Munich: Peace For Our Time

For many decades, the global pacifist movement has been a subset of the Left. Anti-war demonstrations are, generally speaking, a leftist phenomenon. However, the leftist Narrative on the Russo-Ukrainian war is that “democracy” in Ukraine is the great existential crisis of our time, and the progressive West is required to send guns, bombs, planes, missiles, tanks, military advisers, and anything else that will help the Ukrainians win their war. For that reason, anti-war protests about Ukraine have been muted, because they run counter to the Narrative. Opposition to the conflict comes mostly from the Right.

The following rally in Munich is an exception. In the video below you can see a vigorous protest by German pacifists against the war in Ukraine.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “Opening Rally at Marienplatz” — Annalena Bearbock:
00:05   That’s the only reaction one can give to that name.
00:10   Today in Strasbourg in Parliament (EU), Annalena Baerbock stated;
00:14   “We’re fighting a War against Russia.”
00:20   Translated; “We’re at WAR…
00:24   …with Russia,”
00:29   so stated a German Foreign Minister,
00:32   without a stated declaration of war, basically, single-handedly
00:35   she declared war against the will of the people.
00:40   [just noise]
00:43   And what is the purpose of this war? Where is it supposed to lead?
00:48   In the Bundestag [Parliament] Chancellor Scholz was asked today:
00:52   Please, what is the objective
00:56   of the escalation, the aim of these arms deliveries?
00:59   What is supposed to be the objective of this war, please?
01:04   And how did he answer? Naturally, NOT AT ALL.
01:09   He dodged the question and blathered something like:
01:13   To assist Ukraine, to help Ukraine.
01:16   [drums rolling]
01:29   Create peace without guns, that must be the policy without alternative
01:34   in these times there is really no alternative to this,
01:40   dear folks. Come with us onto the streets
01:44   to peacefully stand up for peace.
01:48   When we grow in numbers, this government will stop
01:52   pursuing these dangerous, irrational policies.
01:58   Then get started, fail here [?]
02:02   what is needed is a growing peace movement
02:07   from Lisbon to Rostock.
02:20   Create peace… without guns
02:24   create peace… without guns
02:27   [?????] all together
02:32   [unintelligible]
02:36   and there have rarely been times in which it has been so important
02:40   to take to the streets for peace and freedom as in this moment.
02:44   Come with us. Every Wednesday from 6 p.m. check us out on the internet.
02:50   Put “München steht auf” [Munich rises] into the search-bar
02:53   and come on February 18 at 1 PM
02:56   to the Königsplatz, a big peace demonstration against this dangerous,
03:02   ideological war policy.

2 thoughts on “Munich: Peace For Our Time

  1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I wonder how vigorously the neo-gestapo goons will be beating these guys on the 18th? Beatings to make the world safe for MIC profits and the profits of their banker overlords…

  2. I’d join them 🙂

    I find it absolutely crazy how the media and the politicians decided to drive us into a war against Russia.

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