Jews in the AfD: “The German Zeitgeist is Fashioned by Cowards”

The following speech was given on the occasion of the formation of a Jewish sub-group (if it were the EDL, it would be called a “division”) of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Oz-Rita, who translated and subtitled the video, includes this context:

In October, Michael Klonovsky, journalist, author and personal advisor to Alexander Gauland, leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, welcomed the foundation of the Federal Association “Jews in the AfD” with this witty, hard-hitting speech. It was given at the inaugural meeting of “Juden in der AfD” on 7 October 2018 in Wiesbaden, and published by the AfD Kompakt TV on 28 November 2018.

With the present average attention span this speech may be on the long side, but I think it is (apart from being witty and hard-hitting) also quite representative of the absurdity that we get from media/politics, i.e.: A German party welcomes a Jewish sub-branch in their ranks, and they are called (and so believed by the herd) to be the real Nazis. One of their leaders (Alice Weidel) was described publicly as a “NAZI SCHLAMPE / NAZI SLUT”; when she went to court, she lost. Even the “public Jewry” (Judenräte) agitate against the “Nazi AfD”.

While the speaker is not Jewish, he is married to a Russian Jewish pianist.

Video transcript:

00:00   Grüss Gott, Shalom, Hi.
00:04   A previous speaker has already spoken about the Jewish sense of humour,
00:08   but without giving
00:12   an example. And there is a
00:16   a Jewish joke circulating in several variations,
00:20   one version of which goes like this:
00:24   In — let’s say — New York’s Central Park, a black
00:28   man is sitting on a park bench
00:32   reading the Jerusalem Post.
00:36   A Jew comes by, checks him out
00:40   and says: “Being a Negro is not enough for you?”
00:52   What I mean by that is clear, no? When I look around here:
00:56   To be Jewish is obviously not enough for you?!
01:08   Ladies and gentlemen, dear Jewish ladies and gentlemen:
01:12   If you now take the side of the AfD,
01:16   it is of course a celebration for left-wing anti-Semites.
01:20   Let them have their slobbering lust.
01:24   But one has only to indulge in the somewhat unappetising
01:28   thought process and imagine
01:32   how much more restrained public outrage
01:36   would have been if a group of Jews had formed
01:40   within the Antifa.
01:44   Somewhat more disappointing, though similarly expectable, were the reactions
01:48   from official Jewry. Unfortunately,
01:52   many Jews in Germany seem to have become friends
01:56   with two very German-style modes: the muzzle
02:00   and the lockstep. Thus
02:04   it is to be very much welcomed that they
02:08   have founded this sub-branch of the AfD, thereby
02:12   restoring a beautiful old rule, which reads:
02:16   Five Germans = one opinion.
02:20   Five Jews = ten opinions.
02:28   We do not have to talk around it
02:32   for long, nor did we do so during this event: the real reason,
02:36   the main motive for Jews today to join the AfD is
02:40   the promotion of mass immigration,
02:44   predominantly of Muslims, by all other parties.
02:48   Be it in unlimited numbers, as demanded by the Left and the Greens,
02:52   or in annual contingents,
02:56   as the coalition envisions, the number
03:00   of Muslim Jew-haters must, according to the will
03:04   of all other parties, grow each year.
03:08   Germany’s openness for this mass immigration:
03:12   the alleged or real “refugees” must not be treated like refugees,
03:16   but must definitely remain here, and this
03:20   only as a vanguard of the coming migrant cohorts.
03:24   Germany’s openness for this immigration is
03:28   psycho-structurally closely connected with the Shoah.
03:32   This country wants to atone, or more precisely:
03:36   its ruling elites want to atone, which in turn means
03:40   that they want other Germans to atone
03:44   and they themselves want (in between champagne receptions
03:48   and golf tournaments) to sign resolutions.
03:56   In the so-called Welcoming Culture
04:00   the ritual atonement has reached a new dimension:
04:04   a country that no longer knows borders is a country
04:08   that wants to disappear from the map. Those who do not
04:12   want to disappear are forced these days
04:16   to make political decisions. Ladies and gentlemen,
04:20   the Germans are a spiritually fragile people. They tend
04:24   towards fundamentalism, irrationality and hysteria.
04:28   After running behind Hitler and covering half the world with
04:32   war and murder, today they want to welcome half the world.
04:36   It is not only the desire for
04:40   redemption of the Nazi crimes that keeps the German borders
04:44   open like wounds, but there is also a phenomenon
04:48   that you can study in parallel, especially in Sweden:
04:52   A Protestantism that no longer believes in God…
05:00   …and which must therefore
05:04   live out its furore of contrition inwardly.
05:08   Both penance and atonement communities have in common
05:12   the eternal irredeemability imposed upon them.
05:16   Here in Germany, what leads to the remarkable
05:20   piquancy, or perhaps better said political perversion,
05:24   is that Germany expiates the murder of the Jews
05:28   by welcoming hordes of the Jews’ enemies.
05:32   This is very deep, very German,
05:36   very sick, and you as Jews increasingly
05:40   face a problem with that. Part of the German psycho-political
05:44   damage is that the only party
05:48   protesting against this development is being libelled by the media and
05:52   political competition as a kind of NSDAP Lite.
06:04   The historian Michael Wolffsohn, whom I am quoting here because he belongs to
06:08   those who are responsible, recently told the Neue Zuricher Zeitung:
06:12   “Today’s violent anti-Semitism does not come from the right,
06:16   even if the misleading statistics say otherwise.
06:20   When I listen around the circle of my Jewish acquaintances,
06:24   all say the same: Violence against Jews
06:28   comes exclusively from Muslims.”
06:32   And the Chancellor, who is responsible for this development,
06:36   on the German National Day visits
06:40   Yad Vashem. Do you understand what I mean by
06:44   “politically perverse”?
06:52   To quote a folly by Alexander Wendt: “The most popular Jews in
06:56   Germany are Mr. and Mrs. Stolperstein.” [stolperstein = commemorative paving stone for Holocaust victims]
07:08   The same Michael Wolffsohn wrote
07:12   a few weeks later in the same newspaper:
07:16   “To condemn Jew-hatred and at the same time open the door to possible enemies of Jews
07:20   is naïve at best. France fights anti-Jewish violence
07:24   by Muslims, also unsuccessfully. So who is surprised
07:28   that about 30% of French Jews recently
07:32   voted for the extreme right-wing Marine Le Pen, or that a mini-minority of German Jews
07:36   migrates to the AfD?”
07:40   According to Wolffsohn, the fact that Jews choose the AfD or Le Pen
07:44   can be explained analytically, but is morally
07:48   and politically wrong. What a dance on eggshells!
07:52   “Analytically explainable, but politically wrong.”
07:56   What might be politically right or correct?
08:00   To opt instead for the Left and Green Israel-boycotters
08:04   and mass-immigration propagandists, or for the
08:08   SPD [socialists] of which one foreign minister, Mr. Gabriel,
08:12   called Israel an apartheid state, while the next,
08:16   Mr. Maas, announced that he had gone into politics
08:20   because of Auschwitz? That has not happened since 1945,
08:24   although before it happened sometimes. This creepy simulator
08:28   does not do it among them, but simultaneously Mr. Maas kisses
08:32   the backside of the Saudis, the very financiers of the worldwide spread
08:36   of Islam, and thus of Muslim anti-Semitism.
08:40   Is this the election alternative? Or should Jews best join the largest
08:44   anti-Semitic-Import-Forwarding-Company in German history,
08:48   the Merkel CDU ? Ladies and gentlemen,
08:52   it is an unbelievable hypocrisy to declare Muslims “the Jews of today”,
08:56   as do fools like Mr. Benz or vested-interest
09:00   people like (Mr Maas?) now do.
09:07   I am not even referring to the blatant
09:11   difference between the two groups
09:15   in terms of their numbers, their education, their propensity to work,
09:19   their criminal records, their scientists,
09:23   artists, professors and Nobel Prize winners’ density,
09:27   nor am I referring to the radical change in mentality in post-1945 Germans
09:31   who now only want to know social partners and care collectives.
09:35   What I mean is much more the simple fact
09:39   that a rapidly aging people, who have already reached
09:43   an average age of just under 50,
09:47   of whose vital age cohort of 15- to 30-year-old
09:51   men, only about eight million remain,
09:55   of which again about 1 in 3 already have a migration background,
09:59   that such a people will
10:03   ever be spurred onto any collectively shameful acts,
10:07   especially not against a minority which has grown in
10:11   the last three years by about one million young men,
10:15   and today already (if they joined together with, God save us,
10:19   the Shia)
10:23   could offer a nearly equal number of fighter troops
10:27   in the mentioned age cohort. Tendentially,
10:31   one group increases and the other decreases.
10:35   The threat of one group to the other is tending to grow, as is already the case
10:39   today in various districts, schools, and on public transport.
10:43   Those who rolled out the barbed wire in 1933
10:47   and smashed the windows of Jews were young men.
10:51   National Socialism was a Youth Movement, as Bolshevism
10:55   was a youth movement and as radical Islam is one.
10:59   No ideology without biology.
11:03   “Recognise the situation” is the very first of all political maxims.
11:07   I see you have recognised it.
11:11   This leads us to the question why Israel does not enjoy
11:15   a very good reputation in Germany, even if the Chancellor announces
11:19   that the German Armed Forces will be ready with all their roadworthy tanks
11:23   and airworthy combat helicopters in case of an emergency.
11:31   The tone-setting
11:35   left-wing milieu, the acrobats of Israel-denunciation,
11:39   are people who think
11:43   they have worked through the German past and who feel
11:47   they are morally exemplary. The fact that the Israelis
11:51   still act like one people, take the welfare of their
11:55   own countrymen more seriously than that of foreign minorities,
11:59   and defend their territory robustly
12:03   contradicts all the multi-coloured, multiculti participation
12:07   and diversity ideas of the local spokes(wo)men.
12:11   In this context, criticism of Israel paradoxically suddenly belongs to the
12:15   State’s religious struggle against the Right,
12:19   even if one accuses the Right of being anti-Semites. German progressives
12:23   expect of Israel that it follow the example of the pacified
12:27   Federal Republic, which is tolerant toward its enemies, largely renounces its
12:31   own sovereignty and defence, and considers self-preservation to be
12:35   racism.
12:39   Except that Israel, if it acted for even one month like today’s Germany,
12:43   would disappear immediately from the map.
12:51   Ladies and gentlemen, do not
12:55   be misled by people who want to persuade you that the AfD
12:59   is somehow after all an anti-Semitic party.
13:03   If I had noticed that the party was anti-Semitic,
13:07   I would not be standing here.
13:11   We are populists;
13:15   I say we are cheerful populists and I close my letters with “cheerful right-wing
13:19   populist greetings,” especially to media representatives.
13:23   We are populists, meaning we turn against an establishment
13:27   that in its globalist rampage puts at risk everything
13:31   that makes this country endearing: the rule of law, public
13:35   security, freedom of opinion and religion, equal rights
13:39   for women, educational standards in schools and
13:43   universities, in fact our whole way of life.
13:47   After the collapse of the Third Reich, the Left seized the
13:51   opportunity to declare the Nazis to be “right-wing” —
13:55   although one could just as readily subsume them as “left-wing” — and to win
13:59   the Jews as allies in the fight against “the Right”. Meanwhile both
14:03   the Left and Mrs. Merkel’s Union, which she has turned into a “Party without Qualities”,
14:07   have renounced their solidarity with Jewry.
14:11   The German zeitgeist is fashioned by cowards. And these people
14:15   are currently mercilessly dropping any of their former pampered collectives:
14:19   violence against women, oppression of women;
14:23   these were a German sacrilege ten years ago. Today both,
14:27   if practised by the “right people”, are regarded as collateral damage
14:31   of the multi-culturing of society.
14:39   Violence against gays? Same thing.
14:43   Violence against Jews? If you cannot blame it on the Right: no longer an issue.
14:47   Ladies and gentlemen, the AfD,
14:51   Jews in the AfD, this is nothing more than the restoration of normality.
15:03   And “normality” means that Jews can be
15:07   found in all political camps, from left to conservative,
15:11   even if the Green Jews do not understand it.
15:15   Now comes the part of the lecture which is actually
15:19   only for Mr. Abramowitsch: I would like to quote Karl Kraus.
15:23   We have a huge
15:27   tradition of incredibly clever
15:31   Jews whom I hold in high esteem, one of them being Karl Kraus, and he
15:35   wrote, in a widely unknown poem: “Where life
15:39   subjugated them to the lie, I was revolutionary.
15:43   Where against nature, they insisted on norms, I was revolutionary.
15:47   With the suffering living I suffered.
15:51   Where they used Freedom for phrases,
15:55   I was reactionary. Where they stained art with their skills
15:59   I was reactionary, and have gone back
16:03   to my roots.” One would like to know what Otto Weininger
16:07   would say about “gender”, Egon Friedell about the
16:11   latest German Historians’ Day, Karl Kraus to the German Fake Media,
16:15   Rudolf Borchert to German Bestseller Lists,
16:19   Jacob Taubes to Islamic Theology… but this is another
16:23   topic. Let’s enjoy the fact
16:27   that the Jewish spirit is now also moving into the only German Opposition Party.
16:31   I thank you.

20 thoughts on “Jews in the AfD: “The German Zeitgeist is Fashioned by Cowards”

  1. It is “Protestantism that no longer believes in God…and which therefore must live out its furore of contrition inwardly” which accounts for the paralysis of German (and Swedish) elites, their inability to move beyond “the eternal irredeemability” of their felt guilt — what an insight!

    It explains so much. This is what keeps “the German borders open like wounds.” This is why Germany “is a country that wants to disappear from the map.” Because if atonement can never end, if, without God, guilt is eternally irredeemable, the only way out of the insoluble dilemma is suicide, national suicide.

    • I wrestle with this idea. I do see how national guilt is certainly a deeply entrenched part of modern German culture.

      As part of my theological training I was taught many great insights into human nature. A pastor one told me that one of the most damaging things a person can do is to try to give other people ‘guilt offerings’; words, actions or gifts given out of a false or cheap sense of guilt.

      However, I can’t help believing that there is also some vestiges of the German (or Prussian?) desire to dominate Europe and dominate the German lower classes. German’s leaders are certainly in the process of what appears to me to be a Fourth Reich.

      • Incidentally, Merkel is the daughter of a protestant pastor, as is Theresa May. Both form part of this broom-rider-circle (*) which makes me shudder at the idea of yet more “women” in politics.

        I consider Merkel totally evil (yes I know…), while the German Volk, those good burgers who for example march with Pegida, law abidingly, and yet get still defamed, really are timid – compare them with the Yellow Vests of France.

        (*) other women who put me off females in politics: Hillary Clinton, Ursula von der Leyen (Merkel’s Defence Minister), Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Heiko Maas, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Claudia Roth and Goering-Eckart (**) – to mention but a few 😉


        • I have heard more women than men criticise female politicians and other types of female leaders.

          A female leftist social worker once told me that an office of women must have a man for a boss or else the women will attack each other constantly.

          It’s too bad Canada has a female clothes horse for a Prime Minister.

          • Whoops, I forgot to include Trudeau as one of the sheilas which have put me off Women in Politics. And yes, I once worked for a short and unhappy time in a women’s refuge, run by a “collective of 8 women”. Never ever before, nor after that unhappy period, have I experienced sooooo much bullying that I turned in then and there to a “misogynist” and sometimes even now use the nick of “Miss Ogynist” 😉

        • “Fourth Reich …” — won’t comment on stuff I consider relics of allied war propaganda.

          Want to bring to your attention statistics from Sweden on women in politics:


          This page is from SCB — Statistiska centralbyrån, Central Bureau for Statistics, the authority for statistics in Sweden. When you scroll down a little, you will see a graph under the header “Skattning av partisympatier, kvinnor och män. November 2018” — Estimates on party sympathies, women and men. November 2018. (kvinna (plural kvinnor) — women — queen).

          The letters at the bottom specify the parties:

          C Centern Liberal democrats; today very “globalist”.
          L Liberalerna “Teacher’s party”, similar to above.
          M Moderaterna Party of former Fredrik Reinfeldt, economical right wing.
          KD Kristdemokrater An offspring from M to “keep cristianity in”.
          S Socialdemokraterna Party of Stefan Löven.
          V Vänstern Left party, communists.
          MP Miljöpartiet Greens
          SD Sverigedemokraterna Sweden democrats

          Swedish politics has shown for some time three blocks: Red-Green of S, V, MP, Aliansen of C, L, M, KD, and Sweden democrats. M and KD have made a budget that SD would let pass (cutting down immigration etc.); so Aliansen could have formed the new government (there were elections in beginning of september) but C and L voted against them (as did of course red-green) as these parties did not want a government that relies on SD.

          This excurse to messy current Swedish politics to explain that C and L are not really right-wing.

          • Not being Swedish or immersed in Swedish politics, a lot of the article didn’t make sense to me, even in translation. A few points stood out, though:
            1) A higher proportion of women than men supported the leftist and globalist, EU-oriented parties;
            2) The proportion of Swedes who favor EU membership has increased over time.

            Even with the gains of the Sweden Democrats, the future of a democratic Sweden looks dim. I think the key to survival is
            1) Partition of the nationalists;
            2) Apartheid-like governing structure: you can take advantage of the better conditions of the more intelligent nationalist areas, but you can’t have equal political voice if you don’t belong to the people. Apartheid in South Africa was far more livable for all concerned, including the blacks.

    • @ ludwig2718282

      Thank you for that, I wish you would have been there, when I was scratching my head and ears 🙂

      I might just take a free ride here and thank the Baron too, for the necessary corrections he so discreetly, but efficiently includes in his editing.

  2. A daring and trenchant speech. The two glimpses of the audience revealed a number of them who clearly wondered whether the speaker could get away with saying such things. So much like the situation in the US, where it is acceptable for the left to use any obscenity or perverse implication to characterize its opponents, but the right is expected to behave within the limits of civility and decorum. And yet the AfD has the temerity to be in the Bundestag and offer its opinions, and Trump wil not stop tweeting.

  3. “…Though perhaps Mr Klonowsky’s lovely sense of irony was absorbed by osmosis from his Jewish wife.)…”

    Mr. Klonowsky’s first profession was “Maurer” (Bricklayer), yet his exquisite German is WORLDS above the one of Merkel, who is obviously trying to kill not only the Germans but their language too.

    Here is the home page of his wife, Elena Gurevich, enjoy :

  4. It was, on the whole, a very interesting and enjoyable speech.

    In my opinion, for the survival of all concerned, it’s time to stop getting triggered by the concepts of, or even the explicit mention of, antisemitism, racism, homophobia, etc.

    Right now, we have the paradoxes of Jews welcoming anti-Jewish Muslims, gays welcoming anti-gay Muslims, feminists ignoring FGM and the enforcement of headscarves through acid attacks, blacks supporting Democrats who favor the open borders policy devastating black employment chances and salary increases. So, the time for stepping on eggshells is past.

    We have a tendency to build oyster shells around certain concepts, making them untouchable. Take the concept of racism, for instance. We consider the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) to be rabidly anti-white, which they probably are. But, they’re also nationalist and probably a physical threat to whites in the event of any breakdown of law. Perhaps their nationalism could be the basis for some sort of coalition between nationalist whites and nationalist blacks. You can’t explore it until you take away the triggering that automatically cuts off discussion.

    So, a non-Jew making Jewish jokes at a gathering of a Jewish subgroup of nationalist Germans is a good beginning.

    • We have a tendency to build oyster shells around certain concepts, making them untouchable.

      Or maybe we’re like oysters making pearls out of grit in order to protect ourselves?

      It’s an intriguing metaphor, RonaldB.

    • “So, a non-Jew making Jewish jokes at a gathering of a Jewish subgroup of nationalist Germans is a good beginning.”

      Would also make a good Monty Python skit.

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