The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part Eleven

Last Tuesday I posted about Swedish Archbishop Antje Jackelin and the Muslim Brotherhood’s “interfaith” event called “A Week of Neighbours”, which will be held later this month. The latest installment on the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden (previously: Part 10) offers additional information on the same topic.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Ledarsidorna:

Archbishop’s legacy: Continued radicalization of the Swedish Church

On February 20-24, Antje Jackelin invites you to the archbishop’s meeting, A Week of Neighbours. A meeting that is a continuation of the Malmö conference held in 2018. This year’s program shows that nothing has changed in substance for the Swedish Church, which continues to develop in a radicalizing cluster together with the fascist Muslim Brotherhood’s network of organizations.

On February 20-24, Antje Jackelin invites you to the archbishop’s meeting, A Week of Neighbours. The meeting is digital and open to all. It is built upon three years of intensive work together with practitioners in Europe who work with and for refugees. The meeting is primarily in English, which is the common language in the practitioner network, A World of Neighbours.

When the project was started in 2018, which Ledarsidorna contributors reported on, it also included known radical organizations within the Muslim Brotherhood’s cluster of network organizations. They include the aid organizations Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid, as well as the British organization MCHC, Muslim Cultural Heritage Center, or in everyday language, the al Manaar Mosque. This mosque is known for having been ISIS executioner, “Jihadi John’s” home mosque, where, among other things, he was able to preach his views on the mosque’s steps before he joined ISIS operational activity in Syria.

This year’s seminar week is no exception in terms of the presence of radicalizing or radical organizations. On February 21, during the year’s conference week, a conversation will be held with representatives of one of the Swedish Church’s joint projects at Järva field together with representatives for Muslim Aid, among others.

Muslim Aid Sweden, which is currently in the application process and in dialogue with the aid authority Sida to obtain status as a strategic partner, is primarily financed by Muslim Aid UK. Muslim Aid UK, in turn, is, for the second time in less than ten years, under investigation by the “Charity Commission” for connections with terrorist organizations, and risks having its funds frozen as well as its permission revoked to conduct aid activities.

Muslim Aid Sweden was earlier granted Corona support by the Economic Growth Agency, which Ledarsidorna was able to report on. Muslim Aid Sweden is represented by former Housing and IT Minister Mehmet Kaplan (previously a member of Parliament), who was forced to resign from the Löfven government after he was revealed to have links to the national fascist and Islamist organizations “Grey Wolves” and Milli Görus. The latter organization has risked being banned in Germany.

Even though Kaplan is not represented on Muslim Aid Sweden’s board, he underwrites the organization. It was Kaplan who signed Muslim Aid Sweden’s application for Corona aid, in formal terms, short-term support, to the Economic Growth Agency.

Also sitting on Muslim Aid Sweden’s board is Alve Högman, union rector at the Study Association Ibn Rushd, where Lamia el Amri is the activity director. El Amri is the chairperson for Islamic Relief Sweden and vice-chairperson for Islamic Relief Worldwide, IRW. Previously, el Amri was chairperson for IRW but was forced to resign after the British media revealed extensive wrongful anti-Semitic ideas in the organization. El Amri rejoined the board 24 hours after her resignation, but then as vice-chairperson despite guarantees at her resignation that she would not rejoin.

In addition to the Swedish Church’s representative, there is also local civil society, represented by former leading representatives of the Academic School in Järva. The Academic School in Järva changed the principal of the Fryshuset in 2021 after having their permit revoked by School Inspectorate, which, among other things, judged that the leadership was unsuited to conduct school activity.

Ann-Charlotte Ramstaller, the lead investigator prior to the decision by the School Inspectorate, told Mitti in August 2021 that:

“It’s really about two parts. In part, we have seen inappropriate actions by ownership and management; in part, the company has a weak economic position.”

“A World of Neighbours” is the archbishop’s own project within the framework of her office and the conference week “A Week of Neighbours” is to be considered the archbishop’s interreligious legacy to her successor to manage where she points out the desired direction.

A direction that will mean that the Swedish Church will continue to include and be developed together with organizations that are dominated by or stand directly under the influence of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. I’m just reading ‘Ten Year’s Captivity’ by Father Ohrwalder – not for the faint hearted but a good view of the author’s experiences during the Mahdist wars of the late 19thC. Massacres, brutality, brigandry – all in the cause of Islam. It could all be ahead of us. But what can be done? The stupidity? of Western leaders seems suicidal.

    • Because of what western leaders are doing, it will result in military coups to take back the country. So if I were you, you had better be armed up and ready and willing to do very nasty things to keep your people and country together.

  2. Antje Jackelin believes that it’s wrong to address God as “father” and celebrates every violation of the 7th Commandment that Satan can think of. The Church of Sweden was renamed Ichabod long ago.

    • Who will rid us of this most troublesome priest? Who will make an example that is both profound and absolute?

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