The Insanity That Resides in Germany Knows No Borders

Hellequin GB has translated three articles that are representative of the absolute lunacy of the German government’s multicultural policies.

First, from the blog Journalistenwatch:

It’s hard to believe, but we live in Germany: Unbelievers finance imam training with €44 million!

Berlin — The Islam strategists lead our gullible politicians with a nose-ring.

Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) has now, 20 years too late, complained about the pressure exerted by Muslim students and their parents on teachers, but the consequences are once again typical for this country that has been Islamized to the bone.

Karliczek’s chatter is really unbearable because it is completely naïve: “Apparently such incidents are no longer isolated cases. You have to be very vigilant here,” she told the Welt am Sonntag.

And further: “It’s about protecting our values and also helping our teachers.” The teachers need stronger support and offers of further training on how to behave in such conflicts. “You can’t just look at the students. Children only reflect what is said and experienced in their parents’ homes.”

And now comes the bang: The federal government will spend around €44 million on imam training by 2024 (i.e. predominantly from the unbelieving taxpayer):

“At the present time, well over 2,000 students are taught at seven universities. This is a very important cornerstone for ensuring that a cosmopolitan and tolerant Islam will be spread as widely as possible in Germany in the future.”

Incredible, isn’t it?

There is of course no evidence of what such a cosmopolitan and tolerant Islam should look like. There never will be. Because for this Karliczek would have to have the Koran rewritten.

The second article is from Politikstube:

Apartments for “refugees” in Berlin: fitted kitchen, underfloor heating, playground, day care center — costs €27 million

The Berlin Senate has dug deep into the tax bag: for €27 million euros two six-story apartment buildings were built on Murtzaner Ring in Marzahn, which offer space for 431 so-called refugees.

While social housing for “people who have lived here for a long time” is stalling in Berlin, the Berlin Senate is in a generous donor mood when it comes to squandering taxpayers’ money and creating the finest new living space for “refugees” at lightning speed. These two apartment houses are of course much more comfortable than the previous container accommodations. The new apartments offer a fully equipped kitchen, underfloor heating, tiled bathrooms with shower and toilet, as well as beds, table, chairs, lockers and probably also curtains.

A playground was built especially for the little rascals of the “refugee families”, as well as a public day-care center, which should also be available to children from the neighborhood. And shouldn’t the locals and/or those looking for accommodation get the impression that apartments for “refugees” are being built primarily and that there is no unequal treatment?

This is just a pipe dream, after all; those in charge of politics never tire of emphasizing that building houses for “refugees” helps to relieve the housing market.

The final article is also from Politikstube:

Federal government ignores Islamist threat: it is too time-consuming to collect data

As the answer by the federal government to a small inquiry of the AfD parliamentary group under the leadership of the MP Stephan Brandner shows that it is too expensive for the federal government to record the real estate that is owned by members of the Islamist scene. The federal government argues that the effort is unreasonable, since the potential Islamist people include 28,020 people and an evaluation of the existing documents, assuming an evaluation time of five minutes per Islamist, would take 2,300 working hours.

Stephan Brandner is astonished and stunned by the carelessness of the federal government when it comes to Islamist terror and its preparation, which probably takes place not infrequently in rooms used by Islamists.

Brandner: “It is allegedly too much effort for the federal government to deal with the registration of real estate of the Islamist scene. In the case of properties used by right-wing extremists and left-wing extremists, however, it has no problem with the registration — although there are significantly more extremists there, namely — allegedly — 33,500 left and 32,080 right. Data on these are collected without any problems and presented regularly. The federal government ignores the considerable dangers emanating from extremist Muslims and is thus jointly responsible for deaths such as those recently in Dresden. This approach is irresponsible and extremely dangerous and means a surrender to radical Islam.”

2 thoughts on “The Insanity That Resides in Germany Knows No Borders

  1. “The Insanity That Resides in Germany Knows No Borders“

    Oh it does know borders, just drive twenty miles outside Berlin.

  2. ” helping teachers” ,thanks but no.I’ d rather help myself. Way back in the profession, shortly after 9/11, the ruling authorities suggested that we, the teachers of history, develop a curriculum for the influence of islam. Kindly enough, we were asked to do that( had they anticipated our reaction, they would have ordered)but unanimously all collegues refused.
    We did then have the hunch that one false word, or even a quote from the devils primer, might bring us a fatwa. I am not shure if I could raise a resistance like this today.

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