Åsa Westerberg: “All Are Equal Except for Ethnic Swedes”

I reported last week on a speech by Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist whose home was forcibly entered by police. She was brutally mistreated by a special anti-“hate” police squad, and then arrested. Since then she has been prosecuted, and the verdict was due to be announced today.

Below is an interview with Ms. Westerberg recorded immediately after her trial. The interviewer is from the Swedish dissident channel SWEBBTV.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I expect to be judged innocent on all counts.
00:03   If I’m not, then I will appeal for sure.—We are at the trial of Åsa Westerberg,
00:07   who is accused of ‘incitement to racial hatred’.
00:10   It is claimed that Åsa wrote a series of posts criticizing Islam
00:14   on a social media platform called Mewee.
00:17   She is also accused of defaming the state-financed Internet Hate Inspector Tomas Åberg.
00:24   Because of these accusations, the police brutally arrested her by breaking into her house,
00:30   and abused her during the arrest.
00:33   The police transported her to jail for interrogation, where she was kept in solitary confinement
00:36   for several days, to force her to submit to a DNA test
00:39   while threatening her with prolonged solitary confinement in prison.
00:42   No technical evidence at all was presented at the trial,
00:46   such as IP addresses or any such materials proving that it was Åsa who owned the profile accounts.
00:50   The trial was in Södertörn’s county court in Stockholm on Dec 12, 2019.
00:54   The verdict will be handed down on Dec 23.
00:58   I’m here with Åsa Westerberg who has just came out of the trial.
01:03   How do you feel? —It’s somewhat nice that it’s over,
01:08   but I can’t stop feeling horribly irritated about having to be here at all.
01:14   I’m now ‘biased’ after being accused of this thought crime,
01:21   but I still think there are other subjects that are more important
01:24   than investigating how people express their feelings on the internet.
01:27   For example, solve bombing cases or rape cases.
01:31   What I haven’t understood so far is the incrimination of “hate” crime.
01:36   Hate is a feeling — do they mean that feelings are crime?
01:42   It seems so! The only way I can understand it
01:45   is that feelings and thoughts are forbidden in today’s Sweden.
01:48   I had ironically the novel 1984, I pointed it out…
01:54   I actually did read it, so it isn’t just an irony.
01:57   I referred to it in order to remind them about the society
02:01   that George Orwell described back in the 1940s,
02:05   which depicts ‘crimes’ similar to those I am accused of today.
02:09   It’s difficult to restrain feelings; you can’t cease hating what is wrong.
02:15   You can’t allow yourself to have no feelings about animal abusers or rapists.
02:22   It is absurd that hate would be a crime.
02:26   It is stated in the law that this is a crime?
02:30   Because it seems that these sorts of accusations
02:34   and criminal suspicions appeared suddenly in the last few years.
02:38   My lawyer and I looked for it, but we couldn’t find any text backing it up.
02:44   The ‘incitement to racial hatred’ seems to be taking control over Sweden’s constitution.
02:51   We had the fundamental law of freedom of expression, the strongest law in our constitution.
02:58   But the ‘incitement to racial hatred’ law is incredibly ‘spongy’,
03:02   because according to it, a racial group could be anything, even an ideology.
03:07   So if I criticize the consequences of an ideology,
03:14   or the people who promote applying it, such as Shariah law, it is criminalized in Sweden.
03:19   I couldn’t find an explicit legal paragraph criminalizing it.
03:22   But there are already others besides me who have been charged
03:25   and sentenced for criticizing an ideology.
03:28   There have been many accounts opened [on social media platforms] claiming to be you.
03:32   It’s very easy nowadays for anyone to claim to be whatever person.
03:37   Shouldn’t the judicial system prove that the person indeed owned the account and wrote the post?
03:45   It should be that way! They should, beyond reasonable doubt, prove that I’m guilty, but in this case
03:52   it seems that it’s my duty to prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that I’m innocent.
03:56   This reverses the burden of proof, which I personally
03:59   think is wrong, and furthermore doesn’t preserve legal certainty.
04:02   This kind of procedure could be implemented in more important cases or prioritized cases.
04:10   But it seems that a thought “crime” — I don’t want to call it a crime —
04:15   is the most prioritized crime in Sweden’s judicial systems today.
04:19   But we do have freedom of opinions and thoughts in Sweden!
04:23   I thought so! We have it on paper at least.
04:26   I have read the ‘incitement to racial hatred’ law,
04:31   It’s very undemocratic and a very vague and spongy formulation.
04:34   It’s the number one real dictatorship law we have in Sweden, and it should be abolished immediately.
04:42   Because everything it claims to protect against is already forbidden by law.
04:46   It’s illegal to murder anybody regardless of their skin color or for any other reason.
04:51   It’s illegal to punch anyone in the face. It’s illegal to call for murder
04:55   or to encourage others to do so. All of these are already illegal.
04:58   Therefore, it’s completely unnecessary.
05:01   In addition, it is definitely unilateral! I have seen a massive amount of incitement
05:05   and hatred from non-Swedes against ethnic Swedes in particular and whites in general.
05:12   I have personally reported a couple of them, I mean the very gross and really serious ones.
05:16   Those include “killing all Swedes”, “implementing Shariah law”,
05:19   “Swedish whores will suck their c***s” and calls to kill us.
05:25   It’s not only me, but many others who noticed such serious incitements
05:30   and gross racist attacks against Swedes and reported them.
05:36   But not even a single case has been prosecuted or even investigated.
05:39   For example, recently the Nigerian in Skåne, Sweden,
05:43   who created a Facebook group — or it was Instagram? — and named it:
05:48   “All whites should be killed,” but that is legal and it can remain.
05:51   That was his right to express his option to encourage the obliteration of all whites
05:57   and encourage his black brothers and sisters to kill all whites.
06:02   That is not considered to be criminal. But if I say,
06:05   “I dislike this person,” not because of his skin color
06:08   but because of what he says, that is criminal.
06:11   Don’t such stands recognize differences among people?
06:15   Because everyone should be of equal value before the law.
06:18   It doesn’t seem to be like that nowadays.
06:21   “All are equal” is just for some.
06:24   Or we can say, “All are equal except for ethnic Swedes.”
06:29   This is how I interpret it! Or at least, that’s how it is applied in reality.
06:36   What is coming next? The verdict is on Dec 23.
06:42   The verdict will be handed down on Dec 23 at 11:00am.
06:45   I expect to be judged innocent on all counts.
06:48   If I’m not, then I will appeal for sure.
06:51   Because if I am judged guilty then we can
06:55   officially document that democracy has died and been abolished in Sweden with viable evidence.
07:01   Not even on paper anymore.
07:05   Because if you pleaded guilty to expressing forbidden feelings
07:08   and thoughts, regardless of who writes them,
07:11   if criticism is forbidden, if it’s forbidden to criticize evil and nasty attacks,
07:18   if it’s then forbidden to criticize burning children alive in cages
07:22   and forbidden to criticize the marriage of 9-year-old children and raping them;
07:26   if that is criminalized and draws a prison sentence, then all is lost!
07:32   The society which is described in 1984 novel won’t be sufficient.
07:35   Finally, I want to encourage everybody to continue to express their opinions
07:39   and stand for what we know is right.
07:42   Stand for our country and people,
07:45   and stand for the real “everybody is equal” and everyone’s right to be valued equally.

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