Update on the Machete Jihad in Algeciras

Police in Algeciras are looking for a cell phone that allegedly belonged to the perpetrator of last Wednesday’s jihad attack. They’re hoping the phone may provide some insight into how the mentally disturbed “youth” was “radicalized” into becoming an adherent of an extremist interpretation of one of the world’s great religions.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Algeciras al Minuto:

The police are searching for the cell phone of the Moroccan killer of Algeciras

According to El Confidencial, the police do not yet have the phone.

January 29, 2023

The officers investigating the attack in Algeciras last Wednesday, where the sexton of the La Palma parish was assassinated and the priest of San Isidro [church] was wounded, are intensively searching for the cell phone of the perpetrator of the acts, because it may contain key information on the origin of the incident. According to El Confidencial Digital, although it had been published that the police seized the device, apparently the cell phone is still not in their possession, because Yassin Kanza would have taken care to get rid of it, since in the search of the apartment on Ruiz Tagle Street, flash drives were found with extremist Islamist contents, but no cell phone.

The police investigations suggest that in the phone of the perpetrator of the machete attacks upon the priest and sexton, there would be conversations with jihadist suspects in Tangiers and Ceuta, which stick out in the digital media, where in spite of the search conducted the early morning of Wednesday, no electronic device was found.

The discovery of the cell phone would make it possible to discover who might have helped the Moroccan individual in his process of rapid radicalization.

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