A Victim of the Swedish Opinion Police

Åsa Westerberg is a Swedish anti-sharia activist who has spoken out against the intolerance and misogyny of Islam on multiple occasions. “New Swedes” who adhere to the religion of peace have denounced her to the police frequently enough that she has now been harassed several times by special anti-“hate” goon squads of the police. The police tactics that she describes below are stunningly totalitarian.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The black man from Skåne, Sweden who encouraged the killing of all the whites and to take over —
00:07   He continually talked about the white race and the black race and how much he hates the whites.
00:16   But he is still not a racist! But I am! I criticize ideologies which are misogynistic to the core,
00:24   which sanction pedophilia and hatred, threats and violence;
00:32   in short it is a disgusting ideology.
00:36   This makes me a racist! Because I criticize such ideologies.
00:41   The police have drilled my door on two occasions.
00:47   It was carried out by the new Swedish Opinion Police in which there is a large investment.
00:52   The same police don’t have resources to investigate gang-rapes, mass shootings, thefts …
01:01   There aren’t resources to investigate them.
01:04   But if you dare to criticize a pedophile and a false prophet
01:11   who 1,400 years ago spread a lot of dung to secure his now perverted interests —
01:16   How dare you criticize them! Then bang! The police will suddenly show up out of the blue!
01:22   Especially if you have become a target for another pedophile and animal-abuser
01:27   who brags on the media about mass-reporting 1,500 normal Swedish citizens
01:32   for so-called “incitement to racial hatred”.
01:36   For such cases, they have an unlimited amount of resources and come immediately.
01:41   The first time [I was arrested for opinion expression] was in April 2016.
01:49   Back then I had my Facebook account and followers.
01:53   A group of people who were employed by the police authority came early in the morning to my house.
01:59   They banged on the door as if there were a fire in the building. They rushed into
02:03   my apartment and they said that they had a search warrant,
02:06   I didn’t get it; I was lost!
02:09   I didn’t know what it’s all about. I said,
02:13   “I haven’t committed any crime, you must have chosen the wrong person.”
02:17   The officer said, “You expressed racist views on gypsies and Muslims.”
02:24   Oh, hold on a second!
02:27   I criticize ideologies and criminal lifestyles.
02:32   I haven’t expressed any racist views. Are you guys joking or what?!
02:37   They were in the apartment searching everywhere, carelessly making a massive mess.
02:41   I suddenly realized that this is not OK.
02:45   I wanted to know what I’m accused of, but they couldn’t disclose that information.
02:52   They asked me to follow them to my workplace and to let them in.
02:59   I didn’t know what my workplace has to do with “incitement to racial hatred”.
03:03   They couldn’t answer that question, either! I got angry! They sneaked around
03:07   and took pictures of every drawer and even my underwear.
03:12   To spell it out clearly, they behaved in a very vulgar and rude manner.
03:17   I got angry and I locked the door and I said to them,
03:22   “I start working at 12:00 today, what about you?”
03:26   One of the guys became very angry and he said,
03:29   “for f***’s sake, behave yourself, otherwise this house might catch on fire.”
03:34   It was revealed later that he was a fire inspector who was employed
03:37   by the police in Västberga (Stockholm),
03:40   and he had nothing to do with accusations of “incitement to racial hatred”.
03:43   And the next day, I went to the police station with a friend.
03:47   When we got there, the authority said that there is no preliminary investigation
03:50   against you and not even the issue of a search warrant for your house.
03:53   “You must have been fooled.” I had the name of the man who threatened
03:56   me with “this house might catch on fire.”
03:59   I can’t say his name; if I do, I might get into trouble
04:03   as I once did before, so I won’t repeat it now.
04:07   The bottom line is there wasn’t actually any preliminary investigation issued,
04:10   and there has never been a search warrant for the house.
04:13   What they did was completely [illegally] done out of their own initiative.
04:17   The police didn’t have any right at all to drill and break in through your [apartment] door
04:21   What they have done is worse than the “crime” they are accusing you of.
04:28   In normal circumstances, the search warrant would be illegal.
04:31   On the other hand, there is the case of the illegal search warrant for a house in 2016.
04:38   So I let [the police] open the door and I was sending the footage online to YouTube
04:45   Those guys who arrested me then were at least civilized.
04:50   They took a sample of my DNA without providing any explanation why the prosecutor required my DNA.
04:57   Considering that the “crime” I was accused of was “expressing my views on the internet”,
05:03   “How would they use my DNA?” Would they use it as a search tool
05:07   to learn what I have written on the internet?
05:11   I don’t think there is any of my DNA there!
05:15   Anyways, the second incident was a little bit more violent.
05:19   It started with the pedophile animal abuser who runs a terror-hate network.
05:27   who is an ex-police officer, and I can’t name him
05:30   [because of the police], but you still know who I mean.
05:34   He is obsessed with me, and he runs a mass-reporting campaign.
05:42   Because of his continuous accusation I was apprehended by the police.
05:50   On the second occasion, they came in by drilling my door.
05:56   I was waiting for them to come in. I intended to follow them completely willingly.
06:01   I was filming it while the security cameras were on as well.
06:07   They rushed into the apartment with pointed batons, they knocked me down onto the floor
06:13   They literally beat me so harshly until I bled here on my jaw.
06:19   When one of the police officers slammed me against the wall,
06:23   he slammed me against the kitchen cupboard until it burst
06:26   They handcuffed me from behind; they literally kicked the s*** out of me.
06:35   I was taken to the same prison in Kungsholmen [Stockholm].
06:41   I was interrogated by the “Common Ethical Foundation” police authority.
06:47   I said that I will report this arrest to the police because of aggressive violence,
06:50   and asked for a doctor to check me out.
06:53   But they refused!
06:56   The policewoman who was there…
07:01   she looked very “feminist”; she was also working for the “common ethical” police.
07:06   She asked the officers who assaulted me to mention that I violently refused to comply.
07:12   Which I absolutely didn’t!
07:15   And I had the security cameras filming all of this;
07:19   the system was controlled by my phone, which they confiscated when they arrested me.
07:26   After a lengthy series of ifs and buts, I was able to eventually meet my lawyer.
07:30   I asked them to “give me the phone first so I can show the footage
07:34   to my lawyer, and then you can do whatever you want with it.”
07:37   They refused! I said, “I hope the videos are still on my phone when I get it back!”
07:44   She said, “Yes, sure; we aren’t allowed to delete anything from your phone.”
07:48   I know, but I still hope that they remain on my phone when I get it back.
07:52   Do you think they remained in my phone when I got it back? No!
07:57   I’m also suspicious that they have probably bugged my apartment,
08:01   even though I don’t have any evidence; it’s just a feeling.
08:05   Because when they knocked me down on the floor, two of the three big fellows,
08:13   two of them seemed to be from the “baseball league” (violent and secret dirty cops).
08:17   All the police officers had their badges on and showed their names
08:21   except those two who knocked me down,
08:25   One of them discovered the security camera and asked me, “Do you have cameras?”
08:30   I said, “Maybe,” and I smiled a little. Suddenly,
08:33   he became mild and nice after being brutally violent.
08:36   I asked him if I could see his ID badge. This is very interesting; if someone knows what it is,
08:40   there are many police officers around here who can probably explain later.
08:45   They showed their IDs. The only visible parts were their images,
08:49   the police label, but their names were completely redacted.
08:52   I don’t know what their names were; there were some sort of numbers, but I don’t know who they are.
08:59   These are not the normal and usual police who are assigned to such cases.
09:05   I thought right away of “the baseball league” (violent secret dirty cops) when I first saw them.
09:11   I have also published a video on YouTube
09:16   explaining the first break-in and door-drilling and how weird it was.
09:24   It’s very remarkable that they use such means to ‘counter crime of expressing opinion’
09:30   while the [same police authority] is incapable of arresting gang-rapists,
09:33   but is capable of arresting ‘criminals of expression’.
09:36   The police won’t drill into house of the pedophile and animal abuser
09:39   who mass-reports people like me; they can’t drill through their doors.
09:42   They don’t even drill the doors of child-rapists and animal killers.
09:45   But they can certainly drill my doors!
09:48   This is what I mentioned as remarkable!

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  1. Let them choke on the enrichment that they voted for.
    The blades won’t hurt so bad when they come down hard and fast.
    Hoping that the crocodile eats you last still gets you eaten.

  2. Another horror nightmare. This woman is so brave, it is amazing to me. How can one live that way?

    There seems to be no hope for Sweden unless there is new leadership. I don’t know if it’s possible for something to happen like the election in UK yesterday.

    Looks like Brexit is now a done deal and maybe something will be done about the massive cultural enrichment that has nearly destroyed the country as well.

  3. There is a major war of the worlds in progress. The stagnant dead fourth world Islamic built on lies, hatred, in-filth traction and every conceivable perversion. By all means possible expect the best. By all means necessary do not deny the truth. New and ruthless thinking not unlike what today’s Indian government is setting in motion would be a start.

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    It was in April that the boy was staying at a skateboard ramp in Hallstavik outside Norrtälje north of Stockholm when “other children” started throwing stones at him, reports Norrtelje Tidning.

    The boy contacted his 40-year-old father who arrived at the skateboard ramp and began barking out the gang of underage youth. In connection with the swelling, the father is also accused of grabbing a boy and pushing him down against the skateboard ramp while at the same time allegedly threatening to knock out his teeth if the youngster touched his son again.

    The father was indicted in Norrtälje district court for minor abuse, illegal threats and fraudulent charges, which he has denied during the police investigation. Instead, the father claims he grabbed hold of one of the youngsters’ sweaters while demanding that they never again throw stones.

    No witnesses – sentenced anyway

    Norrtälje district court has now given judgment in the case and the boy’s father is released for minor abuse and illegal threats because the prosecutor never presented any witnesses who can substantiate the charges.

    On the other hand, he is convicted of trespassing because the court believes that it must have been a scary experience for the youngster to be exposed to the father’s scolding. The father must pay 60 daily fines of 330 SEK, that is SEK 19 800 in fines. Furthermore, he will also pay SEK 5000 in damages to the youngster.


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  5. Prosecutors are accused of neglecting their assignment

    Prosecutors misunderstand their assignment, categorically state in the media about the debt issue and sell off evidence that speaks in favor of the suspect.

    At the DN debate today, 64 lawyers sharply criticize prosecutors “running amok”.
    – When a prosecutor makes mistakes, it is very difficult to reach them, says Per E Samuelsson.

    At the DN debate today Sunday, 64 lawyers in Sweden say
    and put their finger on a problem they consider to be important, that is, prosecutors who “run amok”.

    What they mean, among other things, is that some prosecutors do not conduct preliminary investigations against suspects in an objective way. They get a bargain, the lawyers write, so they deliberately or unconsciously sell off evidence that speaks in favor of the suspects. Instead, such things gather on piles that speak to their disadvantage, say the article authors.

    – When you work for a very long time with one and the same case, it becomes – it is a fairly human behavior – so that you sell away what does not fit into what you are already convinced. And in those kind of tunnel end situations, neither the lawyers nor the court can actually stop a prosecutor. There are no instruments in our team book, says Per E Samuelsson.

    Another part of the criticism is about how prosecutors say in the media in front of notable cases that are going up in court. Prosecutors way to categorically comment on debt issues, before a case is decided, the 64 lawyers at the DN debate say, causing an injury that cannot be recovered, even if the suspect would later prove to be innocent.

    A prosecutor may only bring a prosecution if he or she can, on objective grounds, expect a conviction. In their text, the attorneys believe that prosecutors often bring charges even though it is clear from the outset that acquittal convictions will be served.

    For lawyers who misbehave or are otherwise considered wrong, there are today some penalties. Among other things, they can be dotted and taken away as public defender.

    But for prosecutors who make mistakes, there is no disciplinary system today, and the 64 lawyers finally suggest in their debate article that it should be introduced.

    – Attorneys are much more severely held than prosecutors. This means that we cannot access the prosecutors who are wrong.

    But the prosecutors work for the state. And the state still has a responsibility, for example, to replace suspected persons who may have been detained for a long time and then released. There is a system for this, is it not equivalent to what you want now?

    – No, that’s not it. It is true that the state may be liable to pay legal costs if the prosecutor makes a mistake. But personal responsibility does not exist for prosecutors. but there are lawyers for us, says
    Per E Samuelsson.

    The law should be amended, the lawyers write, so that defense attorneys and courts can “put a stop to a prosecutor who commits wrongdoing or neglect in his professional practice”. They also require that prosecutors be placed on personal responsibility for the proper conduct of preliminary investigations.

    Alexander Gagliano

  6. .
    Interview with Åsa Westerberg on the charge of incitement against ethnic groups.

    5,292 views • 17 Dec. 2019

    Swedish Web TV 43.9 tn subscribers

    We at SWEBBTV attended the trial where Åsa Westerberg was charged with hate speach, that is Incitement to racial or ethnic hatred. Åsa is said to have written a number of critical posts about Islam on a social media platform called Mewee.

    She was also accused of slandering the despicable, self-proclaimed and state-funded Web hatred rinformer Tomas Åberg.

    Because of the suspicions, Åsa was subjected to a brutal arrest by the police, who broke into her home and abused her during the arrest.

    She was then taken to the detention center for interrogation and isolation for several days, where she was pressured to have a DNA test done with the threat of further isolation.

    At the trial, no technical evidence was presented, such as IP addresses or the like, that it really was Åsa who was behind the internet profile. Åsa denied that she was behind the profile.

    However, regardless of who wrote the comments, she meant that people have the right to comment, and to comment on horrific abuses on people, animals or different ideologies in a country that has freedom of expression enrolled in the Constitution.

    The trial was held at Södertörn District Court on December 12, 2019. Verdict will be announced on December 23.


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