Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Against the Narrative

The following video from Bild talks about the adverse health effects of prolonged mask-wearing, especially as it concerns children. The report gains added significance from the fact that Bild subsequently removed it — evidently the paper had been notified by the Powers That Be that the video contradicted the Narrative on the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Rumors about Corona measures in schools — Children passing out from wearing masks —Following the
00:03   so-called AHA rules, including wearing a mask, can lead to serious problems for some children.
00:09   Do masks make our children sick?
00:12   For me, it started when we had to wear a mask
00:15   the entire time in class. I had headaches and I began seeing stars.
00:18   Before all that happened, I had a tightening in my chest. Here, in this area.
00:24   Then I felt really, really dizzy and had trouble standing up.
00:28   I had to sit down and drink something. After that, I stood up
00:34   and my friend recognized I needed some fresh air.
00:38   So we went outside. Just before I passed out, it was as if, I don’t know,
00:43   like something black passed in front of my eyes. I don’t remember anything after that.
00:48   Justifiably, these parents are very concerned.
00:51   In order to protect their children, they are taking legal action against the Corona measures.
00:56   Many parents call me because their children are physically sick, or because they are not
01:01   doing well emotionally due to schools constantly ventilating. Children are freezing during class,
01:07   and they can’t concentrate. They have headaches and panic attacks.
01:12   Some of them are crying very often, but that also depends on their age.
01:16   Besides the real health problems, there are many prejudices and misgivings about wearing masks.
01:25   Within jurisprudence, or from the rule of law principle, the proportionality principle is derived.
01:30   That means all state action, executive, legislative, is bound to this proportionality principle.
01:37   An examination of this, in this case for a legitimate purpose for protecting health and
01:43   the population. I would check concretely whether these masks are suitable
01:49   for achieving this desired goal or suitable to encourage their use.
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