The Wanton Slaughter of Free Speech in America

Long-time readers will remember Michael Hansen, a.k.a. “The Dane”, a Danish-American documentary maker who produced two ground-breaking movies, Killing Europe and Killing Canada. He was scheduled to show the latter film in Canada, but the venue cancelled the showing at the last minute. Ironically enough, he was then booked to speak in Ottawa about what happened to Killing Canada, and the implications for free speech, but that appearance was also cancelled at the last minute.

His experiences in Canada prompted him to examine the state of free speech in the USA. The result was a movie called Killing Free Speech. He showed an early version to local representatives of the border patrol officers’ union in San Diego, and they liked it so much that a screening was planned for the national organization in Washington DC. However, when word got out about what was happening, that showing was — you guessed it — cancelled.

Late last year Mr. Hansen released his final version of the movie. You’ll see quite a few familiar faces among those interviewed for the film — Bill Warner, Jim Hoft (of Gateway Pundit), and Diana West, among others. My favorite parts were his interviews with Antifa members and anarchists, and especially his trip to the southern border to talk to border patrol agents and see for himself the sorry state of our border security.

Here’s what he said about his movie in his press release:

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Michael Hansen.

I just put out a movie called “Killing Free Speech”. It’s about the Left’s attempt to control the narrative through an all-out assault on free speech. Its operatives range from Antifa in the streets to politicians in the upper echelons of the Democrat Party.

One consequence of this process manifests itself in what is happening at the border, and, more importantly, the false narrative being pushed by the Left about the border issue.

In my movie I accompany the border patrol on location and let the facts speak for themselves.

The border patrol union liked the movie so much that the San Diego chapter arranged a screening for its agents and those of other law enforcement agencies. They also wanted to set up additional screenings for local chapters of the border patrol union in Texas.

However, after the media heard about the event, these were the headlines…

Now as to their claims of white nationalist… I’m not sure if they are referring to this guy this guy or that guy.

…It is completely fake news — in the articles they never actually identify who these alleged “white nationalists” are.

Other than proving the movie right about the fake news media, why did these “journalists” do it?

Because they wanted to shut down a movie that actually gives the border patrol a voice about the realities at the border.

Sadly enough, the media articles accomplished their intended purpose. The national border patrol was put under so much pressure that any additional screenings were taken off the table. Thus, for the time being, the media have been able to silence the border patrol.

Which brings us to the government shutdown and the border wall.

Why is the Democrat Party so dead set against the border wall that they are willing to shut down the government?

In my movie, border patrol agents demonstrate that a border wall will work.

Because of this, I have decided release my movie to the public for free viewing until we get the wall.

Now, making movies isn’t cheap, and I am not Michael Moore with millions of dollars of Soros funding. I did this all by myself, so please make a donation. Your contribution will allow me to make another movie for the 2020 election.

Thank you.

Given the current dire condition of political discourse in the USA, Michael Hansen has decided to make Killing Free Speech available for free viewing on YouTube. I highly recommend watching the entire documentary:

Mr. Hansen also wrote an article for Jihad Watch about the attempts to suppress his movie:

Leftists unironically try to shut down film “Killing Free Speech”

by Michael Hansen

Liberty is dying in America, and I (the director of Killing Europe) expose in the new movie Killing Free Speech how the U.S. is going down the same self-destructive road as Europe. The film exposes the radical left’s actions to silence free speech and the mainstream media’s efforts to shut down any point of view impeding an open-border agenda. From Antifa violence in the streets to CAIR-imposed censorship, to hijab-wearing teachers teaching Islamic values in our schools. The film features embattled Border Patrol agents and shocking undercover footage of the far-left extremist groups operating in America. Killing Free Speech reveals their tactics and lays bare the open-borders agenda on the radical left.

“NBPC 1613 wants the public to know the truth about what is going on at the border so that they can make informed decisions as to what is truly needed to secure the borders effectively, humanely and safely. Killing Free Speech gave us a voice and an opportunity to speak the truth and it is a powerful testament to the men and women of the Border Patrol who risk their lives every day.”

Terence L. Shigg
National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 President

Monday, October 15, 2018 was the date of the first screening of Killing Free Speech. It was previewed at the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613. The film was such a hit with the border patrol agents that they planned to have the Texas Border Patrol set up a screening as well. However, when select media outlets learned of the screenings, they wrote scorching articles accusing the border patrol union of “endorsing extremist video featuring white nationalists.”

This was, of course, fake news. Must conservatives featured in the documentary are in fact members of minority communities in this country. Terence Shigg, National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 President, is himself African American, and as Terence points out, “Nowhere in the article do the journalists actually identify what white nationalist appear in the movie.”

Ironically, the articles proves the film right about the mainstream media, but sadly, the articles worked to their intention. Border Patrol National was put under so much pressure that any additional screenings were off the table, and for the time being, the media was able to silence the Border Patrol.

This brings us to the government shutdown and the border wall. Why is the mainstream media misrepresenting what is going on at the border? Why do journalists discredit the Border Patrol for endorsing films that give them a voice? And is the Democratic Party against the border wall so much so that they are willing to shut down the government?

5 thoughts on “The Wanton Slaughter of Free Speech in America

  1. The link to Jihad Watch doesn’t work: here is the functioning link

    For a masterful exposition on manipulated and manipulating press, see Hoaxed

    Listen also to the masterful speech by Stefan Molyneux on the nexus between high tech companies and suppression of free speech:

    Lauren Southern, a real journalist as opposed to the highly-paid, strumpet entertainers posing as newsmen, delivers a speech on the real tragedies of migrants and their sociopath people traffickers:

  2. This is a pretty good documentary. I watched it straight through this morning.
    Of course border barriers help decrease the flow of illegal aliens into a nation. This really is incontrovertible. What is horribly sad is politicians refusing to protect our country so as not to give the opposing team a win even though they voted in 2006 and 2013 to provide border security.
    But here’s the thing. The people that vote for them either have no recollection of what these politicians said in years past or… they can’t think past their own noses on what that might mean to their communities, their children (if they have any) or themselves; the cost associated with this flood in taxes, decreased services or safety (both in crime or in infectious diseases).
    The border guys seem perfectly reasonable; they spew no vitriol, they are just trying to present the facts.
    When you look at the interviews of the no borders types they are uniformly young (with the exception of a few older crazies that have talked themselves into believing that Trump is one stop short of Nazi extermination camps) you might realize that they have no incentive to keep the culture of raising children in a safe and nurturing environment intact. This is not a priority for them.
    This is an interesting documentary and I suggest you all take the time to view it.
    And BTW, if the social rules we have in place today were in effect when I was a child, my mother would be serving a life term in prison! I tried to explain to my daughter in law what my philosophy was as a mother and she remarked “So, you were a liberal!” I had no idea how to respond. I guess a “liberal” now means that I allowed my sons to walk 200 feet down the street to see if a neighbor child could come out to play… Sad.

  3. We are in a constant war to preserve our 1st Amended right to free speech within our Constitutional Republic. Its totalitarian enemies have waged a hundred year war against it. When you see them using their typical thought terminating cliches that have no bearing on the subject such as “extremists”, “white nationalists” you should immediately understand this is the language of the Fifth Column who are dedicated in destroying the society they live in. In fact they are the usual dyed-in-the-wool enemy of Humanity. We’ve seen and documented their similar efforts in Fascist Italy, National Socialist Germany, and Soviet Socialist Russia. They’re about as popular now as they were then with the people they lied to and had arrested and murdered. The Border Patrol agents may have not been able to get an official screening of Michael Hansen’s film but unofficially, and most likely many have already watched it.

    • Well-said, thank you. It’s time we started calling them out for “hate speech” when they do it; since the term has already entered the language, we should take advantage of it. For instance, the whole Covington boys episode was one giant example of piling on hate speech — we should refer to it that way (yes, I know it’s not supporting free speech to label it that way, but we are not in an era where we have the luxury of thinking about things like that.)

      P.S. As far as young people not caring for the future…seems only when you pass a certain age that you realize what a beautiful gift we’ve been given and become so grateful that you want to keep that promise of passing along what has been preserved the last two centuries – just as others did for you (PDT’s speech put into words the feelings I’ve had for the past 10-12 years). “…to ourselves and our posterity,” not to anyone who can stumble or sneak across the border. Starting out as a law-breaker is not way to begin a new and better life for yourselves, your own posterity, and our nation.

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