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I’ve written on multiple occasions about Svenska Kyrkan — the Evangelical (Lutheran) state Church of Sweden — and its suicidal Islamophilia. Svenska Kyrkan is not only ready to accept its new dhimmi status in the future Islamic Republic of Sweden; it embraces it.

The road to dhimmi status leads through “interfaith”, which is the Muslim Brotherhood’s sham ecumenical initiative. Well-meaning Protestants whose Christian faith is weak are particularly drawn to the interfaith scam. It provides a bridge between non-Muslims and Muslims, but traffic runs in only one direction — after well-meaning interfaith groupies cross over to Islam, the bridge is dynamited behind them.

Interfaith events are organized by al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, better known as the Muslim Brotherhood, through an extensive worldwide network of non-profit front groups.

I bring all this up because of an interfaith conference scheduled for later this month, which is clearly an Ikhwan operation. It was brought to my attention by our Swedish correspondent LN, who translated the article below.

I’ll have more to say about the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in this, but first the translated article. The event referred to is a real one, but the writer has sardonically embellished his description of it. The translator suggests that it be filed under humor insanitas.

From Fria Tider:

The Archbishop holds a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood

February 7, 2022

At the end of February, the Church of Sweden and Archbishop Antje Jackelén invite you to a meeting with the network organizations of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. The theme of the discussions is how to increase immigration from the third world.

The meeting, A Week of Neighbours, will be held on February 20-24 and has a “focus on migration and humanity”, according to the Church of Sweden’s website.

The network that will be assembled will “work for a different political agenda and a different approach to migration in Europe”.

In addition to Archbishop Antje Jackelén – known for her slogan “God is greater” (Allahu Akhbar) – radical organizations that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network cluster will participate in the meeting, according to Ledarsidorna. Among other things, Muslim Aid, which is being investigated in the UK for links with terrorist organizations.

Muslim Aid Sweden is represented by Mehmet Kaplan, the former leading member of parliament who was forced to resign as Minister of Housing in 2016 after his association with the Turkish Grey Wolves was discovered.

More information on “A Week of Neighbours” (in Swedish) may be found at this Svenska Kyrkan webpage, or this one.

In browsing the web for more information about the event, an organization called the Ibn Rushd Studieförbund, or Study Association, featured prominently. A Week of Neighbours is an initiative of a larger network of organizations called “A World of Neighbours”. This is obviously a Muslim Brotherhood operation. I don’t have any hard evidence to that effect, but I’d bet you a case of Jameson’s that I’m right.

I poked around the Ibn Rushd site a little bit, beginning with their page for a Week of Neighbours:

A Week of Neighbours 20-24 Feb, 2022

A Week of Neighbours will gather people on the move, receiving communities and practitioners, religious, political and institutional leaders, journalists and researchers, activists of all ages for five days on the theme Keeping our humanity.

A wide variety of events are open to anyone to attend. There will be workshops, seminars, film screenings and more, arranged by various organizers throughout Europe.

We want to see you there!

People from all over Europe will convene for an interreligious online meeting on migration 20-24 February, 2022. The aim is to turn visions into collaborative action and to manifest the power of the A World of Neighbours Network. Join us for five days of networking, deep diving in the most urgent issues related to migration and to the over all theme — Keeping our Humanity. We hope to put together a program so important that you cannot miss out.

From there I happened upon a study group or workshop called Hur får man folk att prata?. The English version of the title is a more ominous imperative: “How to make people talk”:

I don’t know how they plan to make people talk, but I can take a wild stab at what people in the group will say when they do talk: “Islam is a religion of peace. Racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia are the most serious problems of our time. Non-Muslims need to strive to make their societies more inviting and inclusive for Muslims, etc. etc.”

I can guarantee you that no one will say this:

“Islam is a totalitarian political ideology behind a thin veneer of religion. Its stated goal is world dominance.”

No one would say that at one of these peace-’n’-love interfaith events. Anyone who tried to would be made not to talk. By any means necessary.

8 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Talk

  1. “Keeping our humanity”. Translation needed.
    “Humanity” means being “the best of peoples raised up for mankind” (Koran 3:110), and not being “the vilest of beasts” (8:22), in other words, kuffar. The way to achieve this improvement is, of course, to convert to Islam. Nothing else is permitted.

  2. “A Week of Neighbours”. Oh yes? This is cynical appropriation of the word “neighbors”. Europeans will understand this in the Judaeo-Christian context of “Love Thy Neighbor’.

    In Islam.there is no “Love thy neighbor”. Instead there is Islamic Apartheid Muslims are “merciful to each other and ruthless to the kafir” (Koran 48:29).

  3. A sane Christian church would be excommunicating members like Antje Jackelén who submit to Islam.



    Archbishop Antje Jackelén is accused of associating with Islamists
    11 February 2022

    The now resigning archbishop Antje Jackelén is in new windy weather. She is now being criticized for inviting organizations with a radical and Islamist connection to the self-initiated interfaith conference “A Week of Neighbors”. However, the Social Democratic-controlled Church of Sweden defends the increase.

    Jackelén’s time as archbishop has been fraught with controversy. By placing the Islamic warlord and Prophet Muhammad alongside Jesus in Christianity and adopting the Islamic battle cry Allahu akbar – often used in terrorist contexts – as her electoral language, she has come into conflict with large parts of Swedish Christianity and also with secular cultural Christian groups.

    Jackelén has also been criticized for the way in which she is considered to have abused her platform within the Church of Sweden to promote a continued high level of immigration to Sweden from the Muslim world and to assist these migrants in establishing their largely unreformed form of Islam in Sweden, a religion that is considered by initiated observers to be incompatible with Western democratic values.

    Invites Islamists to interfaith conference
    Now the critical spotlight is again directed at the archbishop who recently announced his resignation but will continue to work until after the parliamentary elections to be able to assist the Social Democrats from his platform. The criticism is about the digital, interreligious conference entitled “A Week of Neighbors” with the subtitle “Interreligious practice for peace – a world of neighbors” which Jackelén took the initiative and which will be held on 20-24 February.

    The agenda’s focus is on promoting continued high and preferably further increased non-Western migration to Europe and Sweden as an expression of alleged Christian humanity – a line that the Archbishop under criticism actively pursued throughout his tenure. On that theme, it is intended that lectures, panel debates, workshops and film screenings will be held by invited actors from Sweden and other European countries.

    Alternating Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayer
    At the same time, the conference has a clearly interreligious profile by – despite great differences and incompatible conflicts – equating Islam with Christianity and Judaism and describing the religions as in harmony with each other. That image of peaceful coexistence is to be conveyed, among other things, by holding prayer during the conference alternately in accordance with Christian, Jewish and Muslim liturgy.

    It is not clear whether men and women will be allowed exceptions and allowed to pray together during Islamic prayer. It is not normally allowed in mosques, either in the Muslim world or in Sweden. This is because the woman in Islam is attributed a lower human value than the man and is therefore transferred to a latticed space at the back of the mosque which is accessed via a separate back door. Women are not allowed to visit the mosque at all when they are menstruating because they are then considered unclean.

    Links to the Muslim Brotherhood
    The project is also critically acclaimed for its presence by what the public debater Johans Westerholm on the site Ledarsidorna describes as “well-known radical organizations that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network cluster”. These include Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and the Muslim Cultural Heritage Center.

    The organizations pretend to work with aid and education, but the activities are considered by initiated assessors to be a front for a radical Islamist activity and agenda, including pro-violence ones. For example, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Center is said to have been the home mosque and recruitment base for the acclaimed now deceased IS executioner Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Muhammad Jassim Abdulkarim Olayan al-Dhafiri and in the media reporting the nickname “Jihadi John”.

    In one of the planned seminars, former Minister of Housing and IT Mehmet Kaplan (M) also has a prominent role- Kaplan was forced to resign in scandalous forms in 2006 after revelations that he had close ties with the radical Islamist organizations Milli Görus and Grå the wolves. During the current conference, Kaplan represents Muslim Aid Sweden, which has not seen any obstacles to recruiting him.

    The Church of Sweden does not want to answer questions
    The world today writes in an article that they have contacted the Church of Sweden to question the appropriateness of actively collaborating with well-known radical Islamists in this way. As a newspaper with a Christian profile, it also wants to know in what way the Church of Sweden believes that the Christian gospel is promoted by giving space to representatives of Islam – a religion whose representatives in other countries persecute Christians, often in the form of murder and terrorism .

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