Merkel’s Guest Comes to Budapest to Collect the Jizya by Fist

Many thanks to László for translating this article from the Hungarian news website

The translator includes these summary notes:

  • Collecting the Jizya: “Help me, I am Muslim” + robbery
  • Hijra within the EU: the attacker has refugee status in Germany
  • No information: what was a German “refugee” actually doing in Budapest!?

Except for the headline, all bolding was added by the translator:

A woman was attacked by a migrant on Andrássy Avenue

Within half an hour, the 25-year-old German refugee who had robbed a woman on Andrássy Avenue was arrested by Teréz-district police.

A woman parked her car in Andrássy Avenue when a man approached her on Saturday afternoon, December 21 at 4:30pm in the 6th district of Budapest.

The migrant tore open the door, kicked the woman, and got in the car next to the driver’s seat of the parked car with its engine running. According to reasonable suspicion, the Syrian man called the woman in English to help him:

“I’m a Muslim, help me!”

Then he started shouting in Arabic at the woman, who was in the car talking on the phone with her partner. Frightened, she got out and tried to run away and ask for help, but the man ran after her, pulled her back and struck her repeatedly in the face with his fist.

A passerby hurried to help the victim, and was also attacked.

The migrant hit him with his fist and then took her phone.

Another passerby saw it, and tried to stop the migrant, who eventually escaped the scene.

The woman’s boyfriend called the police because he heard over the phone that she was in trouble. The police arrived in minutes. Using a description of the perpetrator, the man was arrested at 5pm at the intersection of Dózsa György Street and Andrássy Street, and the woman’s phone was found on him.

The 25-year-old man of Syrian nationality had a German residence permit and a passport with him, so he has refugee status in Germany. He was taken to the district police station.

The Budapest Police Headquarters 6th District police investigators interrogated the 25-year-old man on suspicion of robbery, then arrested him.

According to the primary medical opinion, the victim and the man who helped her suffered mild injuries that will heal within eight days.

The woman’s phone was returned to her.

The Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office has proposed that the migrant be arraigned by the investigating judge.

See also the Hungarian police website.

3 thoughts on “Merkel’s Guest Comes to Budapest to Collect the Jizya by Fist

  1. He must have thought he was still in Germany.

    I find the contrast illuminating and hopeful; a muslim parasitic invader attacks a woman in broad daylight and two passers-by rush to her aid; the police respond competently and rapidly, quickly apprehending the invader scum. One can hope the Hungarian legal system is also as swift and competent, and throws the book at the two-legged rat. Maybe he will eventally wind up in a jail cell with a bigger compatriot who will then proceed to know him in the biblical sense until he can no longer sit or walk.

  2. “He must have thought …… ‘
    Very apt comment.

    And. He is Muslim help. Him. He declared.

    Why? By force he is fed and clothed and sheltered. By misplaced kindness he is also given generously.

    That’s why he’s so ready to declare his magic Muslim identity, which rendered them demigod on the 6 continents.

  3. come on folks, it’s christmas ,be a bit clement: this young man was disgusted and bored by the overly consumptive scenery in pre- festive Germany and finally wanted to taste unobservedly the famous Szegedin Goulash, a dish with pork and sauerkraut he could never consume in presence of his bretheren in faith.

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