live in harmony. It was partially successful until the socialists got hold of it. They turned it into a catastrophe for all concerned.

For example, the African tribesman straight from his kraal expects to be able to defecate anywhere there is room to squat (a bit like San Francisco). This behaviour is not acceptable for the white European-based culture, as they have to deal with the mess. Apartheid dictated that high walls make good neighbours and that these cultural points of friction could be mitigated by ‘separation’.

Unfortunately for South Africa it became all about skin colour, not culture, and the rest is history.

Israel is the most (skin colour) un-racist country I have ever been in. As immigrants from the UK, we stand out as ‘white’ (Anglos), and most Israelis assume that I am American.

Muslim Israelis have exactly the same rights under Basic Law as I have. However, in the areas supervised by the PA (and Hamas) under the Oslo Accords, the same is not true.

The accusation of Israeli ‘apartheid’ is tendentious. because it assumes that Oslo did not happen and that Israel is responsible for the so-called ‘West Bank’ except for Area 3 which is the designated Jewish area. Unfortunately the Palestinians do not keep treaties and agreements, and try very hard to settle and build in Area 3. It is in Area 3 that we get the accusations of apartheid.

Significantly, Jews are not allowed to settle in areas 1 and 2; they would not survive. The PA controls these areas and does indeed practice apartheid.

So here we have the Left’s usual double standard at work. Palestinians run an apartheid regime, and the Left encourages it. The jooz try to enforce Oslo, and the Left squeals their condemnation.

I am still in Sderot. Nothing is happening. I filled up with diesel this morning, and the streets were empty except for soldiers and police.

I expect a ceasefire in the next couple of days. The Biden administration will insist on it. The atrocities will go unpunished; after all they were only jooz. Not that those behind the 9/11 incident were ever punished. Terrorism works because we are too weak to grit our teeth and winkle the terrorists out of their hospital basements.

Same old same old. Eventually the civilized world will submit to Islamic hegemony because it will not see the danger until it is too late. Everything Hamas has done is straight out of the Koran. They invaded the infidel, drugged up to the eyeballs. They killed a raped their way through vulnerable villages, and attempted to colonize Israel for Islam, just as the prophet did.

I wrote this article a few days ago, and events have perhaps overtaken it. Something appears to have gone wrong with our Iron Dome cover. The number of missiles landing is greater than it has been in more than a decade.

I assume that, because Sderot is now 90% empty, the systems have been moved to protect the more important people in the centre.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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