A Coronaskeptic’s Account of Her Involuntary Commitment in a German Psychiatric Ward

Beate Bahner is a German lawyer who specializes in medical issues. Early this month she challenged the strict quarantine measures the government had imposed to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus, calling them a violation of the German constitution. Immediately afterwards she was committed to a psychiatric institution.

On Easter Monday a recording was uploaded of a calm 12½-minute voicemail left by Ms Bahner for her sister, describing a massively brutal swoop on her home on Easter Sunday evening (April 12th).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, my dear sister. I’m getting back to you.
00:03   Yesterday, I had my walk-through and posted my last thing to my website.
00:09   After that, I went down to the garage, and a car entered the garage
00:15   after standing in front of the garage door for a long time.
00:18   I thought to myself, something’s wrong here. So I hid behind a car.
00:23   The car drove into the garage and stayed there for ten minutes. It was in front of my car.
00:29   I knew something was wrong, so I ran out, but stupidly not into my house.
00:34   My secretary was getting a car on the Forststraße, but she just didn’t show up.
00:40   She didn’t come. I have no idea why. So I went around the corner and she wasn’t there either.
00:44   I didn’t dare go back where I came from because I thought there could be two killers
00:48   by the door or something. There was not a single person there, because everyone’s gone.
00:53   Then a car approached and I urgently asked them to call the police. They refused five long minutes.
01:00   Then I realized maybe I’m making a huge mistake by calling the police,
01:03   since I’m state enemy #1 to police at the moment. S***. Then I asked these people to drive me
01:10   around the corner or to a friend’s house, but these two young people, around 30 years old, refused.
01:17   That’s when the police came and I told them that I feel like I’m being followed.
01:20   They put handcuffs on me, behind my back, behind my back and pushed me to the ground
01:25   in the dirt with massive police violence. They sat me,
01:29   handcuffed, in the back seat of the police car,
01:32   not the front, and left me there for ten minutes. The car was also locked.
01:37   They brought me to my local psychiatric hospital. Waiting there were four other police officers,
01:45   plus three nurses and the doctor, but the doctor came ten minutes later. She must have received
01:50   her instructions from higher-ups or from America or wherever. I asked if I could sit down.
01:57   One of the a*****e police officers told me to sit on the bench, but there was no bench.
02:04   They treated me like I was a complete moron. I kept asking for the handcuffs to be removed,
02:10   since I did nothing to harm anyone, and it was me who asked for police protection.
02:15   That’s when he pushed me down to the ground again and slammed my head from the height of
02:21   1metre (3ft.) onto the stone-paved street. No one said anything. No one reacted.
02:26   Even now, it still hasn’t been bandaged. Then they asked me if I want to wear a mask,
02:31   to which I answered, “No, why should I wear a mask?” So, since I refused to move
02:37   from the spot until my handcuffs were removed, four of them carried me to the doctor.
02:44   She asked me why I felt that someone was following me. They all know who I am.
02:51   Right? Of course. The whole world knows who I am. So, they finally took the handcuffs off.
02:57   That’s when they said I don’t get a lawyer or get to call anyone.
03:00   I didn’t have my cell phone with me.
03:03   I didn’t want to take it with me to Wilhelmsfeld to my secretary’s house
03:06   for the barbecue, so she wouldn’t be tracked, too.
03:10   So then they forcibly kept me the entire night in the Guantanamo-like high security psych ward.
03:21   Which I didn’t know existed, and it looks new. I had to lie on the floor. No toilet.
03:28   A sink with no soap and no towel. And that’s it. No, wait, I got some water to drink.
03:36   I don’t want to complain. I got some water, that’s great, right? I was locked up.
03:46   I wasn’t able to leave. There was a buzzer, but after buzzing three times, no one came anymore.
03:51   I could have suffocated or something. They were very considerate and brought me bedpan
03:55   that I could pee in. By this afternoon it was full. This morning I wanted out, but a caretaker
04:04   forcibly pushed me back. I really was in the high security block, and treated like a dangerous
04:12   criminal since yesterday. This morning I got my breakfast, on the floor. I said thank you,
04:22   and asked for a table and chair. “No, you’re in isolation” was the answer.
04:26   They call this high security ward at the psychiatric hospital in Heidelberg “isolation”.
04:30   Probably because I carry a killer virus that I’ve had since February like the rest of us.
04:34   In meantime, I was actually able to sleep a little and didn’t really eat any breakfast.
04:41   Finally, around 12 noon a chief physician came and explained to me if complied with wearing
04:49   a mask and never took it off, I would be permitted to enter the closed psychiatric ward,
04:54   that’s now called isolation. I said, “Yes, gladly.” Then I was asked if I would voluntarily stay
05:03   in the psych ward for six weeks. To that I answered, “No, I’m not staying here voluntarily,”
05:07   and then asked for the judge’s ruling from the district court which is in the jurisdiction
05:10   of the Guardianship court. So, I still don’t have that, even though I’ve been locked in here
05:15   almost 24 hours. However, you’re not going to believe it, but I got an upgrade.
05:25   Here in jail, I got an upgrade. Now I have a wonderful room with a shower!
05:30   I slept in my clothes and wasn’t able to shower, and could only pee. So now with this upgrade,
05:37   I have a large room and can use my cell phone. I just received it. I could take a shower and
05:45   I will get something to eat, thank God.
05:49   My friends brought me books. Now I’m going to relax a little.
05:53   This isolation ward usually has about 25 patients. At the moment I’m here as someone who is
06:00   seriously mentally ill or a dangerous criminal, along with three other patients. I’m only allowed
06:07   to walk around with a mask, because otherwise I could infect the poor nurses. But hey, now I have
06:14   a bed, a toilet, and a bathroom where I can take a shower. There are a few things missing.
06:21   They brought me my books and we’ll wait and see what happens. Yesterday, I posted
06:27   “Ending the shutdown made easy!” that you received as well. Please share this video.
06:34   So thank God I’m here, the girls here are really nice. This is a closed psychiatric ward,
06:42   which mean my friends cannot visit me. This also means that I’m safe here from dark forces.
06:48   Dear sister, I have to tell you, it’s all much, much, much worse than what I wrote in my
06:57   emergency appeal filed with the constitutional court. It is so horrible, but now I’m here.
07:04   The 83 million people in Germany and the 5 billion people in the whole world don’t understand
07:09   what kind of tyranny is being erected overnight with lies, deceit and the biggest fake story
07:20   through fear and scaremongering with Corona, the killer virus, of which no one in Germany
07:25   has died. If people can’t grasp that, I don’t know. So, please share this little message.
07:34   As often as you can. I send you greetings. I’m fine and being taken care of. I’m safe here.
07:39   There are three or four really nice nurses here. They are really sweet.
07:45   I’ve even gotten a table now. Imagine that. I can’t put much on it, though.
07:53   We’re not allowed in the community room, we four patients. There’s only four of us.
07:57   Three of the four are really sick. My neighbor is very, very, very depressed.
08:02   She’s a young woman, 28 years old, from Heidelberg.
08:05   Wow, she is really doing badly, but we smoke occasionally together. I just met her today.
08:10   Besides that, this ward is completely empty. It’s only used for criminals, enemies of the state
08:18   like me. With a mask, which I have to wear, otherwise I’ll go back to the high security block
08:26   and have to sleep on the floor. But you know what? I bet it’s worse in Turkey and other places.
08:32   The floor would probably be full of s*** or something. You wouldn’t get any toilet paper.
08:36   At least I was given a bedpan. You know, like a chamber pot. You can sit on it and pee.
08:45   I did that. Since I didn’t eat so much, three cookies, I didn’t have to do number two.
08:50   The police, your friend and helper, severely physically abused me. That needs to be said.
08:55   Slamming my head into the floor. Here in front of the psychiatric ward.
08:59   We’ve gotten that far already and only because someone is voicing their opinion.
09:04   Also for going to the constitutional court with an emergency appeal that was unsuccessful.
09:12   One thing is for sure: the man that wanted to become the president of
09:16   the Constitutional Protection Agency, Mr. Harbart (?), most certainly won’t be now.
09:20   So, now I will give people three weeks to realize that the worst kind of tyranny is being set up.
09:27   I’m a fine example. It will happen to everyone in the entire world if they don’t finally wake up and
09:34   see what kind of never-before-seen terror regime is coming. Mao, Hitler and Stalin
09:44   pale by comparison. Hey, Trump can learn a couple things when it come to fake news.
09:48   He’s not as good at it as for example, you name it.
09:53   Evil, evil powers that tyrannically terrorize us.
09:58   Yesterday evening, I was really afraid that they’d try to kill me here. Give the order to give me
10:03   a shot with poison or at night fly me somewhere else, but luckily Fifi (?) was there.
10:13   A nice police officer brought it to me. I’m just catty-corner from my house.
10:18   The address here is Forststraße 1 or 2 and my address is Forststraße 3.
10:22   That’s my office and residence. They dropped off Jackie and told three other friends in the house.
10:29   So that way my whereabouts were known and I didn’t just disappear.
10:34   I didn’t have my cell phone with me and I wasn’t allowed to call anyone.
10:38   If Jackie hadn’t been there, I honestly think I could’ve landed in Guantanamo and
10:43   no one would have noticed. So, dear, that was a ten-minute update. That’s how I’m doing.
10:49   At 7 p.m. I posted my last “Shutdown” instructions online and at 7:30 p.m. I was
10:57   abused by police and taken to a psychiatric ward at 8 p.m. Yes, well, that’s quite a nice example
11:05   of how it can go. Sis, don’t worry. I’m safe here, I hope so anyway. I honestly hope so.
11:11   By now the whole world knows and I will die gladly for freedom.
11:15   As I described yesterday, not one person from my street helped me. They were all just looking
11:20   out their windows. One young man with dreadlocks came over to ask what I was accused of
11:27   and asked the police what I did and why they were holding me. The police told him
11:30   it was none of his business. I didn’t even know what I’m accused of, but now it seems that
11:35   stating your opinion is a crime. Everything is on my homepage.
11:38   I have a summons before the court on Wednesday, because I publicly called for
11:42   incitement to commit a crime. Penal Code Paragraph 111, is incitement to commit a crime.
11:49   I made an invitation to demonstrate. Up until recently that was one of the most fundamental
11:53   basic rights in Germany. Freedom of opinion. Within three months, whoops! Now it has mutated
11:59   into a crime. However, I think I have support from other lawyers and many others. Let’s see.
12:06   Please don’t worry. I’m getting something to eat now, and I’m really hungry.
12:09   I give you permission to share all of it. Bye, take care!

28 thoughts on “A Coronaskeptic’s Account of Her Involuntary Commitment in a German Psychiatric Ward

  1. I think this should be removed. I am a physician and she clearly is suffering from a psychiatric disorder, which is very sad. But it is cruel to display this to the world. As with all paranoid ideation there is truth to some extent, but there is enough internal inconsistency, grandiosity and hyperbole in this to be able to diagnose a psychosis.

    • Because her opinion differs from yours doesn’t give you or anyone else the power to violate her civil rights. If you believe truth equals paranoia, grandiosity and hyperbole then the psychosis rests with you.

      Any person taken by force from their home then involuntarily forced into a psychiatric facility will naturally be under a tremendous amount of stress.
      If you really are a physician I would dare to say that you are far more dangerous to society and the human race then she ever could be.

    • I think Your comment schould be removed, if You don’t know what’s really happening in Germany , so please don’t write comments like this , This woman is absolutely right, …

    • Jacques Lacan would expose you as a phoney. You are not qualified to judge this woman’s mental state.

      • Goodness gracious- you would use Lacan to discredit me – a Freudian and a charlatan. Please.

        • He was not freudian at all. And NOT a charlatan. He exposed the pychiatric community as being more concerned about protecting their to keep their cult that the patient does not matter. And [ad hominem characterizations redacted].

      • Also, if I, as a Physician and not specifically a Psychiatrist, am not qualified to judge her sanity, then why are you and others qualified to rebut my opinions? Are you not then making a judgment on her sanity?

  2. Yesterday I spoke with a German friend who lives in Northern Germany about what’s happening in Germany and in America. For the past 25 years he and I have agreed on politics and many other subjects. I was saddened and disappointed to hear that he supported the government and police violating peoples civil rights, arrests, forced home confinements etc. His decisions were all based on fear.

  3. You are absolutely right, people in Germany loosing their democracy with out even notice , if Your friend support this disgusting government Merkel &CO, Greens, Linke , SPD . That means : more people like Him , Germany is list completely, wit out any doubt..about this women – Beate Bahner , I think she is a very brave to telling the truth what is really awful happening in Her country…

  4. Words fail me.

    Patrick Hanrahan have you read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago? You claim to be a “physician”? No professional would sully his reputation as you have by making such appalling “diagnosis”. You also leave yourself open to legal action. I am not intimidated by you nor your kind! Am I a nutjob too for simply criticising you? I know your kind- a curtain twitcher and grass. If you are a physician under the Hippocratic Oath you are sworn to do no harm. So why do you? A woman you do not know. not even a patient yet you have the gall to pronounce on her dreadful predicament? She is in fear and people if fearful talk a lot That is not paranoia but a normal and healthy Human reaction. I also know the Law as I am a former student of Law before I entered the Church.

  5. She is telling the truth. I reported a homosexual to the Police for harassing me on the Internet. I had made a number of comments about not agreeing with same sex “marriage”. This was in my role as Bishop. Two day later two officers appeared at my door and tried to arrest me for my statements and making complaints about the pansies harassing me. I was abused in my own Sitting Room, in front of my family. Another officer I know came to my aid and stopped me being handcuffed and carted off to a cell. One of the arresting “Bules” was queer himself.

    I have faced other situation due to my writings and refusal to accept this stuff. I am no hero and know what fear is. That does not make the German lady above nor me paranoid, unless wearing a priest’s collar and blackshirt, or a Bishop’s mire and robe makes me a weirdo. people don’t like heavy handed policing simply for expressing an opinion. Homosexuality is not a compulsion yet surely? Or expressing disgust over a globalist “Lockdown”….

  6. http://www.beatebahner.de/

    the audio transcript is from around 12.04.

    bahner then astounded her supporters, see relevant article at GoV, when she addressed them outside Heidelberg police HQ after her release. she seemed to recant utterly her previous position.

    The latest is the article written apparently by her on her website on 17 April. i judge it to be authentic because it shows the deep and bitter sarcasm evident in what she wrote around the time of her rejected filing to the court.

    the article is addressed as a pseuedo-call for help in a girlish mode to
    – bill gates, billi,
    – jeff bezos ceo of amazon, jeffi, and
    – mark zuckerberg, zucki, plus a couple of others i cannot identify, e.g. timmi.

    she maintains a very consistent control of german throughout, there are no typing errors. she sets new paragraphs in a way consistent with a logical train of thought.

    there are probably various types of rhetoric in her text, one of which is hyperbole to comic effect.

    my research shows that the german state has various legal options open to it at present in dealing with her, it is probaly considering its next move.

  7. i have now read the account on her website of her visit to heidelberg police hq on 15.04.

    until i read it i had thought that her statement to her supporters outside the hq, which was filmed, was indeed proof that she was not completely sane. but i believe the extreme and intricate heavy sarcasm with which she inventively writes is shown in the last sentence of her website statement of 15.04.

    after discussing the various legal options that the german state now has, she writes in effect in the penultimate and last sentences

    …..withdrawing charges against me on grounds of insufficient evidence for a charge can hardly be expected given the allegation that i called for a crime to be committed against 83 million people….

    i believe she is being deliberately absurd here given the weird notion of a crime of such magnitude. so i think her tongue is so far in her cheek that it must be hurting.

    the german original is below.

    …….Der Sachverhalt wird jetzt weiter ermittelt. Es kann sodann zu einer Anklage wegen
    des Verstoßes nach § 111 StGB kommen. Es kann auch zu einem Strafbefehl oder
    zu einer Einstellung gegen Geldauflage kommen. Schließlich kommt auch eine
    Einstellung des Verfahrens mangels hinreichenden Tatverdachts nach § 170 Abs. 2
    StPO in Betracht. Dies ist allerdings angesichts des Vorwurfs des Aufrufes zu einer
    Straftrat gegenüber 83 Millionen Menschen kaum zu erwarten……..

  8. The quarantine brought into my mind Plato’s Cave.

    Τhe authorities try to rule over us by fear.
    If we study the classics we will not live in fear and when we are free of fear their end will be near.
    Lets get out of the cave and into the light.

  9. In the old Soviet Union, dissidents were routinely committed to psychiatric institutions, under the grounds that anyone who disagreed with the Soviet state had to be insane.

  10. Patrick Hanrahan –

    If you ARE a physician I don’t think much of your judgment or ethics. You are diagnosing this woman as *clearly* having a psychiatric disorder without having examined her in person.

    Are you a psychiatrist? Do you reach a diagnosis on the basis of ‘internal inconsistency, grandiosity and hyperbole’ ?

    What is ‘cruel’ is not ‘displaying this to the world’ — many of us might well agree with her mistrust of ‘the authorities,’ especially if we have also been on the receiving end of heavy-handedness by ‘authorities’.

    What IS cruel is your denouncing her as a nutcase, when she is already known by name and no longer has the benefit of anonymity or doctor-patient confidentiality. Your feigned compassion, in saying this is “very sad,” is nauseating.

    What you have written is no better than what the Leftist ‘medical experts’ suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome wrote about the President of the USA, publicly ‘diagnosing’ him … without having examined him.

  11. She sound quite sane to me, but a local paper declares her nuts:

    “Heidelberger Anwältin lädt neue Nachricht hoch – und wird immer bizarrer
    Update vom 17. April: „Salüt Pichi, lieber Timmi, hallo Zucki, grüß dich Jeffi, hallo zusammen, Ihr lieben Jungs!“, beginnt Beate Bahner den neuesten Eintrag auf ihrer Internetseite. Die Anwältin aus Heidelberg scheint dort nun fast jeden Tag etwas zu schreiben. Die anfangs noch kritischen Texte driften jedoch nun ins Bizarre ab. Dieses Mal wendet sich die 54-Jährige wohl an Tim Cook von Apple, Marc Zuckerberg von Facebook, Jeff Bezos von Amazon, Bill Gates von Microsoft und Sundar Pichai von Google. Bahner schreibt, dass sie Angst habe und auf die Hilfe der großen CEOs aus den USA hoffe. ” https://www.heidelberg24.de/heidelberg/coronavirus-heidelberg-klage-anwaeltin-beate-bahner-psychiatrie-polizei-ermittlungen-demo-13640822.html

  12. If this is true, she is really paranoid

    “Update vom 15. April: Diese Heidelberger Anwältin macht Schlagzeilen: Erst zieht Beate Bahner mit einem Eilantrag gegen die Corona-Verordnungen vor das Verfassungsgericht und scheitert, fordert dann auf ihrer Homepage an Ostern zu Demonstrationen auf, sodass die Polizei wegen des Verdachts, öffentlich zu einer rechtswidrigen Tat aufgerufen zu haben, gegen sie ermittelt. Am Ostersonntag wird die Polizei zur Thibautstraße/Bergheimer Straße gerufen. Dort soll die Anwältin aus Heidelberg angegeben haben, von „Killern“ verfolgt zu werden. Im Anschluss versucht sie offenbar, mehrere Autos anzuhalten und auf ihre Situation aufmerksam zu machen. Die verständigte Polizei bringt sie wegen ihres verwirrten Zustands in die psychiatrische Abteilung der Uniklinik Heidelberg. In einer wenig später aufgetauchten Sprachnachricht, die bislang nicht verifiziert ist, ist angeblich Bahners Stimme zu hören, wie sie ihrer Schwester von der gewaltsamen Festnahme gegen ihren Willen erzählt.” https://www.heidelberg24.de/heidelberg/coronavirus-heidelberg-klage-anwaeltin-beate-bahner-psychiatrie-polizei-ermittlungen-demo-13640822.html

    • @Steen………..the local paper, whose editor beate attacks sarcastically in her blog entry of 17 april that i discussed above, is statist media. the entire article you quote is slanted against her. note that what the police say in the article is written without any word such as ….alleged…. as a qualifier.

      i rest my case…her blog entry of 17 april is very heavily sarcastic and that of a sane person.

      note that a swiss doctor was also recently apprehended in this way too, the excuse there being that he had a loaded weapon and was making threats. it turned out that neither was true.

  13. Very interesting and very abusive comments, the tone of which is extremely disappointing, although not really surprising. I believe in freedom of speech to the extent that I have been a modest financial supporter of this website, and I would have donated more were it not for the recurrent anti-vaccination messages coming through, which as a physician I abhor. I believe that both Germany and the UK are police states, that Canada is probably heading the same way. I am indeed a senior physician, although not a psychiatrist, I have read the Gulag Archipelago and I understand that the misuse of psychiatry is one of the most disgusting features of totalitarianism. I agree with what she says, but my concern that releasing this as it is, without editing, will damage her reputation. I am not supporting her incarceration, I have nothing to suggest it is necessary, but as with all of you I have very little to go on. Incarceration should be based solely on the safety of the individual or others, not on opinions. Is there anyone with the full facts? No- there is not. You don’t know, and I don’t know, I am solely concerned with her reputation, for when she resumes her struggle with the increasing totalitarianism that is the modern German state.

    • The Russian KGB and Warsaw pact nations of Eastern Europe used to lock up dissidents in the same manner. We are starting to return to these old totalitarian ways of the communists.

    • It bothers me that you say you are a you say you are ” supporter” of GoV. No one has abused you at all. YOu are just not a qualifed psychiatrist to make such judgements of an innocent woman. But, I hope you will change a bit to find some compassion for this woman.

  14. @hanrahan. on the one hand prof. ioannidis, epidemiology at stanford, says that vaccinations are a blessing, in his 2nd video at off-guardian.org.

    on the other, why in 1986 did u.s. congress class vaccinations as biologics and not drugs, if not to preclude lawsuits for liability. because i cannot sue for vaccination damage in the usa, correct?

    you have heard of the narcolepsy cases resulting from the swine flu shots in 2009, not to mention the gardasil affair and others going back decades.

    tell us about the lack of test protocols for vaccinations that come to market.

    is RFK junior then a liar in your view, given his stance as an anti-vaxxer?

    in 1955 children got say 3 shots, now they get dozens. are children in 2020 healthier or sicker with chronic disease than in 1990?

    in the same way, DSM-5 of 2013 is a big fat book, its predecessor in 1955 was a slim brochure by comparison.

    i follow the pharma and med money, why do you not do so?

  15. A German reader here, this is noting new, it’s been happening in Germany for at least two decades, many germans have been institutionalized for voicing dissent against the new dogmas of the German state (multiculturalism, immigration, homosexuality, transexualism, anti-christianism, feminazism et al) making disagreement public is extremely dangerous here I remember in 2005 a college mate of my sister sent an email to his contacts to alert them about a gang of turkish men who harassed women at night in the campus, someone sent the email to the police and he was arrested and deemed a dangerous criminal and sent to a psych ward for almost one month, this has happened many times to many people and I am sure the worst is yet to come.

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