Sweden: Torching the Easter Parade

As a visual accompaniment to Vlad’s interview with Rasmus Paludan, the following video compilation provides an overview of culturally enriched urban events in Sweden over the Easter weekend of 2022:

Hat tip: Steen.

4 thoughts on “Sweden: Torching the Easter Parade

  1. Either the makers of this video do not get what is really going on, or they are controlled opposition. The fact that it could stay up on Yt is telling anyway.

    Some highlights from the video I am going to refute to make my point:

    (1) These are not “migrants”:

    Surely many/ most of them are Muslims who were born there. Naming “migration” as a (false) cause is a known method of obfuscating the reality and motives of Islamic warfare in the West at this point. It would have been a valid point in Sweden 50 years ago to call attention to the Hijra.

    But now the video should call attention to the fact that it is not even stage- three violent Jihad, because it has been completed in the now Islamic majority Sharia-zones. It is simply holding up the Sharia, i.e. Islamic rule of law, in the conquered territories — as I detail below.

    The “migrants” are also called “idiots” by the presenter — which is not the case. Far from being idiots, these Muslims just follow the orders of the Koran and Hadiths when they use violence against people, like Paludan, who commit “Fitna”.

    (2) It is not political “incompetence”:

    It is using Islam as a weapon of war and conquest. The deception here is two-fold: a) it conceals the motives of warfare on Sweden and the West in general b) it deceives the viewers by covertly claiming that politicians are independent actors and not puppets. Thereby making the population run a fool’s errand so that they are not able to address the problem properly — like the futility of trieng to vote themselves out of this trouble.

    The video claims that “the politicians cannot comprehend the idea of consequences of mass migration from the ME and North Africa”. Some of them may not be able to comprehend it indeed, but this is not the point. The point is that their masters CAN comprehend the consequences. In politics nothing what happens is unintentional.

    (3) It is not just “sabotage”:

    It is Jihad and Sharia — which means a set of strategy and tactics applied (including sabotage) in order to conquer a new land for Islam, and to keep that land. For example here these riots seem to be the application of Koran 8:60 i.e. the effort to “terrify the enemy”.

    Also the “sabotage” actually seems to be the other way around: the local Mulsims and authorites are now handling Swedish law as something that sabotages Sharia.

    Therefore the rioting Mulsims act as actual Sharia-police, because they think it was Rasmus Paludan who was subverting Islam by violating the blasphemy laws of Sharia. And the Swedish (NWO)police is complicit because it does not use the necessary power to uphold the law of the land — and it is because what they are really upholding is Sharia, not the Swedish law.

    This means that Sharia is in fact in effect in Sweden — they just do not tell it to you. And it is very much the reality in the Sharia-zones in Sweden. These areas are simply not Sweden any more: they are Swedistan. And the lack of intention even to pretend to reconquer them shows that actually Sweden is no more.

    (5) “Easter” is presented in the video as a main point:

    But this is not the case now. Easter does not have anything to do with these events. While it is true that the rioters do not hold or even respect Easter because it is a Christian celebration, it is not the cause of the chain of events now. The video fails to mention the Koran as two causes in itself: 1) the cause that triggered the actions of the voluntary Sharia-police (riots) and 2) the cause of the riots — as being the source if it and also the end goal.

    (6) The music of the video is misleading.

    It is the Communist “anthem”, the so-called “Internationale”. It is again somewhat misleading, because the real sound of these riots the video fails to play is the “Allahu akbar”, the Islamic supremacist battle cry that carries the idea that “Allah is greater” than your God or government and thus Islam must reign supreme. Which again goes to show that it is not just subversion but it is conquest.

    Even though it is true that Islam is being used in Sweden as a weapon of war by the globalists that are using Communism as well to control the population, the music in the video is misleading because it diverts attention away from Islam, targetting the subliminal mind.

    To sum up:

    The video takes the obvious facts that have been known in the alternative media anyway, and it presents even those facts selectively. This method abuses the phenomenon that hearing some of the reality is now a revolutionary act in the eyes (ears) of the Swedes. Then the video turns the narrative around in a way that it obfuscates the real causes of the events, enemy motives, enemy tactics and enemy strategy — actually resulting in sabotaging the defence against Jihad in Sweden.

    It is like “what we cannot hide any more, we will twist”.

    Yes, the video is enemy sabotage — intentional or not.

    • Or perhaps it is Dhimmi attitude behind the video. In Sweden! — let that sink in.

  2. https://samnytt.se/koranbranning-i-norge-polisen-anvande-targas-mot-islamister/

    Koran burning in Norway: police used tear gas against Islamists
    24 April 2022 inSamnytt

    The Norwegian group Sian, short for “Stop the Islamization of Norway”, burned a Koran on Saturday afternoon. When the counter-demonstrators turned violent, police used tear gas.

    It was in the Norwegian town of Sandefjord that Sian held its demonstration against Islam, starting at 3pm on Saturday. The atmosphere at the site was reportedly aggressive, reports NRK.

    Before the demonstration, Sian leader Lars Thorsen had warned the police that a Koran burning would take place.

    – He has said that he considers it necessary. In principle, it is not punishable to burn the Koran, and we therefore have no plans to intervene against it, Siw Thokle, station chief at Sandefjord police station, told NRK at around 4.15pm on Saturday.

    People who were on the scene as counter-demonstrators started throwing shoes, stones, soda cans, water balloons, water bottles and eggs over the riot fence. They pulled on the riot fence while shouting “Allahu akbar”. They also threw stones at the windshields of police cars.

    VIDEO: Muslims mobilise against Sweden

    Police officers used tear gas as soon as the violence began to make the thugs retreat. They succeeded.

    – At the moment, the situation is so tense that the police consider it necessary to use gas against people who try to tear down the fence that was put there for security reasons. Our job is first and foremost to ensure peace, order and security,” said station manager Siw Thokle.

    Officers urged members of the public and others who had joined the scene to move away as the tear gas spread.

    With this approach, the police managed to put an end to the violence. No one was reportedly injured.

    READ ALSO: Government: Ebba Busch ‘not wise’ to want police to shoot Islamists

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    Author of the text

    Mira Aksoy

  3. Once you give these 3rd world savages a taste of grapeshot, or a M-134 these riots will stop. For these savages understand and respect only one thing, violence, massive, naked, unadulted, brutal, nasty, gory violence that the Vikings used to bring into any provocation.

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