The French Dilemma: Exile in Hungary? Or Stay and Fight?

The following video is the second half of a French documentary about Francophones who emigrate to Hungary to get away from all the cultural enrichment in France. (The first half is here.) This portion of the documentary also looks at the “right-wing extremists” who choose to stay in France and prepare for inevitable armed conflict between the native French and their future Islamic overlords.

If you’re willing to suffer through the sneering condescension and contempt for the français de souche displayed by the narrator and the reporter, this clip is well worth watching.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

09:23   German, Belgian, Dutch, a couple of dozen French.
09:27   They are increasingly numerous, those who emigrate here
09:31   for Identitarian reasons.
09:35   I almost had to wait. —Yeah.
09:39   And the third one. —Yes, the usual. Alexandre has been living in Budapest for the last eight years.
09:43   He gives Hungarian classes to expatriates.
09:47   We try to see which pace is right for you, if you
09:51   do that once or twice a week. Elsa, who arrived
09:55   two years ago. —It’s true I would like to
09:59   have some quote-quote “intense classes”, in order to dive right in.
10:03   This native of a Paris suburb prefers to remain anonymous
10:07   for her safety, she says. —Why have you decided to leave France?
10:12   It’s very simple. From my personal experience,
10:16   after the third attack, when my purse and my cell phone were stolen, I said to myself:
10:20   “At some point I’ll have to look for a more agreeable land on that level.”
10:24   And let’s not lie about it, we found that in Hungary. In all honesty
10:28   my point of view is very simple: I think that when you are in control in your country
10:32   fundamentally— in the time of globalization— the immigration factor
10:36   has to be considered. Just like you wouldn’t let any one enter
10:40   your house, [so too] Hungarians totally have the right
10:44   and the duty to have the choice. The thing that we couldn’t find
10:48   in France any more.
10:52   This fantasy of France being invaded by foreigners Elsa shares with
10:56   Hungarian leaders.
11:00   Monsieur Hidveghi is one of Victor Orbán’s lieutenants.
11:04   He speaks to us in French.
11:08   The Islamization of Western Europe has already started, in fact.
11:12   It causes problems, it causes problems for the people
11:16   concerning their life, their safety and so on. And it’s a choice
11:20   that we didn’t make. So we said that we wanted to preserve Hungary the way it is.
11:24   Aren’t you scared of the limitation meaning that there
11:29   would be a sort of Ident-Intern [Identitarians International] who would come to settle down here?
11:33   I don’t see that as a danger, in fact. Hungary is a democratic country, of course, we have
11:41   an open political system, and therefore
11:45   people can come, everybody can
11:49   express their points of view. — Aren’t you worried that this
11:53   would give free rein to racist speech? — I don’t think so.
11:57   There’s no racism in Hungary. However, there is
12:01   an open and democratic debate and discourse, and the country
12:05   will function with no problem as a living democracy.
12:13   The Hungarian countryside, two hundred km [124 mi] south of the capital.
12:17   It’s in this quiet small village that Maurice and Christiane Dejean,
12:21   70 years old, chose to retire.
12:25   Even Budapest felt too cosmopolitan for them.
12:29   Christiane is obsessed with Islam.
12:33   She drips with hatred.
12:37   Arabs, here, in towns and little villages? No.
12:41   You don’t see them. I’ve never seen them, and I hope never see them.
12:45   Because, honestly, those people…
12:50   Are you a racist? —I wasn’t a racist.
12:54   But I became one at 200%
12:58   Not even 100%, but 200%.
13:02   They kill us, they cannot stand us, you have to wear a burka,
13:06   we should learn the Quran, we have to this, do that…
13:10   I don’t agree with all that. —It’s been eight years since they left Belgium.
13:14   The couple burned the bridges with their three children
13:18   for inheritance reasons. The only link they keep
13:22   with their native country is their retirement pension.
13:26   €1000 for two.
13:30   Looking for the plugs for the sink. In Hungary life is less expensive.
13:34   I’ll stay here. I’ll end my days here.
13:42   Go girls.
13:46   Muslim, Arabs, terrorists: the couple mixes everything,
13:50   and they cannot stand most people any longer. Not long ago
13:54   Christiane even shot a gun at her neighbor.
14:02   This retired woman
14:07   is ingesting her hate with her favorite hobby.
14:11   All day long you were there. Twitter.
14:15   Social media. —Gérard Collomb [former Interior Minister],
14:19   the seventh resignation during Macron’s presidency. She subscribes
14:23   to all the extreme right-wing sites, which mix news, rumors, and
14:27   catchphrases. —The president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith:
14:31   “Arabic is the language of the future.” And they would like
14:35   me not to say anything. I’m very sorry, but I
14:39   make my comments. Christiane Dejean is what you would call “a troll”.
14:43   Her passion is online provocation. —The Arabic language,
14:47   the language of the future — my a***! Only like this can you see
14:51   what is going on. On TV and radio, and all that, you don’t hear
14:55   anything. Everything is fine! Except when there’s a big attack, then
14:59   they talk about it. They feel obliged to talk about it.
15:03   Here we don’t risk those things, for now, that’s for sure. Now if one day
15:07   Orbán [goes], if it changes, and another one gets in,
15:11   and he lets Arabs in, then
15:15   I leave [this country] and I go somewhere else.
15:20   Their “exodus”, as they call it, continues to be a marginal phenomenon among Westerners.
15:28   Many of those angry ones stayed in their country; and in France,
15:32   some are actively preparing for combat.
15:40   A very interesting document: “Strategy of the Cultural Islamic Action
15:43   outside of the Islamic World”. —This 60-year-old, whom we’ll call Michel,
15:48   is a merchant in a small town in Provence.
15:52   So they explain to you how they are invading you;
15:56   it’s simple. —Late at night he organizes online
16:00   a small community which would be ready to take up arms.
16:04   If I called [this site] French War, it’s because we’re convinced that
16:08   there’s a great risk of war on our national territory, if you take into account the events,
16:12   the attacks and so on. At some point, I’m saying: well, you need to resist,
16:16   you have to, you cannot give in like that, voilà. Michel
16:21   is sure that the Islamists will soon convince French Muslims to fight
16:25   in order to take over the country. He is member of a tiny group, Action of Operational Forces.
16:33   What we need is a more structured part,
16:37   in the military sense, of ‘patriotic wake-up’.
16:41   Those are people who have military training, who are fit…
16:45   For you a war against Muslims, the Islamists,
16:49   is inevitable? —For me, for me it’s inevitable
16:53   The army is preparing for it. I don’t see why we, the citizens, wouldn’t prepare for it.
16:57   This is what we have in front of us: the tenets of the Islamic system, voilà.
17:01   What we are doing is very good. They won’t know what hits them. But the… the…
17:05   —What do you mean? —Well, it’s the best thing that could happen.
17:09   “What will hit them”, as he puts it, is precisely what
17:13   the courts are charging the AOF with today. On June 25th French anti-terrorist police led a large
17:21   raid operation. They wanted to fight
17:25   against what they call “Islamic peril”. This man belongs to
17:29   a secret ultra-right cell. He was arrested Saturday evening in Corsica.
17:33   For the justice system the cell did mention the idea of violently attacking
17:38   the Muslim community. All the suspects were gravitating around
17:42   a tiny group called AOF.
17:46   On that day thirteen members of AOF are arrested.
17:50   Among them: a nurse, a professor,
17:54   and retired military personnel. The investigators discover
17:58   a total of thirty-six firearms and material
18:02   to manufacture explosives.
18:06   This journalist has consulted
18:10   the judicial file.
18:14   Three types of projects were identified, with different levels
18:18   of preparation. There was a formula called:
18:22   “attack two hundred radical imams”. There was a second project,
18:26   which consisted of a possible poisoning
18:30   of halal food in grocery stores, and the third type of project
18:35   consisted in actually attacking Muslims
18:39   with grenades or even weapons —
18:43   on the street, simply [unintelligible].
18:47   Four of the activists are still temporarily detained.
18:51   After ninety-six hours of temporary arrest,
18:55   Guy Sibra, the leader of the AOF, was released.
18:59   It’s the first time that he has spoken on TV.
19:03   He refuses to show his face, convinced that he’s being followed.
19:07   You have a headset. Can you explain why?
19:11   I have a headset to be in contact with one of my guardian angels.
19:15   Those are people who take care of my safety and
19:19   my tiny security. —Sibra is a retired police officer.
19:23   His nickname in the group was “Richelieu”. [17th-century French cardinal, an astute politician]
19:27   Those who would like to attack me, it’s easy:
19:31   there are the Antifa and then [there is]
19:35   the category of Muslim people.
19:39   The 65-year-old man is being indicted for criminal association and
19:43   conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. He rejects entirely
19:47   any intent to commit a violent act. —We aren’t here to fight.
19:52   We aren’t here to provoke. We are here to provide security.
19:56   The weapons that were found during the searches were
20:00   hunting guns. —So you don’t consider yourself a terrorist?
20:04   Oh, not at all. No. I consider myself
20:08   a free republican citizen. I am an “extremist”
20:12   in the eyes of the government. I’m not extremist in the eyes of the general public.
20:16   Guy Sibra affirms to us that since the arrests
20:20   the messages of sympathy have been flooding in, but discreetly. —There are people
20:24   [who say:] Yes, we are with you, but for now
20:28   we cannot show that, because I have my company, because I am
20:32   famous, because I’m married… You know, like during the last war.
20:36   The first members of the resistance in the last war were called “terrorists”.
20:40   Sibra is almost comparing himself to de Gaulle in June 1940. A resistance leader like those
20:44   going into exile in Hungary. —You have people who leave, and those who don’t.
20:52   Not only Hungary: you have people who leave for Russia; there are people who leave for Poland.
20:56   During the last war there were those who left for England [to fight].
21:01   And they returned to free France.
21:05   The wacky discourse of a pensioner with paranoia, or a real drift towards
21:09   terrorism? During their detention,
21:13   two suspects allegedly acknowledged the plan for shifting over to action.

11 thoughts on “The French Dilemma: Exile in Hungary? Or Stay and Fight?

  1. The concerning part about this video is not the actual content but the patronising attitude of the so-called commentator. It is people like these who are the real enemy – so imbued with leftism and its mendacity that they have lost touch with reality. It takes a lot of indoctrination to reach this stage of “enlightenment.”

    • You got that right. They are actively selling out those whose only interest is to protect France and French people. How ironic.

      • The commentator has sold his soul to the devil – so he will say what he said. But consider his effect on his listeners/watchers. Will it be received with a sympathetic ear or an antagonistic one?

  2. I still can’t believe Europeans don’t get it. Islam is a menace even WITHOUT the violence. The violence is the lesser problem. It’s the Islamic idea of how society should be run that should terrify Europeans. Reporters such as these and the political enablers of this travesty have sunk to the level of the lowest operative in a totalitarian society.

  3. “….the fantasy of France being invaded by foreigners…..”

    So said the voice over traitor. What a stupid man. Then Macron is a traitor.

  4. “There was a formula called: ‘attack two hundred radical imams.’ ”

    For a long time I have thought that such an attack would deliver the most bang for the buck for those few French who are already actually resisting the Islamic conquest of France. Why? Because the Muslim reaction to such an attack on its beloved worst would be ferocious. Nothing short of the kind of widespread mayhem and frankly bloodletting that would result has any chance of mobilizing the millions of Frenchmen who still cling to the sidelines because “I have too much to lose.”

  5. “The fantasy of France being invaded by foreigners,” and “the wife dripping with hatred”, the reporter’s bias is so blatant I stopped watching when he interviewed the realist preparing for Islamic war in France. The left’s hate for the kafir West is worse than what Muslims themselves profess.

    Islam’s hate is to be expected, but where does the left’s hate come from? It’s not driven by any common element in all the things hated, it’s simply driven by who the ‘hated’ are for the left. It’s not rational or consistent. Maybe it’s a need to hate to feel alive.

    If every Muslim disappeared from the West tomorrow, the left’s hate would continue at the same fever pitch. They would find some new pretext that would result in the West’s destruction. They know their hysteria and hate is all they have.

    I read a lot about normal conservatives who work in heavy physical jobs who are about fed up, and very ready for a violent pushback. You see this a lot now. This French reporter looks like he’s never done a day’s work in his life: smirking, pasty-faced, ‘dripping with hate’.

  6. I’m a normal conservative, and after a lengthy period pushing a pen in a very un-conservative sphere I became self employed and now work with my eldest son in the building trades. And out of all the tradesmen and businessmen that I come in contact with, I am hard pushed to think of any that are happy with the multicultural mess that’s been foisted on us. These are practical people who know how to work hard and who know how to create – effete liberals would stand no chance if push came to shove – as it undoubtedly will.

    • I believe in their naivety the liberals expect to be protected by the savages when that time comes. Ironic, of course, but it tells you stories about how their brains work.

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