More than a year ago I wrote about something that had become increasingly obvious: both the Wuhan Coronavirus and the “vaccine” that ostensibly protected recipients from the disease were deliberately designed to cull the population of elderly citizens in the West and thereby delay the collapse of national welfare systems. I referred to this ghastly plan as “geronticide”.

Since then a year’s worth of additional data have rolled in, forcing me to extend my analysis. It seems that my focus was too narrow: the forces behind the culling (presumably the loose globalist oligarchy that we commonly refer to as the New World Order) will be satisfied with nothing less than a drastic reduction of the population across all age groups.

The vax is thus just one part of this multi-pronged effort to effectuate mass population reduction. Other prongs appear to be war (naturally), drastic energy and food shortages, widespread power blackouts, shortages of crucial life-saving medicines, and probably another “pandemic” of some sort.

Also, a radioactivity emergency originating in Ukraine remains a distinct possibility. A lot of vax deaths in Europe could then be disguised as deaths from radiation sickness. In fact, all of the various thanatogenic strategies can be used as cover for deaths caused by the mRNA shots. Multiple boosters will have weakened the immune systems of millions of Europeans, so that when the bitter cold and hunger set in this winter, many of them will succumb much sooner than they would have otherwise. And who’s to say the vax is a contributing cause? Disease and malnutrition are explanation enough.

For the later stages of the plan to work smoothly, the power grid will have to remain up at least part of the time, because citizens of the new order will need to recharge their handheld devices every day or so. That way they will be able update their social credit scores and find out whether they’ve accumulated enough CBDC to buy a few kilos of mealworms and some patches for their bicycle tires.

Boosters at least twice a year. Continuing wars. More diseases (whose symptoms will conveniently resemble those caused by vax damage). Mysterious new fatal syndromes, such as SADS, which will be blamed on the unvaxed or Donald Trump or whoever the new Emmanuel Goldstein is.

The population will gradually decline, but actuarial statistics will no longer be published. Meanwhile, the proles will be gaslighted with the looming disaster of “overpopulation”.

Furthermore, periodic mRNA injections will reduce fertility, so that those who survive the tender ministrations of the NWO will reproduce themselves at a far lower rate.

All the while the populace will be under constant surveillance through their handheld devices and “smart” everything — cars, appliances, street furniture, even clothes. Cash will have been abolished, and every facet of human activity will be monitored by AI on all electronic pathways. Under those conditions the survivors will be instructed to own nothing, and be happy. A boot stamping on a human face — forever.

That, I think, is the plan.

Whether or not it will succeed is anybody’s guess, but that seems to be the lofty ambition of our betters in the NWO.

Three years ago I would have thought such ideas were totally insane. But at this point something resembling what I outlined above seems to be the only explanation that fits all the data points, and Occam’s razor kicks in.

Why else would the powers that be deliberately destroy the world economy? The only reason I can think of is that they’re looking to reach the Georgia Guidestones target population in just a few short years.

(By the way — did you notice that the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones has disappeared down the memory hole? A couple of days after it happened the site was completely demolished, thereby destroying all forensic evidence — much like after the Cedar-Riverside Explosion — and the story simply disappeared from the media.

It made me surmise that the Powers That Be came to the conclusion that the Guidestones had drawn so much attention to what was about to take place that they had become a liability, and needed to be eliminated.

But then, that’s just me being paranoid.)

I really want to be wrong about this. I desperately hope that this scenario is just a figment of my insane imagination. I would love to see all the crises resolve themselves, leaving the Western world to resume its quest for universal social justice and non-binary equity.

Please, Lord, let me be wrong!

A small sample of recent data points:

  • Alex Berenson: “More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, this time from Singapore”
  • Steve Kirsch: “Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up”

    Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program. They gathered 6 months worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe so they lied to the world about it.

  • Mark Steyn, GB News: Excess deaths in the UK
  • Oil Price: “‘Lehman Event’ Looms For Europe As Energy Companies Face $1.5T In Margin Calls”
  • New Scientist: “There are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why”

33 thoughts on “Omnicide

  1. I have long suspected this, here in Australia, our national debt, is taking us all over a cliff, thanks to our agenda driven dare I say it corrupted political class, well many of them, not all.
    George Orwell summed it up well in “1984”, & the slow march of the Fabian Society thru western democracies, these past 140 years, confirms the slow creep creep of socialism/communism, Marxism, in order to destroy western democracies, remove the concept of ENGLISH Common Law, its Bill of Rights 1688/89, Magna Carta, US Constitution.
    Western Countries have been deliberately indebted, these past few decades, no coming back for many of them, & the political class, central Banks, in order to cover up their crimes, have decided on this, as one of the ways, kill off the elderly, ie the BB’s & older, in order to drastically reduce the pension liabilities facing these countries.

  2. It will be the land of Wolves soon, for the sheep fired the sheepdog because he wasn’t woke and his look just didn’t fit in with the rest of the sheep. The sheep are about to be what’s for dinner for the Wolves never argue with the sheep.

      • There is nowhere to run too! So stand and fight as a Wolf? Or perish like the sheep? Those are the 2 stark choices you now face.

        • My fellow barn swallows fly south in the fall. Anyhow, beware of the sheep who have shepherds looking after them, shepherds have guns, and wolfhounds 🙂

          • No, but I have seen a pack of 100kg wolfhounds hunt, and they also don’t take any prisoners, just like the wolfs I imagine. But the difference is that wolfhounds tend to be well fed and rested when they go against their prey, it’s a significant advantage against the wolfs.

          • A timber Wolf is 3 times the size of a wolf hound and wolf in Europe. They wouldn’t stand a chance here.

          • A wulfhound weights just under 100kg. Average weight among “my” wulfhound pack is 91kg each.

            Do you mean to say that Timber Wolf that you speak of is short of 300kg heavy? I find that hard to believe. Did you mean to say “bear”? 🙂

          • They said the Dire wolf went extinct after the last ice ag, but A average Timber wolf is 3 times the size of the European wolf that stands over a meter tall and weighs over 165 pounds, they have over a thousand foot pounds in bite and can tear any animal to shreds in minutes, it is quite fascinating to watch them take down a white tail, deer, elk or moose. The wolves here in Nothern MN and Canada and Alaska seem to be growing bigger by the decade and science haven’t given us a really good answer of why. There is a picture of a Dire wolf near where I live that had to weight over 200 pounds and it’s head was at the bottom of a stop sign which was over 5 foot off the ground. The picture was taken by a retired DNR officer. It was bloody monstrous. These wolves here do not fear hunting dogs, they kill and eat them.

  3. One hope may come from the steady development of a multi-polar world. The Global South + BRICS can divorce itself from a degenerate Western oligarchy that has little to tell the rest of humanity. Due to the incredibly poor, if not corrupt, decision making on part of the WHO, it may be time for a WHO-2 so that the divorcement can be more effective.

    Another point is that with a world population of almost 8 billion and a Georgia Guidestones target of 500 million, the intention is to have a 94 percent wipe out of humanity. This is a holocaust level slaughter. Yet some people think they themselves are so wise and proper that they will be among the chosen to survive. Betting against holocaust level chances is not a winning strategy in Las Vegas and other cities.

    • If history is any guide then those who dreamed this evil plan up will most certainly not be the ones who emerge from the far side of this scheme.

    • @ Magooey

      The “multi-polar world” is a declared WEF-strategy to eliminate the power of traditional nation states (mainly that of the US) and empower the global deep state (mainly the US deep state), in order to shift power form the people to the global bankster oligarchy. This is the stealthy way the One World Government gets introduced. So the ongoing geopolitical “world war” is part of the game plan.

      With the second part of your comment I agree.

  4. Will the Ozymandias sign have a danger sharp edges warning?
    More for them and less for you as the great Carlin said.
    Nothing new under the sun.

  5. Everything the writer mentions in the article is true, of course, but it also–ALL of it–depends 100% on an UNFAILING supply of electricity. And we don’t have that. And we ain’t GONNA have that.

    SO there WILL be a Great Reset; it just won’t the the one that Schwab and his henchmen envision. Living standards will return to the level of the 17th century. Everything BIG will crash. Life–especially food production and commerce–will be LOCAL.

    Of course, many will die, but it will not be the end of the world. And there is not going to be a New World Order running a worldwide total surveillance state. There is simply not going to be enough electricity for any of that.

    And besides, when it is clear that it has all boiled down to food and fuel, the people will just say, “No!” And make it stick. But they won’t do it a moment before the absolutely have to. But they will.

    • I think the PTB are planning to keep the grid up intermittently, long enough so that everyone can recharge their baby monitors. People are already addicted to their phones, and that won’t change. They will be controlled through their phones. And if they get chipped, it will be even simpler.

      That’s the plan. I’m not saying that it will work, but I think that’s what they’re planning.

      • I believe that you are right in that the elites assume there will be electricity sufficient to run the surveillance state.

        Its not so much that they’re dumb but that their hubris and arrogance don’t allow them to consider other outcomes. An example of this is the coming gas and energy crisis in Europe which was so predictable that one assumes it had to have been planned that way. But the more likely explanation was that their desires and beliefs told them that sanctions would cause regime change in Russia and that the Russians were too dependent on selling gas for their economy to survive.

        They believe so strongly that they are the smartest people in any room since they are the wealthiest, without comprehending that wealth doesn’t confer or denote intelligence. And that blind spot will be their undoing when the planning and fusion centers and acres of server farms are rendered useless because the impoverished workers who run them are no longer able to get to their jobs for lack of gas or the more pressing need to scavenge for food for themselves and their families.

        • I’ve been saying for years on this forum that the PTB haven’t thought things out very well. Most readers assumed I was doubting the nefarious plans of the PTB. I wasn’t and have never. I just think that the elite, having no idea how the material aspects of their life come into being, haven’t realized that they will need a LOT of people to manufacture the basics. Insulated windows. Mattresses. Vehicles. Heating and cooling systems. I could go on.
          And please, don’t anyone respond with robots as their “solution.” Robots, like anything else, will break down. Unless the elite has developed a perpetual motion machine, repairs will always be a fact of life.

  6. I personally can’t wait to see if the Russians will deploy weather weapons against Europe this winter: I hope it will be tons of snow, but knowing the Russians, it will be just a freezing cold coming from the East.

    Something like the New Years 1979, when they sent a super cold front from East and hit Europe so hard that coal could not be mined for how cold it was. Imagine something like that coming once again, this year, with 50% of the EU plebs dependent on unavailable Russian gas for heating.

    I really do wonder if we shall see weather warfare. It would fit well with the climate change agenda, make the little Gretas a little more fanatic about the issue…

    • I read recently (here?) that the prevailing winds over northern Europe in winter used to be from the northeast, but have recently shifted to the southwest, as in summer; hence our warmer, wetter winters.

      Whether the Russians are really able to affect this is open to doubt.

      • Yes, mass depopulation is the only explanation for what we are witnessing, no matter how insane it appears. As Sherlock Holmes said: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever you have left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

      • I don’t know much but the prevailing wind direction is caused by massive water evaporation from a whole area – the weather works like a steam engine, and highest evaporation rates are where direct sunshine hits water or snow surface. When sun hits wast Siberian North covered with snow, it produces mass of vapor which brings the cold eastern winds.

        Western Europe is protected from the Siberian weather by the Gulf Stream which brings warm water north, and in the cool winter night the Gulf Stream evaporates steam and pushes the “warm wet weather” from northwest into Europe. But the Gulf Stream is said to be weaker and weaker, and change in prevailing winds over Western Europe would suggest that it is true.

        Who knows maybe it will be one of those “cycles” which will mess up the world’s weather? I am saying that purely thoretically, because if something really did happen to the weather, it would be great for the climate change crowd.

        But I would not put it beyond the possibilities of militarized chemistry to wait for a good eastern wind and spray thousands of tons of some cooling agent into it, so that when it finally reaches Europe from the east, the air will drop temperature by another 20 degrees C. Wait for a week, and the ground will be firm enough for the big tanks to cross over.

  7. I think this instance of Occam’s razor fails to look at plausible motivations, and quite big time. The simplest is NOT always the most probable if you fail to look beyond the surface. In order to function, Occam’s razor requires the most complete knowledge that is possible to obtain.

    There have always been people connecting sinister plans with the now destroyed Georgia Guidestones. There is no indication that its creators had any such intentions, quite the opposite. What they had to say (as laid out in the book “Common Sense Reloaded”, which can still be found as PDF) received much less attention than the dumb noise, as usual.

    If there is such a plan, there is little grounds to hold our WEF cronies or whatever power in the West as only suspects. What doesn’t seem to fit in the picture is that Israel is so badly affected by forced vaccination and its fallout, unless you want to accuse them of sacrificing their own to support the narrative. Islam, China, both in their respective sphere can be found highly motivated, each for their own reasons.

    I wonder for a while already, not seeing a lot of reports about how vax campaigns are playing out in Islamic countries? They are known to resist many medical procedures citing religious reasons, despite their rich bigots coming to the West for treatment when fear for themselves is overtaking them. They rather not talk about it loudly and to the masses of Muslims, this possibility is out of reach. Knowing this and their views on the “kuffar” (= “unworthy of life” = “lebensunwert”), they can only be seen as highly motivated to cheer on this development and watch the unbelievers destroy themselves. It is hard to imagine though how they acquired the expertise to pull such a thing off on a worldwide scale, unless they could just instigate it and/or help out with money. They do make good use of their petrodollars for “greening the desert”, just not in the way the naive Westerner thinks.

    Then, what about China. The virus obviously originated from there. It is not entirely clear if meddling outside forces who helped setting up these labs have a say in how they should be used, or if they do, if the Chinese leadership isn’t just powerful and ruthless enough to do their own thing anyway. At any rate, they have the brains and the track record to just take the know-how given to them and run with it, not least that they are also very capable of furthering their own science. Whichever works best, the ends justify any means. Being the hardcore collectivists they are, they have little concern for individual lives, neither their own nor others. Their own human resources are abundant, and even if a decline is since recently foreseen, they can easily reverse the trend with a change in policy. And their motivation to try something to shift the global power balance in their favour can hardly be denied.

    So, is it sinister backgroud powers of Western provenience, a Communist powerhouse, the most rapidly growing faction of religious fanatics, or someone we overlooked? Or none, is all this really just by happenstance, but with every power jumping on the bandwagon and exploiting its own advantage from it? Try any simplifying method of thinking to cut through this mess, I doubt it increases the likelihood of arriving at the correct answer.

  8. A thought-provoking post. I also like the level-headed way GoV draws conclusions. Then you can carve them into stone.

    No doubt that the Great Cull is happening; but I think that an overall HUGE and FAST population reduction for the ENTIRE globe is a cover story thrown in for us Western “conspiracy theorist”, at least for the moment. It is a strategical goal, not a tactical one.

    The genetic poison poke and the rest of their 5th generations weapons seem to target and reach primarily the WEST. But they do not want us to know that — they want us to think that the entire globe is an immediate target, so that we are not so much alarmed and do not fight back effectively.

    Also, the less developed a country is, the less their overpopulation is affected by such soft culling methods, inculding war, anyway.

    For example in Africa — the powerhouse of global overpopulation — the scamdemic seems to have had little effect and the jabbing campaigns little success. And one must not forget that the reaction of a less devepoled society for disasters and the ensuing poverty is growing number of children.

    It is not impossible that the PTB really want to execute (pun intended) a global culling of Guidestones-proportions, but if they overplay their hands they will die themselves because a sudden huge decrease of population can be dangerous for many reasons (biological, societal, social etc.).

    In other words proper mass-culling has lots of natural limitations: “speed limit”, territorial limits, propaganda limits (you do not want the population to recognize your goals and turn against you or disengage from the New Normal).

    So in a wider sense the culling is a tacital goal and not a strategical — and therefore it has OPTIMUM leves(s) that can vary in time an place.

    The strategical goal, I assume, is to turn humanity into a reliable and CONTROLLABLE ASSET.

    This set strategical already defines the parameters of the steps leading to it. If the main process or a subprocess (of the Great Transformation) is too low or too fast, it will induce additional and unforseeable risks that are difficult to handle and may endanger the strategical goal.

    For example if “they” created a real plandemic with really high mortality rates, with bodies piling up in front of your house, that would be an example of “too fast” — from the strategical goal of TOTAL CONTROL. In a real, large-scale, disaster situation citizens take matter in their own hands — and the much-desired central control is lost. (You have to bury the dead etc– and the central apparatus is too little for total control.) And widepsread grassroots initiatives with decentralized leadership networking with each other is the last thing the Powers want.

    For human beings to become an asset of others an masse, a lot of conditions are necessary. Humans must become complacent before they are subdued, especially on societal levels, and for this you need (1) deception (2) force.

    Therefore the Great Transformation must be GRADUAL, in order to remain controllable. Not least because the minds of the populace are part of the transformation process. Thus the colllective mind must forget the old premises the norms it had been based on, before the New Normal is completely kicks in.

    So breaking the resistance against the Great Reset is a cross-generational, gradual process. The old folks who remember freedom must die off before the Total Takeover. And the only culture that could resist it is the (former) West.

    Therefore in the process of total global takeover:

    1.) The primary target is the West
    2.) Gradual takeover is the tactics

    Very underdeveloped countries do not disturb the Plan that much. When the Powers are in the finish, they can do there whatever they want: they can poison or nuke billions of Africans within years — when the West is gone. But it is not that urgent. If such a genocide happened immediately, it would be even harmful for propaganda purposes in the West.

    Another aspect to be taken into account for the Transformation, is social attitudes towards control as such. Therefore the higher INDIVIDUALISM is in a culture and the more capable for DEFENSE (of all kinds) a particular culture is, the more it is in the crosshairs of the global predatory overclass. The Chinese, for example, are already subdued — and offer a glimps into our future as the blueprint of the Coward New World.

    These two parameters define the local strength and urgency of this new sort of war that is being waged on the global population.

    So in case the PTB brought in a Chinese-style total and brutal lockdown in the USA too early, the Great Plan would be soon over — and some of the traitors would be hanging form street lamps. The sleeping giant of Europe would also wake up and smash the enemy.

    My above theory of “differential war” is supported by the way the Plandemic has been handled and fine-tuned in the various “districts” of the global Hunger Games (the movie as an analogue). The severity and methods of attacks on the society have varied from district-to-district.

    For example Eastern-Europeans can handle Gulag-like lockdowns much worse than Germans. Also, in places where the takeover is generations ahead of other districts, like Canada, very different approaches were used.

    In Hungary, if the authorities had beaten the anti-lockdown demonstrators, the Great Reset would have IMMEDIATELY been over, I assure you. But many Hungarians have believed more “pandemic” propaganda nonsense than the Ozzies, and therefore could be lead on a longer leash. Hungarians had to be lured into becoming complacent children so that they let the good King handle the trouble for them.

    You have be country-specific when you want to herd the sheeple!

    “Think Global, Act Local!” — This is a real globalist slogan “they” not only adhere to in their tactics, but brainwash the societies into it, even schoolchildren, in connetion with “sustainability” (green fascism). So the slogan is an euphemism for Divide & Conquer — but this would be harder to swallow even for the sheeple who believe the whole agitprop.

    Another important question that must be answered within the above logic is HOW GRADUAL the Great Transormation must be in the different “districts” of the New World Order.

    For example is a WW2-style European war possible? Or in the USA a second Civil War?

    For Europe I would say the answer is probably YES; in the USA it is NO. Why? Because the instigators are control-freak, they dwell in the USA and think in many generations ahead.

    Therefore they may demolish Europe again (the way they did in WW2), but they will not yet incite a civil war in the USA until citizens have weapons and remember liberty. Soros, the Rockefellers etc. have their main HQs in the USA.

    OK, they all can bug out in New Zealand for some years, or anywhere on Earth, but that is only in their emergency plans. Again: they MUST remain in Control. They have psychological characteristics as well — AND WE HAVE TO KNOW THEM AS WELL AS THEY HAVE KNOWN US — if we ever want to win for humanity.
    (Only for humanity, because for the living it will be a negative-sum game in some generations time. The traditional question of “winning or losing” is therefore erroneous. We will only be losing even if we finally manage to subdue the enemies of humanity in the distant future.)

    So what are “they” like? They are patient in terms of the ongoing war, but control freaks with enormous egos and hubris. For this reason, if they sense that they are losing, they will slow down a bit, in order to keep the optimum speed of the Transformation.

    That’s their plan, at least. But again: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” (Mike Tyson).

    “They” have set so huge powers in motion in the End Game, which they will probably not be able to completely control. The “strange war” is being utilized by powers that the global bankster class do not directly control. Huge countries are waging war on their own populations with the New Weapons, and on the populations of other countries as well. Mr. Soros seems to be very angry with China…

    Finally, some of my intuitive predictions:

    Since they have all the means (power and wealth) they will win over humanity in the short therm (decades). But once they won, they will turn against ecah other and their new empire will start to decay. Finally the Empire will fall apart (around 2060).

    Will “they” make humanity suffer heavily again? Yes.

    Will they subdue some part of the West for a while (some decades)? Yes.

    Will some parts of the West remain free in mid-term? Yes, some parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. But they will be very poor and devastated. Perhaps some US states will remain free.

    Will they ultimately subdue humanity? No. But those alive today will not get to see the dawn of liberty.

    • Thank you for a shrewd analysis; I agree with much of what you said. I would like to point out, however, that the fact that only the West is being targeted by the PTB for full destruction is NOT incompatible with a sudden population reduction inflicted on the entire globe.

      The West is the goose that lays the golden egg for the rest of the world. If the West is destroyed (or, more accurately, destroys itself), one of the first consequences will be mass starvation in Africa on a scale not seen since before colonization began. Africa cannot exist at its current population level without huge infusions of Western “aid”. The same is true of most of the Middle East, due to both direct aid and the indirect support provided by high petroleum prices.

      China also depends on the West, especially the USA, for the purchase of all the gewgaws it makes in its slave-labor factories. Remove the main customer, and the Chinese economy, already very shaky, will collapse. The results will be unpredictable, but will almost certainly include mass starvation.

      One non-Western country that may weather the storm will be Russia. Russia is already close to autarky, and is accustomed to conditions of severe privation. However, it is also yoked to the price of petroleum, so the crystal ball gets cloudy on that…

      In summary, the rest of the world doesn’t need to be vaxed in order to be depopulated, once the West collapses.

      • I agree with the Baron. The third world is a self resolving problem for Tribe Davos, for lack of a better term, once an end is put to the first world.

        1) We are not in my opinion at the end of the beginning of The Plan but at the beginning of the terminal phase. I think the National Security Act of 1947 was possibly the first major step in this enterprise as it created what the once and future Ukrainian Minister of Defense (aka LtCol Vindman USA ret.) identified for the U.S. Congress as the Interagency. An absolutely essential nexus for control/manipulation/coordination of Western governments. The field was prepared and sown before the beginning of this century.

        2) The Tribe feels confident they can control the situation well enough.

        3) Speaking of razors: I was never enamored with Hanlon’s razor. Much too Pollyannaish for me. Often malice is exactly the reason.

  9. This has been my conclusion too. They first wanted to eliminate the elderly as much as possible. They then wanted to eliminate as many Americans as possible, and we see most of the nations in the West following the same program. Next will be starvation and or war. After this has run its course the population of the USA is going to be 100 million by after 2032. Stay healthy everyone, stock up, arm up. Read authors like James Wesley Rawles. We are going to need constitution minded Christians to rebuild our country, so you need to survive.

  10. We are at the 5th ‘Horseman’:

    “And when he had opened the 5th seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” ~ Revelation 6.9-11

    They’ve already released the first four ‘Horseman’:

    The “unsealing” of the Four Horseman of Revelation 6.1-8, (Revelation in Greek: APOKALYPSIS) will continue into the Great Tribulation has now been codified within an NIH document on Fauci’s NIH website: “Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism”. Peruse Table 2 (P.5) where the four horseman of the Apocalypse are listed for weaponization against the entire planet. 1. Authoritarian Governance (1st Horseman), 2. Pathogen Prevalence (C&S), 3. Pathogen Stress (L), 4. Famine, 5. Malnutrition, 6. Warfare. There’re all there, being carried out onto the whole earth. –

  11. The Three Days of the Condor (1975) is one of my fav. movies. To the end of the movie the dialogue is like this:
    Turner: Boy, what is it with you people? You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?
    Higgins: No. It’s simple economics. Today it’s oil, right? In ten or fifteen years, food. Plutonium. And maybe even sooner. Now, what do you think the people are gonna want us to do then?
    Turner: Ask them.
    Higgins: Not now — then! Ask ’em when they’re running out. Ask ’em when there’s no heat in their homes and they’re cold. Ask ’em when their engines stop. Ask ’em when people who have never known hunger start going hungry. You wanna know something? They won’t want us to ask ’em. They’ll just want us to get it for ’em!
    Turner: Boy, have you found a home. There were seven people killed, Higgins.
    Higgins: The company didn’t order it.
    Turner: Atwood did. Atwood did. And who the hell is Atwood? He’s you. He’s all you guys. Seven people killed, and you play [expletive] games!
    Higgins: Right. And the other side does too. That’s why we can’t let you stay outside.

    I always wondered what wargames ‘they’ are playing to ‘keep the system stable’. What system you might ask? Get stuff for the local Joe?

    Now what happens if ‘they’ detach themselves from the fate of the local Joe and conclude: Why fight each other on behalf of local Joe? What if ‘the other side’ disappears? With whom do American ‘they’ have more in common: American homesteaders or European ‘they’?

  12. It certainly seems that way, but let’s not forget that many of these things, once let out, take on a life of their own.

    The virus is a great example of it. I don’t think that they foresaw it mutating into something more contagious, but much milder. This makes it much harder to push the vax even on the booboisie, who often conclude: “I just got this illness last month, why do I want the vax?”.

    • I agree. I think it mutated much faster than they anticipated. I think they thought they had at least two, possibly three, years to bring about the new “normal”. Turns out they only had approximately eight months.

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