What is the Purpose of Writing?

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What is the purpose of writing?

by Fjordman

I was told by a person who has known me for decades and wishes me well that I should apologize publicly and distance myself from much of what I have previously written. Only then will it be possible for me to get a job in Norway.

Since 2011, I have spent years in exile, gone without a job and received a lot of negative publicity. All of this because I have written lawful texts about real problems that were quoted without my consent by a person I have never met. Nevertheless, apparently large sections of Norwegian society expect me to apologize.

My starting point is simple: I am not going to submit in order to gain a more comfortable life. I can be wrong, as all people can be. But if so, I want it to be an honest mistake, not something I say to give in to censorship.

It does not make sense to apologize when many of my predictions have proven to be correct. I warned in 2005 and earlier that continued mass immigration could trigger wars in countries such as Sweden and France. There are now warlike conditions in parts of Sweden. Swedish cities experience bombs on a weekly basis. Despite this, mass immigration continues, while censorship is getting stronger in many Western countries.

I fear that Western societies are heading for some form of collapse, and that texts I or others publish about this subject will not change the outcome. Fifteen years ago, I still thought it might be possible to prevent this outcome by warning against the problems we import or create. Today I no longer believe this.

The big question then becomes the following: If you do not think that what you write can prevent anything, nor that it is possible to warn others, what is then the purpose of writing? I have given this dilemma a lot of thought for several years. Not the least because writing has caused me a lot of harassment.

There are several reasons for writing even if you do not think that your warnings can help prevent anything.

We inherited a country from the generations who came before us. We will pass this country on to those who come after us. For the sake of past and future generations, you should have a duty to protest publicly against the destruction of a society which others fought to build or will inherit.

You can write to document what is happening. This is not unimportant. It can be helpful and valuable for people to read later exactly what was said and done in this age. This is especially important because many powerful individuals will try to avoid any form of responsibility for the Multicultural problems that have been created. The more thoroughly their statements and actions have been documented, the harder it will be in the future for people in positions of power to claim that they did not know. Many of them did know, or should have known.

You can write in an attempt to understand what has gone wrong with our culture, but also to understand what we did right in the past. This has always been important to me personally. Islam is boring and has nothing positive to contribute. I write about Islam because it represents a threat to my country and my continent. It is a duty that does not give me any pleasure.

What does give me great pleasure, however, is uncovering the richness of European history. Yes, there is brutality and violence in Europe’s history, but this is true of all cultures. Europe also has an incredible wealth of ideas and innovation. Much of this we have forgotten or ignored. It is currently waiting to be rediscovered.

Many young Europeans do not truly know their own history. If European civilization is to survive and perhaps be reborn in the coming century, Europeans must regain their roots. This is one of the most meaningful things one can do as a writer in today’s Europe. For my own part, much of my energy for writing will in the future stem from this source of inspiration. We seem to be heading for a period of great turbulence. Perhaps in all of this we can sow seeds that can grow and contribute to a new renaissance later.

Last, but not least, you can write for the sake of your own self-respect and mental hygiene. We live in an age where lies and liars permeate society. This applies to topics such as climate, gender differences and biology, Islam, immigration, the UN and the EU.

In order to maintain your self-respect, you must refuse to uphold the lies of your time. You should write what you believe is true, even if doing so comes at a cost. Following your conscience has never been free. Nor will it ever be so.

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Note: One version of this essay was first published in Norwegian at the websites snaphanen.dk and document.no.

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21 thoughts on “What is the Purpose of Writing?

  1. When my grandmother left Norway she had no idea her mother country would become what it now has and when I was a child in the 50s I had no idea the USA would become the mess that it now has. I still have hope for the US. I don’t know about any of the European countries though, since “diversity” has become their goal.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer also did not compromise his morality, and that cost him his life. It is not only the young Europeans that don’t know their own history. Young citizens of the USA don’t know their history. Young people in North Korea (and some middle aged people too) certainly don’t know their country’s true history. I’m afraid history isn’t something people pay much attention to any more. And we know that they are then doomed to repeat it, taking the rest of us along for the ride.

    Keep at it Fjordman. Do it for those not yet born.

    • Euripides, fr. 910

      “Happy is he who has learned from inquiry
      Not because he searches for pain for his countrymen
      Nor some other unjust deeds
      But because he seeks out the ageless order
      of immortal nature—where
      it came together, where it came from
      And how.
      Such men never harbor
      A love of shameful deeds.”

      ὄλβιος ὅστις τῆς ἱστορίης
      ἔσχε μάθησιν,
      μήτε πολιτῶν ἐπὶ πημοσύνην
      μήτ’ εἰς ἀδίκους πράξεις ὁρμῶν,
      ἀλλ’ ἀθανάτου καθορῶν φύσεως
      κόσμον ἀγήρων, πῇ τε συνέστη
      καὶ ὅπῃ καὶ ὅπως.
      τοῖς δὲ τοιούτοις οὐδέποτ’ αἰσχρῶν.

    • Ole Dietrich Bonheoffer got buried in his high moral ground and didn’t do his or his family any favors by letting them kill him and his family instead of stand up and fight. Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword, lied their backsides off, because in the end, the sword always wins if there is will to use it.

  2. “I do not consent!” the very basis of Common Laws of many countries in the British archipelago and the Scandinavian countries I have more in common with than Germany and France. Those simple words are a legal statement and yet people are utterly terrified of saying them. I’ve been saying them since 2001AD and it has cost me dear. I would do it all over again.

    Never Consent Fjordman.

    You did the right thing. Others may abuse us and worse but God sees all. He knows. For me that is enough and no more needs to be said.

  3. Hang in there, Peder, I’m with you all the way on this. And I may be joining you in the isolation ward after my next rant is published anyway, not that I give damn. I’ll bung you some beer money when I get to the bank in a couple of days to help you keep the home fires burning. I have fond memories of our meeting in London some years ago when we stood leaning on the bar totally absorbed in a right old discussion about mathematics and mathematicians whilst all the others were rattling on about politics.

    Best Rgds, S III.

  4. Because of your writing I started reading more on European history in science and telling about to my pupils. I am teacher in physics and with some of your writings you really inspired me.
    In 2009 I bought your book “Defeating Eurabia”. I also read and printed some of your Fjordman-files about the history of astronomy, algebra, optics etc.
    In this files you showed the contributions of European scientists. Of course I knew these scientists, but YOUR contribution is that you pleaded for a positive attitude towards European history and the posibility for free thinking/research. I adopted this positive attitude towards my pupils (science students 16y-18y): with every scientist I tell about the innovations that were found in Europe (Western Society) and the importance of the possibility of free thinking about annoying questions (f.e. how does the earth and sun move). And about the unique atmosphere of “scientific method” in Europe that lead to the astonishing progress in science. My pupils learn to know and appreciate this, being aware of what the people of Europe produced: it is positive story.
    It is because of YOU that I was inspired to do so: back in those years (before you were very known and linked to Breivik), you already stressed the importance telling this positive story. I remember the moment I told my wife: just like Fjordman I want to tell my students the positive story about Europeans (science) history, without neglecting the problems. They have to realise how important free thinking was and is!
    I am really greatful about your texts. When Breivik commited his crimes only few persons in the world knew what the positive message was you tried give. That can’t be undone, but I know that if the minds of people changed over the years (they did, not enough, but the next generation is far more critical than a lot of adults realise) it is because of persons like YOU who started writing about.
    So, please, keep going.

    • All of that invention you mentioned goes toward making English Exceptionalism. Of course, there is also French Exceptionalism, and perhaps German (music, literature, archaeology) but English minds gave us the common law, the novel in a highly developed form, and the industrial revolution. Good God! The English (and the West) should be trumpeting their greatness, not apologizing!

      • Perhaps German. 🙂
        You don’t know much physics history. 😀
        But you are right: we should be trumpeting!

  5. Thanks for this essay, Fjordman. Your writing is needed now more than ever. Yes, it seems that Western societies, as we once knew them, are heading for oblivion. There might be some hope yet, although I admit that it’s slim.

    But your writing is and has been essential to anyone who values the truth. Never fear that it has been for naught. If the current generation is too blinded by political correctness, identity politics, and what it perceives as white Western guilt to realize how firmly Europe is set on a collision course with Islam, then perhaps their descendants will take up the cause of freedom. Once a totalitarian ideology rules the land, folk memories of freedom might stir those who share the genes of our past heroes. Your writings will inform them and inspire them.

    You are doing the right thing by being true to yourself. It’s the only way forward. Although the personal cost to you is high, it’s nothing compared to soul-destroying self-betrayal.

    You mention the energy that’s needed for writing. Many would not understand that, but any good piece of writing contains something of its author’s soul. I hope that you find that essential energy in the worth of the job you’ve set yourself: sowing the seeds for the coming rebirth of Europe.

    Please don’t be discouraged. I’m sure you have many silent supporters. Lets hope this essay brings some financial support too.

  6. This civilization very likely is going belly up. The invited hordes of welfare dependent savages will abandon the western countries when the welfare state collapses. And it will, because those invaders, even though already taking over the leading positions, will not be able to run a modern society. So hang in there, after they leave, we can rebuild our countries ’till the next liberal government gives it away…again.

    • They won’t be leaving until men with backbones drive them out and start leading again.

  7. One reason Fjordman should continue writing is that it comforts and informs people all over the Western world who see to a greater or lesser extent the deterioration of their societies over the past three or four decades due to political correctness in relation to: Islam, immigration, censorship-by-peer pressure, gender differences, etc; but feel alone and cannot speak out. Fjordman’s writings have been fortifying to such people including myself for two decades. I somehow stumbled upon them before GoV started, perhaps through a commenter in The Brussels Journal. Mark Steyn was a breath of honesty and perspicacity beginning last century in The Spectator, then on his own website. Through GoV one reads the works of Paul Weston, El Inglese (?) – the author of the chilling and possibly prescient “The Danish Civil War” – and others.

    I recall over a decade ago at a small social gathering making some quietly stated negative remark upon Islam and a PC-marinated nincompoop commenced to lecture me with the usual guff. Her best friend, a professional sailor who had travelled the world, piped up to state that she agreed with me. And went on to describe being punched in the face by a Muslim street merchant in Tanzania for daring to haggle with him. His words were: “You’re a woman, I’m a man, you don’t argue with me.” Plainly, she had never shared her un-PC views on Islam with her best friend (or anybody) out of fear of social ostracism.

    From little things big things grow. Just enlightening one person can lead to a spread as they summon the courage to go against the prevailing group-think. Then others are inspired to educate themselves and gain confidence in articulating a view, say, that mass immigration from Islamic countries is not a good thing for your country. This is now so obvious in Europe and the Anglosphere than one has to be dishonest to pretend otherwise.

    Fjordman dispenses his insights and erudition without the Steyn humour. He addresses serious issues. The most tragic aspect of the Breivik atrocities is that he quoted Fjordman in his “manifesto”, giving the howling PC mob all that they needed to mount a campaign to discredit and ostracise Fjordman. If Breivik hadn’t existed, they would have needed to have invented him. How might the Scandinavian countries and Finland, Western and Central Europe be if Fjordman’s ideas had gained wider political traction two decades ago? Better, much better. Yet the idiot child, Greta Thunberg is far better known and extolled. One feels, with good reason, that the whole climate change palaver is a calculated distraction from the real threats we face.

    I hope Fjordman is making ends meet and wish I could give generously to him, but am not in a financial position to do so.

    • Actually, Gates of Vienna opened before Fjordman — we started in October 2004, and he started in February 2005.

      You probably just encountered him first. I ran into him at Little Green Footballs, and started reading his blog every day. It was the best source of news at the time, especially European news.

  8. Have you ever considered gathering together your essays and publishing them in book form through CreateSpace or something like it?
    You worked immensely hard on these essays and they’re a considerable output. I’m sure we at GoV would purchase the volume(s).

  9. Baron and Fjordman, would there be another way to donate? My bank (in Canada) is asking for the name and address of the recipient, the official name and location of the recipient’s bank, and the recipient’s account number and branch code. All this is required if I do the transaction with online banking. Perhaps if I went into my branch in person there would be a simpler way but I’m still in self-isolation and will be for a while yet.

    I’m not keen on using PayPal but will if necessary, although I realize that Fjordman might be banned there. Mailing a cheque is another possibility. Could donations be funneled another way? What would you suggest?

  10. Hello, Jen. Thank you for that. I am not sure what to do about this issue, although I have to think of something. Others may encounter the same problem in the future. My real name is known, of course, but I will not publish my address.

    • Please let us know if you think of something. Next time I’m in my bank in person I’ll make inquiries. Could someone accept donations for you? Or could you accept cheques or money orders at a post office box address? If you’re living in Canada or the U.S. (but I doubt you are) you could accept e-transfers and all you need to provide is an email address but you’d need online banking set up in order to deposit the transfer. Once you figure out a way I’m sure Baron will update us.

      • I always use paypal, but with larger amounts( 3 digits up, say Europe to US) the fees rise, not an issue for 125$, but onwards – had to do it once- it rose together with the bad exchange rate €-$ to about 10% of the transaction.

  11. Thanks for your writings Fjordman,

    I wonder where you have been? I am so blessed by the things that you have written. Your articles have been helpful in so many ways. They inspired me to publish five books on Islam that I distribute to friends and acquaintances. I much prefer the insights and clear thinking that characterize your articles. I am an American who is currently watching his country go through a Marxist revolution. I fear that the revolution has been won. The United States may never come through this period of anarchy and perhaps will never be the same. I want to personally thank you for your courage to stand up and speak the truth in spite of the cost and the dangers to your personal life. It has been said, “Truth is the proper antagonist to error.” Thank you for boldly proclaiming the truth far and wide. You inspired me to do my part to challenge the insanity that has gripped the West. Again thank you for contributions to the defense of Western Civilization. I don’ know what to say more. I am so thankful for all you have done. Please accept my humble attempt to say thanks. Sincerely, Robert Dickie

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