Åsa Westerberg Convicted and Sentenced

I posted a couple of times last month about Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist who was brutalized by the police, arrested, and then prosecuted for “hate speech” against Islam. The last time I wrote about her she was awaiting the verdict after her trial.

Now the verdict is in: she has been convicted of insulting Islam, and sentenced. Many thanks to LN for translating this excerpt from Nya Tider:

Åsa Westerberg is sentenced in the case involving Näthatsgranskaren [The National Examiner]

On December 23, the citizen journalist Åsa Westerberg was convicted by the District Court of Södertörn for, among other things, incitement against an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp] and gross defamation. She was sentenced to a conditional sentence and SEK 10,400 [$1,150] in fines, as well as SEK 25,000 [$2,750] in damages to the state-funded Tomas Åberg, who runs the reporting organization Näthatsgranskaren. Westerberg claims to have been beaten bloody by police in her own home when she was arrested.

January 10, 2020

Åsa Westerberg was prosecuted for writing several posts on the US-based social platform MeWe, posts where she wrote critically about Islam and Muslims, in addition to writing disparagingly about Tomas Åberg and his work at Näthatsgranskaren. The indictments related to hets mot folkgrupp, gross libel and slander. Westerberg herself denies that she wrote the posts and believes that no evidence was presented during the trial.

“There’s really no evidence, it’s a MeWe profile that they haven’t been able to link to me. They have not presented any IP address; they have not presented any evidence that it is I who wrote the posts, she tells Nya Tider.

However, the court believes that private pictures of her published there strongly suggest that she is the person managing the profile.

Condemned for insulting Islam

Despite her denials, Westerberg was convicted on 16 counts of hets mot folkgrupp. It is a matter of disparaging commentary on videos published by terrorists of the Islamic State, in which various forms of execution take place. The comments were emotional, with quotes such as “Islam must be eradicated” and “we must unite to eradicate the invasion of pedophile-worshipers.”

The rest of the article is behind a paywall.

25 thoughts on “Åsa Westerberg Convicted and Sentenced

  1. The replacements know that they are here to replace. It is so cute that they believe in the god that always fails known as the state.
    This precious state better hope the praetorian guards never turn against and that the walls and bunkers to their hidey holes are formidable.

  2. I am curious if a fund has been set up to help defray the costs of her legal expenses and fines.

    I do not know if she is truly innocent, or denying the comments and owning the IP address is just a tactic to get the swedish sharia police to actually do some real investigating; I think it would have been better morally to proudly admit it and dare the prosecutorial scum to do something about it based on the truth and merit of her comments.

    What is needed is an organization with truly deep pockets dedicated to defending those who run afoul of the sharia states across Europe. In this instance, such an organization could have sent lawyers to the prosecutor and told him/it/(insert pronoun of choice) that to continue would result in a massive negative publicity blitz, a serious legal defense on her part, lawsuits against the police for brutality, and legal challenges to the law in court as well as monetary support of political opponents to those who continue to support such sharia law in Sweden. The icing on the cake would be to purchase a house next to the judge’s house and turn it over to several large muslim familys, some nigerian drug dealers, pimps, and their molls. This would only need to be followed through a couple of times before prosecutors would get the message, and back down rather than deal with the headache and additional work that such an organization would create.

    • I think all this is academic now anyway. We are at war with Iran and the PC Brigade will have their hands full with what is coming down the road. It is going to be very nasty indeed and global. The mullah’s hackers are already targeting Western banks. They have spent years collecting info on customers. Barclays is their latest target.

      The PC kumbaya types can shriek and virtue signal all they like. The long awaited war is happening right now. The Ukrainian airliner was taken down by one of the nutcase groups that are actually the real power in Iran- gangs and factions. The Mullahs actually have very limited control over these clowns and they are dangerous but also death cults that believe in the coming of the Mahdi. We have stirred up a hornet’s nest. The culprits from Bush to Tony Blair et al should face trial and prosecution for what they did in the Middle East. Capital punishment is the usual penalty for this type of High Treason.

      The mullahs in Iran did not intend to bring down the airliner but the loonies that fired the TORA “SAM” did so, in order to embarrass the mullahs and place them in a situation where they had no choice but to confront the West. Next they’ll attack poor Israel and close the Straits of Hormuz. Iran has had several practice runs in the last six months.

      The West will not defeat Iran using conventional methods either. Nuclear weapons are a non-starter. I predict the Islamic Republic is now on borrowed time too but it will be bloody- very bloody indeed and global. It will be a series of social wars with factions fighting against other nutjobs.

      Iran will strike at infrastructure an finance but also civilians. Now is the time to steel our nerves and keep steady.

      • Lighten up Francis. All of these paper tigers won’t be doing anything or the USA would already be gone. They will use economic means to curb the evil empire. WWIII isn’t the be all end all that it is cracked up to be.
        When it does come a few nukes will get tossed and the sheep will cry for the derp state to save them.
        Nothing new under the sun and there never will be for the manboons.

    • I like your ideas. I can see this happening in the US, but the Western European States would likely imprison you for this stuff. No harm in trying though.

    • Unbelievable bull.God help her .I’m soon sick of this rubbish.they behave how they want and you can’t say a word back.go to a mosque and hear damn kuffars etc
      Rape their. Women enslave etc .yawn.I had a Bengali guy I’m my house my Moroccan Christian bf brought him in
      He said are they kuffs.I said I know the meaning.I pray for their souls .in Jesus name.

    • Well, you’ve touched on one of the key challenges we are facing. Capital in the West is now, ‘woke.’ This is particularly important to note with regard to the big banks most of us use.

      I believe that we have passed the point where the big banks have frozen or even closed the accounts of businesses and individuals accused of, “hate speech,” which, according to them, definitely includes opposition to creeping sharia in the West.

    • https://samnytt.se/domare-ringde-aklagare-forsokte-paverka-utredning-om-sin-slakting/

      Judge called prosecutor – tried to influence investigation of his relative
      January 13, 2020

      A prosecutor in Jönköping was investigating a relative and an acquaintance of a judge. The judge then contacted the prosecutor to assure him that they were both “caring people”. This is reported by SVT .

      A judge from the Gothenburg District Court called the Jönköpings Prosecutor in the middle of a sensitive investigation. The preliminary investigation was a serious violent crime and two people had just been arrested when the phone rang.

      – The person presented himself as a judge at a district court. It is not strange in that really, but then the person started talking about a case where just before two suspects were arrested, says Martin Svensson, prosecutor in Jönköping.

      One of the persons arrested was a relative of the judge. The other was an acquaintance. Prosecutor Martin Svensson tells SVT that the judge then tried to influence the investigation. Among other things, the judge pointed out that the two detainees were “caring people” – which he also wrote down in a service note that SVT received.

      The judge denies attempts to influence
      Martin Svensson feels it is remarkable and inappropriate that the judge heard him. The judge, on the other hand, believes that it was not his / her purpose to influence the investigation.
      – I called completely as a private person in this case, says the judge.
      Johan Kvart, a lawyer at the Gothenburg District Court, tells SVT that he judged that – after finding out what had happened – he did not need to take any action.



      Shared Joakim Lamotte’s report on the ‘nethat reviewer’ on Facebook – convicted of slander
      January 13, 2020

      “Ramona Fransson has seriously offended Tomas Åberg”, states in the 19-page verdict where the district court believes that the sharing of freelance journalist Joakim Lamotte’s article on Tomas Åberg, the self-proclaimed so-called night hat reviewer, is a slander.

      The verdict was announced on Monday and in a Facebook post Joakim Lamotte states that freedom of speech in Sweden is seriously under attack.

      According to the judgment in the Gothenburg District Court, Ramona Fransson is required to pay SEK 10,000 in damages to Tomas Åberg and SEK 3,423 in legal costs.

      “Totally incomprehensible,” writes Lamotte, who also points out that Åberg can continue to raise million grants from the taxpayers for his project.
      “Ramona Fransson has seriously offended Tomas Åberg” The 19-page verdict, just one such thing, is currently my agent Ola Bengtsson and the appeal court. So it looked! And what TÅ invokes is constantly Joakim Lamotte’s article. Everything is a lie except for a prohibition to ceep animal.
      Ramona Fransson hierself refers to the appeal.
      If the court of appeals would not agree to the appeal, Lamotte has promised to help Fransson pay the damages, as he never intends to allow those who share his report to suffer badly – “I would rather take that blow myself”.

  3. What a horrible story but one that is all too common these days. I tend to agree with the previous comment that she maybe should have proudly admitted that she wrote the “offending” articles if for one reason only- no matter how she pleaded or what she said, the State Goons were going to find her guilty and punish her for Wrong Think.

    Whenever I think things are getting bad here in the US I have only to come to GoV and read a few articles to see how good we have it, at least for now. Don’t get me wrong, the Big Tech companies, all of them, Google, FB, Twitter, et al are busy at work de-platforming and de-monetizing conservative voices as quickly and strongly as they can. Luckily we still have alternative platforms, although they are not nearly as powerful as the Big Guys.

    As Mark Steyn says: without free speech there are only official lies.

  4. Hey, sweetheart, join your countrymen in Hungary. You are way better than your
    crazy, stupid government. Just because it wants Sweden wants to commit suicide, doesn’t mean that you have to also.

  5. All of Europe has fallen to Islam by the weakness of the political system that allowed them to be voted into office. The same thing is happening here in the United States and the Democrats are helping them do it. Now the sheltered snowflakes that feel so entitled will learn the brutal cost of freedom up close and personal.

  6. OMG! She is ravishingly beautiful! How could a nation be so stupid and deluded to throw everything their ancestors built into the dumpster?
    Once vibrant diverse multi-kulti Jonestown utopia kool-aid stage is reached then there is no return from that wasteland.

    • How could they be so stupid? A nation of blondes maybe? Although the Germans are leading the way in the Stupidity Olympics and they are not all blonde aryan supermen…

      It would be a waste of such natural beauty to allow them be conquered and bred out of existence by islamic invaders. I believe Sweden is already too far gone for military intervention to be successful in cauterizing the islamic infection without unacceptable collateral damage. The loveliest and most intelligent specimens should be identified and evacuated to safer western lands and a selective breeding program put in place to increase the numbers of such beauties.

      • So called “unacceptable collateral damage” is inevitable. It will be a whatever it takes to Purge all these 3rd worlders, will be the mantra and policy soon despite the do gooders and hand wringers best of intentions. NEVER EVER give an inch to your enemy. Period!

  7. It makes one so irate. And why this slimy snitch who already receives funding by the taxpayer is entitled to damages is beyond me. He is not member of any “protected group” which supposedly got insulted. He makes a pretty penny this way, this is by far not the first case. There is a lot of nonsense going on in Europe as we all know but this is uniquely Swedish.

    This is her page in case someone wants to support her:

    • I checked it out. One has to sign up for an account for a social media network before being able to access it.

      • I did, it’s quick ‘n’ easy with no obstacles other than a verification of the email address you used. Doesn’t have to be your main one. I just don’t know if she still uses the platform or can be reached at all this way after the above.

    • That slimy snitch needs to be paid a visit to explain the error of his ways and made an example of.

      • What needs to happen above all else is a correction/replacement of the judges who believe this is even remotely right, and the political machinery condoning it. The latter can happen in an election but what to do about a judicial system so rotten to the core, I have no idea.

  8. just wrote a very lengthy supportive message to the courageous Viking warrior woman Asa Westerburg . i guess the google monitors didn’t approve of my brilliant wording so as I was just about to send the page disappeared1 not a surprise you have friends here in Los Angeles Asa . need a vacation? I hope you personally get this message as many in America are watching as this unfolds . having watched the muslum infection spreading thru Europe for years now this message short to see if i get thru

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