“Are You Going to Dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Stéphane Ravier is a French senator representing Bouches-du-Rhône — a department that includes Marseille — for Reconquête, the party of former presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. In the following clip from the floor of the Senate, Mr. Ravier addresses his remarks to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, demanding that the minister ban the Muslim Brotherhood in France.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

As a matter of interest, Gérald Darmanin’s mother is Algerian. His middle name is Moussa. I don’t know if it has any relevance, but it’s a fact.

Video transcript:

00:00   You have the floor. —Thank you Mr. President. My question is for the Minister of the Interior.
00:06   Hamas is a terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.
00:10   In France, as in Israel, they massacre men, women and children mercilessly.
00:15   The Muslim Brotherhood living among us because of the crazy immigration policy
00:19   that you have all supported here, my dear colleagues, out of weakness or conviction,
00:25   must be treated the same way as in Israel, by the means of a radical and ruthless response.
00:29   If some people refuse, I say it clearly, they have got my hatred.
00:33   This war has been declared against us by Islamists, for years: ten years ago already.
00:38   One of their soldiers murdered children in a Jewish school,
00:41   and military men in Toulouse and in Montauban. Since then,
00:44   young people, cartoonists, priests, free women, police officers and teachers
00:47   have been massacred on our soil. They methodically and coldly murder all those who make France,
00:53   all those who build our civilization, because it deals with a war of civilizations.
00:58   Here, as in Marseille, I have been denouncing for years the consequences of your immigrationism,
01:02   the activities of Islamists in my city, from those mosques affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood
01:06   to the secondary schools financed by Saudi Arabia.
01:09   What have you done, Mr. Minister? Nothing.
01:12   It continues to prosper thanks to massive immigration and its more and more conquering birthrate.
01:17   So, given that, in the matter of anti-Semitism and more globally in the matter of protection
01:21   of all French citizens, Mr. Minister, you are supposed to let nothing pass,
01:25   are you going to dissolve Muslim Brotherhood and all the organizations, all the mosques
01:29   all the associations that avail themselves of this ideology?
01:32   And for this immediate response, we need an underlying policy.
01:35   Are you finally going to stop, not only stop, but also reverse the course of immigration,
01:40   an immigration that fuels, as we know, the support for Hamas in our country?
01:44   Are you going to expel all the foreigners who support Hamas? Are you going to order the dissolution
01:48   of all Hamas collaborators, of the native citizens of the Republic at the NPA, of the CGT13
01:53   at the Syndicat Sud Union, by passing through the Communist Youth organization of my department,
01:58   yet under the authority of one of our colleagues, Mr. Bacchi?
02:01   Are you going to render this fifth column incapable of inflicting any harm?
02:04   Because in our country, Mr. Minister, gangrene is already everywhere,
02:08   and either we eliminate gangrene, or we die from it.
02:11   We will answer you later.

8 thoughts on ““Are You Going to Dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood?”

    • If that traitor De Gaulle didn’t throw the army under the bus and let them do what they do best, Algeria would be still under French control. When you see the Legion assemble on French mainland soil, you will know the military has finally taken over.

  1. Gangrene , !! Is eating whole Europe and rest of the Christian world, it’s despicable why’s they are doing to the European people and all Christians all over the world..

  2. Re: “Stéphane Ravier is a French senator representing Bouches-du-Rhône — a department that includes Marseille — for Reconquête, the party of former presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. In the following clip from the floor of the Senate, Mr. Ravier addresses his remarks to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, demanding that the minister ban the Muslim Brotherhood in France.”

    Monsieur Ravier may very well have noble motives ~ for argument’s sake let us assume so ~ but there is only problem with his proposal: It will have no effect whatsoever upon Muslims inside France, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Perhaps he ought to ask the Egyptians about their government’s efforts to ban the Ikhwan since its inception in 1928, which have failed utterly to prevent the group’s continued existence and growth in that nation.

    The Muslim Brothers were founded and continue to exist because they enjoy widespread support within the Islamic world, albeit some of which is hidden and secret. It also embodies the concept of the leaderless organization, a type which have proven most-difficult to stamp out.

    One time-honored tactic for dealing with any organization of this kind is to “decapitate it”… by arresting or otherwise neutralizing its leader(s). But here, there is no head to cut off, no defined leadership to neutralize.

    The ‘Brotherhood is as much a mindset as anything, and it is very difficult to police men’s minds. How are the police in France to distinguish between a Muslim thinking about the Muslim Brotherhood and creating mischief in its name, from one who is wondering what to have for dinner that night? It can’t be done, and therein lies the problem.

    The French authorities are dealing, in reverse, with much the same problem the German occupiers had eighty or so years ago vis-a-vis the resistance movement inside France. They are now the frustrated officials trying to deal with a restive and unhappy group of men embedded within their country. Only this time, it is the authorities who are the natives and the would-be troublemakers who are the foreigners encroaching on La Belle France.

    Before significant numbers of Muslims began settling in France, problems with the Muslim Brothers were rare (except perhaps in French colonies like Algeria), perhaps almost non-existent. As their numbers climbed, so did the problems that the “new arrivals” seem to bring with them wherever they go and wherever they call home.

    In plainer terms, if there are a lot of Muslims in your country – in particular Muslim males ~ then one had better count on the Muslim Brotherhood, too. Fewer Muslims, on the other hand, leads to fewer problems with the Ikhwan.

    In medical terms, the authorities are attempting to cure a societal illness by simply treating its symptoms and not actually addressing the root causes of the problem. Unfortunately, such an approach is guaranteed to fail. At best, it may provide some useful arrests for the authorities and press-conference fodder and political capital for their bosses ~ but that’s about all it will accomplish.

    There’s more bad news, too: If present trends continue, with Muslim rates of birth far-outstripping those of non-Muslims, the number of the former inside France can only increase dramatically. “The future,” as Mark Steyn observed so trenchantly, “belongs to those who show up…”

    • Yes, it is fairly presumptuous of this clown – whatever his motives ~ to think that the equivalent of waving a magic wand and “dissolving” the Muslim Brotherhood will make the problem go away.

      If its impossible to have muslim males without the Muslim Brotherhood or something similar to it then the only logical solution is to remove muslims from one’s society. And that is an action no western government is ready to take.

      “If present trends continue, with Muslim rates of birth far-outstripping those of non-Muslims, the number of the former inside France can only increase dramatically. “The future,” as Mark Steyn observed so trenchantly, “belongs to those who show up…”

      This is a problem facing the entire West. Demographically we are being vastly outbred by nations inferior in every way except fecundity. It gets worse. Those who are breeding within Western nations are not necessarily white, and many of those whites who do have multiple children are decidedly inferior, for whom indiscriminate breeding is more a result of stupidity and poor impulse control rather than any deliberate choice. Even worse still is the fact that thanks to globalism, the internet revolution and spread of technology, AI, and the outsourcing of manufacturing, the West no longer has much of a technological superiority over the Third World. Indeed it’s possible for them to access almost everything they need to counter western weapons from the increasing number of nations hostile to American hegemony.

      Demographically – not withstanding a black swan ~ our goose is almost certainly already cooked. Rearguard actions like the Israelis potentially ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, or expelling them into Egypt, are missing the point. That is winning a battle but losing the war. There are many multiples more muslims surrounding Israel than there are jews, and the demographics are not on the jewish side. In a generation or so they could wind up being outvoted by Israeli arabs and be strangers in their own country.

      This Israeli future is a microcosm of the fate that awaits the entire West unless we can liquidate our elites in order to regain control of our own countries and reverse these trends within western nations.

    • Sure there is a time honored way of dealing with muzzy’s. Get bloody Medieval on them until none are left, it works every time.

  3. In the short-term, the prognosis for European civilization, a.k.a. the West, looks bleak from the standpoint of demographics, I agree… but the long-term may be better. This isn’t the first time the West has been up against it, so to speak, and written off as done for, and I am sure it won’t be the last, either. There’s nothing like hardship to sharpen the mind and our survival instincts as well.

    The real problem, viewed from high altitude, is that the West has been a victim of its own astonishing success over the last several centuries in out-competing much of the rest of the world. Like many civilizations who wind up on top of things, the good life corrupts and softens the people and they forget what got them there in the first place.

    Viewed philosophically, no one stays on top forever. Not the ancient Greeks, nor the Romans, nor the Spanish, French, British, the Turks or the Russians. Oswald Spengler wrote about the “death of the West” a century ago, so this phenomenon is by no means new. Continental Europe staved off decline for a while by being within the American post-WW2 orbit, but when the U.S. goes down, it may drag them down, too.

    And then we and they will get a dose of that hardship and privation which does so much to sharpen one’s instincts for survival and concentrate one’s mind. And so the long climb back can begin, and the civilizational cycle will again repeat. The Chinese, Russians or whoever ends up on top will have it good for a while, as all ascendant empires seem to do, but in time they too will become corrupt, soft and decadent just as the West did. And someone else will knock them off their perch….

    I’ll be dead and gone to dust by the time any of that happens, but it won’t matter: It is the way of the world and the way of human societies to follow this endlessly repeating pattern.

    One supposes that the real tragedy is that the glories of the West as they once existed will by then have been lost. By then, many people may well miss them – but once such things are lost, they are generally gone for good. I’m sure the ancient Egyptians thought the pyramids would last forever, but look at them today. Will a future society remember where the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building once stood, or the beauty of the Sistine Chapel?

    • The western man has something that the others don’t, the ability to adapt, improvise and overcome hardship. It is no different now, sure, the weak, fat and lazy will perish in the coming troubles, but those who are ruthless will rule, because they know how human nature really works and will exploit it to our advantage. Things are going to get primal and tribal in a hurry soon, as history has demonstrated time immortal. We think we are too advanced and civilized to the point we won’t do nasty things any longer, human nature and history says otherwise. All it is going to take to kick this off is a polarizing moment and we are off to the races.

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