Twelve Inches and Counting

UPDATE: from the weather forecast at 11:00 p.m.

Heavy snow has ended, however, periods of light snow or
freezing drizzle will continue overnight, mixed with sleet at
times. Additional snow accumulations of an inch or two, along
with a light glaze of ice.

Hope our electricity continues…

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Snow on the driveway, December 9, 2018

No, this isn’t an anatomy lesson.

That foot of snow is the level of our current snowstorm – deceptively gentle, almost no wind at all. But it’s a heavy snow and it may snap our connection to civilization, which means we won’t be able to moderate comments. Those lines coming down the mountain are probably sagging by now.

This is one we won’t be digging out of quickly but will have to wait a few days for the warmer air to bring the depth down to plowable levels (our snow man’s plow is dependable up to about six inches).

Tragedies so far: a missing snow cap and a discarded snow broom. How was I to know that raggedy ol’ thing was what the B needed because it didn’t scratch the car?

5 thoughts on “Twelve Inches and Counting

  1. And people assume Canada is one great arctic land mass.

    Here in southern Ontario, hundreds of miles North of you Virginia folk, we have had only 1/2 in. thick snowfall.

    Of course you have mountains or at least tree covered hills.
    The only ‘mountains’ we have here are the garbage dumps.

    • Canada also enjoys – in the east anyway – the Gulf Stream. So you even get the odd hurricane in the Maritimes. The western parts are mighty fine. Much milder than Ontario.

      If you don’t have any hills, all the better in bad weather since you don’t have those telephone poles marching down the mountains to the Piedmont…sinking lower and lower under the weight of snow.

      The B’s brother used to say there were so many trash bags piled in NYC that they would make a great solution to excess nuclear waste: just put the stuff in green bags and leave it with the other piles. I reminded him that poor counties down here made some of their revenue from Yankee trash being hauled to our landfills.

  2. In early November, my husband puts a shovel in the trunk of the car. And only in April puts it back in the garage.

    • That’s Russia, right? Where people deal with snow every winter. Some winters all we get is ice or freezing rain. The snow is welcome for that reason – not so damaging.

      We do keep warm coats in the car…and you remind me that I need to put some boots out there, too.

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