A Pedagogical Nightmare

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the German tabloid B.Z. about a culture-enriching learning environment in Berlin:

“I’ll f*** your classbook!”

Teacher at a Berlin Hot-Spot School Talks Truth

With lots of enthusiasm in store, this teacher began her employment at one of Berlin’s hot-spot schools; the school has a 90% migrant ratio. She was convinced and she was certain that she could bring change to the place. But as a graduate in education she found herself extremely ill-prepared for the excruciatingly intolerable truth.

A permanent lack of teachers, ignorant parents, kids with extreme behavioral issues. “When a 9-year-old boy shows you the middle finger and says, ‘I’ll f*** your classbook’, what should I do then?” Katha Strofe (32, name changed*) asks.

Now Katha has written a book about her experiences: Leaks From the Teachers’ Lounge — My Year As a Teacher at the Elementary School of Horror. It was published on November 1, 2020 by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Press. She wrote the book under a pseudonym because: “I have to keep silent about the goings-on at the school — but my conscience tells me otherwise.”

Strofe passed her one-year teacher’s training with on-site security guards. Although she was originally hired to teach German in the Welcome Class for Refugees, she never even got there. “From the very beginning, I was used as a substitute teacher for all other subjects: Math, English, Art, even Sports, even though I wasn’t in the slightest qualified,” she says.

28 children were in her classes — many from problem families, half of them without any knowledge of the German language, and five special needs kids [Inklusionskinder] with no tutors.

A normal class according to the syllabus was simply not possible: “The few good students had it the hardest. While my attention was completely absorbed with putting out fires all the time, they stared holes into the air. In the fifth grade, I taught at the level of the second grade.”

Respect towards female teachers? Non-existent! “The kids, some of them from known large family clans, are miniature editions of their older brothers,” she says. “School was uncool, and when a kid had good grades, he got immediately trashed by the whole class.”

And further: “Homework gets done rarely. When I announce to them they should inform their parents about something, they laugh and say: ‘Why don’t you, if you can speak Chechen?’”

For parent-teacher conferences, only six mothers and fathers showed up. “They evade responsibility by telling the teachers, ‘You teacher, you do!’ And if they don’t like something, they cuss at us, and we get spat at.”

The stress at school has tough consequences: Katha Strofe developed insomnia; her sleep patterns were disturbed. She was full of fear and worry every time she showed up at school in the morning. And these weren’t isolated incidents! “30 to 40 percent of all teachers phoned in sick every single day,” she says. “I never knew which class I was supposed to teach that day. School didn’t make sense anymore. At some point all I did was copy mandalas so the students could color them in.”

What was worse: The very important welcome classes were being extremely neglected. “I met an eleven-year-old Serbian girl who could neither read, write, nor do math. And she wasn’t the only one.”

Katha Strofe left the hot spot school after a year, and she is now teaching at a grammar school. “I was able to leave there; I could flee, but the kids that I left behind can’t do that,” she said with alarm. “They will fail, and so will our society.”

*   The name “Katha Strofe” is basically from the word Katastrophe, “catastrophe”. In English, her name might be “Cata Strophy”.

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  1. Very successful immigration and intervention Merkel !!! You destroy everything, our culture, our way of life and our children and grandchildren future in Germany, it’s so disturbing I can’t even read this , how We as a parents in Germany have to send our children to this so called Schools !! And a specially girls , it’s beyond me , this damage government did to the own people it’s irreversible,,

    • It’s called national suicide. Everyone is doing it. By the time time the party is over others will be doing what they need to do not to pass up on such an opportunity. Jesus look at a powerful country like the UK with a western orbiting gentleman like BoJo as king of the swingers.

    • quite right, Jeff, but you could keep the 120 year old derogative term for yourself, even if you are a frog.
      It is not the style here on GoV.

      • Herb, this is what drives me bananas, we try to deal with uncivilized savages with civilized means and it is failing yet we keep doubling down on this insanity hoping we get different results. Start calling our enemies what they are! Call a spade a spade!

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      • A far larger number than live in Germany, at least in France’s case. But I don’t think that matters since social cohesion would give way before political takeover resulting in French nukes being seized if you ask me.

        • The militaries in western Europe(except Britain) have nice contingency plans when the 3rd world plague gets to place where they think they will take power. The natives will jump on the military bandwagon because they will have no choice. The resulting massive Purge that will follow is going to be epic!

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      • Yes Axel, they may want to touch it, but everything they touch turns into dirt.Midas in reverse! Show any successful warfare of an arab country. Check for arab warfare in the net. Some good articles out there.

        • Yes, I found some articles about that.
          But they just need the codes and the keys and how to change the target, lets say from Moscow to Tel Aviv.
          Yes, they are not good at maintenance but even if a nuclear missile has only 5 years of life after the last service you can bet that the they will fire them before this time is up.

          We know of the Samson option, but if they win, they have not only the Arab countries but also Europe with us as human shields.
          That is a big area. How big is Israels arsenal?

  2. How does Chechnya function with such an ignorant population?

    Send them all home. None of them–parents or children–belong in La Belle France.

  3. The western education models in our western countries is going to fail, for you cannot bring in massive amounts of 3rd world parasites with low IQ without damaging the natives, thus now set up to fail, unless you have some die hard parents willing and able to educate their children on their own. Even the college and university systems have been lowered to the least lowest 3rd world common denominator. Schools are now nothing but baby sitting services, where the natives are forced to stay around their own to avoid being assaulted by these bloody 3rd world parasites. The kids today are now getting a real world education in showing that these 3rd worlders hate them and are beginning to hate them back, finally!

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