Viktor Orbán on Iran: Europe Should Align With the USA and Israel

The following video is an excerpt from a press conference given last Thursday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In it Mr. Orbán is asked a question about his government’s policies on Iran.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times based on the original longer video):

    Question: How compatible is it that Hungary has strong USA-Israel relationship and military alliance, while at the same time it also has strong energy-related ties with Iran and Russia?
38:00   As for energy policy, until now I have been successfully
38:04   able to keep it separate from defense policies.
38:08   So Hungary has an energy strategy, and totally separate
38:12   military and defense alliance policies. And these two sets of policies
38:16   we would like to continue to keep separate. As for
38:20   the details that arise from your question,
38:24   it would be too early to answer, but I can tell you:
38:28   I would like it if the European standpoint were to be —
38:32   which is not clear, by the way, in this Iranian situation —
38:36   were to be oriented in the direction of the United States’ point of view.
38:40   So on Friday we would like to achieve that the Europeans’ point of view and the Anglo-Saxon,
38:44   and I may say, the distance between the USA-Israeli standpoint and
38:48   the European viewpoint would decrease. This is the direction we should go.

4 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán on Iran: Europe Should Align With the USA and Israel

  1. Sounds like a conflict of interest between Hungary’s energy and defense policies. But Hungary is a small country with a small economy. He’s buying Iranian oil because he has to. If some other oil producer could cut a better deal for Hungary, then that would be better, buy you do what you have to do in the meantime.

  2. Europeans point of view? Anglo-Saxon? There would be screeching from safe spaces and coloring books with fresh crayons and play-doh dispensed if that was uttered anywhere in America.
    He does know about the E.U. right?

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