Hospitalization: Vaxed or Unvaxed, Makes No Difference

The following clip from Israeli TV features Yaakov Jerris, the director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward. Dr. Jerris is emphatic in his insistence that Corona patients’ “vaccination” status makes no difference to whether they are hospitalized, or to the severity of their illness. Israel is the most highly vaccinated country in the world, which means that their hospitals are facing problems, what with the adverse effects of the vax being added to the tremendous surge of COVID cases.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Most of our patients with severe cases are vaccinated.
00:07   They received at least three injections. Since 70%-80%
00:10   of these severe cases are vaccinated patients,
00:13   consequently, the vaccines have NO significance in determining the severity of the illness,
00:17   which is why just 20%-25% of our patients are unvaccinated,
00:23   Would that be a factor in calling for the green card?
00:27   Listen, I am not for or against the green card. I am for common sense.
00:31   Common sense tells us there is no significance in determining whether one is vaccinated or not.
00:35   In such a situation, one can’t distinguish whether the patient
00:38   belongs in the group of 20% unvaccinated or 80% vaccinated.

2 thoughts on “Hospitalization: Vaxed or Unvaxed, Makes No Difference

  1. It was never about ‘Covid’. The vax passport leading to the social credit score/total control by the Government is the reason.

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