“This is Your Moment to be a Hero”

Major Stephen Chledowski is a serving Canadian Army officer in New Brunswick. In the following video Maj. Chledowski calls on police and his fellow soldiers to honor their oaths and refuse to support or enforce the tyrannical edicts of the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Maj. Chledowski has effectively ended his career by making this video. The army command is aware of the clip, and says it will take appropriate action.

I’ve seen a YouTube version of this video, but the owner of the channel that uploaded it self-censored two sections of it in an attempt to prevent YouTube from taking it down. This 3Speak version is complete, and includes the censored segments.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

21 thoughts on ““This is Your Moment to be a Hero”

  1. From what I heard from a couple friends further up nort in the military, ole Trudope wants the army to clear out Ottawa, the army told him under no circumstance would the army step in, it would unleash a civil war they said.

  2. But where is the Canadian Governor General while the Trudeau gang impose their tyranny on the country?

    She is the vice regal and therefore head of the country on behalf of the Queen of England. As far as I know there’s been nothing from her, so does that mean she and therefore the Queen approves of what has happened in Canada over the past two years?

    I have the same question for both Australia and New Zealand.

    • john in chesire: Royalists don’t get involved with these petty complaints among the colonists. Eventually, the rabble will fall in line.

    • The Governort General couldn’t realistically act unless sure that the military are on side for a coup d’etat.

    • I admire Canadian protesters with all my heart. They are fighting not just against the criminal Trudeau regime, but against much bigger forces. They are like David challenging Goliath.

    • I made that to represent the totalitarian Canadian state, which I sometimes refer to as the “Canadian Soviet government”.

      • Canuckistan … the banana republic of the Northern latitudes.

        Complete with its own dictator and junta !

        • Two sides of the same coin: one, communism (allegedly) inclusive; the other, fascism, exclusive- “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist”.

  3. Stefan ! Bracie ! You know your Polish Warrior Oath : God, HONOR and Motherland
    Don’t you worry about your military carrier in that Communist and Globalist s..t hole Canada….
    You are Polish by blood. Rightful place in your Motherland country Army is waiting for you..
    I would be more than happy ,serving under your command.
    M.M Cpt. and Commander of 6 Wing 23 Podhale Riffles Brigade ..Salut you with my colleges !

  4. What would be the “appropriate action”? Would it be just firing him, or something more, i.e., court martial and/or imprisonment?

    • No, he will be demoted, forced to clean the latrines and do every unsavory job they can find.
      And they will dangle e re-instatement to his old rank and a nice severance packet including a more than crippling non-disclosure agreement before his face with the demand to publicly grovel, smear himself and beg for mercy.

  5. Another way to protest these mandates, not just in Canada but elsewhere too, are by using targeted boycotts. Businesses/workers could simply refuse to carry out any work for politicians/bureaucrats that are pushing these directives.

    That means no tradespeople doing any building work on their homes, servicing their cars etc. That’s one way to continue to maintain the pressure when the freedom convoy is eventually broken up.

    Cancel culture has proved to be a powerful weapon and there is no way that it couldn’t be used against those who trample on the rights of ordinary law abiding people.

    • You want to cut this totalitarian monstrosity off at the knees right now?
      Tax Revolt.

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